Sunday, October 28, 2012

~ A Baby Gift ~

A friend of mine is working on decorating her baby room . I wanted to attempt something as a baby gift that might match with what she was working on. This letter frame was my intial inspiration, when a friend and I had a crafternoon this summer she made this for her daughters bedroom door . I thought it was such a cute idea, but wanted to spin it in a way to match what my other friend had planned for her new babies room .

I needed orange, tan, and something kinda tool-esq . So, I gathered a few supplies I already had and went to the dollar tree for a few others . I already had a set of orange frames that I had gotten as a bargain clearance deal . I got a few packs of nuts, bolts, screws, etc. at the dollar tree to see what I might be able to do with them . If they didn't work for this project I figured I could just keep them in case of future need . I mean, everyone has a screw loose, right ?!

I went through my scrap book paper for a back ground, but couldn't find anything that matched . Luckily I'm a saver and have many envelopes and cards that have been sent to me over the years . I found the perfect back ground on the INSIDE of a envelope . So, I carefully unfolded it and reformed it to fit in my frame . The walls in the new baby room are tan and white so this back ground is good match .
My friend has decorated in multiple places of her house with their last initial - C . So, I thought this might work for baby as well . After some moving around, test tries, and maybe this will work maybe it won't I ended up with this creation . I hot glued the pieces in the shape of a C. Since hot glue tends to dry clear it was the perfect adhesive.

I am the kind of gift giver that prefaces all gifts with , "if you don't like, it doesn't match or won't fit please feel free to re gift it, return it, etc. " . I love the final product, but won't be offended if it doesn't end up in the final decor of the baby room . I do however hope that it inspires you to think out side the box with some future crafts , gift giving, and decor ideas that you have . If anything the project reminded me once again that all you have to do sometimes is look around your house for a little inspiration . Often the things we need, such as a back ground piece , are right under our noses .
Reduce ~ Recycle ~ Reuse

~ F.R.I.E.N.D.S.~

As I type that out all I can hear is the theme song from the T.V. Show " Friends" . It is one of my favorite programs EVER !!!! And it has become a fave of a few of my besties as well . Good thing , who else would I have to play Friends Trivia with if it hadn't ?! Yes, I own Friends Trivia.....don't judge. I love a board game !! Anyway, I spent a few days this last week in Chattanooga . It wasn't a just "for fun" trip, but it was fun none the less . Now that I'm back home, resting, recovering and unpacking I'm reminded of what wonderful friends I have and how much of a blessing that is . I have no siblings so I think God has always given me amazing friends in place of that .

I was able to spend a lot of time with my friends and their little ones. I love being Aunt Stacie . Give them toys, candy , and when they get unruly I give them back to their owners.  Isn't that what Aunts are suppose to do ?! I'm always amazed at how fast these lil' ones grow, change and learn . It's fascinating to me . I adore the time just to go to the park with them , holding them and giving them their bottle . I am so impressed by my super mom friends . I don't know how they do it all . As I walked through the park with one of my dear friends, my dog, and her 3 kids I couldn't help but think , "She is super woman" . I have no idea how she wrangles them all, knows what they need, and stays so up beat . She really is  a super hero in my eyes . Which is handy, cause her son seems to think the entire family is dressing up as the "Incredibles" for Halloween .

Piper Jane and Jack on a little stroll

I house hopped and  stayed with several different friends on my visit . I'm so grateful they all enjoy hosting . I'm not sure what I'd do with out them . Jack Davis got to spend time with a few of his dog friends and I got to meet one of the newer lil' one's added to my "niece/nephew" list . He is so cute and chubby I just wanna hold him all the time . I was able to do a quick catch up with a few former colleagues and have some fun girl time as well . It was totally what the doctor ordered . Laughter is seriously one of the best healers that we have . I'm a giggle box as is, but when I get with my friends there's just no time for breathing between laughs . I don't know why I bother with putting on make up some times . I'm just going to cry it all off with laughter tears anyway . There was also some much needed down time of just sitting and chatting . I'm so glad that my friends are fairly laid back . It makes times like this all that much more healing .


You never know what relationship is going to turn into a life long one . I am proud to be able to call some of my former colleagues friends  . A week ago I went to support one of my former RA's as she coached her Volley Ball team at a near by college . During the game I found myself teary eyed . I was so proud to see how she's grown since our time working/ministering together . She was a wonderful woman of God then and has only grown even more wonderful since .

Melly Coaching

I often find myself in times of trial wanting to lean only on my own strength . It seems so easy to believe the lies of the enemy that we are alone in our battles . The last few weeks have reminded me what a lie that is . I may never easily lean on others, but I'm so grateful that I have others to lean on and that trust me enough to lean on me . I'm grateful to have people who accept me as is and understand this about me . I hope to be as good a friend to all of them as they are to me .  Near or far friendship is a valuable thing . I am blessed to know so many great people and to be able to call them friends .

Whether it be one or twenty take a minute to thank the Lord for the friends He has given you . They truly are such a blessing . Imagine walking this life all alone . I couldn't do it, though some times I foolishly try .
John 15:13 NIV
Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
Proverbs 27:17 NIV
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~ Every Last Drop ~

I have not gotten do any of my usual fall festivities . It's depressing . So, yesterday in a "I must do something" fit I purchased a few inexpensive mums . I had already hung my favorite fall wreath and put a couple cute pumpkins on my front porch for decoration , but felt like something was missing . I am working on a few plant projects and didn't have any of my fall colored flower pots available . So, I got a little resourceful . I went through my spray paint cans and my "to be revamped" pile of items and EUREKA, I had a idea . I had just enough copper spray paint to do a semi-revamp .
These are two flower tins I had purchased a year ago at the Dollar Tree . The plants have long ago been replanted as they out grew these little guys . I have had them in the "to be revamped" pile ever since . I didn't want to toss them knowing that eventually I'd have a use for them . The color is sun bleached so they aren't as sassy as they once where.

I had just enough copper spray paint to spray the fronts of each tin. Which is just fine seeing how the back of the tin will be against the house . I'm so glad I hadn't thrown out that spray paint thinking it wouldn't be enough for another project.

I'm so proud of my little fall decoration project. I think it was the perfect addition to my porch. 

I by no means am advocating the idea of becoming a hoarder . LOL!! But, this has surely taught me to consider the future possibilities of an item before tossing it . My copper spray paint had just enough left in it to be the perfect addition to this project . I used every last drop in the can . How have you decorated for fall ?

Monday, October 15, 2012

~ Give A Little Bit ~

- Albert Einstein

Many of those close to me know that if they ever needed something and I have the ability to give it to them, all they have to do is ask . Even if I don't have what they need I'll do my best to find a way to help them get it . One of my life motto's is , " It isn't worth having if it isn't worth giving away . " . I find this true of not only our material things, but our spiritual and physical as well . You may be wondering how on earth do we give away our ability to run , walk, or talk ?! Well, it's all in how you use it .

A little over five years ago I grew convicted over my ideals on "giving" . What was it to me to give ? Did it always have to be monetary or was there something I was missing ? I've never been what I consider a very vain person . While I'm super girly , love me some make up and accessories , I've never NEEDED them in order to go out or to feel acceptable . Maybe college life and trying to make it to class on time beat out any sense of vanity I had ? I'm not sure . But it's always been something I'm grateful for  my lack of "needing" to have on make up , a cute out fit , or my hair done a certain way before I can go and enjoy time with friends, family or just be out in public . I realize that at times the public may not be as grateful for my freedom from vanity . :-) I may also have this lack of need because I've never been the girl that people ooohhh and ahhh over when she walks in a room . I'm not tall, long legged , thin , or naturally beautiful . I say none of that out of "poor me" train of thought . The only truly consistent complements I've gotten in life have been over my hair . From as early as I can remember I've always had people complementing my hair and feeling free to put their hands in it or play with it during class or church . Considering my most comfy way of wearing my hair is pulled into a top knot I guess the complements are lost on me . With that said as I debated my "giving heart" it hit me as I went to pull my out of control wild woman hair into yet another top knot . Giving is not all about money , physical things or even time , not for me at least . The things we give may not always be as valuable to us as they are to the person we're giving them too .

" I do not believe one can settle how much we ought to give.
I am afraid the only safe rule is to give more than we can spare. " C. S. Lewis

I know from personal experience what it is like to be sick more days than not . How it can run down your physical strength as well as your mental . Sometimes something as little as chap stick after a week of being confined to your bed can make you feel like a cover model . With that understanding and sympathy I knew what I needed to give away. My hair . I began my research with Locks of Love .  I have given to their organization 2 or 3 times since . Why am I sharing all of this with you now you might wonder ?

One of my dear sisters in Christ/BFF's has a loved one going through a very difficult time battling cancer . In honor of this loved one my sister has asked several of us to consider growing our hair and donating it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths . I of course have jumped on board and am super excited to this time have a face and a name of a person to be giving in this way for . It is such a simple thing to give in this way . I want to encourage each of you as you read this to consider what ways you may be able to give that you are missing or haven't considered as a "give away" item . Not just for the cause of cancer, but in life . I find my self so blessed by all that God has provided in my life that at times it just doesn't seem right . I want to give . I want to give not just of my monetary abilities, time , or "things" , but of myself . For now this is the opportunity He has given me to give back . I know people that have rode a bike across a state in honor of a loved one who battled cancer , donated blood , white cells or marrow , and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in building homes for those that have never had a home. The ways to give are endless when we really consider them .

I hope this blog entry encourages and challenges the way you think of giving . I'd love to hear how you give back . Feel free to comment , FB or email me with your ideas and stories .

Deuteronomy 16:17 Every man shall give as he is able, according to the
 blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you.
Proverbs 3:27 Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

~ a little prayer ~

Dear Friends ~

Some days I find it very difficult to find something to be thankful for . Not that God has failed to provide or care for me, but that my attitude or current circumstance makes it difficult to acknowledge . Several months ago I found myself with a sour pout nearly every day . Not wanting uncalled for age lines on my face (vanity I know) or a poor attitude to make a home in me I started a little prayer time . Each time I leave my house before I turn on the radio or start swerving in and out of traffic I take a moment to give God a little thanks . I owe Him a great deal of thanks, but in the absences of a right attitude sometimes a little is all I remember to give (if I'm being honest) . When you find yourself struggling for words maybe just take a little moment to give Him a little thanks . He knows our hearts, needs and wants . Here's my little prayer, feel free to make it your own.

Lord, thank You for my little home . Thank You for my little dog to keep me company.
Thank You for my little (crazy) family to love me no matter what .
Thank You for a little food in the cubbard, a little gas in the tank, and a little money in the bank. Thank you for the days I am healthy and the promise of healing on the days that I am not.
 Thank You for friends near and far to remind me not only am
I blessed to have people to miss, but I am missed as well .
Thank You for my little town , for the past, the now and the promise of tomorrow.
Thank you for a little time to Thank You .
I know it isn't much, but somehow it helps me. Have a great evening . I hope this gives you a little boost, a little motivation and a little smile.  
~ Stacie

Monday, October 8, 2012

~ Blossom ~

As most of you know, I'm a entertainment news not a nightly world news kind of girl for the most part . One night I was watching one of my fave entertainment news shows when inspiration for the blog you're about to read hit me . It was several weeks before the Emmy's and as most entertainment outlets do, the show followed the search for the perfect red carpet dress with a female Emmy nominee, Mayim Bialik . If you are a FB friend you will know that I am a huge "Big Bang Theory" Fan . I was so stoked to see that "Amy Farrah Fowler" was nominated . She is increasingly one of my favorite female characters on T.V.  Ladies of my generation (which p.s. makes me feel sooooo old to say ) also know Mayim Bialik as "Blossom", from the 90's show of the same name .

As the entertainment news host went with Mayim to shop for dresses I grew more and more intrigued by the choices she was offered . My first thought was that she was being show more "simple", "covered up", "non-runway" looks because she isn't the typical Hollywood size -2 . She is by no means a plus-size either, lets be clear . Then the host mentioned that Mayim's search was specifically focused on certain designs due to her religious preferences . Mayim is Jewish and desired to cover up certain aspects of her body in an attempt to honor the idea of modesty and her religion . She wanted to be fashionable while respecting herself and her God (not a word for word quote ) .  I WAS BLOWN AWAY !!!! 1. That this thought occurs in Hollywood . 2. That it was expressed on a highly rated entertainment news program . I mean, the mere thought, much less the action to back it up of not folding to the ideas, visions, and some times bat crap crazy ideas of a stylist and Hollywood is mind boggling . Here's a look at a few of her red carpet choices .

These three red carpet looks are from this years Emmy's, past Emmy's and another Emmy Week event red carpets . All are gorgeous, modest and on trend . They're figure flattering , beautiful and sexy all at the same time with out being obvious, loud or showing an uncalled for amount of skin . Why isn't this look on the cover of a magazine ? Why isn't her choice being discussed on after Emmy fashion over view programs ? It's simple . No drama . No Shock and Awe . Not to Hollywood or Fashion followers anyway . But to me a entertainment and fashion fan who doesn't live in the center of it all it ,  huge shock and awe . The fact that a young , current actress was able to make a fashion choice with out compromising her values is dramatic in it's own way .  Some of you may not see the big deal in this, but others will be shaking your heads in agreement of this shock and awe .

I saw a young girl at a outlet mall several days ago wearing a skirt I wouldn't sleep in. Yes, sleep in . You never know when there will be a middle of the night emergency where outfit changing will not be an option. As I write that I realize I may have PTSD from my RD years . Anyway, it was so short and inappropriate given her age, much less her location . She was with what appeared to be family or friends , shopping and goofing off like any other young girl would be . My heart grieved . My immediate thought was is this her idea of beautiful, acceptable and eye catching . Eye catching it was . When we are young the words we do and do not hear shape us so drastically . It is strong enough to out weigh and counter act the things we see on t.v., movies, and magazines .  I too suffer from not enough compliments from the right people at the right time . I'm so grateful to have been loved by a God that wants more for me than simply, "eye catching" . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes . It is also in the hand of the designer .

As you go to build your next out-fit what images , words and desires will influence your choices ? I for one am very grateful for this small but wonderful example and reminder that we can be beautiful, fashionable and even sexy with out folding to the worlds definition of these words . I hope that it some how encouraged you as well . - beau·ti·ful : excellent of it's kind

Friday, October 5, 2012

In the Absense of Insight

In the absence of insight I am leaning on creativity . Life has been kicking me around for the last few weeks . Hence the absence of my blogging . I feel good when I have the time and opportunity to be creative . I also enjoy finding something and giving it a little refurbishing or updating . Since my heart and mind seem to be bailing on me in this time I'm finding fresh air and revival in working on some projects . Here are a few I completed this week . 
Mirror Revamp
It started w this gold mirror that had been
stashed in a spare room at my g'parents .

I got tips from a good friend who often does
such projects . I took apart the mirror and gave it a good cleaning.
Then painted it white as a primer.

It took about a hour or so for it to dry . I then took some time
to decide what color I wanted to use and what room I'd want it to
eventually go in . I settled on the Krylon spray paint in Watermelon.

I sprayed a thin layer on and let it sit for about a hour. Then I
sprayed on a second layer .

After another 30 minutes or so of drying I replaced the mirror and backing
to the frame and immediately hung it in my bedroom. It
matches so perfectly and is a awesome addition to my
super girly/glam room .

My Summer Wreath..........
This wreath adorned my front door for the summer
months . I love it and hesitated taking it down, but
I love fall so much I was equally amped to hang
my fall wreath . I loved my fall wreath from last fall
so I pulled it out of storage.
I was preparing to visit with a good friend I hadn't seen in a while and became inspired to turn my wreath into something for her front door . I removed the flowers and pinwheels leaving me with a blank canvas. I  spray painted the pale grape vine a dark brown/copper .
 Let it dry for close to an hour or more .
I then hot glued the beautiful fall flowers, leaves and acorns to complete this project .

......turned into a Fall Wreath .
I think it turned out perfect for the Fall season . Seeing that she lives
in Florida it will be the perfect touch of fall for her home . She was as equally
excited to recieve the gift as I was to give it . I love surprising friends
with something home made .
I am so excited about these completed projects . I hope that it inspires you to
explore and express your creativity  !!
Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose !!!