Friday, May 30, 2014

~ Social Media Evaluation ~

Some of you may have noticed that I am missing on your FB friend feed. No, I did not unfriend you. I have deactivated my account for awhile along with deleting a few others . At the moment I think the FB thing will be temporary , but I am not 100% on that right now. I very well may eventually delete the account .

I am in the process of evaluating social media in my life . Yes, sometimes even things like social media deserve some evaluation . I mean , for me now that I have a smart phone ,  it has become what I do when I am bored , need to pass time , and even a main form of communication with some friends . Which is kinda sad . I have  found myself pursuing peoples pages simply because it is the only place they seem share their true thoughts , interests, etc . If they can't share their true thoughts to me in person then why am I looking up their twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat or whatever the heck else they have ?! Also this week I became overwhelmed by all the "brag" posts that are disguised as "motivation" or "praise" and what not . Let us be real with one another . The majority of our posts however many characters they may be , are meant to boast and that's really it . We shame others for not living how we live via our status , photo description , and whatever else . Social media has made it completely acceptable in our minds (as if it wasn't already) to post/boast the new expensive purse we got , the amazing vacation we took , our love , amazing baby , new car and basically say "neaner neaner don't you wish you were me?!" .  Who cares what we ate or what it looks like ?! Who cares where we are and who we are with ? I mean , other than people who aren't with us , but wish they were ..... and our posts are just making them feel sad that they weren't invited . And hell-o I am just as guilty of it all as anyone else out there . Like I said before I very well may return to it . My love of photo's is basically a sure fire that I will .

This is just a time of evaluation for me . I repeat , yes , even social media requires some evaluation now and then . I am also evaluating this blog and why I write . I am in the process right now of backing up posts and debating possibly deleting the blog all together . I am sharing all of this with you simply so no one takes offence .  I received a few text after deactivating my face book from folks thinking they had been unfriended . That is the last thing I want to do . IT'S NOT YOU IT'S ME !! But for reals , perhaps your motivations are all 100% pure and I simply take it all wrong . Hence the evaluation .

I have no time line for this process . So , Thank you for your patience and support of The Faith Journals up to this point .

Sincerely -

Stacie <3