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~ New Music Monday ~ ACM Predictions ~ March 28 ~

Happy #NewMusicMonday Y'all!!!! As I shared in a previous post that you can find HERE, I am somewhat upset by this years Academy of Country Music Awards nominations. I truly am baffled by the absence of certain artists and groups. I feel similarly about radio. I can't decide if it is politics, fear of the new and unknown, or just flat out ignorance that keep certain players out of the game. Anyway, I have a true belief that many will get their shot in due time. Until then, let's discuss this years nominations and who we think might be taking home a new trophy.
We will start with the categories that already have winners. Last week the ACM's announced the winners for the Best New Group, Female and Male artists. Best New Group went to Old Dominion, Best New Female is Kelsey Ballerini and to none of our surprise Best New Male is Chris Stapleton, as it should be. I have no major qualms with any of those winners. Best New Female was a seriously stacked category that I can see would be difficult to make a vote on. Let's be honest, any category with Chris Stapleton in it is basically a no brainer and I would've liked to have seen Brothers Osborne or Maddie and Tae take New Group, but I digress.

New Vocal Duo or Group of the Year
A Thousand Horses
Brothers Osborne
Maddie & Tae
Old Dominion

New Female Vocalist of the Year
Kelsea Ballerini
Mickey Guyton

New Male Vocalist of the Year
Brett Eldredge
Chris Janson
Thomas Rhett
Chase Rice
Chris Stapleton

WARNING: This video requires tissues or
emotions of steel. It is on point and a very
creative way to shine a light on mental illness.
Chris Stapleton "Fire Away"
fr "Traveler"

Miranda Lambert - Kennedy Center Honors
The Eagles - "Desperado"

Now, onto the other nominations -

Entertainer of the Year - This is always a difficult category in my opinion. It takes a lot to even be considered so usually it is real tried and true entertainers who have been around for a minute that are nominated. I would LOVE to see Miranda take this one. EOY is usually a male dominated category, but I think that Miranda is a female artist who holds her own onstage as well as everywhere else. I think it would be amazing for her to walk away with this one. However, I think that if trend and recent past winners are any indication then Luke very well may win this one again, for the third or fourth year in a row. If there is a surprise upset, it would be Church. Everyone feels he has been in the category for long enough with out actually winning, so you never know. This could be his year.

Entertainer of the Year
Jason Aldean
Garth Brooks
Luke Bryan
Miranda Lambert
Eric Church

Male Vocalist - If the CMA's are our only guide post that we can go ahead and start engraving this for Christ Stapleton. Which I support. Brett Eldredge won Best New Artist either last year or the year before that so it is very possible he would be moving his way up this year, but with all that Stapleton has accomplished since the CMA's I'm unsure I see it really happening this year.

Male Vocalist of the Year
Jason Aldean
Eric Church
Brett Eldredge
Chris Stapleton
Dierks Bentley

Female Vocalist - Miranda has won this category so many times that I have quit counting. While I LOVE Miranda I think that even she is kind of over her winning streak here. I would like to see Kacey Musgraves win this year. She is an amazing writer who has actually written for Miranda as well as a variety of other artists. Her Rhinestone Revue tour has been going swimmingly and she was nominated for a Grammy this year. I think she deserves this win. I think that Kramer and Ballerini are both respectable artists in their own rights, but I just think it is too soon for them to be considered for Best Female. Ballerini is just about to release her third single and Kramer released I believe only one single this last year. I like them both, I just don't think that they need to be in this category yet.

Female Vocalist of the Year
Kelsea Ballerini
Jana Kramer
Miranda Lambert
Kacey Musgraves
Carrie Underwood

Vocal Duo - Speaking of winning streaks we are all ready to end....If history repeats itself then FGL will win for like the eleventieth time. But I think that the industry and community very well could give it to Joey + Rory out of respect for all that they contributed to Country music in their short time in the industry and in memoriam of Joey Feek who passed away from ovarian cancer just a few weeks ago. The Country Music community is familial like that. They consider such things when voting. If neither of these things happen I would like to see Maddie and Tae win honestly. I think that they are a talented pair of female writer/performers. Again, they are young and technically fall into my ideas of "rules and regulations" for nominations, i.e. Kramer/Ballerini mentioned above, but I just feel like this pair is here to stay and deserve a win. I can't even help it.

Vocal Duo of the Year
Brothers Osborne
Dan + Shay
Florida Georgia Line
Maddie + Tae
Joey + Rory

Vocal Group - Based on my above statements it would seem that I am a repeat hater, but that is not true. I would have no problems with Little Big Town taking this one home again. If not LBT I would like Eli Young Band to win. They have been around for a while and haven't had the award wins or even radio play that they should. They fall into the category of my earlier rant about politics, etc.

Vocal Group of the Year
Eli Young Band
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts
Old Dominion
Zac Brown Band
Zac Brown Band - " You Make Loving You Easy"
fr "Jekyll + Hyde"

Eric Church "Mr. Misunderstood"
fr "Mr. Misunderstood"

Album of the Year - Church's "Mr. Misunderstood" was a surprise release that dropped just after the CMA's aired. Literally, right after. It's only been out a few months and has only release one single I believe. I love me some Church, but this album is just getting started. I wouldn't be mad if he won, but I think that I want it to go to Stapletons' "Traveller" or Hunts' "Montevallo". Yes, Hunt falls into my too new too young category, but "Montevallo" is just that good in my opinion. Chris Young has been around and is a classically trained vocalist. He has several albums and number ones under his belt and his current single with Cassadee Pope is number 1 on GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown for several weeks in a row. I think that if there are any surprises, it could be him.

Album of the Year
Eric Church, Mr. Misunderstood
Sam Hunt, Montevallo
Thomas Rhett, Tangled Up
Chris Young, I’m Comin’ Over
Chris Stapleton, Traveller
Single Record of the Year - "Girl Crush" has been a winner at every show it's invited to so, I think it is a obvious potential win. Cams',"Burning House" has been critically acclaimed in several genre's making it a solid contender, same with Sam Hunts, "Take Your Time". Personally, I would like to see LBT, Cam or Sam take this category. It is no secret I am a major fan of both LBT and Cam, but I was a little slow on my affections for Hunt. However, now that I have listened to his debut EP "Montevallo" many, many times I am on board. Yes, he is different. No, he is NOT "traditional" country, but I think these may be some of his best qualities. Hunt was nominated for Best New Artists at this years Grammy's and AMA's. That is a all genre category where he was against artists like The Weekend. I think that the conversations he is bringing to country music by being selected for such awards is great. It is getting people to reconsider what they thought country was and give it a listen with a fresh ear. I think that artists like Hunt, Cam, &  Ballerini are bringing fans, who had never before considered themselves "country" fans, into the country music community and that is GREAT!!!!!

Single Record of the Year
“Burning House,” Cam
“Buy Me a Boat,” Chris Janson
“Die a Happy Man,” Thomas Rhett
“Girl Crush,” Little Big Town
“I’m Comin’ Over,” Chris Young
“Take Your Time,” Sam Hunt

Cam "Burning House"
fr "Untamed"
Video of the Year - So, my reasoning is going to possibly crack you up, enrage you, or totally make sense because you know me well. I would like to see Cams', "Burning House" win here for multiple reasons. 1. Yes, it is an AMAZING video. Gorgeous in everyway. Trey Fanjoy knew exactly what she was doing in the making of this. 2. Burning House has been such a hit that it would be no surprise that its video would be as well. 3. Here is where you may trip out, when planning to actually set a house on fire for this video the director, producers, etc. arranged for it to be used in fire fighter training for local fire stations. Y'ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT REPURPOSING!!!!! I absolutely love that they thought that far in advance with this shoot. It literally makes me giddy. Back to the category, this is a category similar to EOY, everyone in it is in it with good reason. I do not think I would have a problem with any of these choices being a winner. Each video was amazing in its own right and fit the song it went with. All are creative and have been on video countdowns since their release. I guess we will have to wait and see with this one.

Video of the Year
“Biscuits,” Kacey Musgraves
“Burning House,” Cam
“Girl Crush,” Little Big Town
“Mr. Misunderstood,” Eric Church
“Riser,” Dierks Bentley

Song of the Year - Since the moment I heard Eric Paslay's, "She Don't Love You" I thought it was a SOY contender. I am so super happy to see that the ACM's agreed with me on that. It is such a beautiful song, but the songs it is up against are serious legit heavy hitters. As I mentioned earlier, "Girl Crush" has won at every show it's been invited to and I have already shared my love of Cam and Stapletons' work. I could see any of these songs winning and I don't think I would be disappointed by any of them.

Song of the Year
“Burning House,” Cam
“Girl Crush,” Little Big Town
“Nobody to Blame,” Chris Stapleton
“Raise ‘Em Up,” Keith Urban feat. Eric Church
“She Don’t Love You,” Eric Paslay

Eric Paslay - "She Don't Love You"
Keith Urban FT Eric Church
"Raise 'Em Up"

Vocal Event of the Year - My vote in this category goes to Keith Urban featuring Eric Church with "Raise 'Em Up", co-written by Jaren Johnston of The Cadillac Three and performed perfectly by two artists whose style couldn't be more different, it is a wonderful tune!!!! A milipoint behind "Raise 'Em Up" is Miranda Lambert with Little Big Towns, "Smokin' and Drinkin'". This song is a time machine and if you listen to it and don't automatically go back to either your High School or College experience then I feel like you aren't listening to it correctly.

Vocal Event of the Year
“Hangover Tonight,” Gary Allan (Feat. Chris Stapleton)
“Home Alone Tonight,” Luke Bryan (Feat. Karen Fairchild)
“Raise ‘Em Up,” Keith Urban (Feat. Eric Church)
“Smokin’ and Drinkin’,” Miranda Lambert (Feat. Little Big Town)
“Wild Child,” Kenny Chesney (Feat. Grace Potter)

The ACM's air THIS SUNDAY, April 3rd on CBS @ 8 p.m. Eastern Standard. Let's watch together and see if any of my predictions are winners!!!!

To see past #NewMusicMonday posts featuring some of the nominees type "New Music Monday" into the blogs search bar.

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~ New Music Monday ~ March 21 ~ Charles Billingsly ~ Right Here ~

Sound Bite fr "God is Good"
fr "Right Here" - Avail. Now

I am dedicating this weeks #NewMusicMonday solely to Charles Billingsly's newest album, "Right Here". I shared with you several months ago that I would be apart of the Launch Team for Charles' newest album and you can see a promo vid that I posted HERE . It has some fun behind the scenes clips of the recording of "Right Here". In considering to join the team I didn't have too much on my con list. Instantly it was all pro's. It isn't difficult to support people/teams that you know and believe in so, this wasn't so much work as it was just flat out fun. You may originally know Charles from his time with the Christian music group, "New Song", but my first Charles experience was as a high school junior when I received a recruitment video from what would end up being my alma mater. He was the host of the video and gave all the prospective students viewing it a virtual tour of the university along with facts, other info., etc. I later met him in person many years later when I became a staffer for the university. He was as nice in person as he had been on the recruitment video and I was relieved. So often artists are not as "advertised".

It is one of my "things" about music. I LOVE music!!!! LOVE!!!! I know I don't have to tell y'all that. It is as important to me as air, water, food, etc. and in my past professions I have had the opportunity to meet several artists. Some as amazing as you imagine and some not so much. So, when given the opportunity to meet an artist whose work I admire and respect I truly hesitate. If they end up being less than expected or flat out mean, the music becomes poisoned to me. Toxic, even.  I can't help it. It makes me sad and basically breaks my heart. I have lost several tunes by meeting the one who wrote or performed them. So, as I said, I was relieved when meeting Charles to see that he was as kind and personable in real life as he had been on stage. I am also happy to say that over a decade later I am still as impressed with him as I was then. Charles has remained a positive presence in my world and I am so happy to have the chance to do something positive for he and his team in sharing my love for this record with you.

BTS Interview w Charles Billingsly
about the heart of "Right Here"

As the Launch Team prepared for the release of Right Here we were sent several samples, videos, and other information to become familiar with and talk about/share on social media. When I heard the title track, "Right Here", I knew that the rest of the album was going to be wonderful. Not that I had any doubt to begin with. Charles is the kind of artist that once you hear/see his work/ministry, voice, and song choices you have no doubt that whatever he does will be excellent. I'm not saying this because I have known Charles and members of his team for years or because I have worked with/for Charles in the past, but because I truly believe in this album and think it is wonderful. Y'all know I don't share tunes or bodies of work that I don't LOVE myself. The title track, "Right Here" was as song that I needed to hear right when I received it for review. I think it is amazing how the Lord chooses to use such a variety of vessels to reach into our lives and speak to us. He used "Right Here" to speak to me in a moment when I very much needed to hear His inspired words specifically. I would write out the lyrics for you, but I feel like you need to hear the song. You can hear a sound bite by going to or iTunes, but I would suggest going ahead and downloading it along with the rest of the album. It is totally worth skipping a few coffees or fast food runs to fit it into your budget.

"Right Here" is a album that I can listen to start to finish with out hesitation. When I received the CD in the mail I knew that I wanted to listen to it when I would be able to focus on it and hear it uninterrupted. So, I saved it for a day that involved being in the car for awhile. It turned out it had been saved for a day when I would really end up needing to hear some of the lyrics in a very real way. I truly can NOT tell you which tune is my favorite at the moment. I love them all and they each have something different to offer spiritually, instrumentally, vocally and lyrically. The tunes have a variety of range to them. The very first track "I Let My Heart Open", kinda takes me back to Billingsly's "New Song" days. I'm not 100% sure on the why, but it is the first place my mind went when listening to the track. I think it is that reminiscent sound that sets it apart from the other tunes on the album. Right Here is a 11 track album so, I don't plan to share each one of them with you on this particular post, but I do want to highlight several of the ones that are reaching out to me and kinda meeting me where I currently am in my life and my walk with Christ. I plan to share others in later #NewMusicMonday posts.

"See You again" fr "Right Here"
by Charles Billingsly feat. Meredith Andrews

All that said, the second tune I want to share is a duet with Meredith Andrews called, "See You Again". I also know Meredith from my time working for my alma mater. I first met Meredith when I was a senior working in the Campus Pastors Office and she was a freshmen auditioning to do a solo at a campus church/convocation service. Again, another voice that you only need to hear once to know that whatever they do, will be excellent. When I see all that the Lord has done in and through Meredith's life and talent I often go back to that memory of her as a freshmen nervously auditioning for that solo. She of course was chosen and ended up being a regular on the convocation stage and someone the students looked forward to hearing. "See You Again" is a song that goes through all the things that life brings us and how God moves through them to show us Himself, His grace, and His power. The lyrics along with the beauty of Charles and Meredith's voices together is easily addicting and one of those tunes you wanna put on repeat. Along with all the musicality wonderfulness I just love when artist of similar hearts and talents have the opportunity to collaborate. You can see the BTS (behind the scenes) of their collaboration by clicking HERE .

Lastly in my sharing for this weeks #NewMusicMonday, all of the songs on this album are excellent. I truly applaud Charles on his song selection for this one. I think that once you hear it you will feel the same. The first single hitting radio from "Right Here" is going to be "Victory (The Blood of Jesus)". Have I said it enough times yet ? It's excellent!!!!!! And so on point. It is a tune that points back to the truth of our salvation through Jesus' giving of His life for us. It is a song that points so boldly and honestly towards the truth of why we each exists that I can't help, but find myself in a place of worship each time I hear it. I, like many of you, sometimes feel like there is no where and no one else to turn to in times of struggle or trouble, but "Victory (The Blood of Jesus)" is a truthful and solid reminder that we only need one place or heart to turn to in these times and it is the one who saves us over and over, Jesus. I am looking forward to this tune hitting radio and seeing how it reaches people, touches their hearts and lives.

So, have I convinced you yet ? Are you leaving this blog and immediately heading to or iTunes to purchase your copy of "Right Here" ???!!!! Excellent. I look forward to hearing how this album touches your heart. Please feel free to share in the comments section or on your social media accounts.

As I mentioned, "Victory (The Blood of Jesus)" is headed to radio and we would love for you to start requesting it with your local radio stations. Each request/vote for a tune on radio makes a difference in its placement on a variety of  charts. Without any presales "Right Here" charted at 19 on iTunes on its release day. That is kinda UHHHMAAAAYYYZZZINGGG !!!!!!!!! So, keep on sharing the songs you love with the people you love and keep that CD moving on the charts. I know I say this a lot, but you HAVE POWER!!!!!!!! Power to move a cd/song up the charts to #1. Power to make a CD go gold. Power to get an artist HEARD!!!!!!! That makes YOU kinda UUUUUHHHMAAAAAAAAAAYYYYZZZZZZIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

If you are in the East Tennessee Region aka Knoxville, Campbell Co. Anderson Co., etc. you can listen at 88.3 FM or 94.1 FM you can also reach out to KLove Radio on their social media accounts or their website

Happy New Music Monday !!! Happy listening !

~ New Music Monday ~ Follow Up ~ Brandy Clark " Girl Next Door " Video ~

Last weeks #NewMusicMonday highlighted a new tune from Brandy Clark, "Girl Next Door". We shared the lyric and the story behind the song in anticipation that the official video would come soon. Patience pays and the video released this week. I think my favorite line and yes, it is really hard to choose, is "I've never been to jail, but hell I wouldn't put it past me". Here is the official vid for "Girl Next Door" watch and let us know what your fave line might be. Don't worry, we know it is difficult to pick just one. ENJOY !!!!! oh and #GIRLPOWER !!!!

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~ Redecorating ~

The Faith Journals are doing a little redecorating. Our apologies if there is something you can't find, a link that isn't working, etc. Please feel free to let me know in the comments section if you have any problems. I hope to have it all settled and worked out by the end of the week........ish. We are also open to any suggestions you may have. Doesn't mean we will do it, but we might and we wanna hear what you think. Thanks for your patience in the process.

~ New Music Monday ~ March 14th ~ Loretta's 70th ~

Little Big Town @ the O2 in London
Pic fr Little Big Town's Instagram

It feels as though the past two weeks I have been consumed by following artists and festivals social media while day dreaming of being in Australia , Glasgow , Dublin , and London . Many of the country music community are currently over seas in Australia for the CMC Rock Festival , CMC Awards and in Glasgow or London for C2C . Both have become huge festivals that highlight many American country artists . I am suffering from the largest bout of FOMO ( fear of missing out ) I have ever felt . I'm not usually one that battles with FOMO , but man o man is my little music loving heart hurtin' !!!! It is on my list and I wanna say that one day , O ONE DAY!!!!! I will attend one or both of these festivals in one capacity or another .

I don't have to know what has been happening
in this picture in order to call shenanigans .
Kip Moore , Lee Brice , & Jaren Johnston
@ CMC Rocks Festival in Australia
Pic fr Kip Moore Insta .

The Story Behind - " Unlove You "

Now to start weeks #NewMusicMonday  we are going to begin with an update . Several weeks ago we shared the audio for Jennifer Nettles newest single , " Unlove You " . You can read that post by clicking here . This weekend she released the official video to CMT and I presume it will soon be available on YouTube and Vevo . Until it is available eeerrrryyyywhere you can click on this link
--> Jennifer Nettles - Unlove You to view the beautiful video that is currently on . Nettles co-wrote " Unlove You " with her current tour mate on the CMT Next Women of Country tour , Brandy Clark . Clark and Nettles each have a flare for telling the truth in a way that is raw , maybe a bit idealistic , but relatable all at the same time . It is a style that I very much appreciate . The video is visually stunning as is Nettles in it . It is difficult to not be drawn in instantly by both . If she didn't seem so nice , I'd just hate her . LOL!!!! But , as it stands , she seems like BFF material if we ever were to meet . Back to the tunes , I would encourage you to click the link highlighted or head over to and give the vid a glance . It truly is gorgeous which is no real surprise when considering Trey Fanjoy directed . Fanjoy is also responsible for Cam's , " Burning House " video as well as many others . It'd take a day to list them all .

Keeping on the Next Women of Country Tour theme I am sharing a tune from Brandy Clark . " Girl Next Door " is Clarks latest release and per usual hits a nerve that no one else seems willing to hit . Clark is not hesitant to tell you who she is and in this tune she isn't hesitating to tell you who she is not !! I have yet to see an " official " video , so today I'll post the lyric vid . I think when being exposed to a new song , lyric videos are always helpful . Clark isn't a name that people who just listen to radio play may be all that familiar with . She has written and co-written many tunes you probably know by heart . She has multiple Grammy , CMA and ACM nominations under her belt along with several charting tunes . One that you may be more familiar with is " Stripes " . Released several years ago it is the tale of a woman faced with the idea that shooting the man cheating on her would equal having wearing stripes for life . I love it !!!! It is a tune I return to often . It is truthful , cheeky , and just flat out feminine in a " I own my own gun " kind of way .

Brady Clark - " Girl Next Door "

                        The Story Behind " The Girl Next Door " told by Brandy Clark

Last on this #NewMusicMonday is the one and only Loretta Lynn . Last week Mrs . Lynn released her 70th record . SEVENTIETH !!!!!! I ' ma give you a second to let that settle in . This is her first album in over ten years . Her last production was headed by Jack White and produced several number ones including my favorite , " Portland Oregon " . 12 years - ish since her last album , 70 albums in and Loretta Lynn is still writing and producing music that is in line with the world around her . Last week she was a guest on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live and was as charming as ever . I love her way . Her way of speaking , her way of dealing with interviews , her way of writing , everything !!! She is a real true example of not letting the bright lights change ya . In line with the release of the new album , " Full Circle " , there is a episode of " American Masters " on PBS featuring Loretta's life and the making of this newest album . I caught the second half of it the other night and was enraptured . I can't wait to watch the entire episode . I feel like Loretta , if she isn't already , would be a fan of writers/singers like Jennifer Nettles and Brandy Clark so , sharing them all with you in this weeks #NewMusicMonday just felt right . There isn't an official video yet to go with any of Loretta's new music , but I am gonna share her iconic , " Coal Miners Daughter " with you to hold ya over .

Loretta Lynn - " Coal Miners Daughter "

REMINDER!!!!!!!!!VOTE!!!!REQUEST!!!!!! This week Kip Moore's , " Running For You " went up four more spots to #8 on GAC's Top 20 , however , it did not chart on CMT's HOT 20 . SOOOOOOOOO thanks to everyone who voted on the GAC count down and hey what's up to all who didn't vote on CMT's count down ???!!!! LOL !!!!

To vote on GAC's Top 20 you can click HERE and vote up to ten times a day !!!!

To vote on CMT's Hot 20 you can click HERE .

Don't forget , Kip Moore's " Running for You " is just in it's , I wanna say third week on the count down and now we also have a new vid from The Cadillac Three and Jennifer Nettles entering the count downs . I am also expecting a video from Cam will be out soon for her newest single , " May Day " . So , get to voting so we can see these great pieces of work on display !!

Kip Moore - " Running For You "
fr " Wild Ones "
Also , keep requesting with your local radio stations . You can tweet , text , fb , insta , e-mail , call or even snail mail in those requests . Making a request once a day/week/month makes a difference for these songs and the artists putting them out there .

To read past #NewMusicMonday posts you can type "New Music Monday " into the blogs search bar to be redirected to past posts . Also , to keep up with new posts you can follow me on twitter
 " stacietennessee " .

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~ New Music Monday ~ On Thursday ~ Graffiti ~ Follow Up ~

On this weeks #NewMusicMonday we shared a concert clip of The Cadillac Three's newest single , " Graffiti " . Good news , we do not have to wait any longer for the official video . Below is the brand spakin ' newly released official vid for " Graffiti " by The Cadillac Three . It was shot while the trio were in the UK playing a few dates . I kinda think it turned out really awesome . It is different , it is cool , it matches the bands style both musically and visually , in my humble opinion . Decide for yourself , but this makes me even more anticipant for their next album . Currently TC3 are down under preparing to play a few dates .

The Cadillac Three - " Graffiti "

A lot of the country music community seem to be in Australia this week as last night was their version of the CMA's or ACMs . Also , C2C is just around the corner and The Snowy Mountain Country Music Festival just wrapped up in Thredbo . Country to Country is one of the shows on my life bucket list . I hope our European friends are enjoying all this awesome live country music they're getting right now . I fear a few of our artists may not return after this trip . LOL !! Can't say that I blame them .

Just ANOTHER reminder to keep calling into local radio to request and voting online for your favorite artists . It really does make a difference in an artists charting , even when you vote/request just once a day/week/month . This is one of the easiest ways to show support for the music you love and are listening to right now . KEEP VOTING!!!!!!!!! KEEP REQUESTING!!!!!!!!! I wanna hear " Graffiti " on m' radio !!!!

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~ New Music Monday ~ Running for You ~ March 7th ~

Kip Moore - " Running for You "
fr " Wild Ones "

Whilst I was away Kip Moore FINALLY released the video for " Running for You " . A production headed by Life in Rewind , the same folks behind all the pre - Wild Ones release teaser vids . So , we already knew it was going to be handled by a creative group of folks . I think this video is beautiful . In a making of vid that I will post below , Director PJ Brown stated he thought the video would be a departure from what the die hard fans are use to from Moore . I agree . I think we have come to expect a certain rebelliousness from Kip in his videos . A cleverly and thinly veiled middle finger either to the guy at the alter , the boss that's keeping you down , or the dad that said he wasn't good enough to date his daughter . " Running for You " is a bit different in the way that it shows more of the sensitive side of Moore . You know , those vulnerable moments between a couple whether it is in the " getting to know you" stage or those difficult moments that occur once you are settled into a relationship . Those moments of choice . Moore has said in multiple interviews about the song that it is his version of true love . The kind of love that says , " yes , I love you and want the world for you , even if that means I am not apart of it " . I have loved " Running for You " for a long time . Way before it was released on the Wild Ones record . I think my affection for it began with a small , probably less than a minute clip of a sound check where Moore is just kind of picking away at it in a broken down less constructed way . I had hoped that the recorded version would be broken down like that , but I am just as happy with the final product . It is a song that no matter its construction , lyrically , needed to be out in the world . See the official video above by PJ Brown and Life in Rewind . Below is a behind the scenes vid . There is also a blooper reel out there . I promise it is worth looking up on YouTube . Watching people get the giggles while trying to be serious is one of my favorite things . I LOVE behind the scenes videos or documentaries . I can't get enough of how something comes about . Blame it on the music / creative geek that resides with in me .

Kip Moore - " Running for You "
Behind the Scenes
The Cadillac Three - " Graffiti "
Paramount Theatre Colorado
Wild Ones Tour w Kip Moore

Next on this #NewMusicMonday is the newest release from The Cadillac Three . T3 were apart of the end of the American leg of Kip Moores , " Wild Ones " tour . This vid is from their stop in Colorado . T3 have an official video for " Graffiti " in the can and it is now just a matter of when it will be released . I saw a small clip today on T3's instagram and it looked pretty cool . As I mentioned when sharing T3's " White Lightening " last year , the trio has a very specific sound . They are for sure the epitome of southern rock . Which I dig and am unsure there is anything quite like them out right now , in the rock or country community . Jaren Johnston , lead vocals keeps the trio set apart from all the others with his distinctive vocals . You can hear one word and know that it is the front man from T3 . Jaren has written and co - written on a lot of artists #1's , i.e. Keith Urban w Eric Church , " Raise Em' Up" , Tim McGraw w Faith Hill , " Meanwhile Back at Mamma's " , just to name a couple , and has been heckling Kip Moore to release a song they have written together called " Play it Cool " . While in Portland , I think , Moore teased the audience by giving them the idea that he may be releasing a new album sooner rather than later . Which all die hards would LOVE after having to wait nearly four years for " Wild Ones " . Here is to hoping that he and Johnstons collab will be on it . It really is one of my favorites !!

Kip Moore - " Play it Cool "
Co - Written w Jaren Johnston
Not Currently on a Record
House of Blues Boston 2015
Maren Morris - " 80's Mercedes "
fr Self Titled EP
I shared two tracks with you last week from Maren Morris' self titled EP . Currently ," 80's Mercedes " is my play on repeat , can't get enough of it , jam . It so takes me back to a place in my memory where my biggest concerns were if me and my friends were going out " cruisin' " that night , if I had any money for late night Sonic drinks , and who is riding with who in their big trucks aka " wubba wubba's ". Just for reference sake , " cruisin ' " in my world use to mean driving back and forth through the main roads in town , parking in empty parking lots and occasionally ending up in unplanned destinations with a group of my class mates . In my mind it is a very country , small town , high school kind of thing . Give Maren's " 80's Mercedes " a listen and see where it takes you .
Lastly this #NewMusicMonday is a tune that I feel will be this summers slow jam . A unexpected collaboration , but I think it works . " Waves " by Miguel featuring Kacey Musgraves is catchy and smooth in all the right places . There is just enough of Musgraves' signature style not just vocally , but instrumentally to make this a non sell out tune for me . You know how angry I get when artists like Thomas Rett and Fall Out Boy collab on awards shows for seemingly no good reason . When I heard about this duet I was tempted to get all musically , righteous , angry , but once I heard a sample I simmered down . Now that I have had the chance to replay the entire tune I am on board . Hence , my sharing it with you .

Miquel ft Kacey Musgraves " Waves "
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