Thursday, November 17, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ November 17th, 2016 ~ Insecurities ~


Insecurity Manifests in A Variety of Ways. The More Obvious is Our Outward Appearance, Which is Often the Very Thing Making Us Insecure. Hair to Hide Our Face. Make-Up to Cover Our "Flaws". Clothes Too Tight or Two Sizes Too Big to Disguise Our Bodies Natural Shapes. While Looks Are Often Our First Thought When it Comes to Insecurities They Aren't The Only Place Insecurities Live. Some Feel Inadequate in Their Academic Standings. Some Feel Less Social & Left Out b/c of Thei...r Inability to be Comfortable in a Crowd. Insecurities Also Manifest Through Our Socials. Y'all Know One of My Major Social Media Philosophies is "That it is What You Make It". Your Socials Can Be a Place of Humor, Inspiration, Encouragement, Sharing of Real Life & Momentous Events or it Can Be A Place of Complete Vanity, Bragging, Tearing Down, Bullying, Mean Girl-ing, Exclusivity, Moping, Hate Speech, or Doom & Gloom. It Is ALL Up to You. Let NO ONE Dim Your Sparkle, Enthusiasm, Affection , Belief & Passion for Positive Posting Just b/c it Makes Them Uncomfortable, Annoyed or Brings to Light for Them, Their Insecurities. Let No One's Hate Speech Toward You, Virtual Picking On You, or Attempts at Edited Perfection & Exclusivity Take Away the Desire You Have in Using Your Little Space of Virtual Reality for Good. Often, These Things Have More to do w/ Who They Are Than Who You Are. ~ I Struggle to Keep My Insecurities at Bay, but Sharing My Weaknesses & The Things the Lord is Teaching Me w/ You Helps Me to Keep it Somewhat Manageable. EVERYONE Has Insecurities. I Don't Care Who You Are. No One is 100% Confident w 100% of Who They Are, A 100% of the Time. Everyone Has their Moments. You Have Been Made Uniquely You for a Reason. Even Your "Flaws" Have Purpose if You Let Them. Be Encouraged Today. You Are Smart. You Are Beautiful/Handsome. You Are Loved!

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