Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Jack Davis

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Today was Jack Davis 7th birthday . I wrote here about our activities from his 6th birthday . We didn't get into baking today , but we did manage to visit some family . Jack even played with his Aunt Peaches who normally won't have a thing to do with him . It was cute . We also fed ducks at the park , went for a walk , got a new toy , and ate a little turkey bacon .

New Toy - Dog Truth
Jack is now resting and recovering from such a busy day . I'm worried he may have some bruised ribs or something from his last scuffle with a wild dog . Today he seemed to cry a little when he was held . So sad . I'm hoping if he gets some rest it'll work its self out .

Something that I can't help but to learn every year when I take the time to celebrate Jacks bday is how important it is to remain focused on others . I know many think that this kind of attention for a four legged other is kinda bonkers , but I think it's necessary . It is so easy in this day and age to be focused solely on our selves . To be so focused on ones self is destructive , toxic and just plane unhelpful . Don't get me wrong, I have many days where my main focus is "poor little me" . Those days are the worse and only bring me further down .

Take time to find someone or something to celebrate or support . I'm confident if you leave your home you'll see signs for walks, races , and what not looking for volunteers and participants . I wrote here about varied ways one can get involved, give back , etc . I'd love to hear a report back on what creative ways you have found to take the focus of self .

Happy 7th Jack Davis Birthday !!
1 Human Year = 7 Dog Years
Technically by this logic JD just turned 49.
He deserves a rest .

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