Tuesday, November 1, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ October 26th, 2016 ~ Keep it Together ~


I Mean, Can I Get A Amen?! I Worked in Women's Ministry for a While. I Still Consider Myself as Someone in Ministry. Whether it be My Relationships, My Blog or Even Just the Things I Post to Socials Sometimes. You Never Know What the Lord is Gonna Use So I Do My Best to Keep That in Mind When I Post, Blog, Etc.
It Has Forever Baffled Me How We Can Straight Up Lose Our Minds Waiting on a Indifferen...t Man. In My Time of Women's Ministry I Saw It Happen Over & Over. A Girl Would Wait For A Guy To Make His Mind Up & In The Mean Time She'd Be Forcing Herself Into A Mold That Might Please Him. I Saw Beautiful, Smart, Gifted Young Ladies Become the Worst Versions of Themselves b/c They Accepted the Pursuit of a Less Than Worthy Guy. No Matter How Strong, Liberated, Wise, Beautiful, &/or Wanted the Woman, it Only Takes One Wrong Relationship to Rob Her of Those Traits. This is One of the MANY Reasons I Find it Important to ALWAY Be In Prayer Over Your Heart. If You Feel God Has Called You to Marriage Then You Should Be Praying NOW For Your Future Spouse.
You Should Be Deciding NOW Through Prayer, Conviction & Even W People Who Want the Best For You, As to What Your "Standards" & "Boundaries" in Dating Should Be/or/Are. Not Every Individual is the Same in Their Temptations/Desires So it Would Make Sense That Not All Couples Are Exactly the Same. No Matter the Similarities, Newness, Seriousness, of a Relationship, The Very First Place to Start in Setting These Ideals For Yourself is ALWAYS Gonna Be His Word. It May Take Time, Prayer & Maybe Even Battling When We Come to the Ideas He Wants Us to Let Go Of/Convicts Us Of. BUT it Will End Up Being Some of the Most Valuable Time Spent. You Are Worth More Than Ruby's His Word Says.
If You Need Refs to How ONE Relationship Can Effect Many Others Just Give Esther, Ruth, or Job a Read or You Could Start in Genesis w The First Relationship Model We Have, Adam & Eve. I Mean, They Get it Wrong Almost First Thing & Where Is The Rest of Humanity Now?! Pain in Labor, Labor in Our Work, Insecurity & Envy....Thanks Adam & Eve. J/K Aside, I'm Praying for Your Heart Now.  May He Bless You Efforts to Honor Him In ALL Aspects of Your Life.

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