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~ New Music Monday ~ March 21 ~ Charles Billingsly ~ Right Here ~

Sound Bite fr "God is Good"
fr "Right Here" - Avail. Now

I am dedicating this weeks #NewMusicMonday solely to Charles Billingsly's newest album, "Right Here". I shared with you several months ago that I would be apart of the Launch Team for Charles' newest album and you can see a promo vid that I posted HERE . It has some fun behind the scenes clips of the recording of "Right Here". In considering to join the team I didn't have too much on my con list. Instantly it was all pro's. It isn't difficult to support people/teams that you know and believe in so, this wasn't so much work as it was just flat out fun. You may originally know Charles from his time with the Christian music group, "New Song", but my first Charles experience was as a high school junior when I received a recruitment video from what would end up being my alma mater. He was the host of the video and gave all the prospective students viewing it a virtual tour of the university along with facts, other info., etc. I later met him in person many years later when I became a staffer for the university. He was as nice in person as he had been on the recruitment video and I was relieved. So often artists are not as "advertised".

It is one of my "things" about music. I LOVE music!!!! LOVE!!!! I know I don't have to tell y'all that. It is as important to me as air, water, food, etc. and in my past professions I have had the opportunity to meet several artists. Some as amazing as you imagine and some not so much. So, when given the opportunity to meet an artist whose work I admire and respect I truly hesitate. If they end up being less than expected or flat out mean, the music becomes poisoned to me. Toxic, even.  I can't help it. It makes me sad and basically breaks my heart. I have lost several tunes by meeting the one who wrote or performed them. So, as I said, I was relieved when meeting Charles to see that he was as kind and personable in real life as he had been on stage. I am also happy to say that over a decade later I am still as impressed with him as I was then. Charles has remained a positive presence in my world and I am so happy to have the chance to do something positive for he and his team in sharing my love for this record with you.

BTS Interview w Charles Billingsly
about the heart of "Right Here"

As the Launch Team prepared for the release of Right Here we were sent several samples, videos, and other information to become familiar with and talk about/share on social media. When I heard the title track, "Right Here", I knew that the rest of the album was going to be wonderful. Not that I had any doubt to begin with. Charles is the kind of artist that once you hear/see his work/ministry, voice, and song choices you have no doubt that whatever he does will be excellent. I'm not saying this because I have known Charles and members of his team for years or because I have worked with/for Charles in the past, but because I truly believe in this album and think it is wonderful. Y'all know I don't share tunes or bodies of work that I don't LOVE myself. The title track, "Right Here" was as song that I needed to hear right when I received it for review. I think it is amazing how the Lord chooses to use such a variety of vessels to reach into our lives and speak to us. He used "Right Here" to speak to me in a moment when I very much needed to hear His inspired words specifically. I would write out the lyrics for you, but I feel like you need to hear the song. You can hear a sound bite by going to or iTunes, but I would suggest going ahead and downloading it along with the rest of the album. It is totally worth skipping a few coffees or fast food runs to fit it into your budget.

"Right Here" is a album that I can listen to start to finish with out hesitation. When I received the CD in the mail I knew that I wanted to listen to it when I would be able to focus on it and hear it uninterrupted. So, I saved it for a day that involved being in the car for awhile. It turned out it had been saved for a day when I would really end up needing to hear some of the lyrics in a very real way. I truly can NOT tell you which tune is my favorite at the moment. I love them all and they each have something different to offer spiritually, instrumentally, vocally and lyrically. The tunes have a variety of range to them. The very first track "I Let My Heart Open", kinda takes me back to Billingsly's "New Song" days. I'm not 100% sure on the why, but it is the first place my mind went when listening to the track. I think it is that reminiscent sound that sets it apart from the other tunes on the album. Right Here is a 11 track album so, I don't plan to share each one of them with you on this particular post, but I do want to highlight several of the ones that are reaching out to me and kinda meeting me where I currently am in my life and my walk with Christ. I plan to share others in later #NewMusicMonday posts.

"See You again" fr "Right Here"
by Charles Billingsly feat. Meredith Andrews

All that said, the second tune I want to share is a duet with Meredith Andrews called, "See You Again". I also know Meredith from my time working for my alma mater. I first met Meredith when I was a senior working in the Campus Pastors Office and she was a freshmen auditioning to do a solo at a campus church/convocation service. Again, another voice that you only need to hear once to know that whatever they do, will be excellent. When I see all that the Lord has done in and through Meredith's life and talent I often go back to that memory of her as a freshmen nervously auditioning for that solo. She of course was chosen and ended up being a regular on the convocation stage and someone the students looked forward to hearing. "See You Again" is a song that goes through all the things that life brings us and how God moves through them to show us Himself, His grace, and His power. The lyrics along with the beauty of Charles and Meredith's voices together is easily addicting and one of those tunes you wanna put on repeat. Along with all the musicality wonderfulness I just love when artist of similar hearts and talents have the opportunity to collaborate. You can see the BTS (behind the scenes) of their collaboration by clicking HERE .

Lastly in my sharing for this weeks #NewMusicMonday, all of the songs on this album are excellent. I truly applaud Charles on his song selection for this one. I think that once you hear it you will feel the same. The first single hitting radio from "Right Here" is going to be "Victory (The Blood of Jesus)". Have I said it enough times yet ? It's excellent!!!!!! And so on point. It is a tune that points back to the truth of our salvation through Jesus' giving of His life for us. It is a song that points so boldly and honestly towards the truth of why we each exists that I can't help, but find myself in a place of worship each time I hear it. I, like many of you, sometimes feel like there is no where and no one else to turn to in times of struggle or trouble, but "Victory (The Blood of Jesus)" is a truthful and solid reminder that we only need one place or heart to turn to in these times and it is the one who saves us over and over, Jesus. I am looking forward to this tune hitting radio and seeing how it reaches people, touches their hearts and lives.

So, have I convinced you yet ? Are you leaving this blog and immediately heading to or iTunes to purchase your copy of "Right Here" ???!!!! Excellent. I look forward to hearing how this album touches your heart. Please feel free to share in the comments section or on your social media accounts.

As I mentioned, "Victory (The Blood of Jesus)" is headed to radio and we would love for you to start requesting it with your local radio stations. Each request/vote for a tune on radio makes a difference in its placement on a variety of  charts. Without any presales "Right Here" charted at 19 on iTunes on its release day. That is kinda UHHHMAAAAYYYZZZINGGG !!!!!!!!! So, keep on sharing the songs you love with the people you love and keep that CD moving on the charts. I know I say this a lot, but you HAVE POWER!!!!!!!! Power to move a cd/song up the charts to #1. Power to make a CD go gold. Power to get an artist HEARD!!!!!!! That makes YOU kinda UUUUUHHHMAAAAAAAAAAYYYYZZZZZZIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

If you are in the East Tennessee Region aka Knoxville, Campbell Co. Anderson Co., etc. you can listen at 88.3 FM or 94.1 FM you can also reach out to KLove Radio on their social media accounts or their website

Happy New Music Monday !!! Happy listening !

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