Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baby Gift ~ It's Comical

It's been so chilly and dreary that Jack Davis and I do not care to spend too much time outside . Inbetween job hunting, being sick, and house chores I've decided to get a few of my crafting "to-do's" marked off my "wonder if" list . You know, all those ideas that you "wonder if" that'll work, look right, work , etc.

I had scored several multi pack frames a while ago on a clearance shelf . I purchased them in colors that match my room or would make for good crafting supplies . I think a photo or photo frame makes for a  wonderful gift . In working on baby gifts I thought this frame might make for a cute addition to a gift basket I'm working on .

I used a comic strip as my inner frame, but you could use news paper, other photo's, magazine pages or scrap book paper. I made my own mod podge out of school glue and water . Once again I laid out some news paper so that I didn't have to worry about making a mess on my coffee table.
Step One - I cut out a cute comic that had colors complimentary to the frame I was using . I purchased a pack of 3 mats at the dollar store . I mod podged the comic strip onto mat .
Step Two - I placed the dried, decorated mat into the frame . I then chose a matching christmas ornament that said "Laugh" to use as a embelishment on the outside of the frame.
Step Three - I removed the string from the ornament and decided where it should go on the frame. It's placement will decide how the frame will sit . I decided length was a cute placement . I used hot glue (of course) to adhere the ornament. The original color of the ornament matched some of the colors in the comic strip I'd used . So, I did not have to do any extra painting to complete this project .
~ Finished Product ~
I'm super excited about the final product . I think it will be a cute addition to the nursery or perhaps somewhere else in my friends house . I mean, the mommy deserves a fun gift as well . She is after all carrying a lil' person . I'm looking forward to celebrating the mommy - to - be and hope she enjoys her gift as much as I enjoyed making it .

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose

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