Wednesday, August 31, 2016

~ A Friend of A Friend ~

I have a list about a mile long of posts to write. It seems with every week the list only gets longer. Since I took a nap today, still feel a tad puny and sleep seems like a far off notion, I thought it might be a good time to mark one of my writing to-do's off my list. Aiding me tonight is a multi-hour block of CSI:NY on TBS, the September issue of InStyle, a load of laundry in the dryer and my ever faithful sidekick, Jack Davis. Jack is currently laying beside me on my bed, snoring. The older he gets, more of his ways become like that of an old man. I must say he is a joyful, loyal, and adorable partner in crime. He seems to know when I don't feel well and he also knows that when I am typing he is going to get very little attention. I suppose making it a good nap time for him. Anyway, while all this is going on around me and serving as comfort, healing and guilty pleasure I want to share a challenge/encouragement with you that's been swirling around my mind for a few weeks.

It isn't unusual for my friends to send me a text asking for prayer for themselves as well as for those around them. It also isn't unusual for me to do the same. It is an amazing feeling and surety to know that when you ask someone to pray, they will. I have been blessed with such amazing friends in each stage of my life journey. With most we do a pretty good job keeping up with one another's lives, even though we are miles and sometimes countries apart. These text prayer requests are one of the ways we stay up to date on, as well as remain active in, one another lives. So, several weeks ago, when I received a request from a friend for another friend, it wasn't at all out of the normal. However, the burden the Lord placed on me for this second friend kind of was. This friend of a friend lost their home and most all of their belongings to a house fire. A married couple with two little's were robbed of all their comfort in an instant. Someone I don't believe I have ever met in person, but have seen in many pictures and heard a lot of stories about was suddenly being very much pressed on my heart.

My friend had told me the story while getting my ok for her to pass along something I'd given to her, to her friend who was now in need of many things. I of course said YES!! Once we finished our text conversation on the subject I couldn't seem to get the ideas out of my mind of what it must feel like to have to start completely over. I kept thinking what did her two little's think about all of it? What were they thinking about the lost belongings and home? In all my questioning I couldn't shake the idea that I was suppose to do some little something to help out, even though I didn't know them. The phrase, "a friend of a friend, is a friend" kept coming to mind. As I mentioned before I've been very lucky with friendships in my life. Some of those friendships have come from meeting someone through someone, being in a wedding with someone, traveling w a mix match group, or even just sharing a love for something like a band or tv show, etc. I can think of two people off the top of my head that I met through a mutual friends wedding, that even 5 - 10 years later I still communicate with fairly regularly. You never know where you're gonna make a friend and you never know when a friends gonna need you.

I went over this thought of "a friend of a friend, is a friend", and thought back over my friends and how we've met, how we keep up, how we've been there for each other. How a friend from my high school days and a friend from my college days were introduced with me as a common thread, but now have their own independent relationship. How my friends on social media sometimes become friends with one another via social media. All of this was whirling about as I tried to sort out what the Lord was wanting me to do for this friend of a friend. I eventually came to the idea of a care package with a few fun things, a few essentials and maybe a few needed things in it for this family that are having to restock their lives. A couple of Barbie toothbrushes, some cosmetics, coupons, and few other things filled the box along with some verses and a note from me and Jack. Immediately after sending the package off I feared they would think it was odd that a perfect stranger was sending them supplies. I worried they might be offended that our mutual friend had shared the loss with me. I had concern that they may be offended by the idea of "charity" and not understand that it wasn't that at all, but it was just me following the Lords leading in my own life. After preparing and sending off the package of supplies I text our mutual friend with all my fears and concerns, hoping that she could mediate any confusion or upset if needed.

A week later I got some pics from my friend that she'd received of her friends kids going through the care package. I also received a thank you note from the friend of a friend. As I looked at the pics of the little's pulling out treats from the box my hope was that even at this early age and even with this large of a loss, they might be reassured that God always provides and sometimes in the most unexpected ways. My heart was at rest and I knew I'd done what I was suppose to and that it was received as it was intended. Then this week I got another thank you note with a wonderfully generous gift card surprise in it from my friend of a friend. I was truly shocked. When I saw the return address on the envelope I had assumed it was one of my cousins sending a card for my grandparents anniversary. It came on a day when I had not slept not one moment the night before. I was frustrated, tired, in pain, and just having a horrible case of the Monday's. It was perfectly timed encouragement. I also received a anniversary card from my grandparents from one of my college friends. It totally surprised and tickled my grandparents to get a card from one of my college friends. It was a good mail day.

It all leads me back to the idea of gratefulness. I am grateful for those who follow His leading when He urges them toward an act of kindness, generosity, words of encouragement and truth. I am grateful to have a spirit of my own that can be sensitive to His leadings for me to give, love, accept, counsel, or whatever whenever He compels. I am grateful that He see's and plans for our "bad" days long before they happen. I'm grateful for friends who trust my judgment and choice of friends that they would want to  be friends with them too. I am grateful that my friends, have good friends (not talking about myself, lol!).

I see people who haven't allowed true friendships into their lives for one reason or another and my heart breaks for them. I see people use social media as an outlet to share every single thought, feeling and whatever at every single moment of the day because they don't have people they can share with in real life. I see people strive to thrive on virtual relationships they've created online. I see people's hesitancy towards me because they don't believe I am genuine. They don't believe anyone can be genuine. I've been debating solutions, outreach, ways to flip that mind set of hesitancy, of distrust, of what it is to be a "real" friend. All I keep coming back to, all that I can think of, is to continue being as genuine and honest as I can with my life and relationships, continue in my pursuit of His plans for my life, His leadings, to always be grateful for the friends I have. I know that what I have been given is special and I cherish each and every friend I have and what they bring to my life. And I suppose the best thing to do, to help flip the script, to share the love, is to simply continue being, a friend of a friend.

Monday, August 29, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ August 29th, 2016 ~ Who's The Boss? ~

Happy New Music Monday!!! I apologize for the late posting this week. Hopefully you will find time to read on your commute or chill time tomorrow. Last week I shared "Things That Bug Me" and just a few mixed up ways that my brain works with lyric confusion. This week I wanna share something's that if I were the boss, I would make happen ASAP!!!! Not that anyone hasn't thought of these things before, but they are probably just all busy calling Fall Out Boy or Nick Jonas and inviting them to this years ACM's. So, I'll start there..........

This Wednesday the 2016 nominations for the ACM awards are set to be announced. On hand announcing will be one of everyone's favorites, Dierks Bentley. I fully expect he is going to see his own name in several categories. If "Black" doesn't get an album of the year nom I am setting someone's house on fire. Making that my first order of business if I were the boss. If I were the boss I would make sure that names like Dierks as well as Kip Moore, The Cadillac Three, Sturgill Simpson, Kacey Musgraves, RaeLynn, Kelleigh Bannen, Maren Morris, Ashley Monroe, so on and so forth would be in several varied categories. All have released new music in 2016, all deserve to be getting more radio air play and recognition than they currently are. Check back later for my ACM predictions once the actual nominations are announced.

Next, while we are near the subject of Dierks, he has been posting a variety of fan covers of "Different for Girls" to his socials. Last week he shared one that was really rather phenomenal. I am "active" on the socials of artists I like. So, I made the suggestion via the comment section that he and his team perhaps invite one of these cover artists on stage with him at each stop as he finishes the  "Somewhere on a Beach" tour. Considering Elle King, his original duet partner for the tune is on tour herself I think it would be a really cool way to incorporate some fan love. Thoughts?! Here is the original track, but head over to Bentleys Facebook and give some of his fans covers of "Different for Girls" a listen. They are genuinely amazing.

Dierks Bentley - "Different for Girls"
fr "Black"
Miranda Lambert - Keeper of the Flame Tour
Next on my agenda of bossiness is getting Miranda Lambert onto a Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon from The Late Late Show. This video is a perfect example of how Miranda just can't help, but be Miranda. After last weeks oh so awkward Brittney Carpool Karaoke I think we can all agree it takes someone who is comfortable with themselves, with being made fun of a little, with a bit of self deprecating humor and just flat out someone who knows how to have fun. Someone who understands that these kinds of opportunities don't roll around often and these kinds of opportunities are all for the fans. I think Miranda would make for a wonderful Carpool Karaoke passenger and as far as I know she would be only the second Country artists to participate. The first being Carrie Underwood. Please tell me how this is anything but a good idea???!!!!!
Hopping back over to the award show front I would like to discuss the hosts of the CMT awards. There have been good ones, there have been bad ones. There have been hosts who make perfect sense and there have been MANY who don't. I like Erin Andrews and all, but WTF does she have to do with Country Music Television??!!! What??!!! I am a HUGE Kristen Bell fan. HUGE!!! Like, I ain't ever lettin' it go cause I wanna be Veronica Mars, huge. But again I ask, what does she have to do with Country Music Television??!! WHAT???!!! As far as I know, neither have stared in a country artists video, nor have they released a country record or are apart of a country specific program (aka Nashville). So why???!! For the love of why have they both hosted multiple CMT Awards?! Why? Why is the industry working so hard to be like all the other "kids" that they just end up losing their core audience and looking like a real big loser??!! How do they not see that? Clearly I have more questions than answers when it comes to this topic so, I'd like to add my suggestions for future hosts. Please feel free to add yours as well in the comment section. What about Justin Lynch? RaeLynn? Kelsea Ballerini (Who just completed two separate hosting gigs. One of which was an award show.), Brett Eldridge (He is actually about to co-host with Thomas Rett the ACM Honors so, we will see if this one is a good suggestion or not soon enough.), Cam, Jake Owen, or hell-o how about someone who is actually apart of a program that is currently aired on CMT??!! Jessie James Decker and Stone Cold Steve Austin for example??!!! At least they are apart of the network and a duo that does well enough together that they have gotten their show re-upped several seasons in a row. Am I the only one that this bothers?
John Mayer & Keith Urban - "Gravity"
CMT Crossroads
Lastly in my suggestion box is Crossroads. Crossroads is another CMT program that happens somewhat irregularly. I would say maybe 4-6ish times a year. The goal is to have a country artist/band and an artist/ban from a different genre mix it up with a small audience that will be recorded, edited and aired at a later date. Again, sometimes they get it really right and sometimes they get it really wrong. I hate to keep pointing the finger at Fall Out Boy, it really isn't their fault and I am actually a fan, though my writings may not show it, but Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry should have been an excellent pairing, but for me it fell flat. I would have loved to have seen The Band Perry with say, Echo Smith. Another brother sister band, but considered more "mainstream" or "pop". I think that their stories of life in a band with your siblings would be nothing short of amazing. Another one that I am giving the thumbs down to, Taylor Swift and Def Leopard. Back when Swift was still country, had long ringlets and high boots there was a episode of Crossroads where Taylor was paired with 80's rock band Def Leopard. I do not know where to begin with how this was never going to work. Are they both great musicians? Yes. Does that mean they would work in a mash up? No. A few of my FAVORITE Crossroads have been Keith Urban with John Mayer. FAVORITE as in why isn't this in CD form so that I can own it and listen to it whenever I want favorite. Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry I think were a perfect combination. Clever lyrics, stand out style and all around girl power awesomeness this episode of Crossroads was neon-tastic!!! I recommend you go look it up and watch it RIGHT NOW!!! I am looking forward to a future episode of Crossroads that will pair Maren Morris with Alicia Keys. I think that a lot of folks immediate response may be hesitance, but I think their deep, soulful, voices and individual, free spirits, have the potential to make for an amazing show.
So, all that said, if I were the boss of Crossroads my next pairing would be Kip Moore and Bon Jovi. You heard me. Kip Moore. Bon Jovi. It has been many years since Jon has done a Crossroads and his original appearance was as a solo artist where he was paired with Jennifer Nettles. This would be a completely different and yet oh so perfect pairing in my mind. Both Moore and Bon Jovi have announced that they expect/hope to drop new music in 2017 and I can think of no better way for them to start off a new album cycle. I think that both Jon and Kip have a rough rasp to their voices that can also be controlled and crystal clear when they want. Both bands are filled with killer players that audiences ADORE. Both have music that has been overlooked, underrated, and misunderstood for YEARS. They have styles that are all their own and their main interests are being true to who they are as artists and for the fans. I feel like their story moments could be intoxicating and their performances of one another songs/collaborations.......I literally just got goose bumps. My camera is full (freakin iphone) but I'd take a picture if I could. Not to toot my own horn, but HOW IS THIS A BAD IDEA???!!! HOW????!!!!! If no one ever listens to any other idea I have ever, please let this idea get into the hands of the proper people to make it happen. 

Kip Moore - "Last Shot"
Not Released as of Yet.
Bon Jovi - "Lay Your Hands on Me"
fr. "New Jersey"
Am I the only one that thinks the instrumental intro of  "Lay Your Hands on Me" would make for a stellar opening of an episode of Crossroads w Bon Jovi and Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts??!!! Am I the only one with that picture in my head?!
Ok, I think that I have gotten it all out......for today. My mind is constantly moving so I very well may be onto a new tyrant tomorrow. Who would you like to see on a episode of CMT's Crossroads ? Who have been your favorite pairings in the past? Who were your least fave? Who do you think would make for a great CMT awards host(s)? Who should be nominated for ACMs this year? Please feel free to share in the comment section of the blog!!! We'd love to hear from you. Have a great last week of August. Fall is around the corner!!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ August 22nd, 2016 ~ Things That Bug Me ~

Happy New Music Monday fellow Music Addix. I hope that you are enjoying a humidity free day as we are in my neck of the woods. I can't believe that it is already mid August, that people are back to school, and that Fall is around the corner. I've been doing some looking back through old year books, past posts, etc. and I am tripping out on how time moves. How is it that time goes so quickly?! It is one of the things I'm adding to the "things that bug me" list. It joins people who click finger nails together, people who don't discipline their children and unleash them on the public, and folks that selfie on the daily. I appreciate a good selfie when the time is right, but every day?!? Too much! This list is what inspires this weeks #NewMusicMonday. Things that bug me musically, lyrically, so on, so forth.

I am beginning with one of my current favorite songs, Dierks Bentley, "Different for Girls" feat. Elle King. I know that when singing a tune we all have those moments of just taking our best guess at what some of the lyrics may be. I mean, if you've ever listened to a Bob Dylan song ever then you have experienced this stress. I also find myself stressed when I feel a lyric isn't right, as in it wasn't written right. That's right, I'm not the writer or even the performer, but for some reason these kinds of things really bug me. Dierks, I apologize in advance, but in "Different for Girls", a song that I LOVE by the way, there is a line that says, "when the goin' gets tough yea the guys they can just act tough". It totally bugs me that they used the word "tough" twice. When I perform this tune in the car I replace the first "tough", with "rough". Just makes more sense to me. Give the tune a listen and tell me what you think .

This next one hurts. You know my admiration for Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts so, I hope that no one gets all ridiculous over my small edit. "Something 'Bout A Truck" one of Kips #1's has the line, "with an ice cold beer pressed against her lips in that farmers field, will make a boy a mess". I can't explain to you why my brain works the way it does. All I can do is my best to appease it when these things happen. LOL!!! I usually give it a lolly pop or a Dr. Pepper. Anyway, When I hear the line, "make a boy a mess", what I want to hear is "makes a boy a man". I don't know why??!!! But it is literally what my brain chooses to hear instead of "mess" Every. Single. Time. Don't get mad Kip, I can't even help it. Also, we all know how you get hung up on lines now and then so don't let this throw you off your game. Ya know, a once you hear it you can't unhear it kind of thing.

O.K. I like Brad Paisley. I like Demi Lovato. I like their voices, writing, performances, the way they seem to handle fame. I like it. I like it all. Which makes it even harder for me to decode my dislike for "With Out a Fight". It is my understanding that after the "I Heart...." awards earlier in the Spring, you know, the awards show that aired at the same time as the ACM's where I believe some sort of deal was struck to trade Brad for Nick Jonas, it was at that awards show that the duo decided on this collab. I don't know if it is my hesitancy for mix genre collaborations, the fact I'm still annoyed that a tradesies was made for the ACM's, the fact it isn't Carrie Underwood or if it is simply irrational "I don't like it just cause I don't like it". Whatever it is I surely have tried really hard, but I just don't dig it. Give the tune a listen and a watch and report back. Sorry Brad and Demi, please know I love you both.....individually.

~ Lyric Vid ~

Lastly on the "Things That Bug Me" topic for this week is Justin Bieber. Yup, I said it, Justin Bieber. I have never been a Bielieber or whatever it is the fans call themselves. Call me psychic or just that we have all been here before, but I felt even in his earliest years as a innocent looking little kid from Canada, that we would probably end up where we are today with his attitude and public behavior. First the Biebs reportedly tells his fans to no longer approach him for a picture in public. That it makes him feel like a zoo animal. I guess I shouldn't call that the first b/c there was the unregistered monkey in another country, the stopping a performance and asking the fans to stop clapping because they are off beat and it's messing him up, numerous encounters with paparazzi, the egging in his neighborhood, numerous noise complaints, the driving dangerously (which I think also happened in another country....or maybe that was Miami), anyway, this will just be another addition to this douche bags list of doucheiness. Most recently the 'artist" threatened to close out his Instagram due to the hate his newest female friend was receiving after he posted hand holding pictures, out and abouts, looking all lovey dovey, and you know the drill. Anyway, the fans reacted as fans sometimes do. They got jealous and perhaps thinking that he wouldn't notice or care, they posted their disapproval, heart break, and flat out new girl hate via his Insta comment section. In response Justin told the fans that if they didn't chill he would close the account. He then proceeded to post from his manager, Scooter Brauns account. Am I literally the only person who thinks, "go ahead and close the dern account"??!!! I mean, WTF???!!!! Who even cares?!!! I mean other than the obsessive fans that is. Which all artists have and many artists appease with pictures, autographs, and in sharing their lives via social media. I mean, does this child realize he has what he has because of fans. Had he not the fan base he does, no one would even be cruising his social media. I just can't even. If I continue I may break my key board I'm typing so angrily. So, I'll just say, is too late to say sorry. Delete your accounts. Go off the grid. Whatever, just stop with your douchery!!!!! BTW do you hang out with Ryan Lochte cause I'm thinking you guys would have a blast together.

What bugs you?! What lyrics do you get twisted? Please feel free to share in the comment section below. Loves Y'all!!! Happy New Music Monday!!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ August 8th, 2016 ~ Throw Back ~ To ~ School ~

Hey Gang!!!! My weather ap is telling me that it is going to rain every day this week. Most people would be completely bummed by that prediction, but not me. I adore rainy days!! And what my weather ap is really telling me is that there will be some superb opportunities to listen to music this week while the rain drops onto my tin roof. GLORY!!!

This week #NewMusicMonday wants' to do a little #ThrowBack in honor of Back-To-School season. Two weekends ago was tax free weekend in my state and every one began stocking up on all those obvious school essentials. Back pack, pencils, crayons, book covers, etc. and I would like to add one more necessity for getting our students amped about Back-To-School and another year of living, learning and moving forward. Yes, I wanna celebrate moving throwing it back. Musically of course. With all the hype around back to school, the release of Maren Morris' "80's Mercedes", and the possible return of the choker I can't even control my sentimental heart. I'm thinking about the excitement that surrounds back-to-school clothes, supplies, and returning to class with a fresh tan. I'm thinking about the tunes that I listened to while putting on my make-up in the morning before catching the bus. I didn't have a car or license until Senior year so, it was big yellow bus for me. I wish so much that ipods had been a thing back then. AAAHHH!!! Would've made the ride so much more bearable. I'm gonna share some tunes that actually had videos played on MTV during the day because back then it was actually a VIDEO channel not another reality programming network. Where is Kurt Loder these days? I see that Kennedy got a gig over at Fox News and it makes me happy for her....and for me. Every time I see her discuss Isis, the election, or something else currently relevant all I can think of is 1. she still rocks those dark frame glasses like a pro, kids these days would call them "hipster". 2. Remember when your news stories focused on Mariah visiting TRL while presumably coked out and handing everyone ice pops? Is working a Fox News a little like that ?!  Anyway, to the music......

I am starting with No Doubts, "Ex Girlfriend" from the "Return to Saturn" album. The video that made me realize it is possible to dye your hair pink and is therefor responsible for all past and future pink dying's to this brunette. "Return to Saturn" was released in 2000 so, I was already in college and fully in place to sing this tune like a anthem with my Bindi in place see also Gwens third eye, my hair in mouse ear knots on top of my head, and boots with a grunge heel so high I could see clearly from the back row. Gweny you were giving me life back then!!! I have found myself returning to this tune the last few weeks. Some tunes are just worth returning to in a desperate and nostalgic times.

No Doubt - "Ex Girlfriend"
fr "Return to Saturn"
Oasis - "Champagne Supernova"

Released in 1995, Oasis' "Champagne Supernova" was a hit from the get. It's counter parts, "Wonder Wall" and "Don't Look Back in Anger" very well may be some of the top selling tunes in their time. However, sadly, the brothers Galager couldn't seem to keep it together for too much more tunes to be produced. Both going solo and neither hitting the charts as they did as team, I think that throwing it back to the good ol' days is the least I can do for all the memories their tunes have given me. It is distinct from the first note and a tune that instantly transports me back to high school. I will always have a love for Oasis.

Uhm, if you thought this throw back wasn't going to include the Spice Girls then you are SORLY mistaken. Released in 1997 "Wannabe" was the break out for the brit girl band. They literally took over the world with their messages of  "Girl Power", a phrase I chant to this day in the form of a #, their crazy individual styles, and incomparable energy. I believe that all girls from my generation are going to be forever holding our breath for a real true Spice Girl reunion one day. I just don't see how it would NEVER happen. They owe it to us. They owe it to themselves. LOL!!! Zigga Zig AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Third Eye Blind - "Jumper"

"I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend", Third Eye Blind caught us with their ever so catchy and yet ever so naughty, "Semi-Charmed Life", but I think it may be this jam that I hear more often than others when listening to a throw back radio station or am in a elevator.

The only duet the brother sibling duo did since their time as youngsters and the Jackson 5, "Scream" was a 1995 dream come true. With two iconic performers who just so happen to be siblings, with a message and a dance beat that nearly no one could walk away from how could radio not play "Scream". Heck, even Glee has done a cover of it. I'm not sure what is more intriguing and hooking, the fact that it is Michael and Janet, the visual, the sound, I can't even decide, but I am tempted to lean on the iconic super power that is the Jackson siblings.

The 90's also introduced us to this former music teacher, Sheryl Crow. Crow's "Tuesday Night Breakfast Club" propelled her to stardom with the release of it's first track "All I Wanna Do". One of it's later singles, "My Favorite Mistake" is one of my personal favorite tunes from this era. Again, I still find myself returning to it in those times of WTF did I waste time on him.

I am struggling on where to end this particular #NewMusicMonday post. There are endless amazing, iconic and timeless tunes from my back-to-school days to share. This post could quite actually go on forever if I don't stop myself. So, I would encourage you to do a little throw back research, listening and watching of your own. What tunes got or get you amped for "what's next" in your world??!!! Do you have some of the tunes I shared today......on cassette tape in the back of your closet?

Ok, lastly I have decided to share the Cranberries, "Zombie". Mainly because Deloris' vocals are forever on point and secondly she allowed them to paint her gold. So, girl deserves a little throw back attention. I dare you to listen to it and not spend the rest of the evening, under your breath, repeating "zombie zombie eah eah eah in yo heeaadddeeehhh zombie zombie eah eah eah". Dare you.

Hope y'all have enjoyed this musical throw back-to-school New Music Monday post. What are some tunes you listened to or currently listen to while getting ready for school, while riding the bus or walking down the halls to your next class?! I'd love to hear what sends you back in time. Feel free to share in the comments section of the blog!!!

~ New Music Monday ~ August 1st, 2016 ~ Catch Up ~

Happy New Music Monday to you all!! Last weeks #NewMusicMonday consisted of Instagram updates from past posts. If you'd like to keep up with The Faith Journals and #NewMusicMonday please feel free to follow me on Insta for updates, quick posts, etc. You can do so by following this link HERE to my page and clicking the follow button. For those that aren't currently following me on Insta lets do a quick little catch up..........

Last week boasted two new videos, one album release and another spot further up the charts for some of our favorite artists. Starting with RaeLynn. Several weeks ago #NewMusicMonday posted a clip from a live performance of Rae's newest single, "Love Triangle". This past Monday the "official" vid was released. This tune hits home for me in many ways and I was very curious as to how it would get played out in video form. I must say, the team for this did not disappoint. I am fairly certain I cried start to finish. I think this is a beautiful song and it now has a beautiful video to go along with it. Give it a watch and a listen and decide for yourself. For me, it is a thumbs up and a pat on the back to RaeLynn and her creative team for this one. Great Job!!!!

RaeLynn - "Love Triangle"
Maren Morris - "80's Mercedes"
fr "Hero"
Next, one of The Faith Journals favorites, Maren Morris. Her second single from "Hero", "80's Mercedes" was announced about a month ago. Seeing as this is one of my many favorites from the album I was super excited to hear it would be a single and once again found my self very curious as to how they would portray this tune visually. For me, it is a bright blast of high school nostalgia of cruising through town with your besties while rocking some killer tunes. I read a post earlier this week from Maren stating she was able to fly her child hood bestie out to be apart of the video. I think that is super fun and so cool!!! Makes it all that more nostalgic for me. I don't know that most would use the word nostalgic with a upbeat tune, but I am. So, throw on your pink Ray Bans, turn up the speakers and roll down the windows and give "80's Mercedes" a test drive.
Mean while back on the ol' radio charts, Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts have moved up another position with "Running For You" from the "Wild Ones" album. "Running For You", in October I believe, will have been out for a year and the fact that it has taken this long for it to get close to Top Ten status continues to completely baffle me. It's a solid tune through and through and I know that all the Die Hard's adore it and sing it back to the guys at the live shows. So, I truly can't figure out if it is radio politics, not enough actual fan support put into action instead of just talk, or what?! Either way I am still making calls to my local radio and requesting it often. I love this tune and would just adore seeing it get Top Ten status. Any Die Hard's out there with me??!!! Let's stop all this talkin' and put a little action into it. Mkay?!
Kip Moore - "Running For You"
fr "Wild Ones"
The Cadillac Three @ Abbey Road - "The South"
fr "Bury Me In My Boots"
Lastly in this weeks game of catch up, we have The Cadillac Three. Friday was the official release of the groups second studio album titled, "Bury Me In My Boots". A stellar offering of southern country rock if ever there was one. It's gonna be a while before I can settle into a favorite, but I thought I would share a tune that is at the moment at least, not a single. "The South" is a anthem of sorts and I think that getting the opportunity to lay it down at the famous and legendary Abbey Road in the UK kinda gives it all the street cred it will ever need, radio play or not. Jaren Johnstons lead vocals on any tune are completely perfect for this tune. These guys, while compared to other southern rock artists, are truly an act all their own. With every tune I become a bigger and bigger fan of them and the music they are sharing with everyone. If you don't have "Bury Me In My Boots" go ahead and run out at get it. Even better you can order the in hand copy on Amazon and receive a instant digital copy. So, no waiting on rocking out!!!! I mean, I don't know of a better deal. If you are into autographs, vinyl, etc. I would recommend you head over to the guys web site by clicking HERE . They have a variety of offerings for "Bury Me In My Boots" that are official online merch store available only.
Alright gang, I think you know what I am about to say....I mean type. All four of these tunes genuinely deserve radio play and top rankings on video count downs. So, get to that requesting and voting ASAP!!!! Like, right now. Like, why are you still reading this, it will be here after you request and vote and you can finish reading it then. Call, text, tweet, insta, fb, or even snail mail in your requests to your local radio. Every request makes a difference for these tunes and these artists. Also, if you do not have Maren Morris' "Hero", Kip Moore's "Wild Ones" , The Cadillac Three's "Bury Me In My Boots" then you need to correct that right about now. RaeLynn has yet to announce a upcoming album title or release date. So, for now you could down load "Love Triangle" to help a sister out.
Hope you had a wonderful first week of August!!!!