Friday, October 5, 2012

In the Absense of Insight

In the absence of insight I am leaning on creativity . Life has been kicking me around for the last few weeks . Hence the absence of my blogging . I feel good when I have the time and opportunity to be creative . I also enjoy finding something and giving it a little refurbishing or updating . Since my heart and mind seem to be bailing on me in this time I'm finding fresh air and revival in working on some projects . Here are a few I completed this week . 
Mirror Revamp
It started w this gold mirror that had been
stashed in a spare room at my g'parents .

I got tips from a good friend who often does
such projects . I took apart the mirror and gave it a good cleaning.
Then painted it white as a primer.

It took about a hour or so for it to dry . I then took some time
to decide what color I wanted to use and what room I'd want it to
eventually go in . I settled on the Krylon spray paint in Watermelon.

I sprayed a thin layer on and let it sit for about a hour. Then I
sprayed on a second layer .

After another 30 minutes or so of drying I replaced the mirror and backing
to the frame and immediately hung it in my bedroom. It
matches so perfectly and is a awesome addition to my
super girly/glam room .

My Summer Wreath..........
This wreath adorned my front door for the summer
months . I love it and hesitated taking it down, but
I love fall so much I was equally amped to hang
my fall wreath . I loved my fall wreath from last fall
so I pulled it out of storage.
I was preparing to visit with a good friend I hadn't seen in a while and became inspired to turn my wreath into something for her front door . I removed the flowers and pinwheels leaving me with a blank canvas. I  spray painted the pale grape vine a dark brown/copper .
 Let it dry for close to an hour or more .
I then hot glued the beautiful fall flowers, leaves and acorns to complete this project .

......turned into a Fall Wreath .
I think it turned out perfect for the Fall season . Seeing that she lives
in Florida it will be the perfect touch of fall for her home . She was as equally
excited to recieve the gift as I was to give it . I love surprising friends
with something home made .
I am so excited about these completed projects . I hope that it inspires you to
explore and express your creativity  !!
Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose !!!

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