Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday "To~Do's" - Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose

As you begin your cyber Monday, Black Friday ,  Holiday shopping & shipping I'd like to challenge you to look beyond the box , bag or wrapper . Several weeks ago I noticed that a box from a online order was beautiful on the INSIDE . The company kept the outside basic and postal friendly, but when I opened it up the inside of the box was printed in the most beautiful gingham . It was so beautiful I almost forgot about my order . I also hated the thought of throwing it away or using it for storage . So, I took off the package tape along with the adhesive that was keeping the box a "box" . I then turned it "inside-out" and re-taped it making it a beautiful gift box . One box came with a blue and white gingham design on the inside . Sadly I didn't get a picture of that one before I used it to give a friend her baby gift . Since she is expecting a boy it made for the perfect gift box . The second part of my order came in a red and white printed box . Wonderful for the Holiday season .

Original Outside
Original Inside

New "inside" turned Out !

For the moment I'm using it as decor under my tree to store my first Holiday To~Do. It will more than likely become a shipping box or gift box for a Christmas gift . It's just to beautiful to ignore in my opinion . It seems that lately I am being reminded often that you gotta think out side the box :-) ha-ha!! What have you come across lately that can be Repurposed ?!

Happy Holidays !!
Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repuprose

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