Saturday, April 13, 2013


You know by now if I can find  multiple uses for an item I'm a happy girl . I think this originated in college when funds are always low , but you've still gotta be able to shave your legs with out looking like a stabbing victim . Through out the years I've read a gazillion beauty articles in varied magazines always making mental note of what product is best for what . I also made some notes of my own along the way after trying different products in different ways .

Don't you just hate purchasing a product such as shampoo or conditioner and it not work on your hair the way it does on the model that promoted it ?! I do ! I decided that instead of tossing or giving away some of these products to see what else they might be able to do . Here's a list of my go to repurpose of a few beauty products .

Shampoo - Bubble Bath , Body Wash , Shave Soap , Dog Shampoo ( gotta be careful in case your pup has sensitive skin , etc. )

Conditioner - I have used hair conditioner for years as shave cream . It is made to moisturize so it makes for a perfect double duty product . Detangler for you or your pups hair . Depending on the conditioner it can at times be used as a moisturizer for your rough spots like elbows and ankles .

Lotion - Another handy shave cream replacement when you're in a jam . Lotion can at times be thick and cause a clog in your razor so you've gotta be sure to rinse out your razor after each stroke so not to miss a spot or slice yourself . Depending on the lotion you can sometimes use it for facial moisturizer or night cream . If you have rough elbows , ankles or heels then a thick lotion can be the perfect night time solution .

Toothpaste - Zit cream ( place on break out , let dry and wipe off in the morning - can help dry out some break outs )

Eye Drops - help take the redness out of a break out .

Eggs - Not only great for making your hair shiny, but also can be added to dog kibble to make their coat shiny as well .

Cucumber, Honey, and Oatmeal - Great for snacking or making a facial !

Sugar and Lotion - Body Scrub

The list could go on and on , but these are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning . So, before you toss , think .

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose

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