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~ New Music Monday ~ November 28th, 2016 ~ On Repeat ~

Aubrey Sellers - Lyric Video for
"Sit Here and Cry"
fr "New City Blues"

I have already shared several of Aubrey Sellers tunes with you in past #NewMusicMonday posts, but with the official release of her first video off of "New City Blues", I wanted to share another. Sellers has released, at the moment exclusively via CMT her official video for "Sit Here and Cry". I posted the lyric vid above, but to see the official video click here --> Aubrey Sellers Official "Sit here and Cry" Video on CMT <-- . I LOVE this video and think that it goes so perfectly with Sellers musical style which she lovingly calls, "Garage Country". I think this video is a great suggestion as to how to deal with a break up. If you go only on the lyrics you will be deceived on Sellers thoughts on break ups. You need the visual! Go give it a watch and listen and then download Aubrey Sellers album, "New City Blues". You won't regret adding it to your music library.

Again, I know that I have shared several RaeLynn tunes with you in past posts and have even declared my official RaeLynn fan status. So, you should find this share no surprise. RaeLynn had a busy week leading into the Thanksgiving Holiday. Blake Shelton used Facebook Live to announce her as his 2017 touring opener and as if that wasn't enough her label, WB, announced that her original release date for "Wild Horse", which was December, would be pushed into 2017. RaeLynn mentioned in a interview that 2016 had felt so big to her with her marriage, a new label, and serving as opener on several Blake dates this Fall, that she wanted to push "Wild Horse" until 2017 so that it could have it's own space to live. I think that is a wise thought and valid reason to push it's release. I have already pre-ordered, "Wild Horse" and am in love with the first four tracks that you get when pre-ordering via iTunes. One of which is the title track, "Wild Horse", with lines like, "If you wanna love me you gotta understand, You gotta be down with the way I am. All my flaws and all my quirks, all my glitter and all my dirt. I gotta thing about being free this restless heart just can't breathe", this one tapped directly into my ideology of what it might take from someone for me to consider a forever love. Isn't what everyone is waiting, striving, and praying for? Someone who loves you for your flaws as much as for your perfections? I love all four tracks that I have received from "Wild Horse, which include, "Wild Horse", "Love Triangle", "Insecure"( I am CERTAIN I will share this one in a future #NMM), and "Diamonds". If you are debating a musical gift for someone's stocking stuffer I recommend a iTunes card so that they can pre-order "Wild Horse".

RaeLynn - "Wild Horse"
fr "Wild Horse"
Miranda Lambert - "Tin Man"
fr "The Weight of These Wings"
Queen Ran has released her highly anticipated double album, "The Weight of These Wings". The only "official" single and video so far is "Vice", which she released several months ago. The pair of albums are categorized by Lambert as "Nerve" and "Heart". Each boasting at least a dozen tracks if not more. It is rumored that Lambert has rejected all requests for interviews leading up to the double discs release and that she wants the music to speak for itself. She has done several late night talk show performances of "Vice" as well as performing at the CMA's a few weeks ago. I am sure that part of Queen Ran's reasoning in not doing typical media interviews to promo this album is in part to avoid relationship questions. Both of her divorce from Shelton and her current Beau, Anderson East, who lends his vocals to "Pushin' Time", one of the tracks off of "The Weight of These Wings". Can't say that I blame her. She is Miranda Lambert, if ever you expect her to do anything other than exactly what she wants then I strongly question your judgment.
I decided to share "Tin Man", it isn't a single and with as many tunes to choose from as "Nerve" and "Heart" have I'm unsure how Lambert and her team will choose what makes the Single's cut. I however am partial to "Tin Man", I'm not a fan of love songs and I think this may very well be the exact opposite of a love song, hence my draw to it. With lyrics like, "Every time you're feeling empty, Better thank your lucky stars. If you ever felt one breakin', You'd never want a heart.", Queen Ran warns the fabled Tin Man from Oz the perils of having a heart. She closes, "Tin Man" with the offer of a trade off, "By the way there, Mr. Tin Man, If you don't mind the scars, You give me your armor and you can have my heart". Personally, I think once everyone get a good listen of this double disc album Miranda isn't going to need to do any interviews concerning her past, present or future relationships. Based on the tracks I have heard, the music will indeed, speak for itself.
Lastly on this weeks, New Music Monday is Little Big Town's, "Better Man". I am sure everyone knows by now that "Better Man" was offered to the group by it's writer, Taylor Swift. The story goes, Swift wrote the tune and immediately thought of LBT as the vocalists for it. She reached out as any other writer would, via e-mail and shared the tune and her ideals on it with the group leaving the ball in their court. I think that they made a wise choice in selecting it to cut. Now, there is an amazing chance that simply because the writer was Taylor that the tune would have been welcomed with open arms by any artist, but this tune is great no matter who wrote it. I think that Little Big Towns vocals are as enchanting as ever on this track and I just ADORE the truth of it all. How many times has one walked away with the defeat that comes from knowing the one you're leaving could have made the situation one worth staying for. It is impossibly difficult, admitting that things need to change and choosing to walk away when they don't. Realizing that none of what's wrong, is in your control to be fixed. Per usual, Swift hit the nail on the head with this one. I mean, love her or hate her there is no denying that she is a talent in her field. She knows what she is doing and she does it well, very well. I am glad LBT cut this one. I think it's perfect in all it's ways. Side Note: Karen Fairchild, lead female vocal on the track wore the dress from the video for the groups CMA performance of the song. Which, at the time, viewers weren't aware that it's writer was in the building to present the last award of the night. I am sure it is always a satisfying feeling to hear someone else give your words life. Especially when it is a set of vocals like Little Big Town.

Little Big Town - "Better Man"
Don't forget that #NMM Christmas Mix was posted pre-Thanksgiving. So, if you need some tunes to inspire and sound track your holiday season Click Here  !
All of today's new music is new and several aren't singles yet, but that doesn't mean that you can't make your voice heard by requesting with your local radio. Requesting a song before it's a single can sometimes shift the scales when a team is deciding which single to release. So, call in and request "Sit Here and Cry", "Better Man" and even start asking your local dj's about "Wild Horse" and "Tin Man"!!!!!

~ Discount Diva ~ Netflix Review ~ Christmas 2016 ~

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I opted out of the Black Friday shopping and instead binge watched the Gilmore Girls Revival. I'm still not ready to talk about that so, I thought I would share another gift idea for your Christmas 2016 gifting season.

Today I am recommending Netflix. For my birthday I received a Netflix gift card that provided three months of Netflix. I didn't register it till this week because I wanted to be sure to have it for the Gilmore Girls Revival. I wasn't a Netflix member prior so when registering I was given a free "trial" month, turning my original three months of free Netflix, into four!!! Since we are approaching the Winter months of snow days, black ice, and general hibernation I think it is a perfect time to have Netflix. I also now better understand how people would opt out of cable or satellite memberships for a Netflix subscription instead. While it doesn't have most shows instantly, if you can wait a week then you are only a week behind folks viewing programs via cable. It would be MUCH cheaper!! Along with current TV programs there are also movies, both current and old school.

I have a DVD player that also serves as wireless. So, I was able to view Netflix through my TV instead of my lap top. Anyone with a gaming system would be able to do the same.
A Netflix gift card is Stacie Recommended and Discount Diva approved for the Christmas 2016 gifting season!! I think that even if someone already has an account for Netflix a gift card would still make a nice gift. Saving them some dollars in their monthly budget!!

Happy Gifting!!

For past posts on "Christmas", "Discount Diva", or "Gift" ideas just type the appropriate word into the blogs search bar and a list of past posts should pull up for you to cruise.

~ Discount Diva ~ DIY Nativity Set ~ Christmas 2016 ~

This is My Awesome Nativity Set!! Made by Two of My Oh So Talented  Creative Besties Several Years Ago. It is Lavender with Glitter Over It. My Christmas Decorations are Purple, Gold and Sparkles So, They Really Got it Right with This DIY. Every Year When I Set it Out I am Reminded of So Many Blessings. The Gift of Christ the Savior, The Reminder That Sometimes Great Things & Great People Come From Seemingly Humble Beginnings, and with The Thought of the Shepard's That Kept Watch, I am Reminded That No Task is Too Small for the Lord to Use or Have Purpose For. It Also Reminds Me that I Have Friends Who Get Me and Can Appreciate That My Love of Pink & Glitter is Just As Much Apart of Me Being Me as My Brown Hair or My Blue Eyes. 

My friends made my set along with several others with the help of their husbands who cut up the 2x4's and 4x4's for them. They then used a Cricuit to cut the pieces for the silhouettes of wise men, animals, manger, etc. They painted the blocks of wood a base color, let it dry, then adhered the cutouts, let those dry and then, for my set, used a clear/glitter sealant. They made several sets the year I they made this one and each one was painted, etc. to go with the persons Holiday style. I got to see a few before they got handed out and they all turned out beautiful!!!

For me, gifts aren't about the cost, but the thought. I truly appreciate the time it took my talented pals and their hubby's to make these for their friends and family. I appreciate it was made with me in mind and colors that are very Stacie. LOL!! When DIY is done proper, it can be worth far more than anything from a store.

Have You Begun Your Christmas Decorations?! Do You DIY? Do You Have Plans to Give Some DIY Creations this Season? Please Feel Free to Share in the Comments!!

For Past Posts on "Christmas", "Discount Diva" Recommendations, or "DIY"'s Just Type One of Those Words into the Blogs Search Bar and a List of Past Posts Should Pull Up.

~ Insta Blog ~ November 26th, 2016 ~ Every Word Has a Meaning ~


Joyful: experiencing, causing, or showing joy, happy.

Hope: to expect with confidence.

Patient: Steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity.

Affliction: the cause of persistent pain or distress.

Faithful: firm in adherence to promises or in observance of duty: conscientious.

Prayer: an address (as a petition) to God or a god in word or thought.

I Think That We All Too Often Read Gods Word without Really Studying it in a Desire to Fully, Truly, Academically Understand It. We Say Prayers That We Don't Fully Know What We Are Asking For. We Lean on Scripture because We Have Been Taught to, but Do We Really Believe, For Ourselves, What It Has to Say?!

Can We Take Gods Answer to A Prayer Being, "No"? When We Ask for "Patience" Do We Know What We Are Asking For? I.E. Trials. How Else Does One Attain Patience? In A Life with Zero Valleys, No Trials, & Perfect People Always Saying Perfect Things? No! 

I Say All This to Say We Are Entering A Season Filled with Beautiful Meaning, Traditions, Kind & Caring Words as Well as Actions. I Want to Challenge and Encourage You to Be Aware. Aware of What You're Saying. Aware of What You're Hearing. Aware of Those Around Us. Aware of What Silence is Sometimes Screaming.

Everyone of the Lords Words to Us Has Purpose & Meaning. In This Season of Worshiping & Celebrating His Birth, Lets Take Time to be Sure Ours Do To.

(Definitions from Webster's Online Dictionary)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

~ Pray for Chattanooga ~


WIVK Instagram

I am sure that by now you all have heard of the horrible school bus wreck that happened yesterday, Monday November 21st, 2016 in Chattanooga, TN. It feels as though everyone was just getting to a place of putting, at least part of the pain, from the shooting that occurred over a year ago in Chatt behind them. Why is it that when we think we are at a good place, a place of moving on, a place of some small healing, another tragedy strikes? And around the Holidays no less!! If you believe that we aren't under attack you have been fooled. I don't mean under attack as in military, I mean attack as in Spiritually.

In the last year, and I know I won't be able to list them all, there was the Orlando Shooting at Pulse, the shooting of Christine Grimmie also in Florida.The attacks on Paris at the theatre and then in it's streets on Bastille Day. Isis, basically everywhere. Shootings in theaters, elementary schools, college campus', military reserves, bombings at marathons, Election 2016 and it's after math of protests. The pipeline protest, the bus wreck in Chattanooga and the list goes on and on. If you look at the world we are living in and for one moment think that we aren't under attack, you are looking with your eyes closed.

Local News 8 Facebook

As believers we shouldn't be all that surprised by the happenings going on around us. As believers we have been called, prior to these events, to be prayer warriors for our country, it's leadership, citizens and for our international neighbors. As believers in the midst of tragedy we have already been prepared to carry peace in chaos. In our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we received not only the gift of salvation and forgiveness, but we also received the gift of a peace that passes all understanding, (Philippians 4:7 - KJV - And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.). We do not walk alone in any part of our journey. He is always WITH us. He has ALWAYS gone before us. There should be a peace that comes to us with this knowledge. There should be a peace within us that shines outwardly to others who might not know Him, but are in desperate need of a touch from Him.

Reading and watching the varied news reports on this most recent tragedy in Chattanooga my heart almost no longer knows how to react. I don't want to say that it is going numb or becoming something expected, but I think that it is a situation where I am not longer surprised by tragedy. I think that at this point, I wake up expectant of something new and heartbreaking to be in my news feed. I hurt. My heart breaks for these families that are approaching what is very much a season that, commercially at least, is about the children in our lives. We get multi-color blinking lights for our tree's because that's what the kids like. We write letters to Santa letting him know how good we have been all year. We bake, wrap presents, we make memories with the intent that in years to come we will look back on these memories as the most special times of our lives. My heart breaks for the families who will not be able to move about the Christmas season in this way. My heart breaks for the first responders, emergency crews/teams, and the Chattanooga school board, law enforcement, and medical professionals who sacrifice time with their families so that they may be properly trained and prepared for this kind of tragedy. And as they have had to sort through what is a very confusing and slow moving situation with young children. I heard a report today from one of the doctors at a press conference just letting the public know that it has taken time to identify the children as they did not have identification on them, all dressed in the same uniform, and some so young that they don't know how to spell their names or their parents actual names. All they knew to say when asked for their mothers name was "momma". So, their team got creative and went all Grey's Anatomy in the fact that they took pictures of the children and with the help of Woodmore Elementary staffers slowly, but surely identified them and reconnected them to their families. Which I think is amazing ingenuity!!

Lindsey Stirling's Instagram
Chattanooga will always be one of the cities I call home. I lived there for five years and still have friends there. I have friends in law enforcement, friends with school age children, friends that work/volunteer at the hospitals, and friends that are professional counselors. My mind has been on them all day. What today has looked like for them as we all get more details on what happened, how many sweet little lives we lost, and how many are still in critical condition. I don't think I can properly imagine what it has been like for them. I have been in a traumatic situation involving a child and in my experience it was like walking in Jell-O from start to finish and even awhile after. Yesterday, today, perhaps even these next few days to follow, are not going to be forgotten for any of these people. The victims, their families, friends, educators, school system, law officials, medical professionals, counselors, etc. are all going to remember this day, now matter how they hope not to.
I can say, I have read/heard many reports today and all of them complimented the work of all the officials, medical staff, first responders, etc. that had the impossible duty of on site management, communication to media, public, and most importantly the families of these children. I am not at all surprised. I heard a man say today that while this is tragedy, he had three children in the accident, one still in critical condition, and still he said that the silver lining of it all was that he saw his city come together for him and the other victims. It was one of the most beautiful interviews I've seen all day. He wasn't outwardly emotional, he communicated his feelings and thoughts well, he answered the reporters questions in a as honest as he could, way. I was impressed by him. I was touched by his ability to find a silver lining and to be able to vocalize his support and gratitude for all those that have been at the scene, hospital, etc. The chaos had to be overwhelming for everyone and yet there are still stories like this.
Why am I yammering on about all of this? I'm not 100% sure other than to say that now more than ever our world needs our prayers, actions and words as believers. It NEEDS our intercessory prayer, it needs our light to shine in these dark moments. This world needs us to be who we have been called to be as Christians. This world, needs our truth. This world needs our peace. This world needs our blessed assurance that this will one day, be over. This world, NEEDS our Savior. I was recently talking with a friend about hard times and we both said that neither of us know how folks handle this life and this world, with out Him. I can honestly say that with every ounce of my being and every breath in my lungs that I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that my only salvation, my only hope, my only healing, provision, protection, comfort, confidence, and pure bliss comes from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have seen and continue to see what life with out Him can look like and I want none of it. I'm not saying that our Salvation exempts us from these kinds of tragedies. Actually, if anything, it usually puts us right in the center of them. It is in these situations, these tragedies, that folks need our Light, our Truth. It is in these times that our every word, action, and tear are watched as an example to those around us in what our faith in Him looks like in the midst of tragedy, in the midst of pain. They need to see our reliance on Jesus now, not when things are going well. Not when everything is right, every bill is paid, every one in our family is getting along, no. It is not those times that examples of our faith are most needed. It is in these darkest, so painful, unexplainable times that the examples of our Faith are most needed.
As you donate blood, send food, teddy bears, messages of hope, healing and prayers, I would encourage you to keep in mind and at the center of what you are doing that this is the time your truth and your salvation has prepared you for. Times like this are what being consistent in our quiet times, studying of the Word, living by grace in our day-to-day interactions, our individual, unique relationship with Christ and our constant prayers, are preparing us for. This is what the Lord meant when He said, "But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,..". 1 Peter 3:15 NIV.
I am praying for my city. I am praying for my friends. I am praying for the crews, teams, officials, etc. I am praying for the families and school staffers. I cannot pretend to fathom their loss or pain right now. But I will thank the Lord, because right now they may not be able to, for the healing He is going to provide for them all, in one way or another. I'm also going to be praying for the driver and his family. There is no way they are having a easy day either. In events like these all towns, are small towns, and everybody know somebody who knows somebody and there is almost never a safe place to gather yourself when you or yours are at the center of the cause of a tragedy. They are going to have some healing to do as well. They too need our prayers. I am praying for our international neighbors, partners, and enemies. I am praying for our Nation. I am praying for it's leaders. I am praying for you.
Join me.
Matthew 18:20 - NLT-, "For where two or three gather together as my followers,
I am there among them."

~ Insta Blog ~ November 22nd, 2016 ~ An Attitude of Gratitude ~

~ Sometimes an "Attitude of Gratitude" Takes Work. Yesterday I Had Plans to Meet Up w a Dear Friend, but When I Woke Up with a Migraine My Plans Had to Change. Personally, I Get Very Frustrated When the Abilities of My Body, My Flesh, Do Not Match the Desires of My Heart, & the Plans in My Mind. I've Been Thinking A LOT About Intentions. Things We Want to Do, Things We Plan to Do, Things We Hope to Do & How Sometimes Our Intentions Have to Be Enough. I'm Lucky to Have A Group of Friends Who Are Patient, Understanding & Full of Grace When it Comes to my Health Issues. They Know My Heart Rather Well & Know That When I Bail or Hesitate to Make Plans it is More Often Than Not because My Body Just Won't Collaborate with My Mind and Heart. It is in These Times I Dig Down Deep for My "Attitude of Gratitude". I Could Linger on How I Feel or I Could Thank the Lord for the Beautiful, Understanding & Generous Friends He Has Allowed Me. I Could Pout All Day Over the Things I Can't Get Done or I Can Focus My Energy On The Things I Can. Even When What Can Be Done, is Rest. I Choose to Continue to Make Lists, Plans, Set Goals, & to Dream because I Believe That is My Part in This Deal Called Life. I Will Choose to Thank the Lord for All That He Has Done, All He Continues to Do on a Daily Basis & For All That He Has Yet to Do. Choosing to Believe, Choosing Faith, Choosing to be Grateful in the Fact That He is a Promise Keeper. ~

~ Plans Change. Disappointments are to be Expected. Pain is Real & There are Only 24 Hours in a Day (I'll Let You Decide For Yourself if That's a Good Thing or a Bad Thing, lol). ~

 ~ It Is Up To You To CHOOSE An Attitude of Gratitude, Served with a Side of Sassitude. Just For the Record, I'm Grateful for Each One of You!! Family, Friends, & Followers You Keep Me Motivated & Pointed Toward the Positive. ~ Happy Thanksgiving Week!!! ~
Princess Sassy Pants and Co.
One of My Favorite Instagram Accounts

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~ New Music Monday ~ November 21st, 2016 ~ Christmas 2016 Mix Tape ~

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! This week is probably filled with cooking, baking, family meals, traveling, and perhaps even some preparing for Christmas. Black Friday shopping anyone? I had planned to not post this #NewMusicMonday until December, but seeing as Thanksgiving week tends to lead into the Christmas season I thought that you might want some holiday tunes to soundtrack your season preparations to.

I LOVE Christmas music, decorating, baking, sending/getting Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, and watching Christmas movies. It's such a magical time of year. It is only right that I begin with the tunes. It would seem that EVERY artist is releasing a Christmas album this year. Garth and Tricia, Kacey, Brett, Rascal Flatts, Lauren Alaina, Jessie James, so on and so on. It can be difficult to sift through what is going to be classic, new or fit with your holiday style from what is going to be the same ol' same ol' just with different vocalists and arrangements. So, know this, I am only recommending tunes I have listened to and truly love!! Most of them will be appearing on a mix tape I plan to make for several friends who will be doing a lot of traveling.

Starting with Kacey Musgraves', "A Very Kacey Christmas". I have been anticipating the release of this album for months and I tell you I am not one bit disappointed. Kacey, once again, as always, delivered!!!! This time wrapped with ribbons and bows. This album is already one of my favorites and is going to be one that stands the test of time with me. It isn't the average, run of the mill, "Go Rest Ye", or "Santa is Coming to Town" set of jams. Musgraves sticks with her unique style with this holiday offering and shares tracks such as "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas", "Feliz Navidad", "A Willie Nice Christmas" which features none other than Willie Nelson of course. I legit encourage you to get this album and make it apart of your Christmas/Holiday season. Today I am going to share, "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas". Anyone that follows me on Facebook knows that I have had this stuck in my head since Tuesday.

Kacey Musgraves - "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas"
fr "A Very Kacey Christmas"
Brett Eldredge - "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"
fr "Glow"
Brett Eldredge also released a Christmas album this year, "Glow". It can be found anywhere music is sold, but the cut that Target is selling has 3 bonus tracks that others do not. I have high expectations when it comes to a Christmas album from Brett. He is a crooner. A country music Frank Sinatra. So, I wasn't 100% what his album might end up being like. Classic is going to be a word I use to describe it. I think that he amped up his crooner and holiday spirit for this one and it's kinda a dreamy, slow jams for the holidays' kind of album.
What is a Christmas mix tape with out Mariah Carey? It's not a Christmas mix tape is what it is....or isn't. "All I Want for Christmas is You", has been sung at every coffee house, open mic night, holiday office karaoke party EVER!!!!! "Merry Christmas" by Mariah is the highest grossing Christmas album of all time. It was released in 1994 and has only grown in it's popularity as the years progress. It has found a new audience being available on streaming services and download sites like iTunes.

Mariah Carey - "All I Want for Christmas is You"
fr "Merry Christmas"
Christina Aguilera - "Oh Holy Night"
fr "My Kind of Christmas"
I feel that another voice that has to be heard in the Holiday season is Xtina's. Girl can sang. Let's just get that out of the way right now. No matter her style, song choices, movie roles, judging abilities on The Voice. None of that matters when girl can SANG!!!! When "My Kind of Christmas" was released in 2000 I thought that it might be a contender against Mariah's, "Merry Christmas". While it did well, Mariah can SANG too and so "Merry Christmas" remains champion of Christmas music. But, I would say when it comes to popular artists that Christina's, "My Kind of Christmas" is a solid second. I will be including several of her songs on my mix as well.
Earlier I mentioned Brett Eldrege's, "Glow" as a possible classic. While we are in the vicinity of classic I obviously have to bring up Bing Crosby. If you think Christmas and do not hear Bing singing, "White Christmas" immediately, then something is broken in your head. "White Christmas", is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I love that it is old. I love that it has been edited with Technicolor. I love that it has stood the test of time. I LOVE Bing, singing "White Christmas" in that Santa suit, the sisters in their beautiful costumes and the ballerina with red toe shoes. I always thought they where the most beautiful ballet shoes ever to be created!!!

Bing Crosby - "White Christmas"
fr "White Christmas"
Rosemary Clooney - "Jingle Bells"
fr "Classic Christmas"
Rosemary Clooney, aunt to George, is Bing's female co-star in "White Christmas". She is stunning and her vocals can't be compared. I have a Christmas compellation CD called, "Classic Christmas" with tunes by Bing, Rosemary, and Gene Autry just to name a few. I think that any Christmas mix should include some classic Christmas by the greats.
I added a new Christmas mix to my library called "Nashville Christmas". It is the favorites sung by a variety of country artists. Hunger Hayes, Faith Hill, Blake Shelton, Jana Kramer, Lee Brice, Fankie Ballard, and more. It is a fun mix of church Christmas music, old favorites like, "Up On the Roof Top". There is also Jeff Foxworthy's "Redneck 12 Days of Christmas" to spice things up. I am sharing Hunter Hayes cover of  "Go Tell it on the Mountain", with you today. I think Hunter is an amazingly talented writer, composer, instrumentalist and arranger. He has had number one's, but I think we are still yet to hear...all that he is capable of. Give his cover of this classic a listen and then head to the store to get, "Nashville Christmas".  

Hunter Hayes - "Go Tell it on the Mountain"
fr "Nashville Christmas"
A Fine Frenzy - "Blue Christmas"
fr "Oh Blue Christmas"
I got A Fine Frenzy's, "Oh Blue Christmas" at a used music store over five years ago. It immediately became one of my favorites. More of an EP it only has about 6 or so songs on it, but they are so perfectly dreary and melancholy that I can't help, but to listen to it on repeat. It isn't the typical, all up beat, fa-la-la-la-la, Christmas album, but it is one that I'm forever gonna love. Her cover of Elvis', "Blue Christmas" is so opposite of the original I can't help to adore it. I'm a large pendulum swing kind of girl when it comes to the things that I like and don't like. It's just who I am. Give it a listen and add A Fine Frenzy's, "Oh Blue Christmas" to your list of things to keep an eye out for at used music stores.
Because I am so in love with this album I feel I HAVE to add at least one more track from, "A Very Kacey Christmas". This one is an original called, "Ribbons and Bows", a fun upbeat, Christmas love song. I'm not usually a love song kind of girl, but this one is filled with enough spunk and sass that even I like it. I really hope that the two Kacey Christmas tunes posted this week will encourage you to check out the rest of the album. This week it was released on vinyl and is GREEN!!! She really is just the bestest at being so very herself!!
Kacey Musgraves - "Ribbons and Bows"
fr "A Very Kacey Christmas"
Vince Guaraldi - "Linus and Lucy"
fr "Charlie Brown Christmas"
I think the best way to end this mix tape list is with Vince Guaraldi's, "Linus and Lucy" from "A Charlie Brown Christmas. No lyrics. Just instrumental and yet it can get the Christmas feels all stirred up inside. It makes me thing of a simpler, easier, more innocent times. A time when Santa was still real, I left carrots for his reindeer, and was a angel on the church's float in the town Christmas parade. It was so cold!! This angel wore long johns and jeans under her angel dress. I can recall not being able to feel my nose or fingers when it was all said and done. But alas, that's what the season, this sound track and I mean, life for that matter, is for, memory making.
I hope this list inspires your Christmas listening this season and perhaps even gives you some new tunes to sing along to. Happy Thanksgiving Week!! Merry Christmas!! and as always, Happy New Music Monday!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ Gilmore Girl ~ A ~ Thon ~ November 2016 ~ Better Than Xanex ~


This May Very Well Make Me a Major Geek, but I Am Genuinely Amped About Binge Watching Some "Gilmore Girls" in Preparation for the Four New Episodes Being Released This Friday. I'm Amped to Listen to Christmas Music, Get My Christmas Decorations Out & Up. And the Perhaps Geekiest Part, to Begin the Marking Things Off of  My Holiday To-Do List. I Have True Bliss in My Heart Right Now. It's Better Than Any Medicine that I can Think Of.

This Next Week is the Beginning of a Non Stop, Hustle and Bustle Season of Family Events, Shopping, Baking, Cooking, Work Parties, Children's Sport Teams Awards Banquets, Church Activities, School Events, I mean the List is Endless. It Is Up to You to Keep Your Calm in Such a Chaotic Time and I'll Be Honest in Saying I'm Not Always the Best at it. But Things like A Gilmore Girl-Fest, Making A Christmas Card List, Writing Blog Posts to Hopefully Help Others With the Chaos, Helps Me With My Chaos. What is Your Bliss? What Brings You Unexplainable Peace, Joy, Bliss?! Is it A Cup of Coffee in the Morning Before Everyone Wakes Up? Is It Wrapping Christmas Gifts While Listening to Christmas Music or Watching a Christmas Movie? Feel Free to Share in the Comment Section. Keep an Eye Out as I Plan to Post DIY's, Tips, Tricks, Recipes, Gift Ideas, etc. Throughout the Holiday Season.

For Past Posts Just Type "Christmas" into the Blogs Search Bar and All Past Post Posts Should Pull Up for You to Cruise. Merry Christmas!!!

Also, Just a Side Note, I LOVE The "Gilmore Girls". I Received One of the Seasons in a Box Set For Christmas About Ten Years Ago. I was Living in my Very First, All Alone, All Mine, Apartment and Had Just Gotten Back from Christmas with my Family When I got REALLY, REALLY Sick. What's New? Anyway, I Sat Cuddled Up in Blankets and Pillows on My Inherited from My Former Roomates' Couch, Crying, Feeling So Lonely and So Grown Up in My All Mine Apartment, Watching Season 4 without Having Seen Seasons1-3. I Immediately Felt Understood. I Felt Comforted. I was Able to Distract My Mind from the Pain and Get Past the Moment b/c of the "Gilmore Girls". Cheesy? Lame? Whatever!! It's My Truth. It's How I found GG and It's Why I am STILL, Ten Years Later, a SERIOUS Fan. With That Said, I am Taking This Gilmore Girls Revival, VERY SERIOUS!! So, Much So That I Took the "Don't Blab the Final Four Words" Pledge. My Fellow Fans Will Understand, "Read the Button Missy!!". For Any Other GG Fans Reading This, You Can Follow This Link to Take the Pledge as Well By Clicking Here --> Town of Stars Hollow !!! Happy Binge Watching!!!

~ Insta Blog ~ November 19th, 2016 ~ Morning Defeat ~


I Have A Very Bad Habit of  When Waking Up & Immediately Feeling Behind in the Day Ahead. It Doesn't Matter What Time I Wake or if I've Set an Alarm, Have a Long To-Do List or A Casual Day In Front of Me. I Wake Feeling Already Defeated & I KNOW That is the Enemy Starting his Day by Attacking the Start of Mine. Knowing This Means That w Each Morning I Have to Make Some Immediate Choices. I Have to Choose to Overcome the Feeling of Immediate Defeat. If I Wake Up Sick & In Pain I H...ave to Choose to Believe That Even That Has A Purpose That Could Bring Him Glory. I Have to Choose to Start the Day at A Pace That Allows Me to Feel His Presence, His Guiding Force & Love for Me. I Have to Choose to Start the Day Seeing Little Accomplishments as Big Deals. He is w You in Every Step of Your Day, but it is Up to You to Hand Those Steps Over to Him. It is a Choice to Say Whatever This Day Holds, Lord, its Yours.

~ Discount Diva ~ Blue Apron Review ~ Christmas 2016 ~

As the days pass and we get closer to Christmas I want to continue to give you the following 1. music to soundtrack your season, 2. encouraging words to help you feel less alone in a season where it can be so easy to wallow in loneliness, and 3. an array of ideas for this oh so busy season of giving. I will be sharing DIY's, like the "Invitation Keepsake Ornament" found HERE , recipes, decor, multipurpose hacks, small businesses I trust and recommend as well as discounts and deals that I come across. I will also be sharing gifts that I have received or given and would highly recommend. Recommendations is where we will be starting.

I have some of the most beautiful, smart, generous and creative friends that a gal could ever ask for. They keep me reminded of their love and support for me year 'round, but on my birthday they really go above and beyond to make me feel loved and celebrated. This year I received several packages, which is always exciting. I will forever be a child at Christmas when it comes to opening presents. I can't even help it. Blame my mom for making Christmas so awesome. Lol!!

I have a bit of  "map key" system when it comes to mail that I receive from my friends. Over the years they have each left their undeniable mark with their mailings. Sometimes my friends forget to put a card in the box saying who the gift is from or a return label that would identify them. It has kinda made getting their mail that much more fun, cause we all know my affection for mail. For example, I have one friend that the return label is usually to an explosives factory, fire extinguisher company, etc. I usually end up texting her asking if I should call the bomb squad to come open this piece of mail. One of my other friends is a momma of three and an Army wife so, to say her hands are always full is a bit of an understatement. However, she never forgets me and for several years in a row her gifts included random parts of toys that her children had thrown into the box with out her knowing. I do my best to get them back to her, but it is hilarious none the less. The text to her usually goes, "are you missing a piece to that leggo battle ship? Cause I think I have it.". Another friend usually tends to forget to put a card in at all. Her goals are usually to drop me a text so I know something is on it's way, but she is a forever busy kind of gal and sometimes that gets forgotten and what usually happens is that it suddenly appears. I rarely actually see the delivery man when dropping off this friends mail.  It just appears as if out of no where. The lack of return label or note actually lets me know who it's from. LOL!! She is where this very clever Blue Apron gift came from. When her gifts arrive it usually ends up me texting her asking if she sent (fill in the blank) and her going "I meant to text you!!", LOL!! I love it!! It is something consistent. Something that I have come to expect from them and I love that none of them are the same in their care package mailing ways. It encourages me to be creative in what I send. Anyway, one of my birthday gifts this year was a Blue Apron box.

Blue Apron Egg
Blue Apron is a pre-planned and pre-organized meal delivery. You can order for a family of two or a family of 4. It can be modified for certain specifications such as vegetarian, but all food, ingredients, etc. are assembled in the same space so it is recommended that if you have a severe food allergy that this might not be the service for you. You can order once or you can set up a regular delivery. Blue Apron also offers a variety of supplies, cooking utensils, wine, etc. in their online shop. I received a meal box. It had three meals each serving two so, I had left overs for the next day. The box included three recipes that gave detailed instructions as well as photo's. It also included everything needed to cook the food. Well, everything other than the oil to cook it in, the salt and pepper. My box included a chicken, fish and beef meal each with sides. As I mentioned, each meal has a detailed recipe page, ingredients that are labeled and pre-measured, as well as the meat that each meal centers around. 
The box that it is all sent in is layered with a variety of cooling/frozen packing things to keep everything fresh on it's way to your door. I was very impressed by their packaging/cooling system.
Chicken, Potato & Brussel Sprouts

For me this was a great gift!! I sometimes struggle with what to cook/eat. Especially when I am just cooking for me. This gift gave my poor meal planning mind a good rest while technically providing 6 meals. Ya know, seeing as I didn't have to share with anyone. The first meal was baked, breaded Chicken with potatoes and brussel sprouts (pictured above). I absolutely LOVED how everything was already labeled and measured out so that you knew exactly what to add when. It took so much stress out of cooking. I also was so glad that they included a detailed list of ingredients for each recipe and pictures as you follow the instructions. I'm a visual learner so pictures are super helpful for me!!!
My other meals were a fish meal and a beef meal. I didn't get pictures of those because I forgot. My bad. But, the burger was a pimento cheese burger with the side of collard greens. At the moment I am not allowed to eat dairy so, I modified this recipe to better suit my needs by leaving out the pimento cheese. That is another perk to this system. Once you receive your box you can mix and match your items if needed.
Collard Greens
All in all Blue Apron  is a Stacie Recommended and Discount Diva Approved gift idea for Christmas 2016. When you consider the cost of a restaurant meal, to go meal, or even heading to the grocery to gather up all ingredients for three meals that serve two, this is actually a very cost effect program. Plus they offer discounts for first time customers!
When deciding what to cook for myself, but more so when I have company I have a bit of a rule that I plan by. What am I willing to sacrifice? You are going to sacrifice something, it's inevitable. You will either sacrifice extra finances by eating at a restaurant or ordering to-go food, but that will allow you time with your dinner guest, family/friends, etc. No cooking. No cleaning. No muss. No fuss. Or, you sacrifice time, time spent at the grocery store, time meal planning, meal prepping, actual cooking, serving and then clean up. Taking away from your quality time with your guests or even just your own personal down time. I'm not saying eat out every meal and I'm not saying cook every meal. I'm saying there is a balance and it's up to you to decide what works for you and your family in your day to day. Blue Apron definitely helps out with that decision process now and then.
Blue Apron Recipe Sheets
and Fresh Veggies/Fruit Ingredients
I hope that this little review of Blue Apron helps you if you are considering trying it out or are trying to come up with a creative gift. Happy Meal and Gift Planning!!! 


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~ Jack Davis ~


~ 1. Look of Defiance When Told Not to Roll in Mysterious Yuck in the Yard. ~
~ 2. Rolling in Mysterious Yard Yuck. ~
~3. Response When Told He is Now in Trouble & Will Be Getting a Spanking. ~
~ Jack Davis is Very Much a Real Boy. ~
~ Shotgun Rider ~

I Know That I Post Waaaayyyyyy Too Many Pics of Jack Davis, but I Don't Even Care.
 He Is Too Cute Not to Share.

~ Insta Blog ~ November 17th, 2016 ~ Insecurities ~


Insecurity Manifests in A Variety of Ways. The More Obvious is Our Outward Appearance, Which is Often the Very Thing Making Us Insecure. Hair to Hide Our Face. Make-Up to Cover Our "Flaws". Clothes Too Tight or Two Sizes Too Big to Disguise Our Bodies Natural Shapes. While Looks Are Often Our First Thought When it Comes to Insecurities They Aren't The Only Place Insecurities Live. Some Feel Inadequate in Their Academic Standings. Some Feel Less Social & Left Out b/c of Thei...r Inability to be Comfortable in a Crowd. Insecurities Also Manifest Through Our Socials. Y'all Know One of My Major Social Media Philosophies is "That it is What You Make It". Your Socials Can Be a Place of Humor, Inspiration, Encouragement, Sharing of Real Life & Momentous Events or it Can Be A Place of Complete Vanity, Bragging, Tearing Down, Bullying, Mean Girl-ing, Exclusivity, Moping, Hate Speech, or Doom & Gloom. It Is ALL Up to You. Let NO ONE Dim Your Sparkle, Enthusiasm, Affection , Belief & Passion for Positive Posting Just b/c it Makes Them Uncomfortable, Annoyed or Brings to Light for Them, Their Insecurities. Let No One's Hate Speech Toward You, Virtual Picking On You, or Attempts at Edited Perfection & Exclusivity Take Away the Desire You Have in Using Your Little Space of Virtual Reality for Good. Often, These Things Have More to do w/ Who They Are Than Who You Are. ~ I Struggle to Keep My Insecurities at Bay, but Sharing My Weaknesses & The Things the Lord is Teaching Me w/ You Helps Me to Keep it Somewhat Manageable. EVERYONE Has Insecurities. I Don't Care Who You Are. No One is 100% Confident w 100% of Who They Are, A 100% of the Time. Everyone Has their Moments. You Have Been Made Uniquely You for a Reason. Even Your "Flaws" Have Purpose if You Let Them. Be Encouraged Today. You Are Smart. You Are Beautiful/Handsome. You Are Loved!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ November 15th, 2016 ~ Dibs ~

Happy day fellow music addix!!! How is it possible that we are already to the middle of November??!!! Is it me or is time moving at the speed of light? I am working on a Christmas Mix Tape to share with you in several weeks. Until then, I need, I repeat, I NEED to share RaeLynn's new single, "Insecure". RaeLynn recently signed with Warner Brothers music and so far it seems to me that they are really giving her the support a newer artist deserves. Since her signing RaeLynn has released two singles. First, "Love Triangle", which she co-wrote with Nicolle Galyon and Jimmy Robbins, touched my heart in particular. A song inspired by her parents divorce, "Love Triangle" has become a song that tells more than just her story. Many fans begun reaching out to RaeLynn in sharing their stories as children of divorce. For me, it helped in putting words to feelings I have for most of  my life not been able to express. This weekend the second single from the album was released, "Insecure". Prior to it's release RaeLynn teased it via her socials, sharing a acoustic clip of the tune. This tune leans into the truth that can be when dating someone everyone else wants. Which is the theme for today's post.

As soon as I heard the brief clip I knew I wanted to hear the entire song. I'm not disappointed!! I feel like this is a song that so many girls are gonna be able to relate to in the sense that we all know what it is like to be with someone and have that insecurity that someone else's flirting or blatent disrespect of the relationship could end it. Just for the record, I don't believe in men being "stolen". I believe in men walking away. I don't believe someone can steal your man if he really is your man. Anyway, I love this track and think it is so well done. I have pre-ordered "Wild Horse" because of these first two singles. Along with "Love Triangle" and "Insecure" you automatically get another track titled "Diamonds" as well as the title track, "Wild Horse". I am really loving all four of these songs and it makes me excited to hear the rest of the album.

I am officially a RaeLynn fan at this point. She has proven to me as a music lover that she cares not only about the stage, but the unseen, the writing, the message. I can't wait to see all that is to come in 2017 for RaeLynn. She just finished touring as the only opener for Blake Shelton. That is a heavy load and based on my virtual observations she seems to have carried it well. I am a Dolly Parton fan basically since birth. I am from East Tennessee and grew up listening to her music, watching her movies and visiting her theme park, Dollywood. My mom and I still like to go now and then just to watch the shows.....and eat at that ymmy 50's style diner. So, I do not say this lightly nor with out great consideration. At this point, and I know we are still sorda in the first quarter, I believe that RaeLynn has the possibility of being Dolly's heir apparent. I can see RaeLynn co-hosting award shows and becoming the kind of personality and artist that represents the country music community on a global platform. Much like her The Voice Coach, Blake Shelton. Give "Insecure" a listen then head over to RaeLynns socials and show her some love.

RaeLynn - "Insecure"
fr "Wild Horse"
Kelsea Ballerini - "Dibs"
fr "For the First Time"
Kelsea is what I would call a hometown girl. She is from an area that is about thirty minutes from my hometown. This weekend she started her headlining tour, "The First Time" and made a stop in her home city. I very sadly did not get to attend the show, but everything I've heard has been wonderful. With her Aussie BF, Morgan Evans as one of her opening acts and Tyler Farr jumping in here and there I think that this is going to be a well received first tour for Kelsea. She has released what she says will be the fourth and final single from, "The First Time" titled, "Yeah Boy". Ballerini has already made history with the first three singles off of her freshman album hitting number 1. There is no reason to expect anything different from this fourth track. However, today I am sharing the second track from "The First Time" titled, "Dibs". It goes with our theme and I just like it. Opening with the line, "I know everybody wants you. That ain't no secret. Tell me what's your status and if you're trying to keep it.", this tune is another confidence builder in my opinion. I am somewhat old school, traditional or maybe even harsh with my ideals of manhood and pursuit. I very sternly believe that if a guy wants to hang out with you, he will find a way. So, do not take my affection for this song to lead you in a contradictory way. As the line in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" goes, "the man is the head of the house and the woman is the neck. She tells the head which way to look.". LOL!!!! There is no harm in letting a single guy know you are a single girl, "If ya gotta Friday night free and a shot gun seat, well I'm just sayin' I ain't got no where to be.". I think this tune is a perfect companion to RaeLynn's, "Insecure". Setting you up with a perfect, getting ready for a date night, sound track.

Next, Queen Ran of course. From her album, "Platinum" this song was never a single, but very well could've been. "Priscilla" is a track that references back to the struggles of Priscilla Presley as the wife of Elvis, who was a international sex symbol, movie star, and top selling recording artist/writer. I can not even begin to imagine the stress in her world. The constant attention. The expectations of what a wife of such a personality must be. Women disrespecting their relationship by believing that because he is a public figure ,they have a right to him. Gossip, tabloids, so on so forth all having something to say about her relationship. And all of that doesn't even include the actual work that goes with his being an artist. How? How do you keep a relationship with someone so public, private? I'm not sure it is possible and that is Miranda's plea in this track,"I couldn't think of anyone better to ask how to be the first make it last?". At the time Lambert was Mrs. Shelton and in a extremely public relationship where they both are entertainers, personalities and represent country music on a variety of platforms that go beyond just country radio. I could get sad about how things turned out. Perhaps this kind of relationship can't last. I don't know that there is a love that is that strong, if I'm being real with ya. Ignoring how things turned out for Priscilla and Miranda I choose to think of this song as a bit of a relationship battle cry or anthem. A "Stand by Your Man" of sorts. A this is the relationship I'm in and I know that whether I want to or not I'm gonna hear your opinion on it, him and me. A just because this is how folks before us dealt with it doesn't mean it's gonna be how we deal with it, tune. A song that is the verbal equation of  the acts of trying to be the first to make it last.

Miranda Lambert - "Priscilla"
fr "Plantinum"
I love all three of these songs. They are each co-written by the artist performing them. I didn't plan it, but they are all blonds as well, lol!!! Talk about blond ambition. I think these songs are a great start to a getting ready for date night mix tape. I see them as confidence boosters if you allow them to be. Their flirtatious, truthful, and all girl power. So, give them a listen and then head over to the socials of these ladies and give them a follow. Also, while "Priscilla" and "Dibs" are not new, "Insecure" is. So, give a call to your local radio and start requesting it now!!! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

~ Presidential Election 2016 ~

Lindsey Stirling Instagram Repost

I think it is fair to say that we have all been engrossed in this election possibly more than any other before in our life time. A female was nominated by the democratic party as their candidate. Not just any female, but one whose husband has already held the office of President. A billionaire, real-estate, reality t.v. personality, entrepreneur became the republican nominee. I don't know that any of us really truly believed it would end up as these two as our options, but none the less that is where we stood.

Yesterday/Early this morning, Donald Trump became the President Elect of the United States of America. Footage was shared all night and all day today of the devastation the democratic party felt from this loss. Today Mrs. Clinton, President Obama, and several celebrities took their opportunity of speaking to the nation from their platforms to encourage everyone to unity. I was, honestly, rather surprised by how well both Clinton and Obama's speeches went today. I didn't hear any hatefulness or slander. Instead I heard them admit the pain of this defeat, but encourage their supporters to respond in kindness and unity. Reminding everyone that nothing will get done, whomever is in office, if we do not work together.

ONE Nation, UNDER God. Believers, you either trust the Lord with EVERYTHING or you have trusted Him with NOTHING. Like it or not folks, we are a team.What wounds one of us, wounds all of us. One communities victory, is all of our victory. No matter your stance Republican or Democrat, no matter your sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or lack there of, profession, hobbies, no matter if your candidate won or lost last night, we are ALL in this together. We will all be going through the next four years, whatever they may hold, TOGETHER.

A friend and I have been texting since last night about all that we are reading on social media and online press. We both are baffled. Baffled by the energy some are putting into hate. So many folks consider Trump the hate candidate, but I have to say, in the last two days the most hate I have seen is from the opposition. People are posting their new follower counts on their socials because people are actually unfriending each other both virtually and IRL because they do not see eye to eye. PEOPLE!!!!! Where is your open mindedness now? Where is the tolerance you have been preaching for the last year, for the last decade??!!! Where is your acceptance of a community that is different than your own? Am I the only one confused here? Is it really one sided acceptance you have been preaching? Is it really as simple and ignorant as, "believe what I believe or your wrong"??!!

I realize as a Christian, Middle aged, white, female a lot of my convictions, morals, ethics, and basic rules of order are going to be quiet contrary to that of the world around me. That doesn't mean that I have the inability to understand where someone else is coming from. It doesn't mean that I am going to throw a hissy because you disagree with me. I am capable of being your friend/family and retaining my own views even when they don't align with yours. Are you?

I understand being heartbroken when you have invested so passionately into something or someone. I understand disappointment because things did not go your way. I understand the sting of the wounded pride and ego because you weren't just wrong in your guesses, you were rrrreeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy wrong in your guesses, polling. I understand fear. Fear, anxiety and sheer uncontrollable panic have become my companions over the last few years. So, believe me when I say that I UNDERSTAND fear, anxiety and panic. What I don't understand is the mentality that all the work that has been done up to this point, popular, good bad or otherwise is going to be undone overnight. I don't know that tomorrow you will wake up to a overturned Roe vs. Wade, whom by the way, I have heard speak and regrets her decision to abort. But we never discuss that when tossing around the ol' R v W argument. You aren't going to wake up tomorrow and your marriage is over night illegal. The system is still going to work as it always has. The Senate, the House, local government, processes and systems will still work as they have before. Will they produce the same outcomes as a Democratic House? Not always. Perhaps not ever. But the rules of order will remain. They've been in place long before us and as a former Pastor of mine use to say, "Lord willin' and the creek don't rise", will be in place long after us.

We are in this together you guys. If you aren't offering solutions, positivity, hope, encouragement out into the world and people around you right now then my fear is you are only offering more problems, negativity, and despair. You are either a part of the problem or apart of the solution. If you voted, your voice was heard whether you won or lost. We have had the distinct privilege to choose the leadership of our country and no matter what side of it all you stand on it is now time to come together and make things happen. Good things!!! Now is the time for each of us to actually put into action tolerance, acceptance, patience, pursuit of truth and proper governmental order. Now is when talk, becomes actions. All those posting their little hearts out for months leading up to last night, what will you do with your time now? How will you help progress the state of our nation?!

Happy Election 2016 is Over Day!!!! May we all find some peace, rest, resolution and kindness as we head out of 2016 and into 2017.

~ We Either Trust Him With EVERYTHING or We Trust Him With Nothing. ~

~ Discount Diva ~ Invitation Keepsake Ornament ~ DIY ~ Christmas 2016 ~

Charlie and Telisha Campbell's Invite
Spring 2016
The Holidays are right around the corner and if you are anything like me you are already making your lists and checking them twice. Considering not all giving hearts have a bank account to match I thought that sharing some DIY's, Deals, Bargains, etc. along the way may help out a few of my on a budget buddies out there.
It seems like in the last year basically everyone I knew was either getting married or having a baby. Endless invitations to showers, parties and big days seemed to be in my mail box weekly. While I would love to 1. keep everyone's invites to things as a keep sake, over the years they seriously start to accumulate and 2. Buy everyone a beautiful gift from their registry. I simply can't. So, I decided to start doing something home made with the invites for the Bride and Groom. This can be applied to any invitation really, but I have mainly done them as wedding gifts.
I found this idea on Pinterest originally and have just adapted it over time to work for my projects. I think that a lot of couples want to have a copy of their wedding invitation as a keep sake. Something they look at as the years go by, something to show their children, something to remind them of that special day and the promises they made. Not everyone wants to frame it though or have it hanging on the wall 24-7. And if it is always setting out then it can become just another piece of d├ęcor that gets looked over and gathers dust. I think that having it in ornament form is a fun way to at Christmas time think back on your wedding day. Every year when you go to put that one ornament on it gives you a moment to reminisce and tell stories. Especially once children and other family members start becoming apart of your Christmas traditions.
All you will need is a clear ornament (can be found year around at Hobby Lobby or Michaels in boxes of various sizes, shapes, quantity, etc.) the invitation, scissors, glue, and ribbon or twine. I usually cut the invitation into strips so that once they are placed inside the ornament you can read when, where, what time, etc. the couple married. Depending on the material of the invitation I try to curl them a bit prior to inserting them into the ornament. Sometimes I have to use tweezers to get the paper into the ornament in a way that the wording can be seen. I also like to add a piece of any embellishment that may have come with the invitation. Lace, twine, glitter, or cut out pieces of the invitation that has any images on it and add those in.
Once I place those items, along with the invitation, inside the ornament I use hot glue to attach the ornament closure piece. I usually hot glue them just for the sake of them possibly going through many hands before getting to the intended. Ya know? Mail man, gift piles, the car, bridesmaids and groomsmen, etc. If I am going to hand deliver I don't always glue the top just so if they want to add something they can.
Now that everything is inside and it is glued shut, I then take either ribbon or twine that was apart of the invitation or find a something that compliments the invite and tie it to the hoop of the ornament closure for hanging.
If the ornament is being mailed or gifted at the wedding I always package it with multiple layers of bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. to protect it. If I am mailing I also write the word, "FRAGILE" in bold letters on the parcel. So far no one has reported back that they received a broken ornament. Fingers crossed for future ornaments.
This project and gift is Stacie Recommended and Discount Diva approved. Hope this helps to inspire you as you plan and prepare for the giving season.
Happy DIYing!! What have you been making lately ?
Todd and Jessica Olsen's Invite on
their first tree as a married couple.
(insert awwwws here)
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~ Stacie Stories ~ Getting to Know the Author of The Faith Journals ~ If I'm Being Honest !!! ~

Pinterest Pic

~ If I'm Being Honest ~
When I first read this pinterest pic I automatically went back in time. Back to a time when myself along with one of my besties worked at the same university. Opposite sides of campus, but still close enough to go grab lunch or stop by one another's office while running errands. You may find this incredibly vain or you may take it in the ways it is intended, funny and uplifting. My bestie and I would randomly meet up while walking errands around the university so that we could not only do our work, but have fun doing it. I know that's not how everyone rolls, but it is how we did. It is a true gift to get the opportunity to work with your best friends. I have had the opportunity in one way or another to work with a lot of my friends. It helps to make work not feel so much like work.
Well, anyway, we would meet up to walk our papers, signatures, etc. around campus and every now and then we would stop to check ourselves out in the reflection of the window doors. Not just "is my shirt on backwards" or "is there lipstick on my teeth", but full on "dang, I am hot today!!". If you could see our poses you would totally be laughing. Especially at the thought of the times that we got so focused on looking at our own reflections in the glass doors that we totally did not notice the person about to walk through it until it was too late and they had just received some unsolicited modeling visuals. AHHAHAHAHAH!!!! I'm sure the people who saw us doing these crazy things thought we were certifiable, but it never failed to end in laughter and feeling better about myself.

I don't think it is just a woman thing to always be in battle with your insecurities, how you've been made and who you wish you could be. Guys have these struggles too. However todays post may hit more with the females....ya know, because I am one so that is where my experience comes from. LOL!! I may have felt like my appearance that particular day when gazing our reflections was rough, but after goofing off with my friend and complimenting one another's reflections I always felt better. More confident. People don't see you the way you see you. Most folks are baffled by our insecurities when they hear them. It is one of the many reasons genuinely complimenting people out loud can be so important. You never know what's going on inside them. You never know what someone NEEDS to hear. I once had a Sonic worker compliment me in the drive-thru. She out of nowhere as we handed payment and receipts back and forth, stopped and said "You look really pretty.". I was taken aback. I said thank you, got my food and went on my way, but years later I still remember that random compliment. I didn't know her. I wasn't related to her and I don't know that I have ever seen her again. Yet, that random compliment from a stranger is still in my mind and heart.
I miss working in a space with friends. I miss being able to stop by a friends office just for a quick hell-o. I miss stopping to check myself out in the reflection of something with my equally goofy bestie. I also miss a time when my insecurities where weaker than my confidence. I truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one person finds beautiful another may not. That is part of the reason it is so important to decide for yourself, to find yourself beautiful before caring if anyone else does. I know, I know, easier said than done. The Lord who created you finds you beautiful. He created every star in the sky and every grain of sand and still felt the world needed you. When we find contentment in ourselves it makes those random compliments easier to believe and be encouraged by.

What's all this about? Why am I babbling on and on about such shallow things as appearances? Because we need a reminder now and then that we are beautiful in our Creators eyes, if no one else's. We have the right to feel good about how we look no matter how we look. We have the right and sometimes we even have the need to check our reflections out in a windowed door or mirrored store front and say, "Dang, I am hot today!!!". I challenge you the next time you set down to do your hair or make up, or start sifting through your outfits and accessories, to take a moment and tell yourself something that is beautiful about yourself. If you and your bestie where standing in front of a mirror what would you like to be complimented on?

I hope you know that you are beautiful. I hope you realize that every inch of you has been created for a reason. I hope you know that others find you beautiful, especially when you are distinctly you. There is a newer country artist that I have become such a fan of. Starting with her style. She hasn't hit radio big yet, but she is touring and has had some media attention. She has a big tattoo on her outer thigh, she says her nose is shaped the way it is because it was once broken, she wears a cowboy hat now and then and doesn't fear rocking a romper with cowboy boots and braids. A DJ once called her ugly and she found the strength and confidence to not care and to instead of being brought down by it, to be fueled by it. I honestly find her beautiful. Her style is so her own that it makes her beautiful. Her confidence in the face of a extremely rude person, is beautiful. It encourages me to feel beautiful and to embrace my "flaws" as my perfections. Her definition of beauty and confidence helps me to define mine. I saw a post on FB the other day about how in China when a piece of pottery is broken they fill in the cracks from the repairs with gold. They don't repair it in a way that you can never see that it was broken or flawed. They find the "flaws" from the brokenness to be what is
beautiful about that piece of pottery.

What makes you distinctly beautifully you? What have you or will you fill with gold?!

Go check yourself out doll!! You look gorgeous today.