Saturday, December 14, 2013

~ Possibilities ~

Isaiah 9:6 - For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Possibilities. In the Christmas season possibilities abound . Under the tree, in the store, on the calendar , and in our minds . The possibility that we've gotten what we asked for from Santa . The possibility we will gather with old friends or far off family to celebrate . The possibility that what was to be done in this year has been done and the thoughts of all that is possible in the New Year .

The last few weeks have been full of possibilities for me . Many things up in the air and even a few surprises that I can not begin to imagine what possibly may come from them . Possibility has almost become a very dreamy word in my current world . It lends itself to what may be , hope , dreams , surprises , and light !!! Am I the only one that when driving at night and seeing all the Christmas lights in towns and neighborhoods gets this inner joy simply because of the bright lights and colors ? They cause me to think that if this kind of beauty is possible, than what else is ?! Perhaps a insanely simple thought for an adult, but it is one of my thoughts none the less . I LOVE looking at Christmas lights !!! Here's a link to some local lights. This is just one side of that neighborhood. They go ALL out for Christmas lights, there's even music if you roll down your window as you drive through . It's kinda amazing ,  Jacksboro Christmas Lights . Perhaps you can understand why they make me so happy and hopeful .
The possibility of places to visit .

Today as I wrapped a few gifts and placed them under my tree I kind of feel back to my 5 year old self . Oh how I loved waking up Christmas morning to all those fun and beautifully wrapped gifts from Santa . My mom is a amazing gift wrapper so it was almost a shame to undo all that beautiful wrapping . It never crossed my mind as a child that my family probably wore themselves out getting me gifts and wrapping them so wonderfully . However , now as a adult shopping , making , baking and packaging my own gifts to give I realize what they probably went through to allow me that childish world of possibility . I look under my tree now and I know what is in the carefully wrapped packages and still I get excited over the possibility . I may should become more alarmed at the possibility people won't like their gifts than excited , but I digress .

This is about the only place I have to put a tree . So, it gets a bit abused by the curtains. I love my lil' tree with it's few gifts underneath it . This may be nerdy, but I also like to put the gifts I receive through out the season under my tree as well . A kind of reminder of how blessed I am to have the thoughtful friends/family that I have .  A friend mentioned that I should've saved them to open on Christmas morning, but I am just not that disciplined . I receive something fun in the mail and I barely make it inside the house before ripping the paper off of it . Eternal child, right here !

I pray that whatever the Christmas season means to you that there would be a place of hope, of possibility , to live along with the decorations , parties, and gifts . When I think about the reason for the season in my own heart I can't help but be overwhelmed by possibilities . How Mary possibly felt with the looming possibility she would give birth in a stable . What the wise men possibly felt as they trekked to meet a infant King . The possibility that turned into a promise fulfilled that One would be born, to die for us . Just so that we could live in a world full of possibilities .

Luke 2:11 - For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tree Trimming - Stacie Style


I told you  in my post "No Reindeer Harmed" I was going to do my best to hold off putting up and decorating my Christmas tree this year . I have been known in years past to set it up long before Thanksgiving . Well, I am proud to report that I didn't finish my tree until Thanksgiving evening and I started setting it up just a few days before . So, for me that is a pretty big deal . Tonight I sit by the glow of my tree lights , sipping mint hot chocolate with Jack Davis resting in the floor and I have so much on my mind that I thought perhaps the best thing to do would be some writing . Help refocus my mind and energy .

I have had my tree and most of it's decorations for about 8 years now . I proudly purchased it along with purple/gold ornaments my first Christmas in Chattanooga . In years since then I have broken ornaments , lost, given away , repurposed, and added some new ones to my tree . Originally my thought was that I would have a "cute" tree . The kind you see in stores or sitting rooms . You know ?! The matching, styled , but not so sentimental kind . However, as years past my tree has slowly become more sentimental with its d├ęcor .

From Abbigale - One of my "nieces"
She loves pink & glitter as much as I do.
From Melly - former RA
Team Logic co-founder
This year as I decorated my tree I realized just how meaningful some of my ornaments have become to me . I save the ornaments that have been gifted , made, or that hold a special memory as the last things I put on my tree . I want to give them a prime spot so that I can look at them through out the season and be reminded of how much the Lord has done not just this year, but in those past as well . To remind me of the people I've had the chance to love and even greater the one's I've had the chance to be loved by .
Given last Christmas by my
Dad & Step-Mom
Made by Miss Bridget
This year as I added these special ornaments to my tree I was overwhelmed thinking that one of my bff's daughter, Abbi , thought of me when she saw a pink sparkly fairy ornament . I clearly have impacted this kids life....with it should be . LOL!! I smiled realizing that Miss Bridget hand made several snow flakes especially for me . Each time I see them I'm reminded of her cup of peppermint tea , her love of the students and her continued friendship since I've left Chatt . I got kinda teary eyed opening a envelope that a former RA & continued friend had sent me with a beautiful "S" ornament in it . Reminding me that bonds formed in the trenches of ministry last forever . These sweet people along with so many others have taken time out of their days just to brighten mine . Their thought will not simply brighten the day that I received their ornament, but every year that I hang these ornaments, every day that I get to look at them on my tree through out a Christmas season , those days will be brightened too because of them . I'm not sure they realized that such a small thought could have such a big impact .  
A reminder of things I've yet to do &
a reminder of my Papaw

These are just a few in my growing collection of sentimental ornaments . They challenge me with the thought that this is the kind of person I hope to be. Not just in the Christmas season, but year 'round . I want the things I do , write , create , give, etc. to remind people how loved they are . Not just by me, but the God of the universe . These ornaments remind me of everything God has done and they help keep me focused on the promise of things He's yet to do . Once again He uses the smallest things to speak into our lives . I think that the gifting of ornaments has new meaning for me .
Not all my ornaments are gifted or made . I have many hand picked that reflect pure Stacie-ness . Some folks use tinsel to make their tree sparkle, not this girl . I have pink diamond-esq ornaments hanging top to bottom . Do you gift ornaments ? How do you decorate your tree ? Are there fun traditions you'd like to share ? Please feel free to comment and let us know how you celebrate and decorate through the Christmas season .