Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holiday To-Do's ~ Making My List & Checking it Twice

Santa Paws is making his list
and checking it twice.
Sunday night I began the debate of putting up my Christmas tree . It was a Christmas kind of cold and I was in the mood for a holiday movie and hot cocoa . I didn't get the tree up, but plan too this week. I did however begin my Holiday To-Do's . I love sending Christmas cards, making treats, and wrapping gifts . Since I'm not a Rockefeller I need to be creative about gift giving . If I could I'd send every one I love a special gift , but I have to settle with Christmas cards sometimes and hope they all understand . Besides, we all know I love a home made gift over a store bought one any day .  In an attempt to do something out of the ordinary in my holiday greetings I found a fun and inexpensive way to give a gift as well .

You all know I love music . I have decided to implement that into a few gifts/cards . Today I created a Holiday Play List . It is a fun mix of upbeat, old school, and classic Christmas music . This year a few of my friends are going to receive a Holiday Date Night or Holiday Family Fun Night provided by me . It starts with a ticket for the Christmas Express . I printed a fun ticket and added some elf sparkle to it .

The ticket states - "This ticket admits you to the Christmas Express. Christmas music, lights, & popcorn. All that’s left for you to do is pop the snack, put the cd in and buckle up. I hope this makes for some wonderful Holiday memories and possible traditions for your family. " I think it would be fun for the parents to put it on the child's pillow or in the mail box and let the child find it . It could be super fun and a change from the normal evening activities .

They will receive in their Holiday Date Night or Family Fun Night envelope a bag of popcorn (box of 3- buy one get one free last week at Food City - so 6 bags for about 2 bucks) , a Christmas Mix CD (3 back of burn CD's $1.00 @ The Dollar Tree) , and a home made ticket with instructions .

My hope is that this little Christmas greeting will provide a spark for some Holiday Memory making for my dear friends and their kids . I would have loved (still would love ) putting on my jammies , grabbing a bag of popped popcorn , a Christmas CD , a bevi and hop in the car with loved ones to travel around and see Christmas lights . Christmas lights are one of the funnest and most festive parts of the Holiday season . It could even spark a family tradition . What a wonderful thing to look forward too as a little one .

Seeing that I'm not ready to mail these Christmas Gifts yet I hope this blog doesn't ruin the surprise for my friends that will be receiving them . But I wanted to share it with you now to spark your Holiday creativity .

Merry Christmas Y'all !!!

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