Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prayers for Tricia

For those of you that read my blog often you are well aware of my friend Sweet Tricia and her wait for a second double lung transplant . This week there was what they are calling a "First Dry Run" . Tricia is now back in the hospital and not feeling well . You can read details about that on her husband Nathans Blog .

I just would like to ask you to keep her and the family in your prayers . If you are curious about organ donation , myths and facts please check out Nathan's Blog Here .  He has many links to multiple sites that can inform you on how to be a organ donor . He also has their personal testimony as he and Tricia have experienced life on the transplant list .

My prayer for Tricia.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gods Car Wash

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose
I thought I would stay on the Earth Day track with today's post . This Spring has brought with it some crazy high pollen counts . That pollen has brought with it runny eyes, sniffy noses and a cover for our cars , bikes and all out door items . Even protected by a car port or garage cars are changing colors with all the pollen . My lil' car is one of those cars that seems to be more yellow than anything . Of course like most people I'm very tempted to go through the car wash and give my car a thorough scrubbing , but this time I decided to check the weather before making a trip to the car wash .  www.weather.com predicted rain for Wednesday as well as the up coming weekend so I decided to wait for the rain .

With today's rain I parked my car in the drive way and let mother nature do the rest of the work . No, it is not the same as a scrub that a mechanical car wash with huge brushes and hoses , but it did get rid of the inches of pollen covering my car. I can actually see its original color now .
 I saved some money , some water and some time by going this route on car washing . Next time your car, lawn furniture or planters needs a rinse check the weather forecast first .
Happy Earth Day Week
 ~ Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose~

Monday, April 22, 2013

Get Your Liquid Snack On


I have several friends that have done juice cleanse , juice diets and liquid only diets . All for varied reasons and for varied spans of time . I have never been a fan and probably never will be . This liquid yumminess however is something I can support .

As a child chocolate milk is always a  fun go to snack or treat . I think as a adult it can be a wonderful treat as well . Everyone does a little something different now and then to put a little spin on it . Let me suggest Almond Joy Flavored Coffee Creamer . I love coconut so this is a double whammy of goodness in a my cup . Especially with the weather switch from Winter to Spring I'm loving some fruit and fruit flavors .
I'm sure you could add any flavor of creamer and it would be a wonderful twist on your childhood treat of chocolate milk . I may even try it in hot chocolate in the future , but for now here is the recipe I used .
~ Chocolate Coconut Milk ~
1 Tablespoon Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
1/2 or 1 Teaspoon Creamer
1 Cup of 2% Cold Milk
Stir- Enjoy
Have you made any new and refreshing treats this Spring ? Share with us !

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Earth Day 2013

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose
April 22nd , 2013 is Earth Day . As I took a walk at the park and enjoyed some outdoor time today my mind was flooded with ideas . I wish I had some of my friends lil' ones to celebrate Earth Day with, was a teacher or something like that . We would be so productive picking up trash , having a picnic and just playing outside . Today in honor of Earth Day Target gave away reusable bags . I love a free prize ! Especially when it's something as useful as this . At Target when you check out with a reusable bag you receive a 5 cent discount for each reusable bag you bring . So, not only was this tote free it saved me 5 cents and will continue to do so each time I use it at Target .  It also came with a packet of coupons . I haven't looked through them yet, but I'm sure they'll be helpful in the future . Many stores will discount your order if you bring your own bag . Check their web sites or ask a store associate for details .  Reusable bags are great gifts and are usually fairly in expensive . I think instead of using a normal disposable gift bag to gift with ,  these are a wonderful alternative and a bonus to whatever you are already gifting someone . Most stores sell them these days and they come in varied colors, designs , sizes , etc . This way a person will be reminded of your thoughtfulness not just of them , but of the earth each time they use it .

Photo: "Each Bit Counts" - especially when its free !! #targetfan
Since I love FREEBIES here is a link for some Earth Day free stuff
Today at the park I fed the ducks and geese some old bread I'd kept for such a time . It was so fun to watch them gobble up the bread and to see the fish bullet to the top of the water to try and snag a bite too . Jack Davis didn't seem to be bothered too much by the birds which is surprising given his past fowl mishaps . I then used the left over bread bag as a poopsie bag for when it was JD's "go time" . Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose ! When I lived in Chattanooga most public places such as down town , the river,  park , etc. have "doggy bag" stands to be pet friendly and promote bringing out your fur babies to varied activities . I think they're such a great idea !! They're also a wonderful place to recycle your extra grocery bags . I often would donate my over flow of grocery bags to these stands for people who might not have a "doggy bag" pouch on their leash . Jack has such a pouch on his leash that a dear friend gave to us years ago . It is so handy to have when your pooch needs to go in a publicly walked area .  Recently I ran out of the little bags that came with the pouch , but once again necessisty is the mother of invention . Today I took several grocery bags and smooshed them into this pouch . Once again another wonderful way to Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose . Below are a few of my more recent posts on varied opportunities to Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose . I have a few projects in the works on things that I'm repurposing , etc . I'll be adding those soon .
How are you celebrating Earth Day 2013 ?
What are some creative ways you Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose ?

Happy Birthday Jack Davis

courtesy of www.sothecooksaid.blogspot.com

Today was Jack Davis 7th birthday . I wrote here about our activities from his 6th birthday . We didn't get into baking today , but we did manage to visit some family . Jack even played with his Aunt Peaches who normally won't have a thing to do with him . It was cute . We also fed ducks at the park , went for a walk , got a new toy , and ate a little turkey bacon .

New Toy - Dog Truth
Jack is now resting and recovering from such a busy day . I'm worried he may have some bruised ribs or something from his last scuffle with a wild dog . Today he seemed to cry a little when he was held . So sad . I'm hoping if he gets some rest it'll work its self out .

Something that I can't help but to learn every year when I take the time to celebrate Jacks bday is how important it is to remain focused on others . I know many think that this kind of attention for a four legged other is kinda bonkers , but I think it's necessary . It is so easy in this day and age to be focused solely on our selves . To be so focused on ones self is destructive , toxic and just plane unhelpful . Don't get me wrong, I have many days where my main focus is "poor little me" . Those days are the worse and only bring me further down .

Take time to find someone or something to celebrate or support . I'm confident if you leave your home you'll see signs for walks, races , and what not looking for volunteers and participants . I wrote here about varied ways one can get involved, give back , etc . I'd love to hear a report back on what creative ways you have found to take the focus of self .

Happy 7th Jack Davis Birthday !!
1 Human Year = 7 Dog Years
Technically by this logic JD just turned 49.
He deserves a rest .

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Get Paid to Save the Planet

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose
Before you toss your soda can in the trash realize you are throwing away free money ! Just this week I took saved soda cans to a local center that repurposes varied metal and received a couple bucks for my trash bag full of cans . It may have only been a few bucks, but hey it's a few bucks more than I started with . After using a coupons for a free Route 44 at Sonic (that I'd received from filling out a survey) and turning in my soda cans I ended the day feeling like I earned a few extra bucks .
All you have to do to get started is get a extra trash can to sit beside your normal trash can in the kitchen (or wherever you keep your trash) . When you finish a soda (I usually rinse mine out to prevent ants) , smoosh it , and toss it in your recycle bin . Before you know it after guests, meals , picking up trash from the yard (my grandparents live in a place where people freely toss trash out their window as they drive by), etc. you'll have a bag full of smashed soda cans ready for recycling , repurposing and best of all fund raising ! When I was in college one of my science teachers offered us extra credit for recycling soda cans . You better believe I took that opportunity . Now a days with www.pinterest.com , DIY Blogs , and all the other resources you can find a ton of ways to repurpose soda cans , empty vegetable or fruit cans ( I have a project on the way. Stand by.) empty yogurt containers ,etc. Why not make a few dollars in the process ?!
To find out more ways to get/give back from your canned beverage purchases as well as a few other grocery purchases check out one of my past blog post here .

Saturday, April 13, 2013


You know by now if I can find  multiple uses for an item I'm a happy girl . I think this originated in college when funds are always low , but you've still gotta be able to shave your legs with out looking like a stabbing victim . Through out the years I've read a gazillion beauty articles in varied magazines always making mental note of what product is best for what . I also made some notes of my own along the way after trying different products in different ways .

Don't you just hate purchasing a product such as shampoo or conditioner and it not work on your hair the way it does on the model that promoted it ?! I do ! I decided that instead of tossing or giving away some of these products to see what else they might be able to do . Here's a list of my go to repurpose of a few beauty products .

Shampoo - Bubble Bath , Body Wash , Shave Soap , Dog Shampoo ( gotta be careful in case your pup has sensitive skin , etc. )

Conditioner - I have used hair conditioner for years as shave cream . It is made to moisturize so it makes for a perfect double duty product . Detangler for you or your pups hair . Depending on the conditioner it can at times be used as a moisturizer for your rough spots like elbows and ankles .

Lotion - Another handy shave cream replacement when you're in a jam . Lotion can at times be thick and cause a clog in your razor so you've gotta be sure to rinse out your razor after each stroke so not to miss a spot or slice yourself . Depending on the lotion you can sometimes use it for facial moisturizer or night cream . If you have rough elbows , ankles or heels then a thick lotion can be the perfect night time solution .

Toothpaste - Zit cream ( place on break out , let dry and wipe off in the morning - can help dry out some break outs )

Eye Drops - help take the redness out of a break out .

Eggs - Not only great for making your hair shiny, but also can be added to dog kibble to make their coat shiny as well .

Cucumber, Honey, and Oatmeal - Great for snacking or making a facial !

Sugar and Lotion - Body Scrub

The list could go on and on , but these are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning . So, before you toss , think .

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose

Saturday, April 6, 2013

~ Family ~

When my family is gathered together it's loud , crowded and hilarious . It really doesn't matter if it's a funeral, wedding, birth or baptismal the environment is going to be pretty much the same . Tears, laughter , singing (aka pickin' and grinnin') and story telling .  Recently we gathered for the home going of one of our own . I'm not one for funerals, but as mom said , "This is just what we do for family" . I've decided I couldn't agree more . As I watched my Ya-Ya's shed tears over their nephew , my G-Aunt & Uncle grieve for their son and countless other family members watch the slide show and giggle or cry over memories and moments gone by ,  I felt comforted . I didn't cry . I wasn't sad . In my mind my cousin is in a far better place and if anything , I'm jealous of him . No more pain , no more struggle , true and genuine freedom . He's with the people we've already mourned like my amazing sweet Great Grandparents Estel & Hannah , my Aunt Rita and Uncle Ricky , Great Aunt Wanda and countless others . I'm confident they listened to the stories told the last few days and cried or laughed along with us .

There is comfort in the company of family . I don't care how long one's been away or what kind of trouble they've been in it's always the same greeting of hugs and love when we get together . They make me feel less crazy which is kind of ironic considering the family tree is basically one crazy after another . For those of you that may think it's an insult to call family crazy I'd like to quote Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women , "I'm saying this is the South. And we're proud of our crazy people. We don't hide them up in the attic. We bring 'em right down to the living room and show 'em off. See, Phyllis, no one in the South ever asks if you have crazy people in your family. They just ask what side they're on."

I am cut from an undeniable mold . As I listen to the sassy back talk of cousin to aunt or uncle to nephew I have no doubt where my sharp tongue and quick whit come from . My father has a quick whit as well so I was blessed with two handfuls of it . I'm sure those around me are so grateful , (did you sense my sarcasm) ? I never know when the Lord will lead me elsewhere and like my mom says "It's good to be around family. The cousins, Aunts & Uncles they want to see you and know how you are. They miss you if you don't come around ." It's true I can't count how many times a aunt or uncle asked where a different cousin of mine was the last few days . You'd think in the hustle and bustle of large family gatherings it'd be hard to notice who is and isn't there , but sure as the day is long , they notice . I think they have a roll sheet in their head of some sort counting off nieces and nephews . Either way I always feel a little more like me when I leave them . Reassured somehow that I'm exactly how and who I'm suppose to be at the moment . I always know I have a bundle of places to go if ever I need .

I wish everyone could know my family . They're a mess and I love them . I tell stories and it seems no one believes me . As though it has to be made up . Surely it is not . These are my people . When my friends come to town I take them to at least my grandparents , a aunt or uncles and if we go out anywhere we'll run into cousins for sure . I have written before and I'm sure I will again about my family but for today I'll leave you with this AWESOME story of one of my Ya-Ya's . My Ya Ya raised her kids very strict . Not far from how she was raised . No cursing, no smoking ,  no short shorts and everyone will be in church on Sunday . How most of the cousins were raised . Today one of my younger cousins who is a artist brought his phone over to show us a picture of the latest painting he's working on . My Ya Ya at 17 years old in a pink bathing suit , cigarette in hand leaned up against a car . To say laughter erupted would be a huge understatement . We nearly took the roof off the fellowship hall . My Ya Ya's one request concerning the painting is that it be titled, "Be sure your sins will find you out" . BAHAHAHA!!!!

That's just stuff you can't make up . Tell us about your family and where you come from . Good or bad it's part of what makes you , you . Embrace it . Read here about some of the too funny things that come from my family .

(I would've loved to put some pictures in with this blog, but I've been having technical difficulties this week. Hopefully I can add some at a later time. )

Monday, April 1, 2013

Trash or Treasure

I'm a big believer in donating , recycling , repurposing and even tossing something if it's time . However the more I repurpose I have decided there are some things that you should never toss . Below is a list of things that I recommend keeping if you have the space to store it until it is needed . Otherwise , perhaps donate it to something like a goodwill , salvation army or thrift store . Keeping these things on hand will be helpful not just for your crafting , repurposing and home decor, but also can make a quick gift when you're in a jam .

Picture, Art or Mirror Frames - I wrote here , here , and here about varied projects I've completed with frames .

Ornaments - From any holiday are a wonderful addition to be kept in your crafting box . You never know when it'll be just thing to add to a frame , wreath or even gift wrap . Usually after a holiday you can find them on clearance for pocket change .

Baskets , Boxes & Other Varied Storage Containers as well as Empty Cookie , Coffee , or Pop Corn Tins are wonderful for painting and repurposing  - A few ideas can be found here  , and here .

Empty Jars or Bottles like Wine Bottles , Pickle or Condiment Jars , & Glass Candle Containers  -  Some inspiration can be found here.

As long as it can be washed out well enough to remove odor , remnants , etc. then it's worth keeping . I also suggest keeping a baggie or container of little odds and ends such as ribbon,  buttons , jewelry pieces that may have fallen or broken off , barrettes , etc . You just never know how handy they may be for a project like this one made by my friend Sarah .

I may be a crafting hoarder, but I find having a rubber maid full of this stuff stored under a bed is far more convenient than running to the store every time I need a little something when creative inspiration hits . What are some MUST HAVES that you suggest keeping on hand for crafting , repurposing , home and gift decor ? Where do you store your crafting supplies ?