Saturday, April 20, 2013

Get Paid to Save the Planet

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose
Before you toss your soda can in the trash realize you are throwing away free money ! Just this week I took saved soda cans to a local center that repurposes varied metal and received a couple bucks for my trash bag full of cans . It may have only been a few bucks, but hey it's a few bucks more than I started with . After using a coupons for a free Route 44 at Sonic (that I'd received from filling out a survey) and turning in my soda cans I ended the day feeling like I earned a few extra bucks .
All you have to do to get started is get a extra trash can to sit beside your normal trash can in the kitchen (or wherever you keep your trash) . When you finish a soda (I usually rinse mine out to prevent ants) , smoosh it , and toss it in your recycle bin . Before you know it after guests, meals , picking up trash from the yard (my grandparents live in a place where people freely toss trash out their window as they drive by), etc. you'll have a bag full of smashed soda cans ready for recycling , repurposing and best of all fund raising ! When I was in college one of my science teachers offered us extra credit for recycling soda cans . You better believe I took that opportunity . Now a days with , DIY Blogs , and all the other resources you can find a ton of ways to repurpose soda cans , empty vegetable or fruit cans ( I have a project on the way. Stand by.) empty yogurt containers ,etc. Why not make a few dollars in the process ?!
To find out more ways to get/give back from your canned beverage purchases as well as a few other grocery purchases check out one of my past blog post here .

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