Sunday, June 26, 2016

~ Discount Diva ~ Ibotta Ap & Walmart Savings Catcher ~

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Hello Discount Diva's!!! We just a gully washer of a rain where I am today and I had hopes that it would last the rest of the day, but alas I see the sun peaking through. I love a rainy day. It has been awhile since I have shared any #DiscountDiva, #BreakingItDown or #QuickFix posts so, I thought that the new addition of the Ibotta and WalMart Savings Catcher APs to my phone would be a good place to pick back up. You all know through my past posts that I am all about stretching, saving, & earning a dollar wherever I can, whenever I can. Ibotta is one of the newest ways that I am making those things happen. Ibotta is a AP for your smart phone that allows you to "Unlock" coupons for specific stores by answering extremely quick and easy survey questions or by watching a 15 second video/promo of an item. A lot of the time you don't have to do either. At first I was hesitant. I thought I do not have time for watching videos, etc., but it literally takes seconds and then you get a "coupon". Something that requires very little brain power and can be done while waiting in line, watching TV, listening to music and what not. With Ibotta you do not give the coupons to the cashier as you would typical in hand paper coupons or even your phone as you would with an AP like Cartwheel. Instead, after you purchased your items you "verify" a purchase by scanning the QCode on your receipt and with some stores by scanning the bar code of the item. The Ap will give you the specifics per store when you verify. You then give them about 24 hours to "verify" the items to the "coupons" you had unlocked and then they credit your account with the total. It can accumulate kinda quickly depending on how often you grocery shop, go to the pharmacy, or eat out. There are even rebates/coupons for restaurants, gas stations, etc. Once you have "unlocked" $20.00 worth of deals you can continue accumulating or transfer the money directly into your bank account, pay pal account or use it for one of several gift cards for sites such as Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, WalMart, Starbucks, etc. With my first $20 I had it transferred into my paypal account and used it to purchase a "want" at Target. With Targets free shipping and my Ibotta money I was able to purchase the new Maren Morris CD, "Hero" as well as two box sets of one of my guilty pleasures, CSI:NY. I was ecstatic. I know not everyone understands the joy that comes from saving money or getting to unexpectedly purchase a "want" and not just a "need" item. But for me it was a big deal and a great unexpected treat.
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Along with Ibotta I would like to encourage you to also add the WalMart Savings Catcher Ap to your smart phone. Both of these Aps are well worth the space they take up on your smart phone. The WalMart Savings Catcher Ap is another AP that gives money directly back. It isn't something you hand to the cashier nor is it a place where you "clip" or "unlock" coupons. The Savings Catcher Ap takes your receipt and compares the items you purchased to the sales ads for that week from WalMarts competitors in your area. So, say you purchase a gallon of milk at WalMart for $5.00 and next door at Food City it only costs $4.00, the ap would catch that and send you a $1.00 refund. So, post WalMart purchase you scan your receipt QCode or BarCode via the Savings Catcher Ap, I try to do it while pushing my buggy to the car or as soon as I get in my car before I leave the parking lot, then I don't have to think about it later. Then you once again, give them about 24 hours to compare sales ad for your area, once they have finished they will e-mail you either an amount of what you are being refunded along with the comparison of where they found the discount, etc. or an e-mail letting you know that their prices weren't beat that week or that what you purchased didn't qualify for comparison. Items that would not qualify are things like prescriptions, anything at the eye center, or are perhaps WalMart specific. Something other stores wouldn't carry. Again, you can accumulate money or use it as soon as you get it. With each addition to your Savings Catcher Ap you receive an e-mail with a bar code for in store use or a code for online use. Also, money from Savings Catcher can only be used at WalMart. It isn't transferable to your bank account, pay pal, etc. I look at it like WalMart Money, just like any other store that has a store specific rewards program. I personally tend to let it accumulate so that I can use it on something I "want" and not just things that I "need". It is comforting for me to know there is a "extra" $20.00 in "WalMart Money" that doesn't deduct from my normal budget, that is there just in case or so that I can buy a birthday present, card, or whatever.

I recently took a trip to WalMart that was one of those I somehow let everything run out and now have to buy the entire store kind of trips. Well, between Ibotta, WalMart Savings Catcher and in hand paper coupons I was able to save/earn $14.50. To me, that is a big deal!!!!! That is several Starbucks, a half a tank of fuel for the car, money for prescriptions which never have a coupon or are on sale cause medicine is like that, or to put toward getting the oil changed in the car. To me trimming $14.50 off of my bill or getting it back in gift card from is totally worth the five minutes it took to cut the coupons, scan the QCode or barcode. For more info on the WalMart Savings Catcher click HERE.

Both Aps can be found in the Ap Store on your smart phone and are free to down load. If you would like to check out Ibotta or down load the Ap please use my referral code and we both will get a bonus !! All ya gotta do is click this link Ibotta Referal Code create an account, start picking "coupons" and after your first purchase verification we will both get our bonus! Super easy right?!!!

Hope that this Discount Diva Breaking it Down post was helpful for ya. I know that most of us are on some sort of a budget so, I believe in sharing survival tips and ways to stretch or save a buck or fourteen. LOL!! How do you make a dollar stretch? Are you already an Ibotta or WalMart Savings Catcher user? What has your experience been? How much have you saved?

For past posts on coupons, discounts, store rewards programs, etc. feel free to type "Discount Diva", "Breaking it Down", "Coupon", "Discount", or "Receipt" into the blogs search bar and it should lead you to past posts. Any problems let me know!

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help you to get some of the things you want.

~ New Music Monday ~ UPDATE ~ Kelleigh Bannen Releases EP ~ June 26th, 2016 ~

In a post earlier this month I shared several artists with you that I had came across via social media. To check that past post click HERE, to read "Instagram Jams". One of the artists from that post is Kelleigh Bannen, who just released her first EP titled, "Cheap Sunglasses". Along with the release of the EP she has also released an official video to go with the first single titled, "Land Locked". Give it a watch and listen and maybe go out and support this upcoming Woman of Country by purchasing or downloading her EP. If you dig it you can also start requesting it with your local radio and voting for it when it hits the video countdowns.

Kelleigh Bannen - "Land Locked"
fr "Cheap Sunglasses"

~ New Music Monday ~ Follow Up ~ Thy Will ~ Official Video ~

Just wanted to follow up my past post "New Music Monday ~ Thy Will", a tune by Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, along with her family, "The Scott Family". The official video is now out and Hillary has been doing a lot of press to go along with the tune, video and eventual CD release. "Thy Will" is a song that came out of extreme heartbreak with Scott learned that she had lost a pregnancy. I know several people who have gone through this and I CANNOT imagine the grief that follows it. I don't know that "mourning" is even a proper enough of a word to express their anguish. Mrs. Scott put into words what I think so many parents who have lost a baby probably wanted too. The song is so beautifully written and executed that I believe it is going to tough a lot of peoples lives. Folks that are going through a rough spot, questioning God, trying to understand His ways and accept that they are higher. I know that this song specifically has spoken into the current part of my life journey.

Since the official vid is out I wanted to follow up and share it with you. Pray it brings you comfort, encouragement, healing and/or whatever you may be needing where you are at on this life journey.

Hillary Scott - "Thy Will"
fr "Love Remains" w The Scott Family

~ New Music Monday ~ June 27th, 2016 ~ Frankie Ballard, I Ain't Mad At Ya ~

Happy New Music Monday!! Many of you may have a short work week with the 4th of July weekend coming up. So, I hope this helps you prepare your mix tape for the weekend. With a short work week and a holiday weekend in mind, it is Summer festival season and it seems like all our favorite artists are out rocking it somewhere. It is almost impossible to keep up with. As a fellow fan I would encourage you to sign up with your favorite artists official web sites for pre-sale dates, up to date tour additions or cancelations, merch sales, etc. Also, follow their social media accounts. A lot of artists will do day of show contests, retweets', etc. to give away free meet/greets, swag, and more. Being the first to know can help a true fan plan their road trip and get the most from their concert experience.

Kip Moore - "Cigarette"
YouTube Vid
There are several YouTube vids of the song
but I think this one is a fan fave. I know it
is my fave performance of it.

Now, one of my favorites that are on tour this summer, is Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts. Kip and the guys are apart of Miranda Lambert's "Keeper of the Flame" tour along with Brothers Osborn and it is scheduled to roll until September. Post "Keeper of the Flame" The Slow Hearts will begin a headlining tour of their own across the US. Pre-sales for the tour titled, "Me and My Kind" featuring Jon Pardi have already begun. As I said earlier, sign up on your favorite artists web sites, become members of the fan clubs, be a official follower of their social media. For those planning to make any of these tour dates it is worth the second it takes to sign up. Back to the tunes, now most diehard fans are very familiar with what Kip would call an "underground" favorite, "Cigarette". A tune that hasn't been released on a Kip Moore record, but is a fan favorite at his live shows. I think that every diehards' heart broke a little when Moore announced at a show that he had sold the tune to Frankie Ballard. As a diehard it kills to think of any "Kip" tunes being sung by anyone else, but I must admit........Frankie Ballard, I ain't mad at ya. I was certain I would hate the new mix and production of the tune, if even just out of spite and loyalty to Kip. LOL!!! But, I heard it and I kinda dig it. I mean, no one will sing it like Kip, but Frankie put a good spin on it and I think that those music lovers that never became attached to the original will have absolutely no problems with it. I will share some audio from both Kip and Frankie and you can decide for yourself.

Frankie Ballard - "Cigarette"
fr "El Rio"

Ashley Monroe - "Like a Rose"
fr "Like a Rose"
Performance at Tennessee Theater in Knoxville, TN
This next #NewMusicMonday share is a genuine heart breaker for me. I kid you not, I literally cried (just a reminder I am not a Kardashian I know how to use the word "literally", properly). Several weeks ago Ashley Monroe did a special performance in her hometown of Knoxville, TN at the Tennessee Theater that would be aired live to Chicago as apart of a small series of pop-up type shows sponsored by TN Vacations. Several different Theaters across the state each hosted a different artist/band in a show that the audience had to win tickets to. I, was a winner. I won two tickets to the Ashley Monroe performance in Knoxville, TN. My heart leapt right out of my chest in excitement. I thought that it being a smaller more intimate setting I would have no problems taking part and enjoying this show............had I ever made it. My body thinks it's real funny. I am confident that my existence is proof that God has a sense of humor. Much to my utter dismay and heartbreak I didn't make it to the show. Sickness is a relentless stalker that once you think you have found a hiding place from and a escape plan so that you can do a little something out of the norm, boom, man down. I was sick the entire day, not just illness sick, but heartache sick. I truly was looking forward to this performance and hearing a few stories about her tunes. These are the kind of things that genuinely take me down emotionally and mentally. When doing what you once loved doing isn't doable anymore, or at least for a while. When I say I was heartbroken, I am not exaggerating. Luckily, The Tennessee Theater has posted the clip above from the evening.

You may know Ashley as "Hippie Annie" from the Pistol Annies, but she has a music successful career as a soloist as well. "The Blade" her most recent album release, produced by none other than Vince Gill, is a beautiful body of work that deserves to be listened to start to finish. The title tack, "The Blade", written by Jamie Floyd is flawless. "You caught it by the handle baby and I caught it by the blade", is perhaps one of my favorite break up, love song lyrics ever. Monroe has a vocal and instrumental style that I would call a bit traditional. She reminds me of country artists of the past. She has a vintage sense about her and it shows in her work. I credit the producer of the album, Vince Gill with some of that sound as well. I am sure with Gill at the wheel it was easier to hone in on that traditional vibe with out doing it in a way that makes it too out of place. With all the randomness that is currently played on "country" radio I find Ashley Monroe to be a wonderful breath of fresh air. Ironic enough I feel I have to refer to her traditional style as "fresh" air in comparison to the current landscape of the format. I think Ashley is going to be an artists similar to Kip Moore in the sense that they may not be getting a ton of air play right now, but they are the kind of artist that is going to surpass the trends and when no one is looking will quickly find themselves at the top. It isn't about following trends, it's about being true to who you are as an artist and somehow finding a way to be o.k. with that even when it isn't making you money or super popular with radio. I am a Ashley Monroe fan and as a music addict I highly recommend "The Blade" to be added to your music collection.

Ashley Monroe - "The Blade"
fr "The Blade"

Maren Morris - "80's Mercedes"
fr "Hero"
Official Video Coming Soon
My last share this #NewMusicMonday is Maren Morris. I know that I have shared several of her tunes already, but in anticipation of her next single, "80's Mercedes" hitting radio and video stations I wanted to share it again. I have said this probably one hundred times, but I absolutely LOVE Marens' first full length album, "Hero". I had already heard her EP front to back several dozen times so, I was on the edge of my ipod awaiting the full length record. I must say, she did NOT disappoint. I adore it start to finish. I am so amped hearing so many Women of Country producing albums that are solid through and through and aren't just a few singles and a bunch of fillers. Both Ashley Monroe and Maren Morris have produced these complete and perfect bodies of work that all Women in Country should be proud of. It is hard for me to pick a favorite off of "Hero". At the moment though one tune I can't get out of my head is "Once", track 11 off of "Hero". It's such a beautiful track requesting the broken hearted to remember that they too loved once. I have always been baffled by how quickly love can turn into hate. It seems the moment something is over there is no mourning period. All memorabilia of the relationship gets thrown out with last weeks news and we go on behaving as if it was never love at all. The end of a relationship doesn't erase all that was. This song plays so well to that sentiment, "I'm a trader. I'm the cause. I'm the breaker of your heart. I ain't sayin' what you want. "Know this might be askin' a lot when it's all said and done don't forget that you loved me once.". UUGGGHHHHHHHH it hurts in all the right ways!!! So, GOOD!!!

Maren Morris - "Once"
fr "Hero"
Y'all know I have some serious love for music and so I only recommend something that I absolutely love. While I always recommend you looking into ALL the tunes shared on #NewMusicMonday, I genuinely recommend "Hero" and "The Blade" to be added to your collections. With "Hero" I recommend the Target Stores version as it has THREE bonus tracks and believe me, you want the bonus tracks!!!

Alright gang, that is it for this week. What are you listening to this summer ? Are you hitting up any festivals or tours? Feel free to share in the comment section.

REMINDER: Request! Request!Request! and Vote! Vote! Vote! for your favorite artists, bands, songs and videos. It only takes a moment and each request and vote make a difference. As I have suggested before, program your local radio stations into your phone, follow them on social media, tweet a request, instagram a thank you, and call in to tell your local D.J. how much you love the song he just played and to thank them for playing it. It truly makes a difference.

Happy New Music Monday and Upcoming 4th of July Weekend!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ June 13th, 2016 ~ Super Glue the Freakin' Play Button Into The On Position ~

Pic fr Christina Grimmie Official Facebook

Happy New Music Monday everyone!!!! It was a heavy weekend filled with so much loss and senselessness. We are truly living in an extremely scary world. When an artist can't feel free to do a meet/greet with little to no security or a group of people (ANY people), can't take a night to listen to music and dance with out fear of being gun is a scary time. My heart and prayers go out to all of those who lost someone this weekend and the families left behind who now have to deal with the varied stigma's, assumptions, speculations, and even just the technical actual facts of what their loved one has done. Lives where lost on many levels and all for no good reason. Now, we are left behind to make a very big decision, do we let this change us? Do we allow it to lead us into living a life of fear? Do we stop going to shows? Do artists stop doing meet and greets? Do all venues shut their doors and stop the music? Do we put our lives on pause, push stop...........or super glue the freakin' play button into the ON position??!!!! My vote, we glue the freakin' play button into the ON position!!!!!! I've always lived by the idea that we are either a victim of our circumstances or a survivor of them and I have done my best in the past to live as a survivor. Even now, when walking a rather difficult part of my journey, I choose to believe, whether I can see it or not, CHOOSE to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that He has a purpose for everything.  You won't get me down. Your senseless actions will NOT keep me from living life at whatever speed I choose. To stop living is to hand over the victory to these hate filled people. So, let us raise a glass, say a LOT of prayers, and push play!!!!!!

I have been going back and forth with which idea I would go with on this weeks #NewMusicMonday. I have been reading news articles all day online about both shootings this weekend. Because this is #NewMusicMonday I wanna touch on something I read concerning Christine Grimmie's story. One outlet reported that it was unknown if Grimmie had been experiencing any online threats, was being stalked, and exactly why this gunman came for her specifically. The outlet said that to Grimmie's team's knowledge she didn't have any stalkers or she at least hadn't mentioned anything to them about it. I am thinking that as the investigation continues they may get into her social media accounts, e-mail, etc. and review the interactions she has had from her fans over the last few months, etc. to try and determine if this was escalated stalking or potentially somewhat of a isolated moment of rage/insanity/jealousy/etc.

I do not know how artists deal with some of the trolls, haters, and questionable folk that approach them daily in real life as well as online. Particularly after events like this have occurred. For the most part, of course an artist genuinely loves their fans and wants to reach out to them. Let them know they are seen and heard by them, and thank them for their support and investment into their careers, but now and then there are people that make that almost impossible. As I mention in my past post "Fans, Frans and The Others" some people take extra time to hate and troll artists as well as their fans online. I have been amazed at the time and effort some haters take to create fake accounts, post hateful, rude, and straight up vulgar comments on artists pages, pictures, and even on fans personal pages. It TRIPS ME OUT!!!!!!!!! What beautiful positive change could you be making in the world if this wasn't how you are spending all your time, energy and resources??!!!

What I am thinking about right now is how we as fans can help create a safer environment for the artists/bands/personalities we love as well as each other, to be able to freely interact with out having to be as concerned with the haters and trolls. I am sure you are thinking, "How in the world can little ol' me from way over here do ANYTHING to help make an artists fan space safer?". Well, I know for myself as a fan I hesitated becoming interactive on my fave artists social media pages because I feared being lumped in with the crazies. I later realized that in allowing trolls to keep me from posting support to my favorite artists, they are winning. And that these folks whose songs we sing in the car, movies we watch on a rainy day, books we read chapter after chapter, are also just human. Like you and me they are some ones child, spouse, sibling, parent, friend, co-worker, boss, etc. They have feelings that can be hurt, enraged, made numb and encouraged just like the rest of us. They spend a ton of time away from "home", family and friends in order to chase their dreams and help you to live some of yours. All of this makes our words of support and encouragement honestly truly important to them. That is why they keep things fans hand to them in m&gs, why they repost certain posts on their social media, why they do things like periscope, facebook live or even have a social media account to begin with!! So, here are a few of my suggestions when it comes to aiding in the creation and upkeep of an at least somewhat safe virtual environment for artists and fans alike that can be done from wherever you are, whoever you are. Trolls and haters excluded of course.

1. Do NOT let the crazies/hateful/vulgar folk keep you from showing love for your fave artist via their social media pages. When you want to let someone know how one of their songs got you through a day, TELL THEM!!!! You might be surprised at how many artists actually read some of, if not all of the comments on their social media. It means more to them than you know to read the encouraging and sometimes just hilarious things fans post.

2. Do NOT let the crazies/hateful/vulgar folk keep you from making "Frans". "Frans" is a word I a little bit made up to describe those fans that become friends with one another because of their shared love of an artist/band/actor, etc., but also for those fans who attend so many shows, are so active on social media, fan clubs, etc. that they become actual friends with the artist they are supporting. So, many folks are just looking for community, a place to fit in, a place with people who love what they love and so many find it by following an artist on social media and by hitting up as many of the shows they can. There are certain artists that I truly am so impressed by how their specific set of fans have become a bit of a community. None of them living in the same city,state or even country, but acting as one group showing their support all over the world!!! It's beautiful!!!

3. Do NOT let the crazies/hateful/vulgar get away with it. If you see a comment or picture that reads as hate, inappropriate (i.e. pornographic, violent, threatening, or dangerous in anyway) please, PLEASE, please, report it. Most social media sites have a team of people who specifically work on keeping certain kinds of hate speech, vulgarity, offensive content off social media. When you report something you are helping them to do their job and you are helping to create a safer virtual environment for fans and artists to interact.

4. Do NOT fall for a scam. As I mentioned earlier, vocabulary, requests, complaints, hate, vulgar, etc. it all starts to have a similar wordage when it is the same troll posting over and over. I mean, come on people, it isn't the "DaVinci Code", it's social media. Figuring this stuff out isn't always all that difficult. It becomes very easy to spot and then of course there is basic common sense. I am telling you RIGHT NOW with 100% certainty that no, Dierks Bentley did not send you a private message asking you to help him retrieve $200,000 that he has stashed in a suit case in a locker at the train station. NO!!! No, the 14 #1's, multiple gold, platinum, and multi award winning country artist himself did NOT send you a personal message!!!!! He DIDN'T!!!!!! And he for sure did not ask you to keep it quiet because of his management team or for money!!! Most artists accounts aren't even capable of interacting privately/one on one. They are set up specifically for public posting and commenting. They aren't "private" or "personal" accounts. A lot of artists ONLY have one, official, professional, account. And yes, they do often post on them personally and not have a member of their team handle all postings, but still, they DID NOT SEND YOU A PM ASKING FOR MONEY!!!! I mean, I wish I could skip right past this point of discussion, but it happens so often that it has to be said. It's like that picture on the tag of your hair dryer that warns against blow drying your hair while sitting in a tub filled with water. You think to yourself, "who needs this warning?!", and then sure as the sun rises' there's a story on the news of someone electrocuting themselves by blow drying their hair while bathing. Some people need it spelled out. Well, truth be told some people need it explained using cartoons, but what are ya gonna do?! For the last time, KIP MOORE DID NOT SEND YOU A PRIVATE MESSAGE!!!! He will not be meeting you in a yet to be disclosed location that his manager and team know nothing about so that he can give you a combination to a bank box that has a family heirloom worth millions of dollars that he needs you to keep safe for him. HE DID NOT!!!!!! As a onlooker, I really think that if he has to make another video or post explaining this he very well may explode.
When you ask Kip if he sent
you a PM (private message)
asking for money......
..........When you let a few months go by
and you ask him for the gazillionth time
if he sent you a PM asking for money and
he could'a swore he done told you once
that it ain't him !!!
5.. Do NOT look past a fake account. This one is gonna be lengthy so, grab a snack. Once you become a faithful social media follower of an artist/organization/business/ministry you begin to recognize faces, comment vocabulary, fellow fans personal accounts, and official fan accounts. You also begin to recognize their "style" of posting, captioning, and commenting. "Official" fan accounts have been vetted by the artist or their team and have been given the seal of approval to represent the artist/org/business/ministry/etc. by using some form of their name in the screen name/handle (followed by a trademark emblem) and the artists likeness as their avatar/cover photo/profile pic, with the purpose of promoting, supporting and encouraging the artist, connecting the fans to one another and keeping them up to date on all the happening that an artists specific web page might not be able to keep up with on a daily basis. They are a space for fans to interact with one another regularly, again further building that sense of community. Trolls will mimic these kinds of accounts as well as artists accounts and even individual fans personal accounts by using a similar if not exact and un trademarked handle/screen name and picture. They tend to fill their pages with a lot of reposts and similar content as an artists page or a official fan page, along with what seems to be their uncontrollable hate. If you look at enough of these accounts it becomes easy to spot the fakers and trolls. They tend to use the same vocabulary with every fake account, hateful comment and their complaints about an artist, official fan page or individual fan tend to remain the same through out their pages, comments, etc. To me, from where I sit, it screams mental health issues. I am by NO means saying that jokingly. Especially considering this weekends events. While these folks are a nuisance they are also more often than not, someone who needs help in a variety of ways. Being as it is extremely rare for the average Joe to ever know who the person behind the computer actually is (and I think it is in all of our best interests that we don't know and let the pro's handle that) I find it best to help them, by reporting them. That may sound kinda odd, but I think that removing their "weapon" from them is the first step in helping clear their mind in some way. To know that others can indeed "see" them, will not stand for hate, inappropriateness, etc. online or anywhere else DOES actually make a statement. So, when coming across a true troll do the artist, the social media's staffers, and your fellow fans a BIG favor and report them. There are links on each social media's site that can aid and guide you in properly reporting, blocking, etc. a troll. Yes, I know, some of them will just create another account, but I am all for making this as difficult as possible for them to do. Continue to report. Be a nuisance to them. Continue to report their comments, photo's, and accounts and for sure ALWAYS block them if they start spreading that hate on your personal account. Blocking them keeps them from seeing your content as well as you from having to see theirs. I would STRONGLY encourage you to NEVER interact with them as it seems to only fuel their fire. Don't get it twisted, I have LOVED watching online arguments between "normal" folks. I mean, grab a bag of popcorn and watch these two folks virtually rumble about who they know, what they know and how they are the coolest. BUT, with the actual trolls, interacting with them by commenting directly to them, reposting their posts, etc. only adds fuel to the fire. Arguing with a troll/hater is like arguing with a toddler. There is no ability to reason and they have not gained the skill of logically or comprehensively thinking/communicating. It is a COMPLETE waste of your time.

6. Do NOT stoop to their level. This one hangs on the coat tails of the last one and is actually for the artists/orgs/business'/ministry/etc that have this troll/hater clogging up their pages with hate and annoyance. Dear Artist/Business/Organization/Ministry - I love you and your work. And I want everyone I know to feel the same. So, please do your best to refrain from feeling as though you need to defend yourself to these haters. Most of you have a legion of faithful fans who are your virtual front line and they will pounce on a hater before you can unlock your screen. Trust them to have your back. If you respond, no matter how completely awful this troll/hater is, it will ALWAYS look like the quarterback/head cheerleader taking on the biggest loser in the school in the courtyard during lunch time when EEEEEEERRRRRRRRYYYYYYBODY can watch. It also encourages your fans to react and act in similar ways. I know you didn't sign up to be a role model in anyway, but like it or not, folks are watching and mimicking your moves. I would encourage you instead, if you MUST comment and just can't keep yourself out of the mix, to acknowledge, thank, and throw out some shout outs to the fans who have your back, are attending the shows, buying your product, spreading love and not hate, and are using their time/social accounts in a more positive fashion. It will only further endure your fans to you, proving to them they are right in supporting/promoting/investing in an artist like yourself. It will encourage them to continue with the good and it will quite possibly make the troll spontaneously combust due to being ignored. I picture it like that bug spray commercial where the roach realizes he has been sprayed with quality repellent and then poofs into dust.

7. Do NOT be afraid to reach out to a official fan page administrators, an artists admin./team or someone from a social media sites help desk. These folks are as disgusted, disturbed and annoyed as you are by these kinds of postings, accounts, and trolls. They do not want that content on their pages and they want everyone to feel safe in interacting and communicating in their specific virtual space. So, if you have problems reporting, blocking or exterminating a troll/hater please feel free to reach out to admins and help desks for their assistance. They want their pages to be a safe space and they have a longer reach when it comes to getting down to who is actually behind it and putting a stop to it.

8. IRL (In Real Life) - When senseless acts of violence like the ones' this weekend occur we all begin to realize exactly how vulnerable we are, in general, but especially when out in these crowded, loud, hot, sometimes intoxicated environments. You ARE indeed there to have a good time. No doubt about it. You ARE there to veg out, chill, and enjoy a good show, reading, movie, etc. You SHOULD be able to not have to think about life's larger loads and you can, but I would just encourage you, as the person who might be sitting beside you, to always be aware, if even just in your little space of the event. YES, enjoy yourself. YESSSSS!!! Of course party hard, rock out and stand in that meet and greet line!!!! But, like a flight attendant might say, be aware of the emergency exits, notice who is sitting directly around you, look around as you sit down your blanket, bags, coolers, get in line or take your seat in a venue to what/who is around you. Does anything seem out of place? Does anyone seem to be suspiciously alone? Do you know where the security people are located? Our hope is always that we would never need any of this information, but our reality is that in today's world, heart breakingly......we do.
I want to end this post by giving a shout out to Christina Grimmie's brother who reportedly tackled the shooter preventing any further killings that evening. I wanna give a shout out to all those first responders, security teams, law enforcement, medical crews, fire crews, and anyone else who in these situations thought less of themselves and cared more for those around them, attempting to get as many people as possible to safety, to medical care all while trying to detain  shooters. When we are busy having a good time there are often so many people, that we don't even notice, working around us to make sure our evening goes well, safely and with out issue. As y'all know I worked in concert production for a while and in that time I volunteered to work security at a very large event. My task that night, checking bags and purses. EVERY SINGLE PERSON had attitude and acted inconvenienced. Those bag checks aren't about taking your beer or snacks away so you have to spend money on venue food/bevi, it's so if someone is carrying they can be stopped, noted, etc. Next time you are having your bag checked, are walking through a metal detector, or see security/law enforcement walking around a venue it'd be AWESOME if you took a second to thank these folks for looking out for you and making sure these kinds of pass times can occur with out harm. They aren't doing these things to ruin your goodtime, they're doing them to ensure your good time is had and safely. So, chill the frack out and just buy the dang stadium nacho's for $5.00 instead of pitchin' a fit that you couldn't BYO due to bag checks.

I know this was a mighty long post and I thank you for sticking with me through it. Please feel free to repost this and share with folks. Next week I plan to return to regularly scheduled #NewMusicMonday sharing with tunes from Kip Moore, Frankie Ballard, and Ashley Monroe. Feel free to share in the comments any tips or tricks you have for avoiding or dealing with online trolls/haters, how you interact with fellow fans or artists, or how you make the most of venue treats at shows, etc. See y'all next week!!!

Myself and DDP working/rocking "Creation Festival"
in 2000.......something. The long day was
definitely starting to show on me. I can still feel my bones
aching if I think about it too long.
Thanks to ALL those team/crew members, volunteers, law enforcement,
medical teams, and fire crews who I have worked tons of shows
with in the past. None of it could happen with out your
diligence, hard work, and great spirits!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

~ Liberty University & Winter Jam ~ #RecruitAlways!!! ~

Liberty University - Spring 2002

How is it that this was already so long ago?! It feels like a different lifetime. I can recall marking all the graduation to-do's off my list leading up to my fam and friends arriving to celebrate with me. Including illegally reserving them seats in the Vines Center for the ceremony. I can still see Campus Pastor Dwayne Carson shaking his head as he caught me taping off a row of seats. LOL!!! It was a exciting whirl wind and yes, I have on acrylic nails in this pic. None of you should be all that surprised by my past love of fake nails. I'm a proper southern belle after all. Lol!! Getting this official pic taken was one of those things I knew my fam would want done. I walked into the book store where the photographer had his set up and as I put on that cap and gown I was kinda frozen at the thought this was actually happening.  I never imagined myself going to college when I was in High School. Not that I had a different or better plan, I just didn't imagine that I would ever truly have that opportunity. Well, it actually happened and I am still forever changed by my time at Liberty University. It didn't just give me an academic degree or some amazing real life experiences, but it gave me some of my very best, life long, more like family, friends that are still apart of my every day world.

Class of 2001
Thompson Bowling Arena
The Calm Before the Storm Known as
Winter Jam

Needless to say, I am a proud LU Alumni and when I was given the opportunity to represent by working a recruitment table at Winter Jam Knoxville, I did not hesitate. 1. I have worked Winter Jam Chattanooga five years in a row. 2. Back in the day concert production was my thing. So, getting to work one in a different capacity, particularly to recruit for my alma mater, was like the mother ship calling me home. 3. We all know how I feel about music, concerts, FOMO and artists in real life. I mean how was I to say no?! Anyway, I arrived and finagled my way into entrances I'm not suppose to and all that concert day magic started coursing through my veins. The smell of pop corn popping, the brain rattling sound that is the sound guys getting everything as it should be audio wise, and the somewhat seizure inducing testing of the LED screens by the tech guys. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH it's good to be home", was the thought that rolled through my mind. The recruiter LU had on the Jam tour was a cool kid and super easy to work for. There where two more alumni that had graduated from LU as I was beginning my LU experience, that also volunteered to help. It is kinda a small world I am constantly reminded. While I hadn't been a student at the same time as my fellow alum we of course had a 5 degree's of separation happening with mutual friends in common. It always trips me out when my varied worlds collide. I never imagine that there are other alumni in my area. I mean, not that I walk around with a LU Alumni shirt all time, LOL!!! How would anyone ever know?! Just the maddening way my mind works. Anyway, they where great and brought their two sons to help as well. The two sons kinda wandered back and forth from watching the performances to helping at the table. And in the intermissions they where such a GREAT help. It was insane!!! Literally (again, I'm not a Kardashian, I know how to use that word properly) hundreds if not thousands of kids, parents, youth leaders, etc. came by the recruitment table that night.

As I greeted, shook hands with, answered questions, and shared some of my LU story with all those prospective students I couldn't help, but feel proud........and very old. Now, don't get it twisted, a lot of kids came by just for the free swag and to check out the guitar being raffled off. LOL!!! But a solid amount where truly interested in researching their future and finding out what Liberty had to offer. It was wonderful to see the light in their eye as they considered their futures and to see a twinkle when I gave them an answer or an antidote that helped them feel like it could actually be possible for them. It is overwhelming to start on the pursuit and research process of University. I was glad to help calm a few parental minds and spark further interest in some prospective student's minds.

After my time at Liberty academically I began working for the university and eventually after a solid 9 something years I was professionally lead elsewhere for awhile. I was lead to yet another college where I began working in their recruitment office as an office manager. It was in my time with those recruiters and staff that I began, sometimes yelling, but always reminding everyone to "Recruit Always". It was kinda a joke and then we'd find ourselves in a random situation answering recruitment questions and it would click in our minds that we are walking, talking, real life billboards for our employer/this university and in being such we are to "Recruit Always". In working the Liberty table that night at Winter Jam those sometimes comical, but sometimes serious two words of "Recruit Always" came screaming back to my mind. It kinda felt like a full circle moment. ahahahahah!!!

Stellar electric guitar signed by all the
Winter Jam artists to be raffled
at the end of tour.

Along with my promo material for the show I was given a special code to use for those wanting to begin the application process. Now that the show is gone and done I wasn't sure if the code was still applicable, but a few weeks ago I got confirmation from LU that it could still be used to aid in the recruitment process. So, in keeping with my #RecruitAlways mentality, I would love to help anyone in my community or in my former community of Chattanooga, that would be interested in checking out Liberty for their college experience. As I mentioned, as an alumni I have been given a wonderful code to help make the application process more affordable and a bit easier. Just follow this link ---> <---- to look into the ap process and if you have any questions feel free to let me know and I will do all that I can to help you out. This link should waiver the ap fee and direct  you straight to the beginning of the online application process. Again, any problems or questions,
please feel free to let me know and I will do all that I can to help answer questions, get you through the process or direct you to the department/office/person that you might need.

A big ol' shout out to my Alma Mater, Liberty University, thank you for letting me rep my university in this way as well as at Winter Jam Knoxville. I am so very proud of the time I spent at Liberty and the way it continues to change my life even now. I pray that someone else would be able to have that experience by getting a kick start through this application waiver. I truly can't say enough about my time as a Liberty University student. I adored it!!!! Happy Beginning of Summer and Happy College Hunting!!!!
Recruit Always!!!


Sunday, June 5, 2016

~ Girl Defined ~ Figuring Out if Biblical Womanhood is For You ~ Video 4

So, the last video of the 4 part series is titled, "Figuring Out if Biblical Womanhood is For You", and is the final challenge posed by the "Girl Defined" book. Part 4 in "Girl Defined" is titled, "Choosing to Be A Girl Defined By God" and Part 5 is titled, "Femininity Worth Fighting For", in both parts the authors lay out some harder truths for those of us claiming Christianity today. Even harsher truths, in my opinion, for those of us claiming to be living out female Christianity. As I have mentioned in each of these posts there have been parts of the book that I have highlight with m'neon pink highlighter and that I might as well have highlighted the entire page. I truly found these chapters to not just be reminders of the calling the Lord has placed on my life as a Christian, but even more so the calling He has placed on my life as a female Christian. With sentences like the following, "In a culture in which most women are rebelling against God's design, God is looking for those who will be faithful. He is looking for those who will go against the grain and obey His word.", how does one walk away with out a burden?!

I have been girly-girl since my entrance into this crazy world. Ironically enough, until my entrance into this crazy world my family was assured on multiple occasions by their physician that I was going to be a boy. Hell-o, my name is Chad. I still get a kick out of just how wrong those doctors and sonogram techs where on this one. And my poor family had zero female names on the back burner for just in case. So, on the fly, with everyone's input, I was named Stacie Marlana, and I must say that for a on the fly decision, they did a pretty good job. I've always liked my names and I know that not everybody feel that way about their name. Anyway, back to femininity, I mean, I should've just came out with my nails painted and a fierce lip, that's how female I am. LOL!!! It is no surprise or at least it should be of no surprise to me that one of the greater convictions I've ever felt is that to be true to who I am and how God created me, specifically. My truth is that God created me uniquely me and chose my gender of female for a purpose. I feel for me to deny that in anyway is to do deny His plan(s) for my life.

I still have a ton of questions concerning the current season of life I am in, but I find a great peace in the knowledge that I am not in control. Way back when I gave my life to God and accepted His Son as my Lord and Savior I gave every part of my life. It wasn't a you can have my time, but my heart is mine or a you can have my health, but my money is mine, thing. It was an all in moment and when I think back to that night in summer VBS in a small country church with my cousin leading me in the sinners prayer I think about how quickly my heart was beating and how sure I was that I was doing exactly what I was meant to. I walked down my grandparents drive way very aware that I was about to tell my family of possibly the first decision I had made on my own, for my life.....for my eternity. I suppose that was the first time I shared my testimony if ya think about it. Now, as I face hurt, confusion, frustrations, and currently more valleys than mountains, I go back to that night and remember that He called me specifically. He knocked on the door of my heart for a reason. I want to encourage you that no matter where you are in life right now, my prayer is that the Lord would allow you some peace as to His plans for your life. That He would allow you vision, passion, and clarity on His calling for you. While there may be a time of waiting for His fulfillment of some of the promises He has made to you, that is no reason to twiddle your thumbs. This is the last sentence from the book I'll share and I'll close with it as a challenge to us all while we wait, while we pray, while we work, "Don't wait to reach the next season of life to start creating your legacy.".

If you are interest in purchasing "Girl Defined" or learning more about the ministry you can click HERE to be directed to their web page. "Girl Defined" can also be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as in Christian Book stores around the US.
Past Girl Defined Posts by The Faith Journals -

~ Girl Defined ~ God’s Design Gives Women Hope, Purpose, and Fulfillment ~ Video 3

The third video in this series ties into Part 3 of the "Girl Defined" book which is titled, "When It Comes to Beauty, True Love and Hard Work". I genuinely recommend to my sisters in Christ, those raising daughters, and those in women's ministry to consider purchasing "Girl Defined" the book. These videos are just quick summaries of this wonderful book written by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird. While I LOVE these videos and their quick reference I truly feel to get the very most from them you should read the book as well. It covers so many topics that I wish that when I worked in full time women's ministry I'd had this resource. They put things into words that are easy to understand no matter where you are in your walk with Christ. Video 3 and Part 3 of "Girl Defined" hit me again in a surprising way. You know, just when you think you have it all figured out kind of thing.......

.....It is so easy to find yourself living life by the worlds definition of a woman that to me it is almost alarming. In "Girl Defined" the following sentence is so on point that it was one that I highlighted with m'neon pink highlighter, "The reality is that most of us don't have a strong definition of what it means to be biblically successful, so we default to the most popular opinion out there.". Am I the only one alarmed by that thought??!!! Not only alarmed, but convicted as well. This is where I had the "I was just starting to think I had it figured out.", thought cross my mind. No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord, every now and then it is good to do a bit of a check up. Why are you doing what you are doing? Are you living out what you believe ? How? Are you even sure of why you believe what you believe ? If not, how can you be living it out? All these questions rolled through my mind in Part 3 of "Girl Defined". Give the third video in this series a watch and feel free to share in the comments your thoughts, questions, etc.


If you are interest in purchasing "Girl Defined" or learning more about the ministry you can click HERE to be directed to their web page. "Girl Defined" can also be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as in Christian Book stores around the US.
Past Girl Defined Posts by The Faith Journals -

~ Girl Defined ~ The Power of Embracing God Defined Womanhood ~ Video 2 ~

The second video from the "Girl Defined" four part video series is titled, "The Power of Embracing God Defined Womanhood". It stems from Part 2 of the "Girl Defined" book titled, "Getting Back to God's Design" and it hits on how we feel about and deal with our appearance, the power that is being created specifically with the gender of female, being a modern female with a Biblical view of womanhood, and how to live all that out in real life.

One of the sentences that stood out to me because of its irrefutable truth is, "If you want God's truth to transform your heart and your life, you must allow it to inform your worldview.".  Makes perfect sense does it not?! However, we so easily get caught up in what the world considers womanhood. It happens sometimes with out us even fully realizing. This video shares 4 secret to living out the brave and bold womanhood discussed in Part 2 of "Girl Defined". Give the second video in this series a watch and feel free to share what you gleamed from it in the comment section.

If you are interest in purchasing "Girl Defined" or learning more about the ministry you can click HERE to be directed to their web page. "Girl Defined" can also be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as in Christian Book stores around the US.
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~ Girl Defined ~ Counterfeit Womanhood You've Done Me Wrong ~ Video 1 ~

I am horribly behind on all my "Girl Defined" posts. I apologize. Today has been a good day for me health wise so, I am taking full advantage and getting all caught up on the things that get pushed to the side on my rough days. My fellow chronic sufferers understand, I am sure. Anyway, this is the first video in a series of 4 that work in combination with "Girl Defined" the book. Bethany and Kristen have done an amazing job putting their thoughts, lessons learned, and Biblical revelations on paper and I find these video's to be the perfect highlighting of those words.

This video goes along with Part One - Femininity Gone Wrong and is Chapter 3 in the "Girl Defined" book titled, "Counterfeit Womanhood You've Done Me Wrong". In reading this chapter in particular I saw a lot of myself. I tend to think of myself as a fairly independent person. I don't frequently ask for help and when offered I have a tendency to refuse it. While it is wonderful to be independent and know how to handle things on your own it also can be a slippery slope into what the authors state as "living the culture's definition of a strong woman.". That isn't who I want to be or how I hope people see me. My hearts desire is to be seen as woman who is strong because of her faith in God, not because of her faith in herself alone.

Give Video 1 a watch and I hope you follow up by reading "Girl Defined, God's Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity".

If you are interest in purchasing "Girl Defined" or learning more about the ministry you can click HERE to be directed to their web page. "Girl Defined" can also be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as in Christian Book stores around the US.
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~ New Music Monday ~ June 6th, 2016 ~ Instagram Jams ~

Happy New Music Monday! This weeks jams are from none other than Instagram. The artists that I will be sharing this week have either liked, commented and/or follow me on Instagram. So, in turn I have returned the favor by checking out their pages, tunes, etc. This may truly be the newest of New Music Mondays' so far for The Faith Journals. Social media is intended for socializing, duh! But so many of us just scroll through and never show any love, likes or comments on the things we are seeing, reading, and hearing. As I mentioned earlier, the artists shared today showed me some insta love in liking, commenting or following my #Instagram so, in turn I have checked out their #Instas, tunes, and showed a little #InstaLove by liking, commenting and now by sharing with you. Not all talent is on the radio. Especially these days!!! Some of the best music existing currently is music by artists you probably haven't heard of yet. As a music addict and blogger I feel it is part of my responsibilities to share the unheard with you and give you some direction on how to find out more. So, this #NewMusicMonday will start with Liv Miraldi.........

Liv  - YouTube - "Every Time He Lays Me Down"
.......per her Instagram Liv Miraldi is an adventurer, fan of fashion and a musician. Based in what appears to be Nashville, she currently is on adventure in Italy. Her most recent adventures have me suffering from vacation FOMO. Italy is on my list and she is sharing some of the best pics of the country. Liv keeps up with her social media by sharing her adventures and peformances with her followers. I don't believe there are too many tunes out yet (that I could find), but give this one a listen from YouTube and if you want to find out more on Liv, her travels, performances, blog and tunes, her Instagram can be found HERE. Miraldi's link in profile can direct you to her blog.

Next is Ryan Hurd another writer out of Nashville. I first heard of Ryan when he accompanied Maren Morris on a set at The Listening Room that was Periscoped by The Country Note several weeks or maybe even a month ago. He had great harmonies and so it was of no surprise that he too was a musician. You may recognize him from his Grammy nominated tune sung by Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe, "Lonely Tonight". Most recently he did a weekend of performances with Chase Rice. Below is Hurd at The Listening Room in Nashville, TN performing, "Drunk People".

Ryan Hurd - "Drunk People"
The Listening Room - Nashville

To learn more about Ryan and to be kept up to date on his to do's follow his Instagram found HERE. Ryan's link in profile will lead you to his spotify if you wanna do more research.

Next on my list is Kelleigh Bannen a writer/performer out of Nashville (because truthfully that is where some of the best writers reside so, why wouldn't you live there if you wanted to write?!). Recently she performed at a few dates on the Next Women of Country Tour as well as the 3 Girls Walk Into a Bar Tour. Along with those tour dates Bannen also had a slot at the ACM Party for A Cause/Women of Country night of music in Las Vegas, sharing the stage with Lauren Alaina, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, & Kelly Pickler. When scrolling Bannen's Instagram you will be asking yourself is she a model or a singer?! Kelleigh has posted some gorgeous beauty/fashion/promo shots on her account and could honestly fit right into the pages of your favorite fashion magazine. But don't get it twisted, this Next Woman of Country isn't just a pretty face, she also has a voice that is thick and sweet like molasses. Along with the beauty and lifestyle shots Bannen shares a few quick clips of her doing some covers as well as a few of her own tunes. By all appearances and listens Bannen will soon be on everyone's radar if not in liner notes as a contributor to a tune, but with her own voice. I look forward to watching this career move. I follow Kelleigh on Insta and if you are a fan of music, country music, females, females in country music, and just great voices, then you should follow her too. To follow Kelleigh Bannen or to scroll her pics you can check her Instagram account by clicking HERE. Kelleigh has a link in profile that will lead you to her blog as well as her newest video for the tune "Smoke When I Drink".

Kelleigh Bannen - "Famous"

Lastly on this weeks #NewMusicMonday is Ben Haggard, to find out more and where to find his tunes follow him on Instagram by clicking HERE. But first, you may recognize Ben by his last name as he is the youngest son of Merle Haggard. Ben has been playing in his fathers band, The Strangers as well as sharing his own tunes online, for many years. Most recently you may have seen him perform with The Strangers and Toby Keith in tribute to his father on the Country Countdown Awards. Below is a YouTube vid of Haggard performing with The Strangers and Kris Kristofferson. Ben has a voice a bit reminiscent of his father, but I would encourage you to take a minute and go listen to the work he has done on his own. While he may sound similar to his pops he still has his own sound and style. Ben is rather faithful at sharing his tunes on social media and as of late he has shared few stories of what life with his dad was like. I think story telling is in his blood so it is no surprise that he does a good job doing so on social media as well as with his lyrics. Head over to Instagram and YouTube to give a listen to Ben Haggard. Ben has also recently started a Snap Chat account that he promo's regularly on Instagram. His handle and other info can be found in his InstaBio.

 Ben Haggard - YouTube - "Heaven Was a Drink of Wine"
Just a few snippets of artists you might wanna keep a eye out for. The landscape of music, in any genre, is constantly changing and you never know who or what is gonna hit next. But if you are anything like me, you enjoy knowing which direction the storm is headed. This weeks #NewMusicMonday may be one of my favorites as it is filled with folks that not everyone has heard of or are currently being played on the radio. I hope to do more posts inspired by my social media finds in the future. Stay tuned for next weeks #NewMusicMonday and if you wanna be kept up to date on posts or just for a good giggle you can follow me on #Instagram by clicking HERE . I often share things that I find inspirational, challenging, entertaining, creative, DIY's, bargains, as well as my love of music.
DON'T FORGET!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE THE POWER TO GET THESE FOLKS ON RADIO!!!!!!!! I have let off the gas on this a bit, but I want to remind you that you have the ability to get these folks as well as many others heard on the radio. Most artists share via their social media when they are releasing a tune to radio and you therefor can mark your calendar to begin requesting it. Sometimes it even helps if you start requesting work from an artist prior to their release. Gives the radio pause to research the artist for themselves and potentially add them to their rotation. Sometimes all it takes is that one song, that one spin, to truly set off someone's career. Nowadays you can request tunes by tweeting, Facebook comments, instas, text as well as good ol' faithful.....a phone call. Ring Ring - "Hey Mr. DJ Play my favorite song!!!!" a little JLo there for ya. LOL!!! Happy Listening and catch you next week for #NewMusicMonday!!!! What are some Summer tunes you plan on keeping in rotation??!!!