Monday, March 7, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ Running for You ~ March 7th ~

Kip Moore - " Running for You "
fr " Wild Ones "

Whilst I was away Kip Moore FINALLY released the video for " Running for You " . A production headed by Life in Rewind , the same folks behind all the pre - Wild Ones release teaser vids . So , we already knew it was going to be handled by a creative group of folks . I think this video is beautiful . In a making of vid that I will post below , Director PJ Brown stated he thought the video would be a departure from what the die hard fans are use to from Moore . I agree . I think we have come to expect a certain rebelliousness from Kip in his videos . A cleverly and thinly veiled middle finger either to the guy at the alter , the boss that's keeping you down , or the dad that said he wasn't good enough to date his daughter . " Running for You " is a bit different in the way that it shows more of the sensitive side of Moore . You know , those vulnerable moments between a couple whether it is in the " getting to know you" stage or those difficult moments that occur once you are settled into a relationship . Those moments of choice . Moore has said in multiple interviews about the song that it is his version of true love . The kind of love that says , " yes , I love you and want the world for you , even if that means I am not apart of it " . I have loved " Running for You " for a long time . Way before it was released on the Wild Ones record . I think my affection for it began with a small , probably less than a minute clip of a sound check where Moore is just kind of picking away at it in a broken down less constructed way . I had hoped that the recorded version would be broken down like that , but I am just as happy with the final product . It is a song that no matter its construction , lyrically , needed to be out in the world . See the official video above by PJ Brown and Life in Rewind . Below is a behind the scenes vid . There is also a blooper reel out there . I promise it is worth looking up on YouTube . Watching people get the giggles while trying to be serious is one of my favorite things . I LOVE behind the scenes videos or documentaries . I can't get enough of how something comes about . Blame it on the music / creative geek that resides with in me .

Kip Moore - " Running for You "
Behind the Scenes
The Cadillac Three - " Graffiti "
Paramount Theatre Colorado
Wild Ones Tour w Kip Moore

Next on this #NewMusicMonday is the newest release from The Cadillac Three . T3 were apart of the end of the American leg of Kip Moores , " Wild Ones " tour . This vid is from their stop in Colorado . T3 have an official video for " Graffiti " in the can and it is now just a matter of when it will be released . I saw a small clip today on T3's instagram and it looked pretty cool . As I mentioned when sharing T3's " White Lightening " last year , the trio has a very specific sound . They are for sure the epitome of southern rock . Which I dig and am unsure there is anything quite like them out right now , in the rock or country community . Jaren Johnston , lead vocals keeps the trio set apart from all the others with his distinctive vocals . You can hear one word and know that it is the front man from T3 . Jaren has written and co - written on a lot of artists #1's , i.e. Keith Urban w Eric Church , " Raise Em' Up" , Tim McGraw w Faith Hill , " Meanwhile Back at Mamma's " , just to name a couple , and has been heckling Kip Moore to release a song they have written together called " Play it Cool " . While in Portland , I think , Moore teased the audience by giving them the idea that he may be releasing a new album sooner rather than later . Which all die hards would LOVE after having to wait nearly four years for " Wild Ones " . Here is to hoping that he and Johnstons collab will be on it . It really is one of my favorites !!

Kip Moore - " Play it Cool "
Co - Written w Jaren Johnston
Not Currently on a Record
House of Blues Boston 2015
Maren Morris - " 80's Mercedes "
fr Self Titled EP
I shared two tracks with you last week from Maren Morris' self titled EP . Currently ," 80's Mercedes " is my play on repeat , can't get enough of it , jam . It so takes me back to a place in my memory where my biggest concerns were if me and my friends were going out " cruisin' " that night , if I had any money for late night Sonic drinks , and who is riding with who in their big trucks aka " wubba wubba's ". Just for reference sake , " cruisin ' " in my world use to mean driving back and forth through the main roads in town , parking in empty parking lots and occasionally ending up in unplanned destinations with a group of my class mates . In my mind it is a very country , small town , high school kind of thing . Give Maren's " 80's Mercedes " a listen and see where it takes you .
Lastly this #NewMusicMonday is a tune that I feel will be this summers slow jam . A unexpected collaboration , but I think it works . " Waves " by Miguel featuring Kacey Musgraves is catchy and smooth in all the right places . There is just enough of Musgraves' signature style not just vocally , but instrumentally to make this a non sell out tune for me . You know how angry I get when artists like Thomas Rett and Fall Out Boy collab on awards shows for seemingly no good reason . When I heard about this duet I was tempted to get all musically , righteous , angry , but once I heard a sample I simmered down . Now that I have had the chance to replay the entire tune I am on board . Hence , my sharing it with you .

Miquel ft Kacey Musgraves " Waves "
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