Tuesday, September 29, 2015

~ Discount Diva ~ Birthday Freebies ~ Repost ~

Last year I took extra effort to turn my frown upside down when it came to the topic of my birthday . Well with this upcoming birthday feeling more overwhelming than past ones , I don't know that I have the energy I had last year to evade feeling elderly . Especially coming off of a small road trip that wore me out head to toe , inside and out . I have so fallen out of my go , go , go , pace from RD/AD life that even just a few days of go , go , go , wrecked me . Making me feel ever oh so elderly . So , while I'd love to say that this post is going to be encouraging , uplifting , and full of birthday glee.......it's just not gonna be . I have however decided to wallow in the freebies that come with turning another year older and sharing those freebies with you hopefully helping you to turn your frown upside down on your next birthday ! You know how I love saving a buck , scoring a deal , and obviously ANYTHING FREE !! Making the joy of my bday freebies no surprise to you . In my post  "Earn When You Spend"  I discussed companies that offer rewards for purchasing their products . Some of these companies , restaurants , and stores also offer special birthday gift cards , bonus' , and points . Most businesses with birthday rewards will e-mail or snail mail you the reward several weeks prior to your actual birthday . They will then give you a expiration date of a week after your bday or up to a month to use this freebie making your birth-DAY more like a birth - MONTH ! As my good friend Bridget says , " I'll celebrate as long as you want to celebrate me ! " .
I should be alarmed that these kind of return labels
do NOT alarm me . It's how I know something is
from a friend ! I wonder what the mail man thinks ?!
My bday is just a few days away and I have already enjoyed three birthday freebies and have three or four left to cash in . Some of the freebies I can recommend because I've had the opportunity to actually use them this year and in years past are TGIF Give Me More Stripes ,   Red Robin Royalty Club , Torrid Insider , Sears Shop Your Way , Rita's Italian Ice , & Starbucks . With these programs specifically you do not have to have earned a certain amount of points in order to receive a birthday bonus . With Torrid Insider  & Sears Shop Your Way I received a $10.00 "gift card " that could be used in combination with sale / clearance items , online and in store . If I chose to use them online I could then choose to have the item delivered to the store for free . I know you are dying to know what I got , a super cool necklace and a dog themed Christmas ornament that comes with a special holiday collar tag for Jack Davis . If you read my post  " My Favorite Things " you should already know that  freebies , jewelry , Jack Davis and all things Christmas are right at the top !!!
I knew this picture would come in handy some day .
Restaurant rewards that I have had in years past and are going to take advantage of this year are Red Robin's Royalty program which offers you a free burger of your choice . All their burgers seem to already come with fries leaving you to pay for whatever you drink . If you get water you could walk away with a completely free meal . ( Of course be sure to tip your waiter/tress ) The program is free and you can sign up online or in store . You receive a credit card type card to keep in your wallet to show at your visits and keep up with your points / freebies . This program also offers you varied freebies and discounts throughout the year . You earn points on each visit that eventually add up to free appetizers , drinks or desserts . TGIF , Give Me More Stripes program works in a very similar fashion . The only difference that I have noticed is that with your free birthday dessert you have to have purchased an entrΓ©e at your visit in order to redeem the birthday offer . It can be redeemed with lunch or dinner so it can be done for a reasonable price . Their desserts are so delicious that it is still a great deal ! Rita's Italian Ice & Starbucks will send you their freebie via e-mail or ap . Their freebies do not require you to purchase anything in order to receive your bday bonus . Rita's offers a regular sized Italian ice in the flavor of your choice . You simply bring in the printed out offer from the e-mail they send you prior to its expiration date . Starbucks offers you any handcrafted drink of any size with any alterations or bottled beverage or food item AND 15% off at their online store as your bday reward . All you do to sign up is register any Starbucks gift card you purchase or receive . Once you have registered the card and created an account through that registration all that's left is to sit back and wait for your bday to roll around . I have the Starbucks Ap , of course , and it will keep track of any gift card I register , purchase I make , rewards I earn and alert me to freebies , bonus' , and discounts that are offered year around . Including aps and itune downloads .
Starbucks makes all things more bearable , especially birthdays !
The above are programs that I have used personally so I feel that I can recommend them 100% !! I believe there are other companies that offer similar deals such as Dunkin Donuts . I am not a member of their rewards program , simply because we do not have one located close enough to my town , but I have friends that are avid DD drinkers that recommend the program . I know that most people when offered the chance to sign up for a rewards or bonus program when eating at a restaurant or shopping see it as a trick or too big a deal , but all the programs I have benefited from where super easy and quick to sign up for . They do not overwhelm my inbox , txts , or aps with push notifications or alerts . I have found them all to be very beneficial .

So , as I work at celebrating my upcoming bday one freebie at a time I hope that you take this opportunity to sign up for some birthday rewards of your own !! Happy Birthday to You !!! If you know of any programs that should've been mentioned in this post please feel free to add them in the comment section below ! Who doesn't love a free treat ??!! I don't even know !! If you are interested in looking into the programs , businesses or past posts mentioned in this blog , feel free to click on any of the highlighted links throughout the post .
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Monday, September 28, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Sept. 28th ~

Starting the ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ posts w ‪#‎SamHunt‬'s "Ex To See", off his debut album "Montevallo". It isn't a single yet , but I have fingers crossed that it could be . Hunt is a writer (See Also : Keith Urbans , "Cop Car") and I love the lyrical play on words w this one . There is no official video since it isn't currently a single . So , the lyrical will have to work for now . Take a listen !

Sam Hunt - "Ex to See" - fr album Montevallo

Kip Moore & Slow Hearts - "Come and Get It"
Jimmy Kimmel Live - Writers Series fr Album
Wild Ones
Of course Kip Moore is once again apart of my ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ selections . If you haven't gotten ‪#‎WildOnes‬ yet let me give you one "Moore" (see what I did there) reason to add it to your list . This is Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts performance of "Come and Get It" from ‪#‎JimmyKimmel‬'s writers series . Stellar performance , as expected . Check it out NOW !!!
I debated keeping this weeks #NewMusicMonday an all musical dudes zone , but changed my mind last minute . Cause I'm a girl and we can do that . Seeing how Hunt and Moore are seemingly single , I thought "Dibs" by Kelsea Ballerini would be a cute addition . So , lastly on this ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is what is expected to be the next single from Ballerini titled "Dibs". I think it's such a cute song ! No video yet so , once again this week the lyric video will have to do for now .
Kelsea Ballerini - "Dibs" fr the album
First Time
 Happy #NewMusicMonday ! Hope you have a musical week !!
Share with us what you have been listening to in the comment section .


Monday, September 21, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Sept. 21st ~

Lauren Daigle - "Trust in You"

This weeks first #NewMusicMonday goes along with my status posts the last few days . I'll add them to the end of this post . A sweet friend sent this song to me several weeks ago . I keep  going back to it as I linger on the idea of waiting and waiting expectantly . We've gotta find it within ourselves to make a way to trust and believe in His timing for our lives . My goal first and foremost is to always be where He wants me to be . He is NOT a purposeless God . If you are in a time of waiting I would encourage you to give all of today's New Music Monday selections a listen .

Second on ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is ‪#‎CastingCrowns‬, "Just Be Held". I am in love w the lyric, "your worlds not falling apart its falling into place". I feel this addition to #NewMusicMonday also goes well w the idea of waiting expectantly. I didn't plan this weeks ‪#‎NMM‬ far in advance like usual and its correlation w Psalms 5:3 is kinda bowling me over. I pray you are as encouraged by all this coincidence as I am. ‪#‎nothingiscoincidence‬ ‪#‎Heplans‬ ‪#‎Heplants

Casting Crowns - "Just Be Held"
Crystal Lewis - "Dyer Road"
My last ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is actually a throw back. ‪#‎CrystalLewis‬' "Dyer Road" is a song I have been listening to since I was a sophomore in college. So much of the lyrical content is just so comforting to me. The truth of "I've got a God that knows my situation" & "sending me a sign now and then to make sure that I'm still listening" is just too good not to share. So, while it may be a older tune for me it may be new to you making #NewMusicMonday worthy. Happy #NewMusicMonday !!! I hope you have found some encouragement in it today.

Below are my Facebook status posts for yesterday and today . Just things I felt I needed to share from my devo's . As I thought on #NMM I found it so encouraging how what He has been trying to tell me goes with the songs He lead me to . He will always get His words to us . It is our job to have our heart , mind , and ears open and ready to hear them .
" In the morning , O Lord , you hear my voice ; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation ." Psalm 5:3 - We are to share w Him our requests , the desires of our hearts and we are then to wait w expectation that He WILL answer us . It doesn't say "to lay our requests before Him and then wait in doubt" . No!! "Wait in EXPECTATION"!!!!! He hears you . He has a plan already set into motion . Wait in expectation of Him . What a exciting thought !!

Mkay ! For the second morning in a row Psalm 5:3 has been pointed out to me by Him . So , I am reposting yesterdays status . When seemingly odd things like that happen I always feel so strongly that it isn't just for me . So . I gotta share . Along w yesterdays post I wanna add the following fr #JesusCalling , " I am the Creator of the entire universe , yet I choose to make My humble home in your heart.......it is there I speak to you in holy whispers ." We ask God and then we 1 . Tend to doubt He will answer and 2 . Expect His answer to be shouted from heaven. God whispers . Matter of fact . As you bring your burdens , praises and requests to Him today I would challenge you to sit in a moment of quiet . Give your heart a chance to listen for His whisper . God already knows your needs and even your wants . He has a plan to answer both if He hasn't already . Open your heart , mind and ears to the idea it could come in a quieter fashion than you might expect . You are loved .  You are not alone .
Happy New Music Monday !!! I hope that all this ramblin' proved helpful and encouraging to you in some way as you begin another week . What music has been helping you through ?!! Please feel free to share in the comments !!

Monday, September 14, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Sept. 14th ~

Hey Gang ! I got so amped thinking about this weeks #NewMusicMonday that I started working on it last Wednesday . I couldn't help myself . This week we are starting with The Cadillac Three , " White Lightening " . I am just getting to know the tune myself . I became curious after reading/hearing of varied other artist mention the trio in interviews and on social media . I always feel like if other bands and artists are speaking of a band/artist on their own accord and not because they are working on a project with them then it is something worth checking out . Their style both musically and vocally may feel familiar , but it still somehow very unique as well . Weird ! I know . When I heard the southern , rough and soulful growl of lead vocalist Jaren Johnston I couldn't help but think of Kid Rock . Take a listen and judge for yourself . Either way I think I'll be keeping my ears open for whatever is next from this group .

To research their sound further you can click here .

                                                    The Cadillac Three - White Lighting

Second on #NewMusicMonday is from Kip Moore and the Slow Hearts . I am still on a #WildOnes high and have yet to get enough of this long awaited album , currently available in stores and online .  " That Was Us " is a picture of small town friendships with nothing to do on a Friday night . It is a reminiscent tune for me and I know that there are several of you that will feel the same way . While there is not video beyond live performances available at the moment you can listen to the audio by clicking the link below .

Kip & the Slow Hearts will be at the Tennessee Theatre November 5th . To get tickets or check for other upcoming headlining dates click here .

Audio File - Kip Moore - "That Was Us"

Last on #NewMusicMonday is Maddie and Taes' , " Fly" . While this single has been around since last Spring the duo's first album just released . Heading toward the end of the Sounds of Summer tour with Dierks Bentley , Kip Moore , & Caanan Smith the girls have dropped their first album , " Start Here ", just two weeks ago . Starting with the super catchy and totally on point , " Girl in a Country Song " Maddie and Tae have gotten the attention not only of Nashville , but of country music fans everywhere . I am fan girling over this duo not just because they are on tour with some of the most talented men in country music , but because of their writing skills . My love of music is not dependent on an artist writing all their own stuff , but I do seem to feel a deeper respect when I know that they have had a part in creating what they're performing . It just makes it more personal and passionate for me . "Fly" , the second release from " Start Here " is a song I could listen to again and again and still have a tear in my eye every time . Maybe because it hits so close to home with my current journey , but maybe because it is just that good of a song !!! Local music lovers - Maddie and Tae will be at Cotton Eyed Joes in Knoxville on October 15th and in Chattanooga at Track 29 on October 17th . You can click here to see more dates , go to Maddie & Tae's website , get tickets , etc .

Maddie & Tae - "Fly"

Happy listening everybody !!! I hope you have a great music filled week !! What have you been listening too ? Please feel free to share in the comment section !

Friday, September 11, 2015

~ 9/11/01 ~

#‎regram‬ ‪#‎tbp‬ #911 ‪#‎neverforget‬ ‪#‎patriots‬ ‪#‎heros‬ πŸ“±πŸ˜˜ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ "Where were you when the world stopped turning ?" - Alan Jackson 🎢 I can recall vividly being in my last two classes at Liberty University , working for the school news paper & in the Campus Pastors Office . I think God placed me in all those places intentionally for that time . I can't imagine having been anywhere else .

My boss/friend called me into the office early. I hadn't watched TV or listened to the radio that mor...ning as I had class first thing . I walked into a bustling office as someone was rolling in a TV & my boss/friend came toward me talking a mile a minute . I couldn't get my head wrapped around what was going on . I first thought maybe something had happened to our chancellor or The President. Everyone was moving around so quickly . I felt like I was stuck in quick sand . I could hear sniffles from behind office doors & cubicles . I don't recall ever making it to my desk that day , though I am sure I must have as a special campus wide prayer service was called by our Chancellor & President . I worked in the office that made those kinds of arrangements at the time . My boss was the Campus worship pastor and my co-workers where other Campus Pastors & fellow students . I recall hearing everything that was being said but not understanding a bit of it then turning toward the TV that had been rolled in & plugged up just as the second tower was hit . I got sick immediately . I had never felt so far from home , so instantly afraid, and shocked before . I could not grasp the reality and gravity of what was happening . So , I focused on the organizational tasks at hand .

As I finally got to the prayer service I walked in through the tunnel (a staffers only type area) into a sea of students on their knees literally crying out to God for mercy . Some from NYC, some already finding out a loved one was lost , some terrified of the possibility , others sympathetic to their peers & so much more . It all finally caught up to me.  It finally set in . I sat on the floor of the Vines Center , in a dress on dusty floor coverings , looking at the flag facilities had quickly pinned to 4x4s & set as a back drop . It was real . This was happening . Never forget.

Pic from The Band Perry's Instagram

~ Music for the Weekend ~ A Mix Tape ~ Sept. 11 ~

So , I feel like I have heard so much good music this week that I couldn't wait until #NewMusicMonday to start sharing . For those gearing up for the weekend here are some tunes for you to consider adding to your playlist .

Starting with Demi Lovatos' cover of Hozier's , "Take Me to Church " . As " Cool for the Summer  " , the first release off Lovato's upcoming album , " Confident " , cools off for fall this will help hold you over until the October release date . No stranger for belted vocals Demi does a terrific job in covering this tune . She has said in interviews past that she often sings while running on the treadmill to prepare for bringing the same vocals to her road show as she does her recorded tracks . Just a little fun fact for ya before you start thinking to yourself , " I could totally do that " . If you thought walking and chewing gum was hard , try working a full stage whilst holding big notes . " My lovers got humor . She's the giggle at a funeral . "

To get more info on " Confident " click here .

Next , you legitimately NEED this redo and duo on your play list . Like . NEEEEEEEEED it . When Willie Nelson asks if you want to cut one of his records.....you say yes . As did Kacey Musgraves when he made the offer to her . Along with cutting the record he offered to sing on it w Musgraves as well . I would imagine while playing it cool on the outside she totally geeked on the inside . I would've . As expected , nothing less that awesome came from this collab . Yesterday was a rainy , don't feel good , booh on all things kind of day and this song was my sound track . That might bode poorly for this tune , but I see it as a compliment . It's like the friend you know you don't have to clean your house for before they come over . It's comfort . It's familiar .  It hits the nail right on the head . It's if tears had words these would be them . It almost feel wrong to listen to it on anything other than vinyl . " Please don't let my tears persuade you . I had hoped I wouldn't cry . Lately tear drops seem a part of me . "

Kacey Musgraves & Willie Nelson - " Are You Sure "

This morning I woke up with Tori Kelly's " It Should've Been Us " stuck in my head . I have had that one line repeating all day . So , I was extra stoked to see that Kelly joined one of my fave country groups , Little Big Town , last night at their show in Cali . There is a youtube video of the collaboration I just for some reason suddenly can't find it . This is Kelly's performance from the VMA's which was actually one of the best performances of the night as far as staying on point musically/vocally . " Walking round with my head down , but I can't hide with these high heels on " .

Tori Kelly - VMA - " Should've Been Us "

Rae Lynn - " For a Boy "
So , I go back and forth with Rae Lynn . One minute I am all , YESSSSS . Such twang . So country ! Yessss !!! And then I get all , NOOOO . She is too young . Don't tell me about love and heart break lil' missy . But , " For a Boy " has me back in her corner . I just like it . I can't even help it . I mean , it's the words we all think when debating falling for a boy . They make us crazy . They make us do things we'd never normally do . WE CAN'T EVEN HELP IT !!! It also high lights our suitors strengths . So , Rae Lynn lands on my music for the weekend mix tape . " For a boy , your heart is pretty see through " . For more of Rae's tunes click here .

I think rounding out a mix tape with a little Dierks Bentley is always a good idea . "Bourbon in Kentucky " was actually the first release off of " Riser ", Bentley's most recent album . The song didn't get much traction with radio so they moved on to other tunes like " Drunk on a Plane " , " Say You Do " , " I Hold On " , & " Riser " . All great songs , but I LOVE " Bourbon in Kentucky " and do NOT get why it didn't get the radio air it should've . I mean , turn it up as loud as it will go and sing it at the top of my lungs driving down the two lane , LOVE !!!! I hope that you love it too . Dierks is finishing up his headlining Sounds of Summer tour with Kip Moore , Maddie & Tae & Cannan Smith ( pretty sure I spell his first name different every time I write it)  to find out where you can catch them click here . " Once you've had the best , nothing else will do " .

Dierks Bentley - "Bourbon in Kentucky " fr "Riser" 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

~ Insta Blog ~ Acceptance ~

Jesus Calling - Sept. 8th
So , I was just doing my devos minding my own business when the Lord speaks so specifically . I will NEVER stop being amazed by His directness towards us . I had just finished being less than thankful and a complete girl complaining about my insecurities and why oh why does it have to be this way and no matter what I do or don't nothing changes (just a little real life rawness for ya today) and yada ya...da blah blah . Then I read this , " Accept each day exactly as it comes to you . By that , I mean not only the circumstances of your day , but also the condition of your BODY . Your assignment is to TRUST ME ABSOLUTELY , resting in My sovereignty and faithfulness . " - Jesus Calling and " I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint . " Jeremiah 31:25 I mean , listen guys , it is very clear that He wants us to find acceptance with in ourselves for whatever situation we are in while also continuing after Him . Physically , mentally , spiritually , & emotionally if your situation is less than you dreamed trust that even this has potential to bring Him glory . Keep pursuing His word . Linger on the things you know to be true of Him . Consider how your situation could possibly bring Him glory and show others what exactly your God is capable of . The time of glory may not come in the midst of the battle , but once it is all said and done you can bet your sweet biscuits that you will see His handiwork in it . So . Don't be brought down today by ANYTHING. Heads held high . He has you .

~ Insta Blog ~ Haters Gonna Hate ~

I've never been truly able to understand the haters who hate just for the sake of hating . My heart has always lead me to believe there is more to it . Jealousy . Insecurity . Confusion . A life time of less than kind examples . Hurt . Because hurt usually manifests in a not so pleasant way . In the midst of dealing w these folks , while I may not want to spend allllll my time around them I believe w all my insides that not going to their level of mean says something to them . Perhaps ...not on a obvious level,  but in a seed planted sort of level . I don't know who/what you are dealing w this week , but just remember , " no one can make you feel bad without your permission " . Own your strength . Own your wisdom . Own the forgiveness and grace that is bestowed upon you daily by your Heavenly Father . πŸ“±πŸ˜˜ ‪#‎truth‬ ‪#‎bestrong‬ ‪#‎beyou‬ ‪#‎bekind‬ ‪#‎grace‬ ‪#‎forgiveness‬ ‪#‎roosevelt‬ ‪#‎mondaymotoontuesday‬ 🍷 Here is to a week of handing out grace . Love y'all 😘


Monday, September 7, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Sept. 7th ~ Happy Labor Day !! ~

Kip Moore - " Girl of the Summer " fr "Wild Ones"
#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is on a bit of a delay today due to 1 . The Holiday and 2 . A wicked migraine that makes me wanna rip my ears off . Good news , that feeling is fading and I can now see straight enough to share some sweet tunes .

As we say good bye to the summer I am fittingly starting #NewMusicMonday with ‪#‎KipMoores‬ ‪#‎GirloftheSummer‬ from his newest album ‪#‎WildOnes‬. Because yes , I was serious about exposing you to EVERY track from the new album . Anyway , this is one of the teaser vids from #LifeinRewind ‬. I think it is so perfect and fits so well w the song . Happy listening !!

You can learn more about Kip Moore and when he may be in your town by clicking here .

Clare Dunn - "Move On"

Next on the ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ list is ‪#‎ClareDunn‬. I have nothing but mad respect for female guitarist . I mean , I respect the other females too , but electric has been such a male dominated thing that when a chick rocks , it seems no one knows what to do with it .

Dunn is one of CMTs ‪#‎WomentoWatch‬ and ‪#‎NextWomenofCountry‬. I first heard of her in another artists interview . After checking out some of her tunes and watching some interviews I think I have a ‪#‎GirlCrush‬ as ‪#‎LittleBigTown‬ would say.  Clare has only been playing guitar for about 6 years and in my opinion surpasses some of her male counter parts in the skill and style department . Hailing from a small town in Colorado w a population of less than 40 , she is a great example of dreaming big and making it come true .

This is the first "official" vid produced for what will hopefully end up being an album . I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this track . I have no doubt there is going to be MUCH more to see from Clare Dunn in the future .

P. S. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES tired of waiting on that shy guy to make his move , this is the tune to "accidentally" have on when you leave the room . πŸ˜‰

" I got plenty of em', I don't need more friends "

You can learn more about Clare Dunn by clicking here .

Dierks Bentley - "Riser " fr "Riser"
Last on todays list for ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is ‪#‎DierksBentley‬'s, ‪#‎Riser‬, off the album of the same name . Dierks is easily one of my favorite writers getting air time right now . Usually bringing some humor with his truth this is a more stoic departure since "Drunk on a Plane" or even "Say You Do". This is the 4th or 5th release from #Riser and a perfect way to head into a new season .

The video was inspired by , tells the story of and features one of Bentley's fans and her families struggle to find a way out of hard times . If you get the chance you should ‪#‎Youtube‬ the behind the scenes clip for this one . It is well worth 3 or 4 minutes of your day .

It seems like in todays times everyone is struggling in one way or another . I don't know about you , but this tune helps remind me of what I am capable of and that no one and/or nothing can keep you down when you are meant to rise back up . As summer turns to fall let this one inspire you to be a #Riser !!!

" When push comes to shove I'm a fighter "

Dierks is on the tail end of the Sounds of Summer tour with Kip Moore , Caanan Smith , and Maddie and Tae , to catch one of the last shows or to research future shows you can click here .

Friday, September 4, 2015

~ Insta Blog ~ Be Generous to Yourself Now and Then ~

Some days its about being grateful for the little things and remembering it is ok to do a little something for yourself now and then no matter your "situation". Today I am grateful for hand written letters , snail mail , and "co-workers" that turn into real friendships !! @kaye_laso11 I just love you and your beautiful heart lots and lots !!! Thank you for obeying His leading when He asked you to write this letter . I am grateful for "used" music stores (the boss... for $3.95 almost seems wrong.....but I love him.....and a bargain , so .) , coupons (so that m'$18.00 vitamins are FREE ( this bottle will last close to three months PTL) , and new music magazines just for the brain candy factor . A couple frivolous purchases ? Maybe . Well worth the less than $10.00 spent ? Definitely . As you head into your long Labor day weekend remember it is ok to enjoy yourself or to at least try , no matter whats going on in your world and to maybe do a little something thats just for you . We are hugging summer good bye and heading toward yet another season . Celebrate this one for what it was and be grateful for the change a new one brings . Love you all !!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

~ Insta Blog ~ Dreams ~

I truly struggle w the idea of dreams and especially day dreaming. I fight w the idea of what's from Him and how much is my own selfish, foolish, flesh . I do believe He gives us passion and vision and often it spins out from a silly day dream , but it is in the absence of passion and vision I panic . Maybe panic is a strong word . Anyway, as your mind wanders off today my prayer for you would be that it land on something Holy . Something undeniably from Him . That's" gonna be my selfish prayer for myself as well . Lord let none of my waiting be wasteful . Let even my silly , girly , day dreams be something You could use .

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers , whatever is true , whatever is noble , whatever is right , whatever is pure,  whatever is lovely , whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things .

~ Books ~ Cause Reading Makes You Look Smart ~

So , in the last two weeks several people close to me have published books . Weird right ?! But that is kinda how my world works , when it rains it pours . I am very proud of both and need to brag a little on my loved ones . First....
Dana and I met our freshmen year of high school . In choir and both mixed in some sort of he said she said , boy tryin' to be a playa nonsense , we at first where on opposite sides of a girl fight . That lasted about an hour and somewhere in the hour after that we became besties and have been ever since . We "cruised" (drove up and down main street eventually landing in the Wal-Mart parking lot) town with the boys who drove wubba wubba's (big ol' trucks) , spent as much time in church activities as we did any other , shared a locker our senior year with another bestie and even managed to survive going to different colleges in different states . Somehow , though our life journey's have lead us on different adventures we have always remained close and connected . Everyone has buddies , but not everyone gets real true friends . I am proud to say Dana is one of mine and more than likely always will be . So , I can't help but boast on her behalf on this kinda a big deal accomplishment of the publication of her first book , "Confessions of an Unlikely Runner" .  You can check amazon.com to download your copy now for free !!! Congrats Dana on your first book !! We are all so very proud of you .

Next , my cousin , Tracy Adkins Powers and her husband Dennis Powers have written and published a Christian children's book , " Little Kate - World Traveler " . My cousin Tracy is one of the main reasons I had the opportunity to attend Liberty University . As I was searching and thinking on the idea of college Tracy passed along an Alumni Scholarship to me from the university . At the time I never thought I'd go so far away from home , but I am so thankful that she opened my mind to the idea . Liberty changed my life and I'm always overwhelmed by how a small gesture could make such a big impact . The scholarship didn't pay my way , but it undeniably opened the doors . So , I am so excited to now get to share with you all her and her hubs book as a bit of a Thank You . Inspired by my great-grandparents , Tracys' grandparents Estel and Hannah , and her great niece , Kate , Tracy and Dennis have come up with such a sweet depiction of a little one looking to share her adventures with her grandparents . I often think on what Mamaw Hannah might have to say about the grand kids , great grand kids , adventures and this is a fun way of thinking what it might have been like to get to tell her our stories . You can purchase "Little Kate - World Traveler" by clicking here . There is also a small free preview that can be read here .

Little Kate - World Traveler - WestBow Press
With a long weekend ahead this may be the perfect time to download these two books !! What have you been reading lately ?!