Monday, October 24, 2016

~ Stacie Stories ~ October 20th, 2016 ~ Getting to Know The Faith Journals Author ~ Only 8th Graders Become Queen ~

6th Grade Stacie
Homecoming 1990

I thought Fall 1990 deserved a little #TBT attention today. This is 6th grade Homecoming. I recall very clearly being called into the gym w a group of girls several weeks before this pic was taken. I initially thought I was in some sort of trouble, but looking at the group around me I couldn't imagine what we'd ALL done to get called in at the same time. Surely there was some sort of mistake. Then Coach Bruce shared with us that we had been elected to Homecoming court. I started looking around again at the group of girls I was with and once again felt there had to have been a mistake, but for a completely different reason this time. I was the only "Stacie" in our school at the time, but I was still positive there had been a mix up. It took looking at the roster of nominees in Coach's hand for me to believe him. I left to catch my bus baffled and confused. Not flattered or excited as I should've been. Doesn't that speak to how early a females mind becomes riddled w insecurity??!!

Anyway, this meant I had to find a dress (That my family and myself approved of), an escort (Had to be a football player. No pressure sixth grade Stacie. No pressure at all.), tame my usually pulled into a pony, out of control curly hair (That I consistently prayed would one day magically become straight as a board.) and stand in front of the entire school on the football field. Talk about a lesson in humility. I don't wanna say this is where my introduction to feelings of anxiety began, but looking back I don't know that it helped anything. Lol!!!

Well, I of course didn't win. I was a 6th grader and only 8th graders won queen. My middle school had been a high school originally and my Mamaw had been the very first ever Homecoming Queen at that school. So, I kinda, just a little bit, had wanted to win just for her legacy's sake, but that's a sixth graders dream and only 8th graders become Queen. Not pictured are my dyed to match satin pumps that immediately turned my feet blue upon hitting the wet grass of the football field. Never wore those shoes again. You can see however that my affection for a large hair accessory and an sweet side pony has been apart of my style since forever. All that to say, I would like to encourage you to do a little throw back Thursday looking back. If for no other reason than to remind yourself exactly how far you have come over the years. I was never on HC Court again and that suited me just fine, but now, a solid almost THREE DECADES later, I am glad to have this memory. Ya know, glad with a try everything at least once, kind of philosophy. Happy Throw Back Thursday!!! I hope yours is as entertaining as mine has been.

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