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~ New Music Monday ~ November 15th, 2016 ~ Dibs ~

Happy day fellow music addix!!! How is it possible that we are already to the middle of November??!!! Is it me or is time moving at the speed of light? I am working on a Christmas Mix Tape to share with you in several weeks. Until then, I need, I repeat, I NEED to share RaeLynn's new single, "Insecure". RaeLynn recently signed with Warner Brothers music and so far it seems to me that they are really giving her the support a newer artist deserves. Since her signing RaeLynn has released two singles. First, "Love Triangle", which she co-wrote with Nicolle Galyon and Jimmy Robbins, touched my heart in particular. A song inspired by her parents divorce, "Love Triangle" has become a song that tells more than just her story. Many fans begun reaching out to RaeLynn in sharing their stories as children of divorce. For me, it helped in putting words to feelings I have for most of  my life not been able to express. This weekend the second single from the album was released, "Insecure". Prior to it's release RaeLynn teased it via her socials, sharing a acoustic clip of the tune. This tune leans into the truth that can be when dating someone everyone else wants. Which is the theme for today's post.

As soon as I heard the brief clip I knew I wanted to hear the entire song. I'm not disappointed!! I feel like this is a song that so many girls are gonna be able to relate to in the sense that we all know what it is like to be with someone and have that insecurity that someone else's flirting or blatent disrespect of the relationship could end it. Just for the record, I don't believe in men being "stolen". I believe in men walking away. I don't believe someone can steal your man if he really is your man. Anyway, I love this track and think it is so well done. I have pre-ordered "Wild Horse" because of these first two singles. Along with "Love Triangle" and "Insecure" you automatically get another track titled "Diamonds" as well as the title track, "Wild Horse". I am really loving all four of these songs and it makes me excited to hear the rest of the album.

I am officially a RaeLynn fan at this point. She has proven to me as a music lover that she cares not only about the stage, but the unseen, the writing, the message. I can't wait to see all that is to come in 2017 for RaeLynn. She just finished touring as the only opener for Blake Shelton. That is a heavy load and based on my virtual observations she seems to have carried it well. I am a Dolly Parton fan basically since birth. I am from East Tennessee and grew up listening to her music, watching her movies and visiting her theme park, Dollywood. My mom and I still like to go now and then just to watch the shows.....and eat at that ymmy 50's style diner. So, I do not say this lightly nor with out great consideration. At this point, and I know we are still sorda in the first quarter, I believe that RaeLynn has the possibility of being Dolly's heir apparent. I can see RaeLynn co-hosting award shows and becoming the kind of personality and artist that represents the country music community on a global platform. Much like her The Voice Coach, Blake Shelton. Give "Insecure" a listen then head over to RaeLynns socials and show her some love.

RaeLynn - "Insecure"
fr "Wild Horse"
Kelsea Ballerini - "Dibs"
fr "For the First Time"
Kelsea is what I would call a hometown girl. She is from an area that is about thirty minutes from my hometown. This weekend she started her headlining tour, "The First Time" and made a stop in her home city. I very sadly did not get to attend the show, but everything I've heard has been wonderful. With her Aussie BF, Morgan Evans as one of her opening acts and Tyler Farr jumping in here and there I think that this is going to be a well received first tour for Kelsea. She has released what she says will be the fourth and final single from, "The First Time" titled, "Yeah Boy". Ballerini has already made history with the first three singles off of her freshman album hitting number 1. There is no reason to expect anything different from this fourth track. However, today I am sharing the second track from "The First Time" titled, "Dibs". It goes with our theme and I just like it. Opening with the line, "I know everybody wants you. That ain't no secret. Tell me what's your status and if you're trying to keep it.", this tune is another confidence builder in my opinion. I am somewhat old school, traditional or maybe even harsh with my ideals of manhood and pursuit. I very sternly believe that if a guy wants to hang out with you, he will find a way. So, do not take my affection for this song to lead you in a contradictory way. As the line in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" goes, "the man is the head of the house and the woman is the neck. She tells the head which way to look.". LOL!!!! There is no harm in letting a single guy know you are a single girl, "If ya gotta Friday night free and a shot gun seat, well I'm just sayin' I ain't got no where to be.". I think this tune is a perfect companion to RaeLynn's, "Insecure". Setting you up with a perfect, getting ready for a date night, sound track.

Next, Queen Ran of course. From her album, "Platinum" this song was never a single, but very well could've been. "Priscilla" is a track that references back to the struggles of Priscilla Presley as the wife of Elvis, who was a international sex symbol, movie star, and top selling recording artist/writer. I can not even begin to imagine the stress in her world. The constant attention. The expectations of what a wife of such a personality must be. Women disrespecting their relationship by believing that because he is a public figure ,they have a right to him. Gossip, tabloids, so on so forth all having something to say about her relationship. And all of that doesn't even include the actual work that goes with his being an artist. How? How do you keep a relationship with someone so public, private? I'm not sure it is possible and that is Miranda's plea in this track,"I couldn't think of anyone better to ask how to be the first make it last?". At the time Lambert was Mrs. Shelton and in a extremely public relationship where they both are entertainers, personalities and represent country music on a variety of platforms that go beyond just country radio. I could get sad about how things turned out. Perhaps this kind of relationship can't last. I don't know that there is a love that is that strong, if I'm being real with ya. Ignoring how things turned out for Priscilla and Miranda I choose to think of this song as a bit of a relationship battle cry or anthem. A "Stand by Your Man" of sorts. A this is the relationship I'm in and I know that whether I want to or not I'm gonna hear your opinion on it, him and me. A just because this is how folks before us dealt with it doesn't mean it's gonna be how we deal with it, tune. A song that is the verbal equation of  the acts of trying to be the first to make it last.

Miranda Lambert - "Priscilla"
fr "Plantinum"
I love all three of these songs. They are each co-written by the artist performing them. I didn't plan it, but they are all blonds as well, lol!!! Talk about blond ambition. I think these songs are a great start to a getting ready for date night mix tape. I see them as confidence boosters if you allow them to be. Their flirtatious, truthful, and all girl power. So, give them a listen and then head over to the socials of these ladies and give them a follow. Also, while "Priscilla" and "Dibs" are not new, "Insecure" is. So, give a call to your local radio and start requesting it now!!! 

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