Saturday, March 17, 2018

~ Glam Bag ~ Holiday Glam ~ St. Patricks Day 2018 ~

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StacieTennessee Insta
Deciding Who I Might Pinch and Before You Come at Me w Your Pinchers Check the Eyeliner!! My Green is On My Bottom Water Line & is Perfect for a Subtle nod to St.Patricks Day & Spring!! 

~ New Music Monday ~ March 17th, 2018 ~ Tunes for Your Playlist No Matter Your Fave Genre ~

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~.....Over & Over & Over.....~  
Just Where I'm At. Sometimes #JackWhite is the Only Solution.
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@ladygaga Title Track fr #Joanne Her Most Recent Album. This Song Hits Me in the Gut Every Time. Written About Her Aunt Who Has Passed it is a Beautiful Tribute & Goodbye.
Listen via My @applemusic Share Here --> 
DOWNLOAD THIS @spaceykacey Track ASAP!! Listen Here Via My #AppleMusic Share --> <--
 Her New Album, #GoldenHour Releases 3/30 & IDK I Can Retain My Chill Till Then!! Go Listen & Pre-Order!!! 
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I Know I Have Shared This @kelleighbannen Track Before, but it Needed a Second Share. #ChurchClothes Hits Home in So Many Ways & Kelleigh's Vocal Only Make it Feel More Honest. Give it a Listen Via My @applemusic Share Here -->
Stay Tuned for Future New Music Monday Posts!!

~ Dwell in Possibility ~

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Lucci and Dani Instagram
dwell = live in or at a specified place.
possibility = state or fact of being likely or possible; likelihood.
Live Like Anything is Possible, b/c it Is. 

~ New Music Monday ~ Coming Soon ~ What Makes You Country Tour ~

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Kip Moore
When a Performance is So Good You Could Drop the Mic, but,
You'd Never Leave 'Em Hanging Like That. 
During that Solo I Was Like, Wooaahhh", When A Joker Ain't Scared to Get Tipsy, but Still Melt Faces w His Guitar Skillzzz!! 
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Jaren Johnston fr The Cadillac Three
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Luke Bryan
When You Accidentally Agree to Pay a Fans Tuition.
📸 @ralubma 

~ Motivation Monday ~ March 12th, 2018 ~ Make Yourself a Priority ~

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Skone Cosmetics Instagram
Monday Motivation
We Can Not Control Others, Their Lack of Planning, Their Attitudes, Etc. We Can However Control Our Reactions to Those Things. A Former Mentor of Mine Use to Say Something Like, "a failure to plan on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine". Boundaries are Good. In fact, They're Vital to Survival. Making Yourself a Priority isn't Always a #TreatYoSelf Situation. Sometimes its Setting Those Boundaries w Ppl, Deciding w/i Yourself What You Will & Will Not Allow for Yourself fr Ppl Who. Claim to Love You. Make. Yourself. A. Priority. If You Don't, Who Will?! How We Treat Ourselves Dictates How We Allow Others to Treat Us. Linger on That a Moment. You are Loved. You are Worthy. You are Not Selfish to Decide How You Will or Will Not Be Treated. You Got This

~ Glam Bag Pet Peeves ~ Clumpy Mascara ~

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 I Can NOT w Clumpy Mascara. There is a Reason There's a 3 Month Rule on Mascara. 1. Hygiene. 2. Quality of Product. I am Rather Faithful at Replacing My Go-To Mascara, Which is @lorealmakeup #Voluminous in #WaterProof #Black. I Have Tried What Seems Like a Million Others, but I Always Go Back to #Loreal #Voluminous. So, in Those Situations When I Need to Stretch the Old Tube a Extra Day or Two I Drop a Couple Eye Drops into the Tube, Close, Shake & Apply. it Helps Extend the Life Until I Replace it. I Hate False Lashes So I Try to Give My Natural Ones a Little Extra Love, I'll Share that in a Future #GlamBag Post!! So, Stay Tuned! 

~ International Women's Day ~ March 9th, 2018 ~

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I Have Absolutely No Interest in Doing What a Man Can Do or Doing it Better. I Believe I, We, Females Were Purposefully, Intelligently, Perfectly Created to Do What Men Can't. Interpret That How You Will. To the Women Who Inspire, Encourage, & Challenge Me Daily....Happy National Women's Day!! I Wouldn't Be an Ounce of Who I Am W/O You.