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~ New Music Monday ~ October 23rd, 2017 ~ Blonde Ambition ~

Happy last full week of October!! Do you have your Halloween costumes picked out and ready? Will you be trick-or-treating, going to a costume party or just chillin' with the lights out and pretending not to be home so you can secretly eat all the candy?! Do you already have your tunes loaded to your play lists? Last year New Music Monday posted a few Halloween themed tunes. Feel free to search past posts to get a few ideas.

If I could be anyone for Halloween it would be Maggie Rose. For this weeks #NMM we are going to focus on a bit of blonde ambition and begin by way of Maggie, Danielle Bradberry, Kelsea Ballerini, and Taylor Swift. All of which dropped new tracks this past weekend. I am starting off with Maggie Rose because 1. I want to be her when I grow up. She is just that effortlessly cool. And 2. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how she is not all over the radio waves already!!!! DO NOT!!!

Maggie Rose - "Pull Me Through"
fr Digital 45
Maggie Rose is legit!! Mkay?! Vocals, Soul, Writing, Stage Presence, Social Media likeability, etc. She is the real deal and I am completely baffled by how she is not receiving any regular air play. BAFFLED!! Her voice is the kind of voice people pretend to have when singing in the car or shower. It is so perfectly sweet and soulful that you get stuck in it like walking through caramel. I feel as though if you have not added Maggie to your play lists you are seriously doing yourself a disservice!! I feel that radio is doing you a serious disservice by not playing her more frequently. Write her name down, because I truly think that despite radio's current ignorance in not playing her every hour on the hour like they do a few other, less gifted "artist", she is gonna be someone you see in the furutre. Awards shows, number ones, video's, etc. girl has "it". Go! Now! Spotify! iTunes! Get it!!!! Now! Give the above audio from her Friday release "Digital 45" and decide for yourself.
Next, Danielle Bradberry, former winner of The Voice, Team Blake. After the release of "Heart of Dixie" and a few other singles, Bradberry did a bit of a M.I.A. Leaving fans wondering if she was done with the tunes or if she was just cooking something up to knock socks off. Turns out, it was the cooking up. Danielle has said in varied interviews and live streams that she took the time to find her own musical, lyrical voice in creating this first full length record. "Sway", "Human Diary", "Hello Summer" and now "Potential" are all pre-released tracks you will receive when pre-ordering, "I Don't Believe We've Met". I am a hesitant fan of reality competition winners. I mean, American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent, Etc. have all produced some serious musicians, but I also believe they have produced almost as many popular reality television personalities. If that makes sense to ya?! How many have we never heard from again? Too many to count and I feared that Ms. Bradberry would be one of them. Which would have been a true shame considering she actually has a beautiful voice and I think is a serious vocal talent. I can see her moving into Carrie Underwood territory if she continues with tunes as solid as these four pre-release tunes. "Potential", was released Friday and all I can think is where was this tune when I was in High School and College??!! This song has so been my heart in loves past. I have a horrible habit of seeing potential that others don't. I say it is horrible simply because they don't tend to see it for themselves. "Potential" is a beautiful piece of work and worthy of your play list. Give it along with "Sway", "Human Diary", and "Hello Summer" all a listen and pre-order "I Don't Believe We've Met", ASAP!!

Danielle Bradberry - "Potential"
fr "I Don't Believe We've Met"
Kelsea Ballerini - "Miss Me More"
fr "Unapologetically"
Kelsea Ballerini, the bride to be, released "Miss Me More" on Friday as well. "Unapologetically" is merely two weeks away and Ballerini has also been doing some pre-release tunes for those who pre-order. She has a home town show planned at her Alma Mater of Central Highschool in Knoxville, TN just before the official album drop. Tickets sold out in something like 3 minutes. Insaine, but not at all surprising considering the three number one's Kelsea scored on her first album, "For the First Time". Ballerini is engaged to Morgan Evans a up and coming Aussie bred country star and has also been in the process of planning a wedding. I imagine touring with Lady A, planning a wedding, and working on this album has kept her plate not just full, but over flowing. The first track from "Unforgettable" was "Legends" which she debuted at an awards show. It took me a second, but I am a fan of it. The video however is emotional abuse, LoL!! She has also pre-released with pre-order "High School" and now "Miss Me More". With "Miss Me More" I smell single, lots of radio play and that fourth number one that Ballerini has been eye balling since "Peter Pan". Personally, I LOVE this jam!!! Again, where have you been all of my life wicked sweet tune??!! If Bradberry's "Potential" was my heart in the midst of something then "Miss Me More" is certainly the after math. Add it to your Spotify and let me know in the comments what you think of the tune?!
Lastly on our Blonde Ambition Tour is our single drop and pre-release veteran, Taylor Swift with "Gorgeous" from "Reputation". So, T. Swizz has not done any press yet for "Reputation", but she has been dropping singles like she got a hole in her purse. However, I think that is very Taylor. I love "Look What You Made Me Do", do not care a ton for "Ready for It" and so far I am not all that down with "Gorgeous". It hurts me to say that. I think Swift is very talented, but I don't know why exactly, I am just not feeling these second and third tunes in pre-release prep for "Reputation". My fear is that she has gone so far in trying to prove she is not one type of artist that she may have become a little lost. Fingers crossed, I am wrong. We will see with the drop of "Reputation" in full and I will for sure report back, but for now, give the three tracks a listen and let me know what you think of the "new Taylor".......cause currently....I am in mourning for the "Old Taylor", here's to hoping she is just on life support and not really dead.

Taylor Swift - "Gorgeous"
fr "Reputation"

Alrighty music addix, that is this weeks musical love and recommendations from New Music Monday. Who are you listening to? What new albums are you anticipating? Do you have feelings yet on these new tracks? Feel free to share in the comments below! Check ya next week! Happy Trick-or-Treating!! Save me some Mike and Ikes!!

~ Insta Blog ~ October 22nd, 2017 ~ Throw Back Bowling Night Style ~

Image may contain: 4 people
Throw Back b/c A Pic w This Much Style Deserves A
Second Trip Around the World Wide Web.
And Yes, My Hair Poofs are Abnormally Uneven, Stop Judging Me!!
I use to be a university event planner and a favorite activity of the students was late night bowling. We usually themed it and I honestly could not tell you what this theme was....I mean...other than a hot mess, LoL!! I've been doing a lot of reminiscing the last few weeks and truly just searching for God in some things. I have come to realize that there are some things He can't be found in because we never invited Him into it to begin with.
No automatic alt text available.

I'm grateful for how He has lead and moved me over the years. I am grateful for the ways He WILL lead and move me in the future. My prayer for myself as well as you is that He be invited into every part of our journey's from here on out. We will still mess up. There will be mistakes and regrets, but if we are sure to give it all to Him it will not be wasted.

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~ Insta Blog ~ October 19th, 2017 ~ Stop Putting Things from Your List Onto Mine ~

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"Stop Putting Things From Your List On Mine!"
 Loreli To Luke ~ Gilmore Girls

What's a Avacado Slicer Got to Do w Anything You May Be Asking Yourself. A lot, Actually. I Praise the Lord, Sometimes on the Hourly, for the Sisterhood/Brotherhood That My Friends are to Me. They Allow Me to Freak Out at Any Hour of the Day/Night. They Encourage Me & Talk Me Off Ledges Regularly. They Pray for Me Before I Even Know to Ask. This Avacado Slicer Had Been on My "List" (rare/random things I'm always on the look out for) When Someone Posted Finding One @aldiusa . I Don't Have a #Aldi Where I Live, but a Friend of Mine Has One Down the Road. So, I Sent Her a Pic & Asked If She Could Keep An Eye Out for Me. She Did & Now I Mark One More Thing Off the List. When Picking This Up I Dropped Off Something I Had Been On The Look Out for On Her Behalf. To Me, Being Able to Add Things From Your List to My List is One of the Truest Forms of Friendship. Beautiful Friends, Y'all Know Who You Are, I Would Not Survive W/O You. I Thank God For You W Every Thought of You. I Pray Desperately to be Somehow as Good a Friend to You as Y'all are to Me. Thanks to You All for Allowing Me to Add Things fr My List to Yours. Know My List is Ongoing if You Ever Need to Add Something to It

Sunday, October 15, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ October 16th, 2017 ~ Sweet Distraction ~

I have no idea how your week has been, but personally.....I need a legit distraction. Praise the Lord for the mindless entertainment of magazines, social media and reality t.v. Also, PTL for tunes!! Wicked sweet tunes that speak the words that we can not. That said, let us get to the tunes.....

Katy Perry - Chained to the Rhythm
fr Witness
Just around election time Katy Perry, an outspoken Hillary supporter released, "Chained to the Rhythm". She mentioned in several interviews post election that it was a bit of a statement on out current situation. Politics, millennial's, basically all of us in general. I however never really caught that vibe. To me this song sounds like another bouncy, catchy, good hook tune that moved up the charts per other Perry tunes w/o much thought. Maybe it's just me?!
Pink - "What About Us?"
fr "Beautiful Trauma"
On the other hand, Pink recently released, "What About Us?", the first single off her newly released, "Beautiful Trauma" and I think she hit the mark that Katy missed. This is not me pitting one female against's me pitting one song against another, LoL!! "What About Us?" poses a lot of questions that I think many of us are asking right now no matter what side of the political line we stand on. So much happening that is out of our control. It is hard for me to not look to heaven and ask, "What About Us?". But that's just me being real with ya here. I am struggling. I am struggling with all the trauma happening all around us in the world. Then add in what each soul is carrying in their personal, immediate life, and it is so hard to keep from wondering why it's all happening. Actually, I think most of us actually are wondering why it is all happening. There is no keeping from it. Give the two tracks a listen and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.
Onto a lighter note and possibly our next theme song.....Lauren Alaina and "Doin' Fine". Lauren Alaina has dropped her third track from "Road Less Traveled". "Doin' Fine", is a tune in which Alaina addresses some personal subjects such as her parents divorce, her fathers alcoholism, and coming out the other side in tact. As with everything that Lauren does the song is anything but subtle, but that is something I like about her. It's what differentiates her from the rest of the pack. She is just being her loud and honest self and her fans love it. Give, "Doin' Fine" a listen and decide for yourself.

Lauren Alaina - "Doin' Fine"
fr "Road Less Traveled"

Lady Antebellum - "Heart Break"
fr "Heart Break"
Co-Written with Nashville hit maker, Shane McAnally, Lady A drops, "Heart Break" as their second single from their album of the same name. Lady A is currently on tour in the UK and have had to cancel part of their world tour due to Hillary Scott's pregnancy. Did you know that when pregnant there are places you aren't "suppose" to travel?! Now we know. Scott is expecting twins and isn't the only member of the group adding to the family. Dave Haywood and his Mrs.' will also be adding to their fam. So, I can see a solid holiday break in this groups near future. Perhaps some awards show gigs, maybe a late night talk show, but I figure things will slow down a bit before they drop a third single. I personally love "Heart Break" and prior to it's being announced as a single, I had already marked it as one of my faves on the album.
Again, I don't know about you, but I have needed some extra everything these last few weeks. A "Heart Break", is for sure on that list. My mind is tired. My spirit is tired. My body is tired. My poor, exhausted tired. A "Heart Break" sounds as glorious as a beach vacation.....almost. I mean, anyone giving those away and sign me up, mkay?! mkay.
We have tons of new music to discuss in the coming weeks. We also have tours, awards shows, so on and so forth so, stay tuned from more from New Music Monday next week!!
Gonna close this week with some emo courtesy of the 90's..............
REM - "Everybody Hurts"

Monday, October 9, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ October 9th, 2017 ~ Gonna Need a Minute ~

I've gone back and forth with the idea of putting off New Music Monday for another week. After something like Vegas, the passing of Tom Petty,  the natural disasters that have been occurring over the last three weeks via hurricanes/tornado's, the fact that Colorado got SNOW today, whatever everyone has going on right in front of them in their personal lives and knowing that Ivana and Melania are fighting over who is First Lady via social media really makes me think we all need a minute. I mean, really ladies?! Get your crap together. We DO NOT have time for this ridiculousness.

Anyway, I'm not sure that some music sharing wouldn't be just the thing to help us to get out of this funk, a bit. I think that sharing some Tom Petty, "Learning to Fly" covered by one of my fave groups, Kip Moore and the Slowhearts is a good place to start. The Slowhearts have been in the UK the last few weeks and added in this cover to several of their sets in honor of Tom Petty's passing. I think they did a beautiful job with it and the guitar is INSANELY good. It alone, brings tears to my eyes. Add in Kips vocals and forget about it, I'm a mess.

Kip Moore and the Slowhearts
Cover Tom Petty "Learning to Fly"
in the UK
Jason Aldean - SNL - Covering Tom Petty
"Won't Back Down"
Jason Aldean was the artist performing when the horrific tragedy at the Mandalay Bay Resort occurred last week. 58 lost, 500+ injured and officials are still investigating as to why this happened. Jason, who's pregnant wife Brittany was feet away from the stage, cancelled the shows he had slotted for the rest of the week out of respect for what was happening. We had heard from other artists that the Aldean's where taking a beat to absorb what had happened and carefully move forward. Completely, understandable. Saturday night, Aldean did a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live as the opener. Just the second episode of the SNL Fall season, Jason shared a brief word about the events in Vegas and then performed Tom Petty's, "Won't Back Down". He got two birds with one stone on this one. And I think that while the song is obviously a Petty hit and perfectly logical for a tribute to his life and music it is also a wonderful anthem for music fans to be clinging to after the horror of Vegas.
I haven't been watching SNL for a while. It has its ebbs and flows as far as cast, writers, etc. But frankly, I was tired of Alec Baldwin as Trump, Melissa McCarthy as Spicer, & Kate McKinnon as Hillary. I like all three of those actors, HELLO, Sookie St. James forever!! But I felt the show was resting on its laurels by constantly leaning on politics for material. There's more going on & this choice of Jason Aldean as surprise opener is evidence. One thing SNL tends to consistently get write is the serious and respectful addressing of tragic events in our country. Its almost as though we wait for them to tell us that it is ok to laugh again. They did it after 9/11 & it was done again for Vegas.

I am tripped out that the UFC is giving Jason crap over his declining their invitation for the same night. They have been slandering Aldean and his camp, basically all day in the news media accusing him of choosing SNL because it was a better career choice and claiming he does not care for those fans affected by the shooting. I for one do NOT agree with that. I mean, I know I am watching from the side lines, but I think that is a cheep blow and fans, real fans, and the folks who were there, are gonna know what is up. Please know that Aldean and his wife returned to Vegas yesterday, one week post shooting, to visit the survivors that are still being treated in the hospital. I can't say that I would be mentally or emotionally ready to return to the scene of such a traumatic event so soon. That's legit care right there on the Aldean's part.

Sorry UFC, go suck eggs and spread your bitterness elsewhere. Good attempt to make it all about you and hog some media coverage away from the victims and the investigation.

Bur for reals, Great job SNL & Aldean!! I think that "Won't Back Down" is slowly becoming an anthem after all that has happened over the last month. I read a statement somewhere that someone was hoping the victims of the shooting arrived to a Tom Petty concert in Heaven, I like that thought. It is kinda wild that both losses happened so closely to one another so it is comforting to think of them transitioning together.

I want to close this weeks #NMM with a song by Maren Morris. Written and first shared several years ago Maren got the opportunity to track it with Vince Gill a while back, but never officially released it. After the shooting in Vegas she re-shared it to her socials, it was then put on iTunes, other song sharing sites like Spotify, etc. with all proceeds going to the victims funds from the Vegas shootings. If you have not listened to it, please do and if you have not downloaded it or put it on your Spotify play list, again, please do so!!

Maren Morris with Vince Gill - "Dear Hate"

Hopefully, next week will return to our regularly scheduled music sharing. I have several posts in my notebook that have been put back,,,,ya know, because of life. I look forward to getting those out to you soon!!

Love you all!!

Do NOT let hate win!

Do NOT let the events in Vegas or anywhere else like that stop you from loving, buying, and going to see music and artists!!

Let Music Unite Us All.

~ Insta Blog ~ October 8th, 2017 ~ Lots of Jesus ~

The last few weeks, I for one, have NEEDED A LOT of Jesus and encouragement. I am grateful that the Lord chooses to use things like social media to get what we need to us. I feel it just goes to further confirm my thoughts on things being what you make them. If you want social media to only be about selfies, food, and promo's then it can be, but it doesn't have to be. Put a little good out there this week. Ya never know who is needed it!!!
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"You will certainly carry out God's purpose, however you act, but it makes a difference to you whether you serve like Judas or like John.” CS Lewis 
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Matthew 5:9
No automatic alt text available. 

~ Papaw Turns 90! ~ October 9th, 2017 ~

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, indoor
This Whipper Snapper is Officially 90 Years Old Today!!
He Doesn't Have Socials, but the World Needs to Know About & Celebrate This Mans Life.
Papaw, I Would Not Be Who I Am w/o You. You Are the Truest Definition of Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend, Provider, Protector, Teacher, Worrier, Prayer Warrior, Forgiveness, Grace, Christianity & Love That I Have Ever Known. Praise the Lord for Allowing 90 Years of You!! Here is to Making it a Even 100!!!!