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~ New Music Monday ~ October 31st, 2016 ~ Halloween Edition ~

As you know by now Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love light layers, crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice latte's and colder weather. If that makes me basic, I don't even care. I am who I am. LOL!!!! I have some of the best memories from Halloween's/Fall Seasons past. Several of my friends and I love going to haunted houses, barns, fire houses, hay rides, well, really anything with the word "haunted" in front of it. It hasn't been unusual on Halloweens past for us to go on haunted crawls, i.e. from one haunted whatever to the next, to the next to the next until our bladders could no longer handle it. Just take my advice that mascara on a night like that is perfectly useless. I usually end up laughing so much I cry and every bit of my make-up comes off.  I have had the opportunity to work several haunted houses as well and it was just a blast. I mean, other than that one time my freshmen year in college when the make up made me break out in hives. Oh well, only one way to learn I suppose. I don't hear Matchbox 20's, "Push" and not think of playing dead on a slab. While also having a horrible allergic reaction to the make-up and wanting to do nothing by scratch my face off, but when you are playing like you've been hit by a car there is no itching of your face. AAAhhhh memories.

With next weeks #NewMusicMonday falling on Halloween I thought it might be fun to theme it and post it early so that you have some theme music for your haunted weekend. I am starting with the one and only, Michael Jackson's, "Thriller". I don't know how you do Halloween and not listen to this song at least once!!! It is epic. It is iconic. It is produced by the iconic Quincy Jones. It is perhaps the beginning of the movie-esq music video trend and I mean, it is "Thriller". Don't act like you haven't tried to learn the dance!!! Hell-o "Thirteen Going on 30" dance scene.

Michael Jackson - "Thriller"
fr "Thriller"

Evanescence - "My Immortal"
fr "Fallen"
Evanescence.....because Amy Lee and for no other reason. O.K. maybe for the reason that "My Immortal" kinda sounds like a Halloween song, but lets be real her vocals are haunting!!! She has a very specific sound and I feel it goes perfectly with the Fall/Haunted things season. Also, I mean, several of these tunes topped the charts so it's only right that we include them on a #NewMusicMonday.
Next, Ghost Busters theme, because DUH!!!! How would this list be complete with out it??!!!! I haven't seen the new remake yet, but I hope to rent it once it's at Redbox. Yes, that is how I watch most movies now a days. After they turned the local theater in my town into a church the closest multiplex is about 30 minutes away, if not longer. So, Redbox it is. Stop judging me and shut in ways.
Ray Parker Jr - "Ghost Busters Theme"
fr "Ghost Busters"
"The Time Warp"
fr "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Rocky Horror Picture Show is also a Halloween staple in my opinion. I don't know if it is the spookiness of having to go up to a big creepy house for help, the cast of characters or just Dr. Frank-N-Furter, but it just screams Halloween time. Again, I haven't seen the remake by Fox, but I am sure it will be rerun several times as we approach Halloween.
I hear this song in my head every year around this time. I don't recall if it was in a movie or t.v. show, thought I am sure it had to be. It's a little diddy from 1964 and American Bandstand era. I believe there is also a dance that goes with it. Ya know, like the Macarena, but different.
Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers - "Monster Mash"
Bette Midler - "I Put a Spell on You"
fr "Hocus Pocus"
Originally done by Screaming Jay Hawkins, "I Put a Spell on You" has been covered by an array of artists starting with Annie Lennox, CCR, Nina Simone, the list is endless. And I just recently shared country up and comer, Aubrie Sellers cover of the tune which you can find by clicking HERE. I think when it comes to love and the laws of attraction we all have wished there was a magic potion, prayer or spell that would make it all just a little bit easier at one time or another.
There ya have it. Just a few songs to get your Halloween weekend going. I know there are so many more out there and I hope this inspired you to do some Halloween themed downloading. Happy Halloween!!! Trick-or-Treat.....give me more music!!! 




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~ Insta Blog ~ October 24th, 2016 ~ Capable ~

Capable. Capable is a Word I Keep Going Back to When I Find Myself, Doubting Myself. When I Feel Beat Down by Others Opinions of Me & What I Can or Can't Do. Every Time I Accomplish A Task That Others Thought I Couldn't or That I Had Thought I Couldn't I Am Reminded How Capable He Has Made Me. Am I Invincible?! Heavens No. Do I Still Need Help W Certain Tasks? Honey Yes!!!! But I Am Extremely Grateful This #MotoMonday For All The Hard Things That I Am Capable Of On My Own, But W The Lords Strength. He Has Made Us Capable of Handling Hard Things. He Has Equipped You to Handle the Things That Seem Impossible. You Are Capable!!!! Happy Motivation Monday Lovelies!!! I Hope You End This Day Feeling as Though You Have Accomplished A Lot.

~ Insta Blog ~ October 25th, 2016 ~ Resourceful ~

Fun Fact: In Several of my High School Classes the Teacher Made Me Sit at a Desk Away From Everyone Else. Ya Know, Cause I Tend to be a Chatty Kathy.....I Also Have Been Known to Make Comments Under My Breath That Distract Others. I May or May Not Still Do This. Anyway, One Teacher Went as Far as to Pull My Desk to the Wall by the Door. What He Seemed to Forget Was the Window That Allowed Me to See Into the Class Across the Hall Where My Friend Was and We Could Communicate ...Using Our Note Books and Marker. Ya Know, "Help Me, I've Been Kidnapped!!!!", Style. Resourceful. I Am Nothing if Not Resourceful!!! I'm Also Thoroughly Prepared if Ever Kidnapped. I Wont Even Bring Up How Drivers Ed Went. Save That For Another Day.

Monday, October 24, 2016

~ Stacie Stories ~ October 20th, 2016 ~ Getting to Know The Faith Journals Author ~ Only 8th Graders Become Queen ~

6th Grade Stacie
Homecoming 1990

I thought Fall 1990 deserved a little #TBT attention today. This is 6th grade Homecoming. I recall very clearly being called into the gym w a group of girls several weeks before this pic was taken. I initially thought I was in some sort of trouble, but looking at the group around me I couldn't imagine what we'd ALL done to get called in at the same time. Surely there was some sort of mistake. Then Coach Bruce shared with us that we had been elected to Homecoming court. I started looking around again at the group of girls I was with and once again felt there had to have been a mistake, but for a completely different reason this time. I was the only "Stacie" in our school at the time, but I was still positive there had been a mix up. It took looking at the roster of nominees in Coach's hand for me to believe him. I left to catch my bus baffled and confused. Not flattered or excited as I should've been. Doesn't that speak to how early a females mind becomes riddled w insecurity??!!

Anyway, this meant I had to find a dress (That my family and myself approved of), an escort (Had to be a football player. No pressure sixth grade Stacie. No pressure at all.), tame my usually pulled into a pony, out of control curly hair (That I consistently prayed would one day magically become straight as a board.) and stand in front of the entire school on the football field. Talk about a lesson in humility. I don't wanna say this is where my introduction to feelings of anxiety began, but looking back I don't know that it helped anything. Lol!!!

Well, I of course didn't win. I was a 6th grader and only 8th graders won queen. My middle school had been a high school originally and my Mamaw had been the very first ever Homecoming Queen at that school. So, I kinda, just a little bit, had wanted to win just for her legacy's sake, but that's a sixth graders dream and only 8th graders become Queen. Not pictured are my dyed to match satin pumps that immediately turned my feet blue upon hitting the wet grass of the football field. Never wore those shoes again. You can see however that my affection for a large hair accessory and an sweet side pony has been apart of my style since forever. All that to say, I would like to encourage you to do a little throw back Thursday looking back. If for no other reason than to remind yourself exactly how far you have come over the years. I was never on HC Court again and that suited me just fine, but now, a solid almost THREE DECADES later, I am glad to have this memory. Ya know, glad with a try everything at least once, kind of philosophy. Happy Throw Back Thursday!!! I hope yours is as entertaining as mine has been.

~ Insta Blog ~ October 21st, 2016 ~ Made to be Alone ~


It Is A Chilly, Rainy, Grey, Dreary Day Out & I Find it to be Intoxicatingly Beautiful!!!!! I LOVE These Kinds of Days. They Bring An Indescribable Peace to My Soul. I Know That My Affections for a Rainy Day Aren't Popular, but That's OK. The Older I Get the More Grateful I Become for the Way the Lord Has Uniquely Made My Heart. I LOVE PEOPLE!!!! I Have Been Overwhelmingly Blessed in the Friend Department. My Crazy Family Tree is Fairly Awesome as Well. But, Again I Know This Isn't Everyone's Situation. As Much as I Love People I Also LOVE Alone Time. Perhaps its the Only Child Part of Me, but When the Days Are Too Much, I Crave It. I Know That is Rare Too. I Know Many Spend Their Days Starving To Be in Someone's, Almost Anyone's, Company. I Know the Lord Can Change My Heart, Mind, Situation in a Heart Beat. So, I Never Want to Take for Granted the Beautiful Peace I Have in Being Contented, Alone. So Many of My Friends Long For a Certain Kind of Companionship & My Heart Continuously Breaks for Them While They Wait on the Lord to Fill That Void. My Prayer on This Dreary Beautiful Friday is that the Lord Would Share Some of My Peace & Contentment w Those Waiting on Him to Write The Love Part of Their Story. Don't Get it Twisted, I Have My Moments. I'm Human for Heavens Sake. But For The Most Part I Have a Beautiful Peace in My Solitude. I'm Unsure I could Really Explain it Properly. Just Know God Has a Plan For You & Your Heart. He is Not Purposeless. A Season of Waiting, When Waiting on the Lord, Is NOT Wasted. I challenge & encourage My Lonely Hearts to Find a Way to Serve Him & His Children While You Wait. One of My Biggest Fears is Wasted Time. I Try to Always Have the Mindset That Even the Slowest of Days Has Purpose. Anyway, All That To Say, You Are Loved. You Are Not Alone. He Has A Plan for You. Don't Let the Waiting be Wasted. That Part is Kinda Up to You.

~ Ghosts of Halloweens Past ~

~ Liz, Amanda & Myself at one of those
pop up/seasonal costume shops. ~
Y'all know by now that Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love everything about it as I have mentioned in past posts. I love pumpkins, pumpkin spiced latte's, things that are haunted, crunchy leaves, and light layers. It all makes me unexplainably happy. I have so many fun memories that come from this time of year that I wanted to share a few. The picture above is of two of my besties and I at one of those pop up costume tents that happen during the Halloween season. There are several other pics where we tried on tiara's and hats as well. Half the fun of the season is picking a costume. One of the events we did in my event planning days was a costume cruise. It was so much fun!!! Coasting down the river at night with all the lights, some cool tunes, snacks and of course everyone's crazy costumes. I must say my friends pictured above had some very memorable ones. Liz, our other friends Crystal and Ashleigh dressed up as the Fanta Girls one year. Do you recall the Fanta commercials, "Do you wanna, Fanta, Fanta??!!". Amanda was pregnant one year for the cruise and she and her husband CJ dressed up as a jar of Preggo Spaghetti sauce and a chef. I thought it was so clever!!!!! Those two always have great costumes and they have spread their costume love to their three children. One year they were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
There was a time when I loved carving pumpkins as apart of my Fall celebrating. However, with my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) it has become too difficult. So, I opt for painting or something else of that kind with my pumpkins. That's what I did in the pumpkin carving party pictured below. 

~ Pumpkin Carving Back in My TTU Days. ~
~ I Am Fairly Certain These
Pumpkins Ended Up Getting Vandalized.
I'm Talking to You DAVID RE!! ~ 

~ Jack Davis Loves to be Apart of Whatever
is Going On. He Also Loves a Polo with a Collar.
Style Knows No Species. ~

~ I Painted Mine. My RA Doesn't Allow For
Steady Cutting. Makes Me A Danger
to Myself as Well as Others. LOL!! ~
The above are our final products. I think they turned out so good that year!!!! At the time I lived on a college campus that was smack dab in the middle of the hood. It wasn't unusual for things to be vandalized and it be some sort of gang initiation or something. Sadly, these guys took the heat that night, but I am fairly certain it was one of our friends that trashed them and not the hood. You can't blame everything on the hood you guys!!!!!!
Dean Martin - "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime"
One of my favorite all time, life memories is from a Fall season in Lynchburg, VA. Myself and several of my friends had all embarked into off campus life, jobs, finishing classes, and just growing up a little. Two of my friends, Jenny and Natalie lived in a old southern home that had been converted into apartments. That is very common in the area. It was a small one bed, one bath, small kitchen, small living room space, but we all loved hanging out there. We never seemed to mind that we were on top of each other if there were too many of us there at the same time. Even after Jenny and Nat painted the living room red we really enjoyed spending time together there. LOL!!! I don't know that their landlords were all that happy about the red part. Anyway, one day we got pumpkins, snacks, propped the doors and windows open, put Dean Martin in the stereo and spent hours laughing, carving, talking, and eating. It was such a beautiful fall day spent with beautiful friends. I know Dean Martin isn't exactly what one associates with Halloween, but to this day I tend to play his tunes around this time of year. I don't know if it is just from associating it with such a good memory or the laid back way he delivers his tunes that kind of go with the slowing down that comes with colder weather. Either way, I love me some Dean Martin, Pumpkins, and good friends. 

~ No Waste. Y'all Know How I Feel About Waste.
Post D├ęcor I Do My Best to Use Up the Entire
Pumpkin. Pumpkin Bread, Dried and Seasoned
Pumpkin Seeds. ~
Reduce~Recycle~Repurpose is one of my life motto's. And if you are a regular follower of the blog you already know that I do my best to apply it in every aspect of my life that I can. So, my pumpkins post Halloween are no different. If they survived the random weather of the season with out rotting or freezing I do my best to get more from them than just decoration. The picture above is from several years ago when I used every bit of the pumpkin I could. I made several loaves of pumpkin bread, roasted pumpkin seeds both savory and sweet, and even ground up enough pumpkin to freeze for later. It can be a lot of work, but in my opinion it has always been worth it. You can check out those past posts for pics, tips and recipes by clicking Here,  and Here .  My friend Cindy posted a recipe for pumpkin muffins that I wanna share with you as well. You can get to her page by clicking this highlighted link --> So The Cook Said, Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins , she has several posts on Fall decorations, repurposed items, etc. just type "pumpkin" into her pages search bar.

~ Ash, Myself & Steph on This Night
I Think We Went to at Least Four
Haunted Things. Maybe Even More. ~

The year when going to multiple haunted things in one night started for me, did not get captured with a photo, but this one several years later did. One year my friends Kelly, Jake and I randomly decided to go to a Haunted House called, The Haunted Depot, it would later and forever be referred to as the "Haunted Pot" by us. We followed it up with several other haunted things one of which called "The Haunted Yard". I do not know how we came across all of these things, but this one, once we arrived we immediately thought would be lame. It was someone's home and they had turned their yard and shed into a haunted yard. We thought for sure we would be held hostage, but oddly enough that didn't keep us from going in. #TeamLogic at its finest. Much to our surprise it ended up being one of the best haunted things we went to that night. So good that I went looking for it the next Halloween and was only disappointed to find it wasn't something they do every year. I LOVE haunted houses, but I will no be the first or the last in line. I usually tangle myself between my friends and hold their hands, coats, or pant loop as though my life depended on it. One year my friend Amanda (pictured at the beginning of this post) and I went with some of our guy friends to a Haunted Island in the middle of the river. She nearly killed me. As in physically, I almost died. She apparently didn't understand my rules of staying close and holding hands and nearly drug me to the ground when a masked man with a chain saw came after us and all of our guy friends, her husband included, had suddenly disappeared. I think that was by far the messiest of haunted things that I have attended. I recall having mud on the knees of my pants and boots when we got back to land.

I've worked haunted houses and in the past have tried to pride myself on not getting scared because I know what happens behind the scenes. Well, that's what I try to tell myself when standing in line, after you've already paid and are listening to the screams of the people ahead of you go through and you debate is it worth just wasting the money to save yourself from wetting your pants. One such house was a haunted fire house in Chattanooga, TN. My friends Ashely, Stephanie, and myself had been to a haunted barn, haunted hay ride, and one other that I can't recall before deciding to finish our night at the haunted fire house. We had read that there was a surprise that none of the other haunted attractions had. That this would be the scariest haunted space all season. You would think that after nearly losing our voices from screaming at the first three haunted houses we would reconsider going to another one that was billed as the scariest of all.....nope. No hesitation what so ever. We paid our entrance fee, got in line, and started listening for screams from with in the building. As we linked arms and began walking into the first few rooms we started getting a tad too secure with our lack of scare factor. Thought after visiting three haunted houses prior to this we had become desensitized to the scare factor. Thinking that the attraction was all hype. That was until we entered a room where a man is cut in half with a chain saw and then the top half of his body JUMPS off the table and chases you down the hall. Yes, he was a legit, for real no tricks, half man. It even ended up in the local news paper, his part of the attraction became such a talked about thing. We left that particular haunted house by being chased into the parking lot across the street by men with masks and chain saws. I was laughing so hard I had to lay down on the cold asphalt or I was sure I would pass out. I ended up just laying there until my friends to came back from being chased by the chainsaw guys. Well, that's not a sentence I ever thought I'd write. LOL!!! That's how my fear in these situations tends to manifest, laughter. I'm scared to death and I think it's hilarious!!!

I'll end with one more Haunted House story. If ever you get the opportunity to visit the Haunted Caverns at Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN, you NEED to. A group of friends and myself trekked up the mountain on a cold, rainy, fall evening. The scaring began in the parking lot when these masked guys where sliding around on what I assume were garbage can lids. The noise they made on the wet pavement in the dark was enough to make you want to turn around and go home, but we didn't. We met up with our group inside at the gift shop where you get your tickets and wait your turn. I would like to mention that our friend Heather got so scared in the gift shop by one of the characters roaming around that she almost cried and refused to open her eyes on the elevator ride down into the caverns. I want to say that she eventually opened them, but I was too busy holding on to my friend Telisha's sweater to be concerned with Heathers crying. I mean, we are now in a cavern. A haunted cavern. A underground, haunted, cavern. #EveryWomanForHerSelf !!!! This experience included a school bus ride driven by the Joker as played by Heath Ledger in the batman movie. Nurses outfit and all. It was epic start to finish. I love that the scare began in the parking lot and didn't finish until you drove away. I think the best haunted houses have stuff going on outside and around as well as whatever is set up inside. I love that feeling of getting yourself so nervous, but so excited that you can't decide if this is the best idea or the very worst idea you've ever had in your life.

What are some of your favorite Fall stories??!! Do you go to haunted things? Are there any that left a mark and are worth visiting if ever in your area?

Happy Fall Y'all!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful time enjoying and making memories with all that this season has to offer.

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~ New Music Monday ~ October 24th, 2016 ~ American Idol Alum ~

Lauren Alaina - "Road Less Traveled"
fr "Lauren Alaina EP"
Starting this weeks #NewMusicMonday off with a little love your self tune by Lauren Alaina. We all know Alaina from her season 10 of American Idol. She placed second behind another, now country star, Scotty McCreery. In 2015 Lauren released her self titled EP and "Road Less Traveled" is the technical second single, but third video from the EP. Lauren has also begun speaking about her battle with eating disorders, handling people's criticism, and how to balance it all in such a public profession. I love this latest single and think that she has done a great job with it lyrically, vocally, as well as visually. So, give it a listen and watch and let me know what you think.
Speaking of that first place winner from Season 10, my next share is Scotty McCreery. With his Josh Turner baritone, boyish cuteness, and aw shucks southern charm McCreery was going to be difficult to beat when it came to public opinion. He has had success since American Idol not just musically, but academically. McCreery decided post idol to go ahead with his academic plans and attended college for three ears while writing, recording, touring and doing appearances. Earlier this year it was announced that he was going to take this year off of school, that Scotty left his label and was in the process of writing/recording new tunes. It seems he is one of those always gotta be doing something kind of folks, because along with those big choices he is also gearing up to head out on tour in November. I am sharing "Southern Belle" even though it didn't land on a full length album. I just think it is fun. I love that he went with high school/college life-esq visuals for this one. I can only imagine that this video set was a blast!!!!
Scotty McCreery - "Southern Belle"
My next share is from Season 4 winner, Carrie Underwood's, "Dirty Laundry". I have had this tune in my head ALLL THE WEEEKEND LONNNGGG!!!!!! I love it. Sister knows how to shade. Shade and SLAYYYY HONEY!!!!! She is so good at it she can't even help it. And I mean all of that as a compliment. LOL!!! "Storytellers" turned one year old this weekend and has had FIVE singles, count them FIVE, singles released thus far. All topping the charts both digital, radio and video. Carrie is currently on the "Storyteller" tour which has had dates added to it after the first leg was so successful. I'm unsure if Carrie can do any wrong. She may have gotten to the industry via a reality show and so people want to judge her for that, but I feel like there is no denying it is where she is meant to be. Her vocal talent alone is one that can't be ignored. Add in her showmanship, representation of the genre around the globe and in multi genre settings and I don't see how anyone could be anti-Carrie.

Carrie Underwood - "Dirty Laundry"
fr "Storytellers"
Kelly Clarkson - "Dark Side"
fr "Stronger"
I can't really do a post on American Idol and not start where it did, with Kelly Clarkson. A little throw back to Season 1 winner, multiplatinum, Grammy award winning genre jumping Kelly Clarkson. Season 1 of American Idol began the year my bestie and I had our very first off campus apartment. I recall one of our friends Jessica coming over and watching Idol with us and we would all yell at the TV. We couldn't control our selves and we knew from that very first audition when Clarkson threw down some "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" in a way that would make the Queen Aretha Franklin proud, that Kelly should win. We were committed to the season and celebrated when Kelly won and tried to sing in the midst of being emotional, shocked and having tons of confetti dropped on her all at the same time. I have been a Kelly fan from the get. She said things like "Cool Beans" and I did too. Watching her on AI made me feel a little more normal. Also, much like Carrie, I feel Clarkson's voice can not be denied. She has power, soul, and can run like no one's bizzzzz. I am choosing to do a little throw back to her pop career and share "Dark Side" from "Stronger", this New Music Monday because I think it is a question we all ask our selves. Would you still love me if you saw my dark side?!
Happy New Music Monday fellow music addix!!!!! I hope that you are having a beautiful October and are getting to enjoy some fun, fall activities. Who are you listening to as you carve pumpkins, go on hay rides, and knock back some PSL's???!!!! Both Carrie and Lauren's songs are current singles that just released video's. So, head to GAC and CMT sites and vote for them both. Also, don't forget to request their new tunes with your local radio. Every request makes a difference. 

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~ New Music Monday ~ October 17th, 2016 ~ Underground ~

This week Kip Moore began teasing his upcoming EP titled, "Underground". He had put out a poll on Twitter asking fans to guess which 5 tracks they think would make the album and per his comments it would seem no one ever got it right. I'm hoping he gives that gift of listening to the EP on the bus with he and the Slow Hearts, to the closest guesser. I can't imagine how stoked that fan would be!!!!! The ability to pre-order "Underground" hit iTunes last night and fans have been playing the first track, "Me and My Kind" on repeat. There has been a lot of media with online magazines, etc. discussing this surprise EP and Moore has said in most of them that he did this project just for his die hard fans. Something to help everyone make it until the 2017 release of his next full album. The wait between, "Up All Night" and "Wild One's" was about three years and fans nearly lost their minds in anticipation of Moore's second project. While almost loosing their minds they also became addicted to the tunes that can only be found on YouTube via fan live show videos. It was the only way to hear new music as Kip has a tendency to test out his new tunes here and there at his live shows. These impromptu sharing's at live shows kinda pacifiy everyone and kinda only added fuel to the fire all at the same time.

I'm not sure if Kip and the guys are surprised by the fans knowing these "Underground" songs by heart or not. I would hope that it speaks to them and encourages them in the importance and influence their music has over their fans. One of the many reasons I am a fan of this group is how kind they all are to their fans. I do not know many artists that will stay until kicked out of a venue just to do a signing. I also do not know an artist that would trust their fan base so much that when asking them to turn off recording devices so they can share a new tune, they know they will turn them off and respect the beauty of that moment. I kinda think that is a big deal!!! Is it just me?!

Well, "Underground" doesn't drop until October 28th, but you can pre-order the 5 track EP via iTunes or When pre-ordering you will instantly receive the track, "Me and My Kind". You can also check M&G pics, shop the merch store, get updates if you sign up for their fan club, and/or purchase tickets for the, "Me and My Kind" tour happening NOW by clicking here to go to the Kip Moore Site. !!!!

To celebrate this fun surprise of a EP I am going to share some of my favorite YouTube video's of the tracks!!! Give them a watch, a listen, and then pre-order the album ASAP!!!

Track 1 ~ "All Time Low"
Track 2 ~"My Kind"
"My Kind", is the track you will instantly receive
when you pre-order, "Underground". Seeing as it is the
title of the current tour I vote that was a good idea. LOL!!
Track 3 ~ "Midnight Slow Dance"
Track 4 ~ "Separate Ways"
I think that "Separate Ways" should be a duet. I think every
part of it is set up for that, but that isn't how it was recorded.
So, I am sharing that one time Kip sang it as a duet with Jewel.
Don't take offense Kip, I feel the same way
about Carrie Underwoods, "Two Black Cadillacs".
Track 5 ~ "My Baby's Gone"
(For Whatever Reason There Weren't Names of  Who Originally
Posted These to YouTube For Me to Give Credit. If Yours, Feel
Free To Comment or PM Me and I'll Post Credit.)
I am not sure which tunes, if any will be sent to radio for this EP, but I am fairly certain all the Die Hard fans are hoping that at least, "My Kind" will hit airwaves. Whether it does or doesn't there are a slew of Kip Moore and the Slow Heart songs that can be requested with your local radio. So, call, text, tweet, insta, facebook, and maybe even send some good ol' snail mail to your local radio and request tunes from "Up All Night", "Wild Ones", and soon, hopefully,  "Underground".
To Check Past Posts on #NewMusicMonday and/or #KipMoore Just Type "New Music Monday" or "Kip Moore" into the blogs search bar. It should pull up a list of past posts for you to glance. Happy New Music Monday and Happy Underground EP!!!!!


~ #PrayForKatie ~ A Celebration of Life ~ #GodIsEverything ~

Posted to Katie's FB by her Mom
Video Played at Celebration of Life Service for Katie
"God is everything. When you're on the verge of death and you hear
you have 3 months, the only thing that matters is the Lord.
He is the only one that is going to save me.
He is all that life is about."
  -Katie Dewan
The following is a compilation of posts from Instagram and Facebook for #PrayForKatie. For those that have followed her journey I would encourage you to watch the two video's attached to this post.
It is with a mournful heart that I share these update's from Katie's mom, posted to FB. ~ "Our sweet Katie peacefully passed into eternity and into her waiting Savior's arms this morning (September 24th, 2016) around 3:00 AM. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us and Katie. Your continued prayers are appreciated."
I won't write it all here, but I shared in a past post a little of what I have learned from observing Katie and those that love her via social media. Social media can be so pointless, but I truly believe its up to the user to find a way to use it to Love God & Love His people. Katie and those around her have managed to do that in what I would imagine has been the most difficult time of life.
I've been reading posts on Katie's celebration of life, off and on. Its been kind of amazing, encouraging and challenging to read what folks have to say about her life and her Love for her Savior. I am sure the day was very heavy for her loved ones and while Katie's battle is done and we praise the Lord for that, I believe that our prayers are just as much needed now as they have been the last four months. Now that the battle is over, there will be time to count the wounds.
Please continue to keep Katie's loved ones in your prayers. I know the next days, weeks and months will be difficult for those who loved Katie. Pray with me for the family, friends, ministries, legacy that has been left behind by Katie. Pray as they mourn, return to a life outside of the hospital, and continue moving forward in the plans the Lord has for each of them. Continue to #PrayForKatie in that her legacy of Loving the Lord and loving His children would continued to be shared with each sharing of her story.


~ Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." ~

To Read My First Post on #PrayForKatie, click the link highlihted below.

~ Stacie Stories ~ October 2016 ~ Getting to Know The Faith Journals Author ~ Who I Say I Am ~

~ I Suppose Its All About Perspective ~

~ Insta Blog ~ Thankful Thursday ~ Belated Birthday ~ October 13th, 2016

"To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial. To be known and not loved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known and truly loved is, well, a lot like being loved by God. It is what we need more than anything. It liberates us from pretense, humbles us out of our self-righteousness, and fortifies us for any difficulty life can throw at us" ~ Timothy Kellar ~

I am grateful to be known & loved still. Recently the Lord has been showing me a lot about what other people "see" when they look at me. Not the brown hair, blue eyes part, but the smart mouth, big heart part. Kindness, generosity, & thoughtfulness aren't just about giving people "things". Its about giving people your heart & trusting they will love you even when they've seen the darkest part of it. Sometimes that love and acceptance is represented in "things". When I receive something from a friend whether its a card in the mail, a hug in person or a thoughtful gift, I am reminded that I am known and that I am loved. I do my best to live life flaws exposed. I can't breathe if I feel I'm holding something back. I use to think this kind of living would only push folks away, but over the years the Lord has shown me repeatedly it is one of the mightiest ways He will use me to draw them in and unto Him. #ThankfulThursday I'm grateful He uses even my broken parts to Love His children. I am grateful to have friends I can be 100% hot mess express Stacie with and have them love me still. I am grateful to have the unexpected reminders that I am KNOWN andam loved. It is not always easy to believe both b/c our enemy is a LIAR, but I am SO grateful for the moments when God allows me grace andcan. Thank you to my friends & loved ones who love me like He does, with flaws on display & all. You'll never know how eternally grateful I am.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ October 10th, 2016 ~ She's Got a Way With Words ~

Maggie Rose ~ "Love Me More"
fr "The Variety Show Vol. 1"
Uhm, OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That may be the only word I have to express my current affection for this song by Maggie Rose. Maggie Rose is a CMT Next Women of Country artist and her latest single, "Love Me More", says all the things we wish we could have in choosing to walk away from someone we "love". I've kinda been on a kick today with things that people may automatically relate to romance, but that are actually applicable in all relationships. Sometimes the folks or situations that we need to walk away from aren't the people we are dating. Sometimes it is bigger. Sometimes it is actually, even harder than someone we romantically loved. If you can imagine. I keep scrolling through several of the same thoughts in my mind. One of which is that sometimes you have to be selfish. I know I have said "sometimes" about a dozen times already in this paragraph, but life isn't an "always" situation. It is a sometimes thing. Sometimes, you have to be selfish. Sometimes, you HAVE to think about you. Sometimes, you have to do what is best for YOU in the long run. It isn't always the easiest. It isn't always the most popular choice. And sometimes, you end up taking this journey all on your own. This song though.............this song will help to feel as though you are not taking this walk alone. This song will help you feel like you are stronger just because you listened to it. Someone else gets it. Give "Love Me More", by Maggie Rose a watch, a listen, and add it to your play list.

Margo Price ~ "Since You Put Me Down"
Margo Price is an artist off of Jack White's, Third Man Records out of Nashville. Margo is another artist that I learned of via social media and via Rolling Stones Country round table discussion with several "up and coming" women of country. Margo struck me in how unapologetically she spoke of herself in comparison to other female country artists in terms of appearance. She pointed out her broken nose, mentioned a writer or dj that had called her "F'n ugly", and in pointing these things out basically gave everyone who might base their musical preferences on appearance, the middle finger. I personally think she is gorgeous and I LOVE that she doesn't look like every other Barbie doll produced by "the machine" that can sometimes be Nashville, I mean Mattel, (insert side eye here). Margo Price recently released and is touring the album, "Midwest Farmers Daughter" which has gotten tons of great reviews, but the tune I share with you today is from about two years ago. I would encourage you to check her out via YouTube or iTunes and let us know what you think.
I shared a cover of "I Put a Spell on You", but Aubrie Sellers several weeks ago. Since then Aubrie has released her newest album, "New City Blues", she has performed live at the iconic Austin City Limits, and that show aired on Direct TV and AT&T. If you didn't take my advice then to look her up, perhaps you will now. The clip I share today is from Sellers performance at Austin City Limits and it is a track off of "New City Blues" titled, "Sit Here and Cry". As I mentioned in my past post, you can for sure hear the vocal inheritance that Aubrie has been blessed with. Her mother is LeAnn Womack of "I Hope You Dance" chart topping success. LeAnn has a unique sound and even though you can hear some of it in Aubrie, I still feel like Sellers is very much her own artist. I think she has her own sound and style and I know, I am repeating myself, but I can't help it. Aubrie Sellars is an artist you need to get to know. "Garage Country" is her style and I am digging it!!! Google her, check her socials, download "New City Blues", like.......RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Aubrie Sellers ~ "Sit Here and Cry"
fr "New City Blues"
Live @ Austin City Limits Audience Roof Top

Kelleigh Bannen ~ "Welcome to the Party"
fr "Cheap Sunglasses EP"

Yes, I shared Kelleigh Bannen's, "Welcome to the Party" in a past post, but it has been getting some solid video time on CMT Next Women of Country series and I just can NOT get it out of my head. So, I NEEDED to share it again. I think that my favorite line may be, "Welcome to the freak show. It's come as you are". I mean, who isn't a bit of a freak? The weird folks in my experience can be the best folks. I love everything about this tune including the fun roller skating themed video. I have been following Kelleigh on socials most of the Summer and something that keeps making an impression on me is that she truly seems like a hustler. I mean hustler, in the very best way!!!! She is working a blog, pod cast, live performances, laying down tracks and probably about 100 other things that she doesn't post on social media and I can't help, but be impressed by it. If she doesn't start getting legit attention and air play I am gonna put the entire blame on the "industry" for not having her back and pushing her to radio like they should. That's right Nashville, I have done a lot of finger pointing at you this post. There is a chance I am harboring some bitterness. I'll see if I can work on that before next weeks #NewMusicMonday.

Maggie, Margo, Aubrie, Maren, Kacey, Kelleigh, Mickey, Cam, and Lindsey are names that you need to be getting use to hearing. These are just a few of the next generation of females in country music. All have singles out, all have at least one "official" video, some are getting regular radio air play, but most of them aren't. They are writers, players, and performers. If we do not like what's being represented as female artists in country music then it is going to take our calling in to local radio, requesting, voting on video pages, attending live shows, sharing with friends/followers, downloading from iTunes, and/or buying actual in hand copies of the folks that we think should be. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of what's out there, but.....BUT.......I think that at the moment, it may be a little difficult to tell one female artist from another. I'm not just talking blond hair. I mean it artistically as well. I truly don't know that I as a person, female, music lover, and radio listener am really being represented currently. It's like the guys are given all this freedom by labels, producers, radio etc. to be outlaws, rebels, complicated, dark, and to RAP FOR HEAVENS SAKE, but the females are expected to bounce, sing happy songs, love songs, be long legged and short skirted and take pictures with babies. I mean, is this an election year or what?!

I don't know about you, but for me, as a woman, happy songs and love songs aren't really all that I am about. I kinda hate love songs. So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it radio. Chicks ROCK!!!! When I see a female dominating on a electric guitar all I can think is, "how can I be her when I grow up??!!!". Kacey Musgraves has truly come into her own in the last two years. She is a legit writer/performer that represents country music as a genre, her musical roots and kind of a traditional country flare with really everything she does. Marren Morris is the top nominated female this year at the CMA's, tying with Church.....ERIC CHURCH!!!! Just, I'm just gonna give you a second to linger on that.........mkay, you done? Maren has ONE ALBUM. One. ONE! Two singles. TWO!!! Lindsey Ell is about to do a few opening dates for Kip Moore on his "Me and My Kind " tour. (Die Hards' don't get rowdy, this isn't hate, it's math.) Per my research, IDK Kip has ever had a chick as an opening performance on one of his tours yet. He has been along a opening line up that included females and for females, but I can't find info that any have been apart of his tours yet. That being said, this is KINDA A BIG DEAL!!!! Especially when you consider the rabid fan base that are Kip Moore's, Die Hards. I think that Lindsey has the potential here to win a completely new group of listeners and Kip has an opportunity to add a solid amount of dudes to his audience. LOL!!! Sorry bro, the ladies love you and you can't even help it. It isn't your fault that the pit is usually predominately cleavage. I'm sure that's real difficult on you. LOL!!! I'm PLAYING!!! Everyone calm down.

Kacey Musgraves covering "Yellow"
by Cold Play at Royal Albert Hall
in the UK 2015

What I am trying to say in all this babble, joking, sarcasm and music sharing is something I think that I am always trying to say in my New Music Monday posts. If you are tired of hearing the same 3 songs when you are in the car for 20 minutes, then call and request what you want to hear. Most radio stations have social media now and they love hearing from you via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They want to know what you want to hear and if we don't make our voices heard they are just gonna play what everyone else is playing.....over and over and over until our ears start bleeding. So, get to requesting!!!

For past #NewMusicMonday artists, videos, and posts just type "New Music Monday" into the blogs search bar for a list to cruise. Have a great week y'all!!!!

~ Happy 89th Birthday, Papaw ~

Papaw & I at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN

Happy 89th Birthday to the best Papaw in the World!!!! My first adventure buddy, the one who taught me to bait a hook, reel in a 20lb~er that against water current felt like a 100lb~er, Jack Davis favorite belly scratcher and the center of our little family. Papaw we would have never survived this long without you. I am so grateful God saw fit to make you my Papaw. I'm a better person because of it. I know he doesn't have socials so this may seem pointless, but its one of those even if he never knows, the rest of the world NEEDS to know kind of things. Good people exist. Some folks keep their promises and can always be relied on. Happy 89th Papaw!!! Here is to 89 more.
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~Insta Blog ~ Be a Friend ~ Oct. 9th, 2016 ~

Pinterest Pic

This is a rather heavy thought if we allow ourselves to linger on it. A lot of people will read it and think of romance, but I believe it is applicable to more than just that kind of relationship.
Yesterday I got to spend a few hours w one of my besties and her family. I always walk away from time with my besties realizing how very blessed I am to have each of them. The Lord REALLY made up for that no siblings thing with these folks. I also realize that not everyone is as lucky as I am to have so many folks that you truly call friend and count on when the chips are down. Some folks don't even have one that they would truly believe in and trust as a tried and true friend and they are LONGING for that kind of companionship. We see it all the time and probably skip right past it because it is presented in the form of a young female who over posts to socials or because it looks like someone who is hostile to all they meet. The list of "bad" examples of how this natural longing to be loved, accepted, heard, liked & I mean just flat out seen, manifests, is endless. I just today realized there are a few people the Lord has placed in my line of vision that I should be spending more time praying for and trying to be a friend to, than rolling my eyes or shaking my head at.
To have a friend, you must be a friend. Some folks do not know what that might look like in a world like the one we are in now so, it actually sometimes takes a little effort. Sometimes, actually, it takes a lot of effort. You can't be all, "well, they never call me, like my socials, wanna hang out", etc. All relationships, no matter their title (romantic, familial, business, friend, spiritual) require some pursuit. You won't always be the one pursuing nor will you always be the pursued. Its a give and a take. On this Sabbath I would challenge you to look around and maybe consider who the Lord could be asking you to be a friend to. Who could use your example of friendship? Love is free. Being kind to someone who is kinda rough around the edges, is generous. Showing grace to one who has never seen it in action, can be life changing, for you both! Be a friend. You never know who is straight up LONGING for your brand of friendship. Love Y'all!!! Happy Sabbath!!!

~ Insta Blog ~ #MotoMonday ~ You Be You, Child ~

Pinterest Pic
~ You Be You, Child!!! ~
Everyone Else Is Taken ~
Who wants to fit in???!!!! You have been made distinctly, uniquely, specifically YOU for a reason, with a purpose. Let no one make you believe that your "flaws", struggles, or current "situations" are for anything other than making you stronger, better, wiser. Life throws curve balls. People, can be disturbingly mean & negative. Not going to get you, but not everyone needs to. Sparkle my little odd duck!!!!! You never know who needs your light to guide them out the darkness.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ October 2, 2016 ~ The Live Shows ~

It's officially Fall Y'all!!!!!!! I can't even help it. I am a basic white girl when it comes to the Fall season. It is absolutely my favorite. Leaves, light layers, pumpkin spice everything, things that are haunted, I mean, my list goes on, but I digress. As the Summer festivals end the Fall Tours begin and I have enlisted one of my besties and avid concert goer, Amber, for this weeks post. If I think real hard, I am pretty sure Amber is one of the people that got me into live shows. We worked concerts as "crew" members at our college as well as went to a ton of college bands, friends bands, etc. shows through out our time as students. So, when I thought about a post on live shows, Amber was my obvious choice to tag in. With my health as of late, I rarely get to attend live shows anymore so, I live vicariously through Amber. I always ask her to report back and take lots of pictures. I trust her opinion as she has been to more shows than you can count on two hands and she has seen it all. I hope you enjoy reading her post for this weeks #NewMusicMonday as much as I have!!!

~ No Luke Bryan, You shake it for ME!! ~

Hi, my name is Amber and I am addicted to live music!  The first step is admitting it, right? Live music has always been something that I have enjoyed. From when I was in youth group and followed some friends around who had a band (shout out to Good Friday), to attending and working multiple concerts during my time at LU. Fast forward to today, where I love travelling around to get a glimpse of the artists that inspire me, make me dance, and at times make me feel like they understand what I am feeling based on a few lyrics. I would say that within the last four years, my concert attendance has really escalated, and at times is out of control! 

I am going to try (key word being try) to list my top 5 concerts. Narrowing it down to just five has been a very hard process.  Every concert I attend, even if I have seen the artist multiple times, is a great experience.  But here goes nothing…….
Luke Bryan

~ Ambers Top 5 Concerts ~

1)    Without a doubt, my number one concert, LUKE BRYAN!  A friend and I made a promise that we would see Luke at least once a year, this past April made our fourth! Of course his perfect smile and sweet hip action makes this girl swoon, but that is not the whole reason why he is my number one.  Luke puts on a great show!  One time he opened his concert by coming up out of the floor on top of a big black truck that was on fire.  It was amazing.  Luke also is very goofy and laughs at himself.  He knows he looks silly “shaking it” for the ladies, but does it anyways. A lot of people categorize him as "Bro Country", but that isn’t all that he is.  Overall he is a very talented singer and has those heart touching songs, like "Drink a Beer" and "Do I". I am a huge fan and every time I leave his concert the app on my phone tells me I have reached my step goal for the day cause I can’t help but to move when he is singing!

2)     Maroon 5. They were number 1 on my “Concert Bucket List!”. Yes, I have a concert bucket list! And I was very excited to mark them off my list a few weeks ago. They were Amazing!! Now in all fairness, the hotness of the lead singers of my number 1 and 2 might be a factor, but hey, can you blame a girl?!  I have always loved Maroon 5.  If I’m having a bad day, or need to wake up when I am driving, their Songs About Jane album is my go to pick me up.  They put on a great show. Adam Levine was very energetic and it is amazing to see him hit those high notes in person. He knew how to work the stage and let me tell you…he definitely had those moves like Jagger. The band also did a cool tribute to Prince as part as their encore.  I love when singers pay tribute to artists that inspired them.
Taylor Swift
Katy Perry
3)    This is where it gets hard.  I have a solid 1 and 2 but it gets very difficult to single out the rest!  For my number 3, I am going with strong female singers.  The amount of male singers I have seen greatly outweighs the about of women I have see, but they still make a lasting impression. I love seeing these strong women share their talents and speaking truths that as a female I can relate to. My favorite women that I have seen in concert are: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Dixie Chicks. Taylor and Katy put on amazing concerts that were very theatrical and entertaining.  The amount of props and costume changes that they both had made the concert experience stand out. Carrie Underwood has an amazing voice. I mean, she could sing my grocery list and I would buy that album!  She also had multiple costume changes and rode on a stage extension that allowed her to reach the back of the arena. I love when artist do that.  It is like they are saying, “Hey, I see you up there in the nose bleeds, and I thank you for coming!” Just this summer, I saw the Dixie Chicks on their return tour. It had been years since they toured, but they still got it.

4)     I’m going old school here. As much as I love new music, I fully appreciate the ones who have been around a long time and paved the way!  So my fourth favorite concert goes to two that have been around quite some time….. Willie Nelson and ZZ Top! Yes, I was the youngest person at both of these but totally worth it!  Willie Nelson may be 83, and may not work the stage like the newbies but he was amazing.  The same with ZZ Top.  I also enjoyed these two concerts because they make me think of my dad.  He passed away 13 years ago, but when I was growing up I remember him listening to ZZ Top and for some reason Willie Nelson reminds me of my dad. As great as these men were in concert, I think for me, it is on my favorites list for sentimental reasons. But isn’t that what music is suppose to do?  Take you back to good times and memories from your past.
Willie Nelson
ZZ Top
5)    I have seen a lot of big named, multi award winning artists, but some of my favorite concerts have been unexpected with lesser know groups.  I remember one time I was out with some friends and the restaurant we were at had bands come in and play on the weekend. We decided to stick around when we saw the band setting up (plus if you were already in, you wouldn’t have to pay the cover charge…Score!)  This band that we had never heard of ended up being one of the coolest things we had ever experienced.  They were called March Fourth Marching Band.  They were a group of about 15 and were like a marching band + circus side show. Their music was awesome plus the added bonus of stilt walkers, what was not to love!  Another time I was at a restaurant outside of Nashville and they were having a songwriters night.  I had never heard of these 3 men, but every song they sang, I knew every word. It was really cool to see the minds that created the songs that I love. Once again, an unexpected night, turned into one of my favorite musical events. Not every “concert” needs to be blaring music, flashy lights, and a giant production.

So there you go, my top 5 concerts (sort of).  It doesn’t matter if it is the first time I have seen someone or the sixth time, I always take something away from the experience. Even if it is laughing at the horrible opening act that is wearing an insane outfit and rolling on the floor (artist to remain nameless). Experiencing your favorite artist and hearing the songs that you love in person is such a cool thing to do. Go crazy, Yolo, You can always make more money but you can’t always make the memories (these are the mottos I have been living life to recently and it makes life so much more fun!). So in closing, I am going to leave you with the honorable mentions that didn’t make the top ten……… Chris Young, Rascal Flatts, Harry Connick Jr, Shane and Shane, Little Big Town, Florida Georgia Line (I know. I know.), Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Toby Mac , Kenny Chesney, Jake Owen, Sam Hunt, Eric Church….my goodness I could go on for days! 

Happy Concerting!!
~ Amber ~

Thank you Amber for writing such a good #NMM post on your live show experiences. I agree, isn't all about the memories and escaping for a few hours?! You can make more money, but sometimes these experiences only come around once. I LOVED live shows back in the day. So, much so that I ended up working production for five years!!!! The sound of a bus and trailer rolling in makes butterflies wiggle in my stomach!!! I have faith that I'll return to my version of "normal" eventually and get back to experiencing artists live. Until then, I have Amber and you do too!!! If you are debating if a show is it worth it, give this post a read again.
What shows are you planning on attending this Fall? What artists have you seen and highly recommend a music/concert lover  MUST attend?