Tuesday, January 21, 2014

~ Nail Polish on a Winter Day ~

Happy snowy Tuesday to you all . I hope you are warm and cozy this evening . I spent most of my day running errands in snow flurries , but am happy to be back inside my cozy warm home . One of todays to-do's included some recycling . I wrote HERE about how I enjoy recycling empty cans and most of the time am able to get a little money for them . BONUS !! I normally take the lil' bit I receive from the recycling and put it in a "for later" jar . You know change can add up kinda quick , well most days it can . I must confess that todays recycling bonus went to something a little selfish . I have written multiple times on my love of COUPONING . I truly feel like it can be such a blessing and can lead to rather creative GIFT GIVING .

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I was sick for several weeks giving my mamaw time to save up a good stack of coupons for me to sift through this Sunday at lunch . I almost ALWAYS clip beauty product coupons even if the items aren't on my immediate to-purchase list . I keep them in my coupon organizer just in case I need a quick idea for a gift , come across a too good to pass up deal or am , heaven forbid , find myself in a situation where I need make-up and don't have it . Today's purchase was a just for fun and a too good of a deal to pass up situation . I literally turned right around from my recycling to spend the lil' bit of change on two awesome new nail polishes .
stormy night & indigo night by Revlon

Now, before you judge , you should know about the amazing bargain this purchase was . I normally head straight for the wall of beauty products when visiting my local drug stores and today was no different . As I glanced the wall looking for buy 1 get 1 half off stickers a store staffer offered their assistance . Noticing that I was perusing polishes she suggested I look in the clearance basket on her cashier stand . Much to this Discount Diva's surprise there was a load of discounted polishes by the brand I had coupons for .
Each bottle was already marked down to a $1.50 per bottle and I had two coupons for a dollar off each. Now, if you struggle with math like I do let me break it down. $1.50 - $1.00 = .50 per bottle  !!! With taxes I ended up paying only a $1.28 total for two bottles of perfectly fine , but not in the Spring 2014 season color list , for polishes that tend to be about $8.00 a bottle . SCORE !!!!!!!! It reminded me that while my go-to shopping /couponing tactics are good I need not forget to take a minute to cruise the store and see if there are any hidden gems of discounted or clearance goodies in a unusual place .
In general I am not a take a pic of your mani and post it kind of girl, but with a bargain like this sometimes you just gotta go with the trend and post that mani !!

What kind of fun deals or coupons have you come across lately ? What is a creative gift you've been able to give over the Holiday season ? Just because it's winter is no reason to neglect your mani/pedi painting . You might be surprised how a brush of polish across your nail can brighten , quiet literally , your day . Post a pic of your mani w your comment :-)

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