Monday, July 25, 2016

~New Music Monday ~ July 25th, 2016 ~ Girls With Guitars~

Happy New Music Monday music lovers!!!!! I hope that y'all found a way to keep cool this crazy hot weekend that just passed. It is still blazing hot where I am and I am very much longing for Fall. I know, I know, typical white girl with her pumpkin spice everything and Mumford and Sons playing while the leaves fall. I can't even help it y'all.

This weeks #NewMusicMonday is dedicated to chicks who rock!!!! So, let's get right to it.

Starting this week with Clare Dunn's newest release, "Tuxedo" off of her EP. "Tuxedo" is a tune dedicated to the guys who are hard working, non-suit wearing, out in the sun all day kind of men. It's an ode to her type of guy. Dunn grew up on a farm and still Instagram's while working in the fields and on the farm in her off time. I kinda think that is super cool of her. I mean, how easy would it be to just rest on the hype of a burgeoning career and bail on physical labor like that?! Give "Tuxedo" a listen and start requesting it with your local radio. It is already charting on the GAC and CMT top twenty video countdowns!!! If you haven't down loaded Clare's EP you should do that as well!!

Next on our #GirlsWithGuitars edition of #NewMusicMonday is Lindsay Ell. I doubt you have heard her yet on the radio, but she is someone I would recommend keeping an eye on. A stellar guitarist Ell has performed solo gigs as well as shows with The Raging Idiots, a band formed by radio personality Bobby Bones. So, if you haven't seen or heard her yet get ready. She is beautiful and talented so it really is just a matter of a moment until she starts moving up charts and taking over video countdowns. I have been following Lindsay on social media for a little while and she comes across as a genuine person with a real passion for her craft. Something I greatly admire in a female singer/writer/player/performer.

Third on this weeks list is none other than Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie has opened her newest album with a cover of INXS, "Need You Tonight". And in only the smooth way Bonnie can, she nails it. Sexy, sultry, on point and true to its original form she covers this jam perfectly in my opinion. She is Bonnie Raitt for heavens sake. Tell me what she can't make cool!!! Bonnie is someone I would recommend you follow on social media as well. You might find that surprising, but she posts some good stuff on Insta and often shares last minute gigs or for example she did a in store gig on National Record Store day. That had to be a cool environment to hear her in. Give her cover a listen and head over to your social media and follow her.

Lastly, ALL HAIL QUEEN RAN!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, did you really expect it to be anyone else with the release of "Vice" last week??!! Upcoming record title still unannounced, currently trekking between two major tours, surprise Pistol Annie reunion and sister drops a new single in the middle of it all. A AMAZING new single at that. I have been watching the few interviews that are currently out about this new release and it would seem Lambert has kept everything on this new record close. Not doing a lot of sharing so, she was hesitant on how folks would respond once the single dropped. Sister, I hope you have no further hesitations cause you NAILED IT. I find this tune to be different, truthful, creative, boundary testing (in a good and needed way), and all together a hit not a miss. For those of you that haven't heard it yet, get your head out of the RNC and DNC and check out what's really important like new music. LOL!!! JK!! JK!!! Everyone calm down.

ALL of these tunes are somewhat new and have yet to take over radio. CALL, TWEET, INSTA, TEXT, FB, or even SNAIL MAIL in your requests to your local radio stations. It takes a second and you are probably already on your phone anyway. Hope you have a chill week, in every way. Check y'all next week with another #NewMusicMonday!!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ July 11th, 2016 ~ The Switch Up ~

Jon Pardi - "Head Over Boots"
fr "California Sunshine"
I am starting this weeks #NewMusicMonday off with a little Jon Pardi, "Head Over Boots" in honor of the announcement he and Kip Moore made several weeks ago that Jon would be the opener for Kips upcoming headlining, "Me and My Kind Tour". Pre-Sales have already begun for members and will open to the public this Friday I believe. For me, Jon was not an obvious choice as a Kip opener, but after their hilarious promo/announcement video I am totally supportive of this choice and look forward to what shenanigans may occur. Speaking of shenanigans, if you don't follow Kip on social media, you should. Particularly his Instagram. Also, Jaren Johnston from The Cadillac Three's personal Insta deserves your follow. I am saying this not just because the guys often post cool pics fr their travels, writing sessions, performances, etc., but because their interaction with one another via the comment section is HILARIOUS. Well, it is to me at least. Any way, at least give Jon's new single, "Head Over Boots" a listen and grab his new album, "California Sunshine".
Just near the end of Spring beginning of Summer several artists and their record labels parted ways. Sara Evans, Scotty McCreary, RaeLynn, The Band Perry, and Jennifer Nettles I believe all left their labels. Slowly, yet surely these artists are starting to pop back up in the social media news feeds because they have found new label homes. One of those is RaeLynn from Team Blake on The Voice. It has been a handful of seasons since we last saw RaeLynn on The Voice or even heard her on the radio, but after her hit "God Made Girls" I expected we would eventually hear more from her. She is far too young and talented to give up the game just yet, in my opinion. And hear from her we will, during Nashville's most recent, what was once known as"Fan Fair", Rae inked a new deal with Warner Brothers Music. Last week the writer/singer spent some time on social media sharing the info that she has begun work on her next release, "Love Triangle" which drops TODAY!! All signs point to a video and album on the horizon. Here is a live performance of the tune and a bit of back story from the author herself, RaeLynn.
RaeLynn - "Love Triangle"
Currently Unreleased
The Band Perry - "Live Forever"
Official 2016 Olympics Theme Song
When The Band Perry announced late Winter that their upcoming album was going to be pushed for creative reasons I had a little twinge in my tummy telling me that wasn't all there was to it. While I will wait for however long needed for some TBP tunes I just felt like it was a bit of a cover. When the announcement that the trio left their label in the Spring was made it was no surprise and the release delay finally made sense. The Band Perry are a young, energetic, brother sister trio that have produced some AMAZING country music, but I somewhat think we were na├»ve to think that they would stay in one genre for the entirety of their career. With a new deal at UMG The Band Perry also confirmed their most recent single, "Live Forever" as the official theme song for the 2016 World Olympics, I think it is a obvious move that they would straddle the country/pop fence at this point in their career. They've been recognized multiple times in multi-genre awards, concerts, festivals, etc. so, it really only seems fitting that they might try to pull a "Swift" one. I also think it is something we could expect from artists such as Kelsea Ballerini and Thomas Rett, just to name a few. I ain't mad at them either way, so, this week I share "Live Forever" to help get us all pumped for the new album as well as the Olympics!!!
Finally this #NewMusicMonday I am sharing a tune from the upcoming Cadillac Three Album, "Buried in My Boots", titled "Drunk Like You". TC3 are set to drop their next album on August 5th and can be found sharing some of the new tunes as well as our favorites this summer on dates with Florida Georgia Line as well as some of their own headlining dates. I believe the trio will also do a Fall headlining tour once done with their opening act Summer duties. Don't forget to enter for The Cadillac Three's "Fly Away" give away by following my personal link by clicking HERE. In following my link you will get BOTH of us an entry into the drawing. Thanks in advance to those of you that take part in this fun give away.

The Cadillac Three - "Drunk Like You"
fr "Bury Me in My Boots"
Coming Aug. 5th, 2016
REMINDER: If you wanna hear these tunes on your local radio, CALL IN, TWEET, FB or Insta a request to your local radio stations. Yes, one call, text, tweet, request can make a difference for an artist and their tunes. It only takes a second and can be done while multi-tasking, waiting in line, in top secret fashion from your smart phone, old fashion snail mail, I mean just get those requests in!!! Also, never be afraid to give a social media shout out to a station that has played your requests. They ARE paying attention and notice those things.
Happy New Music Monday!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ On Friday ~ Fly Away with The Cadillac Three ~

Happy FriYay to you all!!! It is dark, thundering and I am just waiting on that first drop of rain to fall. I had a rough night and today has been nothing but one #MigraineBrain moment after another. I've been trying to write this little post for over an hour. I don't know if it's my #MigraineBrain or actual technical difficulties slowing me down.

I have this weeks #NewMusicMonday written and scheduled to post on Monday afternoon. On my latest post you will find a new track from the super cool, The Cadillac Three, titled "Drunk Like You". August 5th they are dropping their new album, "Bury Me In My Boots", which is available for pre-order now via iTunes or head to their website by clicking HERE. On August 1st the trio will be doing a performance/recording for the PBS program, "Front and Center". If you have ever watched one of these episodes then you already know that I am not exaggerating when I call them an outstanding opportunity to hear stories from your favorite artists, singers and writers about their tunes, travels and collaborations. The episodes I have seen are a chilled out and intimate settings giving way not just for great music sharing, but also for great story sharing. In honor of their upcoming album drop and this performance with "Front and Center", The Cadillac Three are doing a "Fly Away" give away for one lucky fan and their friend. I have OF COURSE entered and plan to continue too in whatever way I can.

One of the ways that you can help me get more entries in is a way that would get you an entry in the drawing as well. Just follow my personal link by clicking HERE and it will give us each entries into the drawing. Simple as that!!!!! Thank you in advance for those of you that will follow my personal link and get us both entered into the drawing. A trip to NY and a Cadillac Three performance sound like the perfect mini-vacation to me.

Stay tuned for future #NewMusicMonday posts!!!! AND don't forget to be requesting TC3's new single with your local radio stations!!!

The Cadillac Three - "Graffiti"
fr "Bury Me in My Boots"
Coming August 5th

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ On Wednesday ~ Dear Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts ~

I am interrupting my regularly scheduled Grey's Anatomy rerun viewing to write this post. For ANYONE that knows me even a little bit you know that I must be some kind of riled to put a pause on Grey's, even if it is a rerun. With Kip Moore's, "Wild Ones" album sound tracking this moment I am writing this post specifically to a band that I have become a serious fan of, Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts. I am also writing this for a group that I am proud to consider myself apart of , Kip Moore "Die Hard" Fans. A term that he uses frequently when speaking of those that support him, attend shows, buy the records, follow his social media, etc. I don't Twitter, but I do like to surf the twitter sphere now and then because artists will sometimes do Twitter specific promo's, give away, etc. there that they don't do on other social media. I also enjoy reading all that fellow fans have to say about their concert experience, run in with an artist, and what ever. Last night I was enjoying some brain candy in the form of Twitter when I came across a small rumble between a entertainment "personality" and several Kip Moore Die Hard fans.

To catch up any new fans right quick, Kip is known by his fan base for not really liking when folks watch a show, be it his or anyone else's, through the screen of their phone. He hates to see a party going on via his show, to see that one person, dead center, who has been texting the entire time is missing it all. Die Hard fans have also become rather accustom to Mr. Moore swiping a cell phone from a fan during a show or addressing them personally by serenading them in order to encourage them to be in the moment, to realize where they are, who they are with, and what's going on right there in front of them. I believe he understands you want to relive some of those amazing show moments and idk he has ever "taken" a phone from someone he has seen videoing for the first time of a performance. It's the folks that spend the entire performance experiencing it or not, because of their phone. Well, several weeks ago at a "Lady's Lock In", a special show that tickets had to be WON in order to attend, Kip was captured on video (ironically) getting the phone of a fan, reading her texts out loud and even calling the friend this fan had been texting with. It was an intimate event where the audience expected some form of interaction with Moore.You can hear the giggles, whispers and sheer joy of the audience as they watched and wondered what he would next. This vid was the spark for the Twitter brush fire when a fellow entertainment "personality" stated that 1. Everyone texts. It isn't personal. and 2. Do a better concert. Along with this Tweet was a FB post posing the question , "Funny or a little over the top?" referring to the phone confiscation Moore is known for by his fans. Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts have an extremely passionate fan base that took about one second to jump onto the comment sections of these posts and defend their favorite artist. To be sure, the haters chimed in as well, of course. Now, this isn't the first time that this "personality" has used their in ability to be professional with ALL artists to gain headlines and listeners. Keep that in mind if you choose to make a comment on their social media. This is like a virtual billboard in the center of Nashville, the difference being that this didn't cost them a dime and it's getting them much more exposure than that ridiculous billboard ever did. I will attach the video from the event near the end of this post for your viewing pleasure, but can we all agree that when an artist does a show that is so exclusive you have to WIN tickets, it is a bit of waste to sit on your phone the entire time??? How is this even a question??!! Especially when other fans would have LOVED your seat!!! I think that one of the major problems for this "personality" and the questions they pose is that they do not understand the fan base. As in this particular fan base, not just fans in general.

I have seen vids where before returning the phone to its owner Kip takes a pic with the phone, autographs it, or does something a little special for that particular fan. Moore himself stated that after this particular confiscation he gave the fan tickets to his next show. I am POSITIVE she and the person on the other end of his "I'm just messing with you, but I'm not just messing with you" phone call found it to be TOTALLY worth the phone high jacking. I have yet to see a video or social media comment from fans expressing their anger over his giving them one on one attention by taking their phone or asking them to stop recording. And let us be real, brother is selling out regular shows left and right, so we all know that the front rows/pit are usually filled with legit Die Hard fans who know exactly who they are dealing with and what they've gotten themselves into by attending a Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts concert, front of house none the less. I don't know that Kip has ever ventured into the crowd to seek out an obsessive phone user to punish them publicly or seriously for their phone addiction. He isn't taking special effort, it's a gag, it's a funny, it is something that his fans in particular, LOOK FORWARD TOO!!! "Who is he gonna call out?" "Who is he going to serenade?" "How long do I have to hold my phone in front of my face pretending to video tape before he notices me, jacks my phone and puts his number in it, I mean serenades me?!!". MONEY, that at the next show he doesn't even need stage lighting or special effects due to the glow of the cell phones that are being used in the front sections just hoping that he will take their phone.

Kip Moore - Lady's Lock In Event
 I think this particular YouTube post may
be from Whiskey Riff.

My point? This outlet was the only one that I have come across to repost this story with a somewhat negative and questionable spin. "Spin" being the key word. As I mentioned before, what you can expect from certain breeds of entertainers is that they will do anything to attain your attention. Including mud wrestling in the town square. I feel this "personality" in particular just wants to play in the mud and due to past experiences knows that Die Hard fans and even Kip, will jump onto any hate that is pointed the Slow Hearts way. I think this kid got exactly what they wanted, attention, comments, and listeners. Heck, I am even giving into the ploy by writing this post. But I, just like many other fans, couldn't leave the negative spin unaddressed or possibly leave you (Kip) and the guys even moderately discouraged.

I feel CONFIDENT that I speak for ALL fans, Die Hard or otherwise when I say that when something or someone that we truly believe in, have invested in, and who continues to prove their worth as a writer, singer, player, entertainer, professional and just flat out human, is seemingly attacked for no good reason other than publicity, we get this fire in our belly and a extra beat in our heart to step up and defend them. After all, they are apart of our every day lives. As I said we have invested in this circus with our time, finances, and reputations. By sharing the music via our social media, with our friends/families, and by writing blogs (that one may be me specific, wink wink). This is our circus, these are our monkeys and if you've messed with one of us, you've messed with all of us. These artists/bands voices are what gets us through the work day, their lyrics remind of us of who we once were and who we would like to be, their performances stop time for two hours and make all things right and I'm not speaking solely of Kip though it all sure does fit. I think that Ran Fans, No Shoes Nation, and a ton of others would also agree with this paragraph. So yes, it IS to be taken personally.

Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts, sorry that this has taken so long to get to, but you continue being you and we will continue to have your back. I hate that you even felt as though you had to address the post via your social media or any other outlet. If I were a member of your team (not that anyone didn't advice you this way), I would have asked you to take a breath, read through the positive, encouraging and smart comments of your fiercely loyal fans. I would have suggested that you give a shout out to those that have your back in radio, on tour, and on social media. Taking this opportunity to thank all those that probably rarely get the thanks you wish you could give when you are at a tour stop in their town. I encourage you and I am sure that fans will expect you to continue to push us to be in the moment at shows, in the sign lines, and at meet and greets. We hope this foolishness won't give you pause when on stage or cause you to second guess yourselves. We know your voice spoken, written or sung.

Kip, what I am about to say is completely non music business friendly, but..........your fans........they get you. Here is the non music business friendly part, I'm unsure if it matters that anyone else does.

Die Hards: Can I make an annoying request? What if, instead of us taking our time to repost, retweet, blog (looking in mirror) negatively comment, etc. this one tweet/FB post by a known non-fan, and we instead take that time to request "Running For You" with our local radio stations. I believe that I read just today that it is on the Billboard top 20 at #17. We waited a long time for this particular track to land on a record so we owe it to get it on the air and moving upward. What do ya say?!!??

Kip sharing how important fans are.
Kip Moore - @ a New York Performance - Fall 2015
YouTube Video - I'm not even sure who posted it
to give them proper credit.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

~ Discount Diva ~ Quick Fix ~ Jack Daniels Chicken ~

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Grilled Chicken Strips, 8 oz

Hey Gang!!! I hope you survived your Fourth of July celebrations and made some wonderful memories. Several days ago I teased on my Instagram that I would posting my review and suggestions for a product I had never used before, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Grilled Chicken Strips. One bag is 8oz of pre-cooked, marinated chicken and at my local Wal-Mart is just under $4.00 a bag. This item expires quickly so be sure to make note of that date on the bag when making your purchase and planning your use of it. There are heating instructions on the bag, but you can also eat them cold seeing as they have already been cooked.

I am all for something that saves me money, time and energy when meal planning. I know that the general preference and what is best for us is fresh poultry. Less sodium, no fat, etc., but some days ya just don't have it in you to spend hours prepping and cooking and storing and cleaning up and, and, and...... I so far have only used these gems in cold salads. They taste great, are tender, and super easy to pull apart or cut into cubes or you can always just add them in as is. I think they will also make for a great addition, when I am in a rush, to my Commercial Inspired Dinner Recipe of Knorr Past and Broccoli.

All in all I recommend this product for those looking for something handy to keep in the fridge for a hurried meal or even a little pre/post work out bite of protein. What "Quick Fixes" have you come across? Please feel free to share with the group in the comment section. Happy Meal Planning!!!