Sunday, October 28, 2012

~ A Baby Gift ~

A friend of mine is working on decorating her baby room . I wanted to attempt something as a baby gift that might match with what she was working on. This letter frame was my intial inspiration, when a friend and I had a crafternoon this summer she made this for her daughters bedroom door . I thought it was such a cute idea, but wanted to spin it in a way to match what my other friend had planned for her new babies room .

I needed orange, tan, and something kinda tool-esq . So, I gathered a few supplies I already had and went to the dollar tree for a few others . I already had a set of orange frames that I had gotten as a bargain clearance deal . I got a few packs of nuts, bolts, screws, etc. at the dollar tree to see what I might be able to do with them . If they didn't work for this project I figured I could just keep them in case of future need . I mean, everyone has a screw loose, right ?!

I went through my scrap book paper for a back ground, but couldn't find anything that matched . Luckily I'm a saver and have many envelopes and cards that have been sent to me over the years . I found the perfect back ground on the INSIDE of a envelope . So, I carefully unfolded it and reformed it to fit in my frame . The walls in the new baby room are tan and white so this back ground is good match .
My friend has decorated in multiple places of her house with their last initial - C . So, I thought this might work for baby as well . After some moving around, test tries, and maybe this will work maybe it won't I ended up with this creation . I hot glued the pieces in the shape of a C. Since hot glue tends to dry clear it was the perfect adhesive.

I am the kind of gift giver that prefaces all gifts with , "if you don't like, it doesn't match or won't fit please feel free to re gift it, return it, etc. " . I love the final product, but won't be offended if it doesn't end up in the final decor of the baby room . I do however hope that it inspires you to think out side the box with some future crafts , gift giving, and decor ideas that you have . If anything the project reminded me once again that all you have to do sometimes is look around your house for a little inspiration . Often the things we need, such as a back ground piece , are right under our noses .
Reduce ~ Recycle ~ Reuse

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