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~ New Music Monday ~ August 29th, 2016 ~ Who's The Boss? ~

Happy New Music Monday!!! I apologize for the late posting this week. Hopefully you will find time to read on your commute or chill time tomorrow. Last week I shared "Things That Bug Me" and just a few mixed up ways that my brain works with lyric confusion. This week I wanna share something's that if I were the boss, I would make happen ASAP!!!! Not that anyone hasn't thought of these things before, but they are probably just all busy calling Fall Out Boy or Nick Jonas and inviting them to this years ACM's. So, I'll start there..........

This Wednesday the 2016 nominations for the ACM awards are set to be announced. On hand announcing will be one of everyone's favorites, Dierks Bentley. I fully expect he is going to see his own name in several categories. If "Black" doesn't get an album of the year nom I am setting someone's house on fire. Making that my first order of business if I were the boss. If I were the boss I would make sure that names like Dierks as well as Kip Moore, The Cadillac Three, Sturgill Simpson, Kacey Musgraves, RaeLynn, Kelleigh Bannen, Maren Morris, Ashley Monroe, so on and so forth would be in several varied categories. All have released new music in 2016, all deserve to be getting more radio air play and recognition than they currently are. Check back later for my ACM predictions once the actual nominations are announced.

Next, while we are near the subject of Dierks, he has been posting a variety of fan covers of "Different for Girls" to his socials. Last week he shared one that was really rather phenomenal. I am "active" on the socials of artists I like. So, I made the suggestion via the comment section that he and his team perhaps invite one of these cover artists on stage with him at each stop as he finishes the  "Somewhere on a Beach" tour. Considering Elle King, his original duet partner for the tune is on tour herself I think it would be a really cool way to incorporate some fan love. Thoughts?! Here is the original track, but head over to Bentleys Facebook and give some of his fans covers of "Different for Girls" a listen. They are genuinely amazing.

Dierks Bentley - "Different for Girls"
fr "Black"
Miranda Lambert - Keeper of the Flame Tour
Next on my agenda of bossiness is getting Miranda Lambert onto a Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon from The Late Late Show. This video is a perfect example of how Miranda just can't help, but be Miranda. After last weeks oh so awkward Brittney Carpool Karaoke I think we can all agree it takes someone who is comfortable with themselves, with being made fun of a little, with a bit of self deprecating humor and just flat out someone who knows how to have fun. Someone who understands that these kinds of opportunities don't roll around often and these kinds of opportunities are all for the fans. I think Miranda would make for a wonderful Carpool Karaoke passenger and as far as I know she would be only the second Country artists to participate. The first being Carrie Underwood. Please tell me how this is anything but a good idea???!!!!!
Hopping back over to the award show front I would like to discuss the hosts of the CMT awards. There have been good ones, there have been bad ones. There have been hosts who make perfect sense and there have been MANY who don't. I like Erin Andrews and all, but WTF does she have to do with Country Music Television??!!! What??!!! I am a HUGE Kristen Bell fan. HUGE!!! Like, I ain't ever lettin' it go cause I wanna be Veronica Mars, huge. But again I ask, what does she have to do with Country Music Television??!! WHAT???!!! As far as I know, neither have stared in a country artists video, nor have they released a country record or are apart of a country specific program (aka Nashville). So why???!! For the love of why have they both hosted multiple CMT Awards?! Why? Why is the industry working so hard to be like all the other "kids" that they just end up losing their core audience and looking like a real big loser??!! How do they not see that? Clearly I have more questions than answers when it comes to this topic so, I'd like to add my suggestions for future hosts. Please feel free to add yours as well in the comment section. What about Justin Lynch? RaeLynn? Kelsea Ballerini (Who just completed two separate hosting gigs. One of which was an award show.), Brett Eldridge (He is actually about to co-host with Thomas Rett the ACM Honors so, we will see if this one is a good suggestion or not soon enough.), Cam, Jake Owen, or hell-o how about someone who is actually apart of a program that is currently aired on CMT??!! Jessie James Decker and Stone Cold Steve Austin for example??!!! At least they are apart of the network and a duo that does well enough together that they have gotten their show re-upped several seasons in a row. Am I the only one that this bothers?
John Mayer & Keith Urban - "Gravity"
CMT Crossroads
Lastly in my suggestion box is Crossroads. Crossroads is another CMT program that happens somewhat irregularly. I would say maybe 4-6ish times a year. The goal is to have a country artist/band and an artist/ban from a different genre mix it up with a small audience that will be recorded, edited and aired at a later date. Again, sometimes they get it really right and sometimes they get it really wrong. I hate to keep pointing the finger at Fall Out Boy, it really isn't their fault and I am actually a fan, though my writings may not show it, but Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry should have been an excellent pairing, but for me it fell flat. I would have loved to have seen The Band Perry with say, Echo Smith. Another brother sister band, but considered more "mainstream" or "pop". I think that their stories of life in a band with your siblings would be nothing short of amazing. Another one that I am giving the thumbs down to, Taylor Swift and Def Leopard. Back when Swift was still country, had long ringlets and high boots there was a episode of Crossroads where Taylor was paired with 80's rock band Def Leopard. I do not know where to begin with how this was never going to work. Are they both great musicians? Yes. Does that mean they would work in a mash up? No. A few of my FAVORITE Crossroads have been Keith Urban with John Mayer. FAVORITE as in why isn't this in CD form so that I can own it and listen to it whenever I want favorite. Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry I think were a perfect combination. Clever lyrics, stand out style and all around girl power awesomeness this episode of Crossroads was neon-tastic!!! I recommend you go look it up and watch it RIGHT NOW!!! I am looking forward to a future episode of Crossroads that will pair Maren Morris with Alicia Keys. I think that a lot of folks immediate response may be hesitance, but I think their deep, soulful, voices and individual, free spirits, have the potential to make for an amazing show.
So, all that said, if I were the boss of Crossroads my next pairing would be Kip Moore and Bon Jovi. You heard me. Kip Moore. Bon Jovi. It has been many years since Jon has done a Crossroads and his original appearance was as a solo artist where he was paired with Jennifer Nettles. This would be a completely different and yet oh so perfect pairing in my mind. Both Moore and Bon Jovi have announced that they expect/hope to drop new music in 2017 and I can think of no better way for them to start off a new album cycle. I think that both Jon and Kip have a rough rasp to their voices that can also be controlled and crystal clear when they want. Both bands are filled with killer players that audiences ADORE. Both have music that has been overlooked, underrated, and misunderstood for YEARS. They have styles that are all their own and their main interests are being true to who they are as artists and for the fans. I feel like their story moments could be intoxicating and their performances of one another songs/collaborations.......I literally just got goose bumps. My camera is full (freakin iphone) but I'd take a picture if I could. Not to toot my own horn, but HOW IS THIS A BAD IDEA???!!! HOW????!!!!! If no one ever listens to any other idea I have ever, please let this idea get into the hands of the proper people to make it happen. 

Kip Moore - "Last Shot"
Not Released as of Yet.
Bon Jovi - "Lay Your Hands on Me"
fr. "New Jersey"
Am I the only one that thinks the instrumental intro of  "Lay Your Hands on Me" would make for a stellar opening of an episode of Crossroads w Bon Jovi and Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts??!!! Am I the only one with that picture in my head?!
Ok, I think that I have gotten it all out......for today. My mind is constantly moving so I very well may be onto a new tyrant tomorrow. Who would you like to see on a episode of CMT's Crossroads ? Who have been your favorite pairings in the past? Who were your least fave? Who do you think would make for a great CMT awards host(s)? Who should be nominated for ACMs this year? Please feel free to share in the comment section of the blog!!! We'd love to hear from you. Have a great last week of August. Fall is around the corner!!!

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