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~ New Music Monday ~ February 19th, 2018 ~ Your Cheatin' Heart ~

Happy New Music Monday to you all!! Did you survive Valentines without punching anyone in the throat?! I hope so.....and if tell!!!! This week I have been inspired by those lyin', cheatin', no good, low down, river rats that inspire tunes like "Jolene", "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under" and most recently, Cam's, "Diane".

Cam has said that "Diane" is in reply to Dolly Parton's, "Jolene", the flip of the coin, the story from the unknowingly mistress' side of things. The official video can be found on Youtube as well as on Cam's socials and site. Below you will find the lyric video and harmonies that haunt. I love this song even though it is about lyin' and cheatin', lol!! The architecture of the song is just so beautiful that she very well could be reading me the menu off a drive thru and I'd feel just as emotional about it.

I think the lyrics are clever and this is a wonderful lead into whatever Cam is going to release next. Her debut album, "Untamed" had so much success with it's first single, "Burning House" that I think it became difficult to follow up with more singles. "Mayday" was the last one released from the project and had a beautiful video that went with it. I loved the entirety of "Untamed" and would love to have heard more from it at radio, but I also understand why Cam would be ready to move forward. "Burning House" was nominated for everything from an ACM to a Grammy. That said, "Untamed" is something to be proud of and a great diving board for a second project. Give "Diane" a listen and feel free to tell us what ya think!

CAM - "Diane"
Lyric Video - Youtube
Dolly Parton - "Jolene"
fr "I will always love you"
I can't discuss Cam's, "Diane" and not share Dolly's, "Jolene". After all, it was part of the inspiration behind the new single. As I said before, "Diane" is a response from the mistress to the wife of the man she's been seeing. While "Jolene" is a conversation from the wife to the mistress and is written under the assumption that the mistress knows she is with a taken man. I love the way these two bounce off of one another and would straight up DIE to hear a collaboration/mix with Dolly and Cam on an awards show with these two tunes!!! DIE!!!! Like, dig me a hole in the ground, buy me a headstone, DIE!! I'm putting it out there and crossing my fingers! "Jolene" has been covered by pretty much everyone, but one of my faves is Jack White's cover. Its angry, it's loud, it's how we really feel about such things. Not so delicately spoken. Anyway, Give Dolly's track a listen and feel free to share your thoughts on the two tracks in the comment section. 

Whilst we are on the topic of liar liars pants on fire, I have a need to share Shania Twain's, "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under". It was the first track off of Twain's chart topping, "The Woman in Me" and it is still a tune that I think most people know the words to. It's a straight forward, I know you ain't been alone, so, tell me where you've been cause I'ma find out anyway!!!! I'm a straight forward kind of gal so, I have a certain respect for songs that say things that I think, lol!! Have a little flashback and watch the vid below from Twain's Vegas show of "Whose Boots....".

Shania Twain - "Whose Bed..."
Vegas - Youtube
Carrie Underwood - "Before He Cheats"
David Lettermen - Youtube
I can't leave out Carrie Underwood's, "Before He Cheats", when writing about cheaters! Again, she sings what we think or would like to do. Heck, I am confident that some of you have indeed taken a bat to a mans headlights. No judgment. Some folks require something dramatic in order to pay attention to what's going on. Carrie has attained a bit of reputation with her music in that the men don't tend to fair so well in her songs!! She joked about a track from her last album saying that at least she didn't kill anyone in it, LoL!! I mean, if there wasn't so much real life inspiration on the topic then perhaps there'd be less songs about it, but there is, so, there isn't.
Fingers crossed that none of these tunes encapsulate your Valentines week and here's to hoping you never need one of them to get you through!
Have a wonderful week, Music Addix!!! Catch ya on the flip!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

~ New Music Monday ~ February 5th, 2018 ~ Cough Drops & Selfie's aka The Super Bowl ~

Pink - National Anthem
Let us the beginning....Pink!!! Girl had the flu and sang her little heart out for the Super Bowl and her country. The National Anthem is a notoriously hard song to sing. Extreme lows and extreme highs can make the most veteran of vocalists scared to death. Pink has opened for Justin Timberlake when he was with NYSYNC and then again when he went solo, so, it is sorda full circle that she be here as well. I'm 99.9% I am not the only one who tuned in for the anthem and the half time. I hear there was a sport of some kind played in between sets. I'm not all that sure though.
Some trolls gave Pink crap for spitting out her cough drop on camera, 1. I highly doubt she was aware the camera was already on her and 2. It is that or risk needing the Heimlich during the anthem. I think we can all agree she made the proper choice. All that said, girl rocked it and while there was a crack here or there she was awesome and did her country proud!! It's Pink for heaven's sake. Even on her worse day she could out sing basically everyone!!

Rehearsals - Youtube
Much hype surrounded this years half time performer, but then again when is there not hype surrounding that?! This was Timberlake's THIRD opportunity on the half time stage. First as a member of NSYNC they guested with Aerosmith and Brittney Spears. Then, as a solo artist, the infamous nip slip, aka wardrobe malfunction, with Janet Jackson. His camp would later say he had no clue that was going to happen and her camp would say he did. Either way it has gone down in half time history and left everyone wondering if Ms. Jackson would appear as a surprise guest this year, she did not....and the censors rest easy.
I think we all had hopes of surprise guests. NSYNC, Chris Stapleton, Janet, Jimmy Fallon, really we had a solid list of possible collaborators, but Timberlake decided to highlight his back up dancers, BGV and band, "The Tennessee Kids", instead. Personally, I was a little disappointed. I mean, even BeyoncĂ© brought Kelly and Michelle out for a few minutes. Would it have killed you to do a little "Bye Bye Bye" with your fellow boy band members ?!?! 

Super Bowl Selfie Kid
My hope and think everyone's expectations were that we would be discussing the awesomeness of this performances to our great great grandchildren for years to come, but IDK that's the performance we got. I do however think we will be talking about the Super Bowl Selfie kid for years to come, sadly. Joker got tickets to a Justin show and a vaca to the ski resort who's shirt he was wearing that night, I mean, it's been a while since a selfie has paid out that good. You usually have to be a Kardashian to get that swag. The meme's were awesome!! I love that most commented on the fact that the kid probably had no clue he was beside a legend and witnessing a piece of Super Bowl history. Later pics published of the kid looking at his phone after the half time and all speculated he was googling who is Justin Timberlake, LOL!!! I mean, I wouldn't laugh it weren't so darn funny....and likely true.
While JT's performance let me down special guest wise, his stamina does nothing but impress me. Brother went from one end of the field to the other, up and down stairs, dance moves, etc. and never once sounded winded. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!!!??? I am impressed with that if nothing else. I like that JT highlighted his crew, but again, with out any surprise guests, etc. it is hard to feel the show was any different than a normal concert performance. The Super Bowl requires a ta-da kind of performance. Beyonce caused the electricity to go out, Gaga entered from the ceiling, Katy Perry rode a large golden robotic lion into the stadium.....Cold Play brought Bruno Mars and Queen B into their performance (which I secretly think they regretted cause those jokers totally stole the spotlight).
Justin did a tribute to Prince and considering the game was in Prince's home town of Minneapolis it was absolutely appropriate. Many have had negative things to say because clips from "Purple Rain" where played on a curtain while the duo sang and Prince has said in the past that when he is gone, he is gone. He didn't want any hologram tributes in his honor. IDK this falls into the hologram category, but I get what folks were saying. Again, either way, it was a great moment. Timberlake shared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which aired live after the game, that Prince was a huge inspiration and musical hero for him and that was why, when in Prince's home town, he felt it would fit in. I agree, it wouldn't have made sense anywhere else really. Not in the way it was done.

Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Post Super Bowl
Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake did bring his buddy and current single co-vocalist, Chris Stapleton to his Tonight Show performance after the game. Which I personally was amped for. The two have amazing vocal chemistry and could sing the instructions of a oven manual to me and I'd go to church!! That said, Again, I wish Chris had been apart of the Super Bowl performance. I think everyone would have LOVED it!!

Youtube - The Tonight Show w Jimmy Fallon
Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton
"Say Something" fr "Man of the Woods"
When it is all said and done it was a good half time show performance and per usual, Timberlake did not miss a note or dance move. I just think it could have been......bigger....more spectacular. I don't know that any risks were taken with this performance and we have come to expect risks. Hello Lady Gaga being propelled down from the ceiling!!!
What did you think? Who would you like to see at next years half time show?! I have some idea's, but will share those later!! Check back next week for more New Music Monday !!!! 

Friday, February 2, 2018

~ New Music Monday ~ Grammy's 2018 ~


Grammy's 2018........2018 Grammy's.........How can one event have so little to be said about it and yet so much all at the same time? The 2018 Grammy's had a few stellar performances, one of which was a duet between Sir Elton John and the one and only, Miley Cyrus. In a princess-esq ball gown and very romantic hair and make up, Miss Cyrus joined in on John's iconic, "Tiny Dancer". There is a lot to discuss when it comes to Miley, but one thing that she seems to always do extremely well is duets. She nailed a duet with Billy Idol last Spring, did a duet with Ariana Grande after the concert bombing in London, has sung with Dolly and of course her father, Billy Ray. She seems to always come in exactly where she should be. Grammy night this go 'round was no different. One of my favorite performances of the night.

My second favorite goes to Bruno Mars, the Hooligans and Cardi B. The night was filled, FILLED with ballads, emotional speeches, the weight of politics, the Me Too movement, and Times Up. It was a very heavy room before anyone even entered it. So, I was super glad when Mars and crew turned things up and reminded everyone what a proper beat can be like at a live awards show. Introducing Cardi B. into the Grammy performance books I think she was a perfect addition to Mars' regular Hooligans. She held her own and even pushed the established and big winner of the night, Bruno, around a bit. GRL PWR!!!!
Mars was a big winner for the night walking away with five trophy's and endless bragging rights. One upset in my opinion was the Best Pop category, the only category dominated by females and the one male in the pack, wins. I love Ed Sheeran! Let's get that out of the way first, but I do not think his work surpassed the other noms. Along these lines I must also comment on the fact that out of 60+ awards, only 11 went to solo females. Solo females as in not apart of a group like Little Big Town, who won a trophy as well, BTW.
You cannot discuss the evening with out discussing Kesha's performance of "Praying". It is well documented that Kesha sued her producer over sexual assault. The court case has drug on and on and poor Kesha has been slut shammed, questioned, judged, and put through the media circus and judicial system ringer. At one point it was decided that she would have to continue working with said producer in order to finish out her contract, something she refused. It is believed that "Praying" is Kesha's response to her abuser as well as her battle cry for fellow victims. With the Me Too and Times Up movements making such strides since the outing of the abuse handed out by some of Hollywood's elite, it made the performance even more poignant. Joined by Cindy Lauper, Andre Day, Camellia, and several other artists the performance was closed with a group hug. A show of support. I think that everyone in the room and everyone watching felt every little and big pain that surged through Kesha in that performance. My hope for her is that she can move forward feeling more powerful and capable than she ever has.

Country music was well represented this year with Chris Stapletion, Little Big Town, and Jason Isbelle all taking home wins. Stapleton also performed with Emmy Lou Harris, Little Big Town performed their hit, "Better Man", written by Taylor Swift, who did not attend this year. The Brothers Osborne, Maren Morris and Eric Church sang Eric Claptons, "Tears in Heaven", for all those we lost and those still recovering from the Las Vegas shooting as well as the other terrorist-esq attacks that have happened at concerts this last year. Church has shared multiple times how heavy the Vegas shooting has weighed on him. He along with Morris and Bros Oz had performed at the festival nights prior to the shooting. I'm not sure if it was emotions, but Church was a tad off vocally as far as going with the harmonious theme of his vocal counter parts. I tend to think it was emotions considering the names of those lost were high lighted on the stage behind them and both Bros Oz and Maren gave a powerful and perfect vocal offering. Watch and judge for yourself. For me, I give him a pass because I probably wouldn't have even been able to get that out in such a emotional moment.
The 2018 Grammy's were a bit blah-dee-dah overall. Like I said, the room was heavy before anyone even entered it. It was a night filled with ballads and honestly very little celebration. I think my most favorite part is the camera catching Blue Ivy telling her power couple parents, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, to chill out with the clapping. I suppose if anyone was going to do it, it needed to be her, lol!! Camera's also caught Blue enjoying a snack and juice box during the show. I mean, why doesn't everyone have that in their purses for the night?! Or one of those go-gurt things?! Anyway, I digress.
Have you any thoughts on the Grammy's ? Favorite performances ? Winners ? :Losers? Snubs? Blue Ivy moments ? Feel free to share in the comments section. Check back next week as I will be discussing Super Bowl half time. I mean, it may take some time because I am CONFIDENT I will be in mourning after the "This is Us" episode post game, but I mean, once I uncover the mirrors I'll be sharing my thoughts on JT. Honestly, I have high expectations. JT has only killed it in past Super Bowl moments, I mean, if we ignore that Janet and her boob thing. Anyway, catch ya on the flip, music lovers!!
All Vids fr Youtube.

~ Glam Bag ~ Tips, Tricks, Product Review ~ Organix Hair Repair Oil ~

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I Have Naturally Curly Hair So, I Don't Need to Wash it Every Single Day. The Curls Can Survive a Day or Two. That Said, I've Been Asked A Lot About Static & Dryness. When it is This Cold (5 degrees here in TN) it Does a Number to Your Skin & Hair. While My Hair is Still Wet Fr a Washing I Lightly Spray OGX Beauty #KerarinOil for Healing on My Brush & Then Brush it Thr...ough My Wet Hair. Starting w The Lower Parts & My Scalp Last. No One Wants a Visibly Oily Scalp!! I Also Do Not Blow Dry My Hair, Almost Ever, So After Applying the Keratin I Pull My Hair into a Top Knot, Let it Dry Over Night & the Next Day My Curls are Bouncy and Happy. Depending on the Frizz Factor I Sometimes Will Squirt a Little in My Hand and Run it Through the Ends of My Dry Hair When Styling. Got Mine @walgreens Where They are Often on Sale as Apart of a Buy One Get One Deal! I Also Got Flat Iron Spray, but I Almost Never Straighten My Hair Anymore So I Don't Have a Report on That One for Ya, Sorry!! Hope This Helps w Your Winter Do's.

~ Glam Bag ~ M.A.C. Hack ~ Peacock Shadow ~

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 I Found This @maccosmetics Look AFTER I Had Created a Multicolor Unicorn-esq Eye Look. I Find Them to be So Similar I Thought They'd Make for a Good Hack. I Used @tartecosmetics #MakeBelieveInYourself Palette for My Look, but the @maybelline #CityPalette in #Graffiti Would Work as Well!! The Purple #LiquidLiner is by @wetnwildbeauty & #Mascara is @lorealmak...eup Voluminous. Sometimes You Just Gotta Have Fun w Your Glam, Go Abstract, Out of the Box, See Your Face as a Canvas & Your Cosmetics as Your Paint. ~ Got a Product You Need Hacked? A Trend Your Curious About? Feel Free to DM Me & Stay Tuned for Future #Glam Posts!!

~ Glam Bag ~ Virtual Styling ~ Grammy Glam ~

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Absolutely LOVEEEEUUHHH these Star Accents on this @ericaelizabethprettythings Head Piece & These @giuseppezanotti Heels!!!! W the Proper Dress Could Be a Iconic @recordingacademy #RedCarpet Look!! I Will Be Tweeting IRL This Sunday as I Watch Red Carpet Coverage & the #Grammys. Join Me! Find Me on @twitter My Handle is the Same as Here, @StacieTennessee .... What Are You Looking Forward to? Red Carpet? Performances? Acceptance Speeches? Gossip That Leaks After the Show Ends, LoL?!?!?! #NewMusicMonday Will Return Next Monday w a Review of the Night. To Catch My Predictions You Can Go To #TheFaithJournals #LinkInBio for My Past #NMM #GrammyPredictions Post!! 

~ Valentines 2018 ~

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