Monday, November 7, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ Motivation Monday ~ November 7th, 2016 ~ Lists, Lists, and More Lists ~

~ Happy Motivation Monday!! I Decided Today is All About Lists. I Usually Add My Weeks To~Do's into My Planner on Sunday Evenings. However After A Productive Weekend I Waited till Today. Christmas Card List, Errands, Bills, Blogs to Blog, etc. I'm A List Maker. I Enjoy Marking Things Off a List. It Helps Me to Feel Like I Haven't Been Wasteful. Keeps Me Organized & Even Accountable, if Even Just to a Piece of Paper. I Know I've Shared All This Before, but as We Approach One... of the Busiest Seasons of Our Year I Thought it was Worth Repeating. How is This a #MotoMonday Post? I Think Sharing Our Survival Tips is One of the Greatest Ways in Which We Create Community. Yes, Even Via Social Media Where the Community is Made Up of People You May Never Actually Interact W In Person. I Live Life In The Mindset that You Never Know What the Lord Might Use to 1. Point Ppl Back to Him. 2. Encourage His Children or 3. Answer A Prayer. So, Sharing, Being "Real" Whether it's A Good Day or a Bad One, is Just as Much Apart of My Worship, Obedience, & Quiet Time as Any Other Thing. What Might You Share This Week That Could be an Encouragement to Someone Else. ~

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