Sunday, November 10, 2013

No Reindeer Harmed

A pic I came across in INSTYLE mag.
If I ever hang a deer head in my home please
know it WILL be bedazzled .
"Good because every Christmas tree put up before Thanksgiving an elf drowns a baby reindeer"...... the response I received from a friend when I told her I was trying to resist the urge to put up my Christmas tree . Yes, it's early-mid November and I'm already debating putting up my tree . I don't even care who judges me . Just for the record it didn't go up this weekend, but I make no promises as to how this week will go . In a effort to resist putting up my Christmas tree I worked on some Christmas craft/gift ideas instead .
In a small effort to not repeat myself or give away what I'm working on now ,  I thought I would just add a few links from last years "Holiday To-Do's" . Feel free to click on the highlighted links and if there are deals or coupons realized they are from last year so they probably aren't applicable at this point . But be sure this Christmas season as I come across good deals I will share them with you . Here are some of last years links . What are you working on that you might share with us ?!
Santa "Paws" is resting up
 before the season gets busy .

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