Saturday, January 13, 2018

~ New Music Monday ~ January 15th, 2018 ~ Taylor Swifts Joseph Kahn Video Trifecta ~

"Look What You Made Me Do"

"Look What You Made Me Do"
In Taylor Swift fashion, "Reputation", her newest album, hit the ground running. And by running I mean got folks running they mouths!! First video released was, "Look What You Made Me Do", which has so many hidden and obvious references that watching it just once will never work!! Curiosity will legit kill you. Like, I don't have statistics or anything, but I really think one could die from needing these answers. There are Kardashian, West, Perry, and Hiddleston nods that are not so subtle. Then there are a few more "hidden" or ya gotta be paying attention easter eggs like her former ghost writer name, "Nils Sjoberg", on one of the headstones at the beginning of the vid. Taylor's ex, Calvin Harris was a bit miffed when it leaked that Swift was the lyrical architect of "This is What You Came For", a Summer hit for Harris and Rhianna. Until the leak Swift had not acknowledged any involvement with the single. The dress at the beginning of the vid is just like one she wears in the last video released from, "1989". She is wearing it in the grave yard scene which all goes with the, "old Taylor can't come to the phone right now", lyrics. With each vid, so far, there seems to be a glimpse to the one that is coming next. Joseph Khan, the director for all three video's seems to have had no budget. I feel like every perk was used in the making of these vids and I ain't mad about it.

"Look What You Made Me Do"
"Are You Ready for It"
Look Closely and You will See the Same Broken Windows in the Background. These can also be seen in the bird cage scene of "Look What You Made Me Do".
In "Look What You Made Me Do", a small hint towards what to expect in "Ready for It" can be found in several spots. One of which is the box of seemingly dead tay-bots, her army of model friends, the box they are in can be seen again, but in a singular form when one Tay meets up with another in "Ready For It". Through out this vid you see Japanese writing as apart of the graffiti, coincidentally one of the locations for "End Game", the third video releases thus far, is Tokyo.

"End Game"
The last scenes of the "....Made Me..", vid shows Taylor spray painting, aka graffiti-ing a plane, similar graffiti can be seen in "Ready for It" and it is lyrics from "I Did Something Bad", a track that hasn't got a video yet, but makes me wonder if it will be number 4?! It would transition into this mix perfectly and is actually one of my faves from the album so, I'd love to see it as the fourth installment of this thing. Anyway, The graffiti reads, "They're Burning All the Witches", which is apart of one of the chorus lines in "...,Something Bad"

"Ready for It"

"Ready for It", only adds more questions to everyone's lists. Are the numbers symbolic of her and her man's age? Is she speaking of her new actor bf in those first lyrics? Is she talking about Calvin Harris when referencing old loves? What exactly is she saying with the two Taylors? What is with ALL THE HOODIES IN ALL THE VIDEOS??!! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS??!?!?! Like, Tay, let's have a sit down and talk these things out.
As of Friday at Midnight, Ms. "Reputation" if you're nasty, released the third official video from "Reputation", "End Game". Featuring Future and Ed Sheeran there are once again, so many symbols, suggestions, and QUESTIONS!!! This is another track that I am stoked to see hit airwaves and video countdowns.

Let's talk fashion, that A on your shirt while Ed spits some rhyme did not go un noticed Tay. Is that a nod to Sheeran's track, "A Team" or to the line in your song, " I wanna be your A team", or both. I'm going with both, just so you know where I'm at with it. In both "....Made Me..." and "End Game", Taylor wears  bedazzled cat sweaters that are part shirt part dress. There is also not a lack of sequin love in either vid. All three video's highlight looks that can be found in the promo material and combo album packages that were released with "Reputation". Again, so many small easter eggs that it is difficult to catch them all. One throw back to her lucky number, 13, can be found on the plates of the car that Future is driving.

"End Game"

"End Game"

Also, in all three video's Taylor has her girl gangs/back up dancers. All vids have a dark theme to them with spots of neon throughout. SO MANY EASTER EGGS!!!!!!!!! I will never cover it all, but I can share the videos so that you can hunt!!

"End Game"

"End Game"

Expect more from me on "I Did Something Bad" if it is released as a vid!! They are just too good not to dissect. I think it is not only one of Tay's outlets of creativity and expression, but a gift to her fans. A way of saying I know you are watching and I want to acknowledge that. Enjoy this weeks New Music Monday, the Taylor Swift Joseph Kahn Video Trifecta. Check back later for more #NMM!!

~ Glam Bag ~ Virtual Styling ~ Grammy Glam Jan. 2018 ~

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These Dresses by @oscardelarenta & @marchesafashion are Perhaps a Bit Tame for the @recordingacademy #RedCarpet, but I Also Think That on the Right Artist They Could Fit Perfect into a Night Where Fashion Has No Theme or Rules. The #Grammy Carpet isn't the #Oscar Carpet. Gowns, Lace, Mermaid Dresses aren't a Given. I Love the Touch of Sparkle on the @oscardelarenta Dress. Its Just Enough, w a Paint Spill-Esq Pattern to Work at the Grammys. The @marchesafashion Black and Pale Pink Lace Dress I Think Could Fit Seamlessly into the Mix On Someone Like @ashleymonroemusic or Even @spaceykacey, Though it May Be Too Bland for Her Normal. Thoughts?! Who are You Excited to See on the Red Carpet? Performances? What About the Noms?! Any Snubs or Surprises?! Feel Free to Share in the Comments!

~ Mail by Stacie ~ Glitter Bomb ~

~ Insta Blog ~ Jan. 8th, 2018 ~ Motivation Monday ~ Selfie No Filter

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#MondayMoto Curtesy of @skonecosmetics . I've Mention Before That I Really Wanna Strive Toward Being Someone Who Loves Them Self Just as They are. I Think in Giving Myself That "Permission" I Will Also Be Giving Many of You That Same "Permission". We are Individuals & What Works for One Might Not for Another, but Thats O.K. I'm Not Talking Diets, Make Overs or New Wardrobes, I'm Talking About Our Hearts & Our Minds. If We Can Get Those Two Aligned in the Effort to #LoveOurSelves We Are Capable of Anything! Most Importantly, by Removing That Space That Was Filled w Self Loathing, Judgement & Discontentment We Not Only Make Room to Love Ourselves, but to Love Others As Well!! What are Some of Your 2018 #ToDos ?!

~ Glam Bag ~ January 13th, 2018 ~ M.A.C. Hacks ~

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Happy Glam-ing!!

Friday, January 5, 2018

~ New Music Monday ~ January 8th, 2018 ~ Grammy Nominations ~

Brothers Osborne - "Shoot Me Straight"
Released Jan. 5th, 2018

Happy 2018 from The Faith Journals!! I hope that your holidays were exactly what you needed them to be. Rest, relaxation, indulgent, and all the other good things that come with a holiday break. If you follow my socials you know that while New Music Monday was technically on break we did some #SoundBite posts sharing what we're listening to at the moment. We couldn't manage to keep away from our fellow music addix for too long!! So, hopefully the sound bites helped to pacify until we returned.

Now, let's discuss Grammy 2018 nominations, shall we? Starting with....

Record of the Year -

Out of the five nominees I would prefer it go to Bruno Mars with 24K, but it is a list of heavy hitters and Jay-Z very well may walk away with this one.

Album of the Year -

Lorde is the only female in this category and that infuriates me!!!! Miranda Lambert dropped a double disc album full of epicness and yet she is not considered in the "general" population of music, but is restricted to only Country categories. BAH!! Needless to say my vote goes to Lorde in this category.

Alessia Cara - "Scars to Your Beautiful"

Best New Artist -

I'm a fan of Alessia Cara and think it'd be cool if she won this one, but it is a mixed up category so, we will see.

Best Pop Solo Performance -

My heart screams for Pink with "What About Us" to win, but she is in the company of Kesha, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga and Ed Sheeran. All had stellar singles this year, obviously, they're nominated for a Grammy.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance -

Imagine Dragons can kinda do no wrong in my world. So, I 'd like "Thunder" to win this category, but Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber are solid competition simply by way of hype.

Imagine Dragons - "Thunder"

Best Pop Album -

Lady Gaga with "Joanne" would be my pick for this category. Especially after watching her Netflix documentary, "Five Foot Two". Gaga is a true artists in my opinion. She is a bit mad and I think that all pure and true artists kind of are. The glimpse into Gaga's world depicted in the documentary only magnifies that and yet also shows her vulnerable side. She is a female just like the rest of us gals out there tryin' to leave a mark. After the doc I am a legit fan.

Best Rock Performance -

I think this will, respectfully be given to Chris Cornell with "The Promise". Since Chris' death the topic of suicide seems to be everywhere, as it should be. I think this will be a posthumous award that will make his fam and friends proud and will allow another opportunity for the topic of mental health and it's relation to suicide to be discussed.

Best Alternative Album -

The Gorillaz's have a piece of my memory that I simply can't let go of. I read their name and instantly hear the laugh from "Feel Good". I would like to see them win this category for no other reason than I simply feel reminiscent, Lol!!

Best Country Solo Performance -

I legit do not know how to decide. This category is filled with Sam Hunt, Chris Stapleton, Allison Krauss, Miranda Lambert, and Maren Morris......HOW FOR THE LOVE OF HOW does one decide?!?!?! That said, I think that "Body Like a Back Road" had such a successful, record breaking year that I find it hard to conceive that anyone else would win, but then again, the Grammy's while somewhat usually handed to the trend can also toss out a surprise here and there. I love "Body Like a Back Road", but I think it'd be cool for Queen Ran to win this.

Miranda Lambert - "Vice"
fr "The Weight of These Wings"

Best Country Duo/Group -

Please, please, please, if I am a really good girl and fast or something can we see Brothers Osborne win this Grammy?! Last year they walked the red carpet with a entourage that included their mother and I just love that!! Friday the duo dropped the first new tune from their upcoming album and EVERYONE is raving about it. So, I think their winning this would be the cherry on top of the book ending to "Pawn Shop".

Best Country Song -

Again, how do you choose?! I kinda see Little Big Town winning for "Better Man" which was written by Taylor Swift who just dropped "Reputation". I can see this winning not just because it is a great song, but because it has been touched by Tay Tay. A win here would be a great opportunity to physically re-enter the scene.

Little Big Town - "Better Man"
fr "Breaker"

Best Country Album -

Thomas Rett has had an outstanding year and with this Grammy nomination I think it is very plausible that he could take it home. However, Chris Stapelton took this category at the CMA's and is also nominated along side Rett for a Grammy. So, I mean, who can tell?!

I'll close with this, did anyone else know that there is a "Best Album Notes" category?! Am I a complete idiot in asking does that mean the inside book of a C.D.?! there a award for the thank you's and lyrics part of the album?! If so, there have been some serious snubs and if not, can someone please explain this category to me?!

Taylor Swift - "New Year;s Day"
fr "Reputaion"
Performed on Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

~ Glam Bag ~ Pantone Official Color of the Year ~ Ultra Violet ~

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When You a Step Ahead of @pantone on That Color of the Year! #UltraViolet is Gonna Be a Fun Go To Splash of Color for 2018!! Check Past #GlamBag Posts @ #TheFaithJournals for Tips Tricks & Products I've Already Used to Add the Purple to My #Glam & How You Can Add it to Yours!! Happy Glam-ing!!
Pictured are @clinique Matte Plum Lip Color, @tartecosmetics #MakeBelieveInYourSelf Eye Palette That Includes a Shimmer Purple, & @hardcandylife #Grape Eye Liner!
The Purple in My Hair Was Done by the Wonderful @hoonew if You Want Those Details.
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