Sunday, June 25, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ June 26th, 2017 ~ Video Killed the Radio Star ~

Y'all there are so many new videos this summer that I hardly know where to begin. I kinda love them all and think they are creative, sexy, funny, and just perfect depictions of the artists sense of humor. Sometimes a song gets lost in the visuals of a video and sometimes a video is what gets the actual sound and lyrics of a song some attention. It's odd and I don't know that there is a formula to it all. But then again I am not a video director, artist or radio D.J.

I wanna begin with a video I shared two weeks ago. Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris, "Craving You". I am slowly becoming a Thomas Rhett fan. Partly because I think his relationship with his wife is down right adorable and partly because I am giving some of his tunes a second chance. With "Craving You" it is the video and the MM feature that have me being a fan. I love when artists allow their funny to show. I mean, yes, carrying a tune, being able to write, play, perform a song, duh!! But when they also share that part of their personality that shows us what they think is funny, it tends to win me almost every time. Maren is a total BA in this vid and of course Rhetts wife Lauren plays a part which is sweet as tea. Give it a watch and let us know what you think.


While we are discussing Maren lets take a look at her latest solo vid, "I Could Use a Love Song". This is one of my favorite tracks off of "Hero". Well, I may say that about them all if I am being honest, but for reals this one hit me from the first listen. I am glad to see it as the third single from the album, but I am tripping over the fact I haven't heard it as much as I expected on radio. Well, radio doesn't make a ton of sense to me anyway so maybe it is exactly as I expected. This is pre-short hair so she almost seems like a different person, lol!! Give it a watch and head to CMT and GAC countdowns to vote.

Next is Brothers Osborne and "It Ain't My Fault", their third single off of "Pawn Shop".  Brothers Oz have not been afraid to approach "controversial" topics by way of their music vids. In "Stay a Little Longer", they showed a same sex couple, idk if that's been done in country music video before?! If it has I currently can't recall it. In "21 Summer", they suggest prostitution. That one has been covered by other artists in a variety of ways. The first to come to my mind is Reba's, "Fancy". The lyrics to her tune lead you to believe she spent some times as a high price companion. And now, in "It Ain't  My Fault", which begins, very fittingly, in a pawn shop, takes on some political winks and nods. The thieves in this vid are wearing masks of some politico's you may recognize. Depending on the artist this kind of think might bug me, but being a fan of Brothers Osborne and after following them on socials, I really see not only their stand politically, but just their sense of humor. Today the duo posted a hilarious pic of their dad dressed in a variety of costume-esq pieces. The caption hinting to the idea that this should explain everything we know about them, lol!!! It did.


I have shared one of Maggie Rose's tunes in a past #NMM post. Girl has her a voice, a look, and just a artistic style that seems to be all her own. I think that is one of the many reasons I am a fan. This is the first video and single off of Rose's, "Dreams>Dollars" EP that was just released about a month or so ago. "Body on Fire" does not menses no words. From the first lyric to the last it is very clear what is being communicated and what's being communicated is ON FIRE!! No pun intended, but I really love it when it works out like that. I'm not a crazy fan of love songs, but I am a fan of this one. Maggie is doing the rounds of CMA fest performances, the Opry, etc. I think that Maggie is on the way upward and we will be hearing much more of her in the coming months/year. Give it a watch, a listen and then go download "Dreams>Dollars" like, right now. I have it on my Spotify and am legit listening to it daily.

Lady Antebellum has kicked off their newest album, "Heart Break" with the upbeat come on line of a tune, "You Look Good". Co-written by hit maker Hillary Lindsey who has written for Faith Hill, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Luke Bryan, T. Swift and many more. With this tune she teamed with new kid on the block, Ryan Hurd who's current single, "Love in a Bar", is being added to radio this month. And in the production of the much buzzed about Busbee and it was going to be hard for this song to not hit. Lady A removed any doubt that may have been in anyone's minds with their performance of the tune at the CMA awards. They included a college marching band as their brass and bgvs. Twas a good thing that they were the closing performance cause they sho' did shut it doooowwwwwnnnn!!!! For those that wonder, that is a good thing, LoL!! I look forward to the next singles off of "Heart Break". I am personally in love with, "Someone Else's Heart" which the trio co-wrote with Shane McNally.  


Mkay, I am winding this weeks post down with a artist that is new to me, but has already musically won my affections. Jillian Jacqueline doesn't currently have a full length album out. She has a EP from 2016 and two singles in 2017 that are most recent. I added her to my Spotify after hearing a small share of the song by another artist. Small rabbit trail, you guys!!!! If you aren't following artists, writers, directors, etc. on socials, what the heck is wrong with you???!!! Some of my most favorite artists and songs have come from someone "in the industry's" recommendation. They are hearing, writing, recording and seeing performances of songs that are never gonna hit a radio air wave because of politics and the pop culture of current country radio. I think Jillian is one of those artists that is slipping through the cracks. I am SOOOO grateful to the "industry" folk who posted the other single from Jacqueline, "Bleachers". It lead me to her tunes on Spotify and I have since been listening to "Hate Me" on repeat. It is so wonderfully perfect that if I could would send all of you a download of it. However, I don't have those kinds of Benjamin's, so, you'll have to just watch/listen to this video and go get it yourself. I repeat, if you never have listened to me before and plan to never listen to me again, let this be the one thing you hear!!!! Download Jillian Jacqueline, "Hate Me", ASAP!!!!!!

O.K. it is time to say goodbye to this weeks New Music Monday and I'm doing so with the small tease that Kip Moore and P.J. Brown have created for one of Kips upcoming vids. Last week Moore announced that his third studio album, "Slow Hearts" will be released September 8th, 2017. I was so amped to read that, that my heart literally jumped and then fell into to my tummy out of excitement, LoL!! Yes, I love Moore's music, THAT, much. Kip and his long time bff and videographer are each very talented guys, but one of the things they do tease. I'm unsure anyone makes a teaser vid better than Brown. Now, some of the teaser vids from, "Wild One's" never had a complete version shared and I think I am not the only one who wishes they had. I say that to say, if this vid doesn't have a complete version I am gonna flip right out!!! I'll go full Dr. Phil if I have to. I don't want too, but I'm just saying......POST THE ENTIRE DANG VIDEO PJ!!!! I know, I know, it isn't all in your control and no, I would not really go that far....probably.

Since "Slow Hearts" will drop in m'birthday month I have already decided it will be my bday gift from me to me. I'm so thoughtful, lol!!!
Alright Music Addix, I hope you have a beautiful week, get some time to check out these tunes/vids and to do some downloading! Catch ya next week!

~ Coming Soon to the Glam Bag Series ~

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Friday, June 23, 2017

~ Glam Bag Tips and Tricks ~ Kiss and Tell ~ Application and Longevity ~ Part 2 ~


Hey Glam Gals!! A little follow up on the Kiss and Tell Application and Longevity post. Another tip to helping your lip color last, is layering. Adding a gloss to the top of your lip stick or starting with a lip stain prior to applying lipstick helps a lot with this. I don't use lip stains as a first layer because they always make me look like a child in her mothers make up. I do however use them as a second layer.


Not everyone is going to be comfortable with bright or bold colors, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for a less that glam lip look. All of the tips shared in Part 1 and Part 2 can be applied when using more natural colors as well. I LOVE a nude lip!! I think it is the perfect go-to when rocking a fiercely smoky eye. If you do want to transition from a light gloss to a bold color I would suggest wearing it at home a while before taking it out and about. Simply because the more comfortable you are with it the less you will notice or care if anyone else is.

Alright Beauty Queens, I hope you find all of this helpful in one way or another. Stay tuned for other tutorials and follow me on socials, @StacieTennessee, for updates, etc.

~ Glam Bag Tips and Tricks ~ Kiss and Tell ~ Application and Longevity ~ Part 1 ~

Happy weekend beauty queens!! One of my weekend goals is getting the blog updated for you. Starting with the Glam Bag Series. This post will contain my first Instatutorial. It is a quick how to, why I use what I use, lip glam. With that said, please forgive my skattered-ness and lip smacking. Now that I know I do it, I am going to make an active effort to stop, lol!! It bugs me too!!!

First things first, lips are the last part of my glam routine. Prior to any lip specific product, I apply a teensy bit of foundation to my lips. I just use whatever is left on my applicator from applying my foundation. It helps with any kind of lip color whether it be gloss, matte, stick, shine, or whatev's to hold on to your lips. This along with the lip lock I'll share in the next paragraph help to make your liner and lip color have a bit of longevity.

Second, I use e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Lock. It can be found online and in store. I happen to come across mine at the Dollar Tree. I had never used a similar product before and was curious. I am glad I spent that buck cause it for sure helps to keep my lip line even and bolder colors where they belong. I don't have a steady hand so, lip lining takes me a minute. Using Lip Lock really does help with that process for me. It also creates a bit of a barrier between your lip color and skin.

Third I apply my lip liner. In the video I am using Jordana Cosmetics Easy Line in Rose. I have not seen Jordana in as many shops as one might expect considering its quality and price point. I get mine at Walgreens. The liner comes in around $2.00 and lasts for quite awhile. It is smooth and has a solid packaging so you feel like you can really get the color onto your lips with out breaking the point. In a later post I will share how to pick your liners in collaboration with your lip color. When lining your lips you don't want a thin, fragile line. You want the liner to be something your lip color clings to and wears at a similar speed as your lip color. So, as you apply the liner bring it in a bit from the corners of your lip line towards the center of your lip as seen in the vid. 

Lastly, apply lip color. It is very much like coloring a picture. Goals include but are not limited to staying inside the line, applying a color that compliments the rest of your cosmetic color choices for your look. Doesn't have to be matchy, matchy. In fact, not matchy, matchy is probably best in most normal day to day situations.


I hope that you have found this Glam Bag Instatutorial helpful. I'll say this a ton of times before I finish this series, but it is my opinion that cosmetics should be fun. Getting ready for the day should be something we look forward to. It is a few minutes for ourselves and should be considered self care as much as a pedi or facial. I think that having the mind set that cosmetics are to highlight the things you love about yourself instead of them being about covering up what you hate, has really helped me to change my feelings towards "having" to get ready for something. If that makes any sense to ya?!

Happy Glam-ing Beauty Queens!!!

~ Glory!! ~

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~ Glam Bag Problems ~ When Your Eyeliner Runs Out ~

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Glam Bag Problems 
When the Eyeliner You Lined One Eye W Runs
Out Before You Get the Second Eye Lined.
Luckily I am a cosmetics hoarder and of course have a back up
liner in a similar color. It only reinforces that hoarding
cosmetics is a good thing.

~ Glam Bag Problems ~ Never Enough elf Cosmetics Eye Gels ~

One of my favorite new producs are the hydrogel under eye masks by elf cosmetics. I think I have already mentioned them before, but they are so good that I need to mention them again. Three sets of two, to a pack, for $8.00. Currently only available online, but totally worth it! Most of the time elf has a free shipping deal depending on how much you spend, etc. They are also a ebates partner so, win! win!
These gels make the skin surrounding your eyes feel like silk. I usually use them when I am doing a facial. Makes it feel extra pamper-ery and spa like. I don't know if it is because of my health, age, or just how God made me, but my eyes easily show how I am feeling no matter how I might try to disguise it with my tone. These have been a heaven sent as far as helping me to not feel as though I look as bad as I feel sometimes. You might not get that unless you are a fellow chronic illness sufferer, but it is in fact a thing.
Anyway, check them out online and treat yo' self with a box! This product is Discount Diva Approved and Stacie Recommended! 

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Wow! Thanks Y'all for the #InstaLove. Either We Are All in Agreement Over the Need of an Endless Supply of @elfcosmetics #EyeGels Or You Just Really Enjoy Watching Me Break Down Over MY Need for an Endless Supply of #elf Eye Gels....Either Way. Thanks Gang! Also, Thanks to @elfcosmetics for the Like, but if Someone Could Answer My Question About Why in the World There are ONLY Three Sets in a Box, That Be Super. Nighty Night #BeautyQueens!!