Monday, July 11, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ July 11th, 2016 ~ The Switch Up ~

Jon Pardi - "Head Over Boots"
fr "California Sunshine"
I am starting this weeks #NewMusicMonday off with a little Jon Pardi, "Head Over Boots" in honor of the announcement he and Kip Moore made several weeks ago that Jon would be the opener for Kips upcoming headlining, "Me and My Kind Tour". Pre-Sales have already begun for members and will open to the public this Friday I believe. For me, Jon was not an obvious choice as a Kip opener, but after their hilarious promo/announcement video I am totally supportive of this choice and look forward to what shenanigans may occur. Speaking of shenanigans, if you don't follow Kip on social media, you should. Particularly his Instagram. Also, Jaren Johnston from The Cadillac Three's personal Insta deserves your follow. I am saying this not just because the guys often post cool pics fr their travels, writing sessions, performances, etc., but because their interaction with one another via the comment section is HILARIOUS. Well, it is to me at least. Any way, at least give Jon's new single, "Head Over Boots" a listen and grab his new album, "California Sunshine".
Just near the end of Spring beginning of Summer several artists and their record labels parted ways. Sara Evans, Scotty McCreary, RaeLynn, The Band Perry, and Jennifer Nettles I believe all left their labels. Slowly, yet surely these artists are starting to pop back up in the social media news feeds because they have found new label homes. One of those is RaeLynn from Team Blake on The Voice. It has been a handful of seasons since we last saw RaeLynn on The Voice or even heard her on the radio, but after her hit "God Made Girls" I expected we would eventually hear more from her. She is far too young and talented to give up the game just yet, in my opinion. And hear from her we will, during Nashville's most recent, what was once known as"Fan Fair", Rae inked a new deal with Warner Brothers Music. Last week the writer/singer spent some time on social media sharing the info that she has begun work on her next release, "Love Triangle" which drops TODAY!! All signs point to a video and album on the horizon. Here is a live performance of the tune and a bit of back story from the author herself, RaeLynn.
RaeLynn - "Love Triangle"
Currently Unreleased
The Band Perry - "Live Forever"
Official 2016 Olympics Theme Song
When The Band Perry announced late Winter that their upcoming album was going to be pushed for creative reasons I had a little twinge in my tummy telling me that wasn't all there was to it. While I will wait for however long needed for some TBP tunes I just felt like it was a bit of a cover. When the announcement that the trio left their label in the Spring was made it was no surprise and the release delay finally made sense. The Band Perry are a young, energetic, brother sister trio that have produced some AMAZING country music, but I somewhat think we were naïve to think that they would stay in one genre for the entirety of their career. With a new deal at UMG The Band Perry also confirmed their most recent single, "Live Forever" as the official theme song for the 2016 World Olympics, I think it is a obvious move that they would straddle the country/pop fence at this point in their career. They've been recognized multiple times in multi-genre awards, concerts, festivals, etc. so, it really only seems fitting that they might try to pull a "Swift" one. I also think it is something we could expect from artists such as Kelsea Ballerini and Thomas Rett, just to name a few. I ain't mad at them either way, so, this week I share "Live Forever" to help get us all pumped for the new album as well as the Olympics!!!
Finally this #NewMusicMonday I am sharing a tune from the upcoming Cadillac Three Album, "Buried in My Boots", titled "Drunk Like You". TC3 are set to drop their next album on August 5th and can be found sharing some of the new tunes as well as our favorites this summer on dates with Florida Georgia Line as well as some of their own headlining dates. I believe the trio will also do a Fall headlining tour once done with their opening act Summer duties. Don't forget to enter for The Cadillac Three's "Fly Away" give away by following my personal link by clicking HERE. In following my link you will get BOTH of us an entry into the drawing. Thanks in advance to those of you that take part in this fun give away.

The Cadillac Three - "Drunk Like You"
fr "Bury Me in My Boots"
Coming Aug. 5th, 2016
REMINDER: If you wanna hear these tunes on your local radio, CALL IN, TWEET, FB or Insta a request to your local radio stations. Yes, one call, text, tweet, request can make a difference for an artist and their tunes. It only takes a second and can be done while multi-tasking, waiting in line, in top secret fashion from your smart phone, old fashion snail mail, I mean just get those requests in!!! Also, never be afraid to give a social media shout out to a station that has played your requests. They ARE paying attention and notice those things.
Happy New Music Monday!!!!

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