Sunday, June 15, 2014

~ Newest Shutterfly Project ~

Every body knows how I love "real" mail . I love sending mail as well as receiving it so , when Shutterfly sent me a special bonus for 10 free note cards it was a no brainer !!! If you are not a Shutterfly user I would highly recommend that you check them out . I use their site for the majority of my personalized projects/gifts . New note cards have been on my shopping list for several weeks and I just haven't found any I "love" . Yes , I am that particular about my note cards . Making todays' Shutterfly freebie a extra fun surprise and now I can mark one more thing off my list .
Stationery Card
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In case you wonder , when you are sent one of these amazing Shutterfly free/discount codes it goes towards the item you are purchasing and doesn't include tax or shipping . However , for me the cost of shipping is usually worth the purchase and ends up being less than if I had went out to a store and purchased or had someone else make whatever it is I am getting . And as I have said probably a gazillion times , personalized notes or gifts are really some of the best ! Also , once you have shopped with Shutterfly they will continue sending you discounts , freebies and other fun offers for your future projects . If you are interested in checking out Shutterfly and the items they offer you can do so by clicking on any of the highlighted links on this page . The picture above is a copy of the card I ordered . I ordered it in a 5x5 flat card , just to be a little sassy in comparison to the norm 3x5 folded card . It is one of my favorite scenic pictures from a trip to Seattle last summer that I edited with Instagram . I think it will be a great note card for this summers correspondence to friends and family .