Tuesday, November 1, 2016

~ Stacie Stories ~ Getting to Know the Faith Journals Author ~ "Rock the Vote 2016" ~

Throughout School I Was Always A Year Behind My Classmates in Milestones b/c I Started School When I Was 4 Instead of 5 As Most Kids Are When They Start Kindergarten. The Story Goes I Was Far to Hyper Active to Wait One More Year. Anyway, I Didn't Turn 18 Until My First Semester at College. I was Stoked to Be An "Adult". I Hadn't Even Had My Ears Pierced Yet. My Roomie Took Care of That. Doesn't Everyone Pierce Something When They Become an Adult?! I Was & Have Been Excited to Put into Action My Right to Vote as an Adult & US Citizen. I Was Sure to Get My Ballot Sent to Me at College So I Could Absentee Vote.

This Time Around I HAD to Keep That First Time Excitement in Mind. I Had an Actual Pit in My Stomach as I Stood in That Booth. I Told A Friend in Line Behind Me I Was Going to Write In Jack Davis. He Seems As Qualified As Anyone Else At This Point. I Didn't. I Voted for a Human, but I Couldn't Keep fr Walking Away Feeling Like No Matter the Winner, We Are all Losers in this Go 'Round. It Breaks My Heart & I Can't Help to Wonder How??!!! How Did We Get to These Options??!!!!

If EVERYONE is Complaining About BOTH Candidates Then HOW??!!! We May Not Get Those Answers Till Heaven So, I Remind Myself 1. This is a Privilege A Lot of Folks Don't Have. 2. God is STILL Sovereign. 3. If You Can't Vote for a Candidate, Vote Your Convictions. Vote Their Policies, Plans, Etc. Just A Reminder: Early Voting Ends November 3rd (I Think)!!

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