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~ New Music Monday ~ September 4th, 2017 ~ SLOWHEART ~

Happy Labor Day Music Lovers!! I hope that all of you that got a extra day for the weekend have been able to rest, relax and really enjoy this beautiful weather. Today the CMA Nominations were announced and while I do plan to discuss those, right now if I discussed them it would probably be in all swears. So, let's talk about NEW MUSIC!!! I admit, with the release of  "Truck", "Beer Money" and "Hey Pretty Girl", I was not really a Kip Moore fan. I dug the tunes, but was kind of "eeh" about it. Fast forward to a bit of a rough spot for me, a red carpet interview Moore did with Katie Cook, and the preparations for the release of "I'm to Blame". It is a story that if I ever decide to tell in full would require it's own post, but I just wanna say this, Kip's tunes got to me at a time when I needed them most. They also answered several prayers that I had been praying for a long while. I know, I know, how can a song about beer money be an answer to a prayer??!! It is always amazing to me how God chooses to work and what/who He chooses to use to speak to us. It isn't always in a neat, tidy and obvious way, but this is another story for another time, let's talk, "SLOWHEART".

Kip Moore - "More Girls Like You"

THIS FRIDAY Kip Moore releases "SLOWHEART" to the masses. Both fans old and new have been awaiting this record with almost, if not more excitement than we did "Wild Ones". Quick reminder, there was about a three year gap between "Up All Night" and "Wild Ones" so that wait was particularly grueling for the legit faithful followers of Moore and the Slow Hearts. With the days approaching "Wild One's" I don't think I was so much anticipant as just excited for Kip and the guys to finally get another body of work out there. Moore has a habit of playing new stuff live in the midst of working it out and deciding if he will record it or not. So, with a three year gap a lot of "Wild One's" was already out there. With "SLOWHEART" there are a couple we know, but a dominate amount that is brand new to us and that makes me excited in a totally different way. It is my opinion that as we get older there are just fewer things we get to be excited about because it is brand new, ya know?! Moore has been releasing a single and a correlating video each week leading up to full album release date to keep the hungry fans fed. This last week we were given a plate full with the ability to stream the entire album courtesy of NPR. You too can live stream the entire album NOW by clicking HERE !! Also, don't forget that "SLOWHEART" can be pre-ordered now at as well as iTunes!!!

With "SLOWHEART" on a continual loop for the last five days I have some favorites. I can honestly say that I adore the entire album and if this doesn't get Moore the recognition he so rightly has earned and deserves with the industry and at radio then I am probably just gonna give up on them all and rip the radio right out of my car. That sounds drastic, but it is kinda how I feel about this radio and awards situation. I wanted to go ahead and highlight a few of my faves from the album and why I love them so, lets get groovin'!!

Kip Moore - "Just Another Girl"
"Just Another Girl", is one of the tunes we have had the chance to hear Moore work out live over the last few years. The above is a live performance and one of the tunes first exposures to a live crowd. I love this song and really hope that it gets to be a single and have a video. I think that it deserves a visual to go along with the story that Moore has painted lyrically. Kip has enlisted P.J. Brown from Life in Rewind, to once again help with visual content for "SLOWHEART". The first, current, and fastest moving Moore single to date, "More Girls Like You", was also created by Brown. So far he has given us four online videos for "SLOWHEART" songs, but a second single hasn't been announced yet so, I look forward to what is next from these two.
A track that fans had their fingers crossed would make it to the album is, "Plead the Fifth". Performed a few times live we got that confirmation it would be on the album a month or so ago. I have seen so much chatter online over this single that I'm not sure what will happen to Moore and the guys if this doesn't get released as a single w a video, LOL!!! "Plead the Fifth", is only the second song ever that Moore has tracked to release that he has not written or co-written himself. The other being, "The Bull", which is also on "SLOWHEART". You can hear from Kips own lips his reasoning in the clip below.

Kip Moore - the Making of "Plead the Fifth"

Kip Moore - "Bittersweet Company" Acoustic
"Bittersweet Company" is one of the pre-release singles that one gets instantly when preordering "SLOWHEART". The companion video is of the acoustic version of the tune and the track on the album is full band. In my heart of hearts I have my fingers crossed that the acoustic version is a hidden track on the actual disc. I like the band version as well, but there is just something that hurts in all the right ways with the acoustic of this song. Give it a listen in the video above and then on NPR and decide for yourself.

I seriously am loving "SLOWHEART" so much that it is a genuine struggle to not discuss every song in this post, but I am doing my best to simply highlight and as time goes on, singles get released, etc. to speak further. So, for today next will be "Blonde" and it's accompanying video. Moore is zero percent shy about his distaste for social media and the effect it is has had on our ability to actually be social in real life. He has lovingly and comically lectured fans mid show, taken their phones for viewing the in real life experience through the screen of their phone and he mocks selfies, I feel safe saying, basically every chance he gets. I unintentionally used the word "Basic" while discussing selfies, but it works out, LoL!! While I agree with some, SOME of Kips ideas on social media, vanity, selfies, etc. I also disagree with him on others. In all fairness I think the fact he is a male, a male that is known by many, a person who has someone following him with a camera a lot of the time, and a artist hat has audience members flinging under garments at him on stage would make it difficult for him to possibly understand the points in which I disagree with him. Also, different strokes, different folks and that's alright with me, little throw back lyric for ya there. Give "Blonde" a watch and a listen and feel free to let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with the analysis Moore gives with "Blonde". I do think that with these lyrics Kip got it all very right for the most part. I do agree with the selling of souls and willingness to show/overshare via socials. Some of my followers may be surprised by that, LoL!!

Kip Moore - "Blonde"

Kip Moore - "Good Thing"
Vid fr Kip's Socials
O.K., like I said earlier, I could talk about this album all the day long, but, BUT, I am going to refrain and leave you with my current, most favorite track, "Good Thing". Sadly, there is not a full accompanying video other than the teaser from Kip's socials, but luckily we have that beautiful NPR stream to turn to for the full audio. I LOVE "GOOD THING"!!!!! Every little thing about it is, good, no, GREAT!!! I feel this way rarely about the entirety of a song by any artist, but I felt this way about "Up All Night" from Kip's first album of the same name and I feel that way now with "Good Thing". EVERY THING ABOUT IT!!!!! LOVVVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!! I feel that you hear a lot of Moore's musical influences throughout the entire album, but there is just something about this one that truly stands out for me. Give it a download, a listen and decide for yourself. I personally have my fingers crossed that this one makes it to single and full video status.



Kip Moore - "Guitar Man"
Live at Bobby Bones Show in Nash

I lied, one more, "Guitar Man"!!! "Guitar Man" is the last official track of "SLOWHEART" and a autobiographical one a that. Moore has been planning this one, working it and re working it for a while now. I had no doubt that it would make it onto one of his albums, but I think the length of the song will keep it from radio and video countdowns. Which is fine by Kip according to discussions he has had about the song in interviews, etc. He knew from the get it wouldn't be a single kind of song, but it was so his story that it had to make it to live shows and hopefully a album, which it has. I believe the first live performance of it I saw was just under 8 minutes. To give you something to measure with....Dierks current radio single "What the Hell Did I Say" is 3:27, Stapletons "Fire Away" is 4:04, Maren Morris' "My Church" 3:18 and Moore's Hit, "Something "Bout a Truck" is 3:34. A bit of comparison for what is consider long and had to be edited for radio is Guns -N- Roses "November Rain" in video form is at 9:08 the radio edit is just under 6 min and you gotta figure in DJ's talking over intro's and outs. Skynyrds "Free Bird" is also 9:04 with different radio edits trimming it down by almost half. Just to give a little perspective. I don't know that Kip would want "Guitar Man" edited down since he considers it a bit of his story as an artist, performer and human being. The video above is not one of the longer versions, but again, radio. The album cut of this track is a bit different than what has been on Youtube from live performances, but I like both versions a lot.

O.K. for realsies this time, I am done........for now. THIS FRIDAY SLOWHEART OFFICIALLY DROPS and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. As I said, most of the, let's call them alumni, fans have been streaming the thing since NPR posted it and already have words memorized.....guilty as charged. I preordered the album from Kips site and am tempted to wait by my mail box until it arrives, but I'll not.......probably. I'll just keep that NPR loop going to hold me over.

Guys, I am picky with what I give my whole hearted musical approval to, but "SLOWHEART" is on that list. I can NOT wait to see what this album does. I have been praying, yes, praying, that it gets into the right folks hands so that it might get the much deserved radio air time, publicity, chatter, etc. that it should. I can't imagine what an artist feels leading into a released, but in my mind it is nerves on top of nerves.

Kip, your fans, we have you. We are LOVING, "SLOWHEART" and can NOT wait for the rest of the world to get a proper listen. Thank you for staying to true to who you are as an artist and not letting trends, industry, or social media haters get you down and keep you down. I've said this before and I'll say it again, your real fans have your back. They are your front line of defense and loudest cheerleaders. They will always travel for you, pay for those Meet and Greets, vote and request (sometimes to the point of harassment) as long as you are always you. Congrats on the perfection that is "SLOWHEART"!! Now, get on the road and melt some faces!!!!

For my fellow behind the music kind of fans, here is a vid from the release of "Up All Night", Kips first album. I get butterflies in my stomache just imagining the butterflies in all of theirs at times like release dates.

Kip Moore - "Up All Night" Release
by Life in Rewind/P.J. Brown

~ Insta Blog ~ August 31st, 2017 ~ Burden ~

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This Isn't a Woah is Me Post. It is a Sharing of Demons. I Have Struggled w The Thought & Feeling of Being a Burden My Entire Life. I Cannot Recall a Time When I Didn't Feel as Though I Was, Beyond My Control, Making it Harder on Someone Else. But My Savior Reminds Me Over & Over That This is Why We Are Not to Live Every Single Moment Based on Feelings. Eve "Felt" She Was Missing Out on Something When She Ate That Fruit, People "Felt" as Though They Knew More Than Noah as He Built The Ark, Job's Friends "Felt" That He Was Crazy to Not Turn His Back on God After All That Had Been Taken fr Him. As Difficult as This is to Absorb, This is Why We Mustn't Base All Decisions on How We "Feel", but Instead on What We KNOW.

Knowledge is Indeed Power. Knowledge of Your Creator, Savior & Author of the Life You're Living. Knowledge of His Word & What it Says About "Feelings" vs Knowing. Knowledge of Your Enemy. He is a Liar & a Thief After All. When the Weather Man Predicts Snow, I Take a Coat w Me. How Should This Be Any Different? I Know My Enemy, but Even More, I Know My Creator & He Knows Me. The Enemy Doesn't Learn New Tactics, He Learns What Works. Lather, Rinse, Repeat if You Will. Knowing Ones Weaknesses is as Important as Knowing Ones Strengths & KNOWING the God of the Universe Will Use Both if You Let Him is One of the Best "Feelings" One Can "Know".

Hang in There Friends. He is For You. He is With You. You Are Loved. You Are NOT a Burden.

~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~ September 1st, 2017 ~ Confidence ~

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When You Truly Begin to Accept & Love Yourself, As Is, You Will Be Able to Notice, Compliment & Admire Another's Beauty w/o Questioning or Doubting Your Own. "He Made Ya Perfect, Babe", I Know I've Been Quoting #LadyGaga All Week, but Truth is Truth. We Were Never Meant to Be Cookie Cutter in Any Way. Celebrate Your Differences, "Flaws" & Uniqueness!!! Be Confident in the One That Created You, b/c He Makes All Things Beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11) & He Makes No Mistakes (Psalm 18:30). Love. Yo. Self. & it Will Uncontrollably Spill Out to Others.
You are Loved. 

~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~

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~ Like What You Like ~
~ Rock What You Got ~
~ Boldly Be, Uniquely You ~

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"Glam", Doesn't Always Mean, "Pretty".
  #Glam #InstaGlam #GlamBag #AbstractGlam #CamoGlam #DefinePretty #Art #Paint #CosmeticsJunky #CosmeticsArtTherapy
 #LikeWhatYouLike #RockWhatYouGot #BoldlyBeUniquelyYou

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Cosmetic Arts Therapy


~ Glam Bag ~ September 3rd, 2017 ~Golden Fall ~

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I Do Believe the #Gold in the @tartecosmetics #MakeBelieveInYourSelfPalette is Going to be Apart of My Fall Season Glam Rotation. I Just Love it Too Much!! Here it is Blended w a Shimmer Brown/Copper Color fr the Same Palette. Also, I Think This #PlumbPopMatte Lip Color by @clinique Will Transition Well fr Summer to Early Fall. Fall isn't Just About Wilting Leaves Ya Know?! #Glam #InstaGlam #GlamBag #FallGlam #GoldenGlam #ShimmerAndShine #AllShimmerEveryThang #CosmeticsJunky #FallLooks #FallPrep #BlogedyBlogBlog #TheFaithJournals #LinkInBio #Tarte #Maybelline #elfCosmetics #Clinique #Ulta #Sephora

~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~ September 4th, 2017 ~ Oh So Pretty ~

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~ Motivation Monday ~
If You Don't Love You, How Can Anyone Else?! Liking Yourself, Accepting/Appreciating Who Gods Made You to Be Inside & Out IS Different Than Vanity, Cockiness, & Self Absorption. Loving Who You Are Doesn't Have to Diminish Who Anyone Else Is.
Admiring the Beauty in Someone, Doesn't Mean You Need to Doubt Your Own. A Box of Crayons Has A Variety of Colors for a Reason!! Remember, While We are ALL Different fr One Another, We are ALL Made in His Image, Genesis 1:27.
So How Dare We Sully That With Disapproval & Insecurity of Our Reflection. 
 Its Monday, Its a Good Day to Start the Week Fresh & Confident in How He Made Ya!!
In the Wise Wise Words of Lady Gaga,  "He Made Ya Perfect, Babe!!".

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ August 30th, 2017 ~ Swift Edition ~

Taylor Swift - "Look What You Made Me Do"
fr "Reputation"

Duh, of course #NMM is going to cover the release of "Look What You Made Me Do", the first single from Taylor Swifts next project, "Reputation". I'll be honest, it took me multiple listens and multiple viewings before I was on board. Premiering this past Sunday on the MTV Video Music Awards, T. Swift seems to have clapped back at all the haters, critics, rumors, and even truths that have been going on since the end of her 1979 Tour. Swift has been MIA on most of her socials, in the media, etc. since book ending what is being called the "1979 Era". Many feel as though this new video, lyrics, and ways of promotion are a look into Swifts next chapter as an artist, business woman, and simply as a maturing female. After giving it those extra listens/viewings I tend to agree, but I still think that the genuine, loves music, loves her fans, artists is there. I think she just needed to make a bold, I hear you, I see you, kind of statement for her haters straight out the gate.

Being the first to poke fun at herself is nothing new for Swift, but in #LWYMMD she closes the vid with 15 "Taylors" of era's gone by. 15 is the supposed amount of tracks that will be on "Reputation" as well. Coincidence, I think not.  Several of the Taylors are seen in varied scenes through out the video, but this seems to be her acknowledgement of them, what others thought of them, and her moving forward. Also in the vid she addresses the Kanye Controversy, the Snaps shared by Mrs. West of their phone call about "Famous", the Tom Hiddleston chatter from Fourth of July 2016, her rumble with Calvin Harris, other past relationships (again), and most recently, her law suit against a radio d.j.. Winning this suit Taylor added approximately $1.00 to her ever growing bank account. She has said that the suit wasn't about bankrupting the disc jockey, but about letting others know that no matter what, that kind of behavior is never ok. Personally, I think it was a wonderful way to make that statement. Many with the power and pull that Ms. Swift has would have taken him for all his was worth just to add insult to injury, but that's not Taylor. Not in this situation anyway. By way of a bank robbery Taylor also addresses those who think her letter to Apple and streaming companies was all about the Benjamin's. Swift has said that the actions she had taken by removing all her work from streaming services wasn't about her wallet, but the wallet of writers who otherwise never get air play. Some folks LIVE off of writing royalties and if a streaming service isn't paying like a station would, it's robbery. Swift called them out, the matter was addressed, corrected, and Swift returned her music to Spotify several months ago. All is right in the streaming Universe,,,,,,for now.

Katy Perry Carpool Karaoke w James Cordon

I know, I know, we are all over the Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift girl fight, but I admit, I kind of love that she debuted the video at a show that Perry was hosting. That is straight up mean girl if ever there was!! My guess is that it is a reply to Perry's Carpool Karaoke in which Perry confirms the feud. Neither artist, up to that point, had straight forward confirmed the feud. I love both artists music, artistry, etc. and find it ridiculous that either would feel the need to address this alleged "feud" publicly, but humans will be humans and so the drama continues.

While Swift, per usual, addressed a multitude of things visually with the "Look What You Made Me Do" video, I am unsure any of us will ever be able to break them all down. I'm not at all surprised that she has chosen to reply to all that occurred over the last year in a half, with her art. That is how she got into the biz to begin with. Using her life as her fuel, which BTW, as do many artists. For whatever reason Swift takes heat for it. For many people she can do nothing right, for others she can do nothing wrong, while I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I don't agree with all moves, but I understand them. I think that Taylor Swift has done exactly what she set out to do so far with #LWYMMD, by setting up curiosity for the rest of the "Reputation" album, get everyone searching for the hidden Easter Eggs in the video, not doing any press up to this point, but plastering the promo material on UPS trucks, having Scott Borchetta, her labels CEO to do some social promoting, and of course all the buzz created by it being dropped at the VMA's. The VMA's she did not attend, but also won an award at. Girl knows what she is doing and I personally can't wait to see/hear what else is to come down the drain pipe!! I am sure this is not the last "Repuation" post for New Music Monday. Stay Tuned!!

Give "Look What You Made Me Do" a watch, listen, stream, and download. Share the easter eggs you found in the video by way of the comment section below!!

Taylor Swift - "Look What You Made Me Do"
fr "Reputation"
Lyric Video