Tuesday, November 1, 2016

~ Halloween Fun ~ 2016 ~

Halloween can be so much fun. It doesn't just offer candy to be eaten, but it also provides a little bit of brain candy. It is a moment to chill. A moment to dress up, be a little different, be who you sometimes wish you could be all the time. It's an excuse to try new things. I'm not sure why we need an excuse, but some do. It's been awhile since I have done a costume for Halloween, but this year I wanted to take the opportunity to "play" with all my cosmetics. I am a make-up junkie. I LOVE cosmetics. It's kind of like crayons for adults. LOL!!! Below are the looks I came up with this year and I had a blast working on them. I'm not only addicted to cosmetics, but also accessories. I have a head band for just about all occasions. As you will see below. I just feel like you never know when your going to need to dress up, theme an outfit or supply a photo booth. So, I am always on the lookout in clearance sections, etc. for cute head bands. This year I found a witches hat at the Dollar Tree and it was the only one. So, I of course got it for my collection. It ended up being so much fun to match make-up with.

~ Double, Double, Toil and Trouble ~
~ Under Eye Concealer by @almay ~ Foundation/Blush/Finishing Powder by @clinique ~
~ Lip Liner by @jordana_cosmetics ~
~ Lip Color in Possessed Plum & Mascara by @maybelline ~
~ Eye Liner by @revlon ~ Eye Shadows by @ultabeauty ~
~Head Band by #DollarTree ~


~ Who's A Happy Little Flower ~
~ I Knew Green Eyeliner Would Come in Handy One Day.~
~ Under Eye Concealer by @almay ~ Foundation/Finish Powder by @clinique ~
~ Eye & Lip Liners by @jordana_cosmetics ~ Lip Stick by @revlon ~
~ Bronzer by @covergirl ~
~ Mascara by @maybelline ~ Shadows by @ultabeauty & @clinique ~
~ Head Bands by I Can No Longer Recall ~


~ Smitten Kitten ~
~ Concealer by @almay ~
~ Foundation/Finishing Powder/Lip Stick/Eye Brow Pencil by @clinique ~
~ Bronzer by @covergirl ~ Mascara by @maybelline ~ Eye Shadows by @revlon ~
~ Bedazzled Cat Ear Head Band by @torridfashion ~
I Must Confess.........
Not Everyone in the Davis Home is as Affectionate
About Halloween as Others.
Fairy Princess Jack Davis
Hope you had a fun, festive, and treat filled Halloween!!!

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