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~ New Music Monday ~ August 30th, 2017 ~ Swift Edition ~

Taylor Swift - "Look What You Made Me Do"
fr "Reputation"

Duh, of course #NMM is going to cover the release of "Look What You Made Me Do", the first single from Taylor Swifts next project, "Reputation". I'll be honest, it took me multiple listens and multiple viewings before I was on board. Premiering this past Sunday on the MTV Video Music Awards, T. Swift seems to have clapped back at all the haters, critics, rumors, and even truths that have been going on since the end of her 1979 Tour. Swift has been MIA on most of her socials, in the media, etc. since book ending what is being called the "1979 Era". Many feel as though this new video, lyrics, and ways of promotion are a look into Swifts next chapter as an artist, business woman, and simply as a maturing female. After giving it those extra listens/viewings I tend to agree, but I still think that the genuine, loves music, loves her fans, artists is there. I think she just needed to make a bold, I hear you, I see you, kind of statement for her haters straight out the gate.

Being the first to poke fun at herself is nothing new for Swift, but in #LWYMMD she closes the vid with 15 "Taylors" of era's gone by. 15 is the supposed amount of tracks that will be on "Reputation" as well. Coincidence, I think not.  Several of the Taylors are seen in varied scenes through out the video, but this seems to be her acknowledgement of them, what others thought of them, and her moving forward. Also in the vid she addresses the Kanye Controversy, the Snaps shared by Mrs. West of their phone call about "Famous", the Tom Hiddleston chatter from Fourth of July 2016, her rumble with Calvin Harris, other past relationships (again), and most recently, her law suit against a radio d.j.. Winning this suit Taylor added approximately $1.00 to her ever growing bank account. She has said that the suit wasn't about bankrupting the disc jockey, but about letting others know that no matter what, that kind of behavior is never ok. Personally, I think it was a wonderful way to make that statement. Many with the power and pull that Ms. Swift has would have taken him for all his was worth just to add insult to injury, but that's not Taylor. Not in this situation anyway. By way of a bank robbery Taylor also addresses those who think her letter to Apple and streaming companies was all about the Benjamin's. Swift has said that the actions she had taken by removing all her work from streaming services wasn't about her wallet, but the wallet of writers who otherwise never get air play. Some folks LIVE off of writing royalties and if a streaming service isn't paying like a station would, it's robbery. Swift called them out, the matter was addressed, corrected, and Swift returned her music to Spotify several months ago. All is right in the streaming Universe,,,,,,for now.

Katy Perry Carpool Karaoke w James Cordon

I know, I know, we are all over the Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift girl fight, but I admit, I kind of love that she debuted the video at a show that Perry was hosting. That is straight up mean girl if ever there was!! My guess is that it is a reply to Perry's Carpool Karaoke in which Perry confirms the feud. Neither artist, up to that point, had straight forward confirmed the feud. I love both artists music, artistry, etc. and find it ridiculous that either would feel the need to address this alleged "feud" publicly, but humans will be humans and so the drama continues.

While Swift, per usual, addressed a multitude of things visually with the "Look What You Made Me Do" video, I am unsure any of us will ever be able to break them all down. I'm not at all surprised that she has chosen to reply to all that occurred over the last year in a half, with her art. That is how she got into the biz to begin with. Using her life as her fuel, which BTW, as do many artists. For whatever reason Swift takes heat for it. For many people she can do nothing right, for others she can do nothing wrong, while I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I don't agree with all moves, but I understand them. I think that Taylor Swift has done exactly what she set out to do so far with #LWYMMD, by setting up curiosity for the rest of the "Reputation" album, get everyone searching for the hidden Easter Eggs in the video, not doing any press up to this point, but plastering the promo material on UPS trucks, having Scott Borchetta, her labels CEO to do some social promoting, and of course all the buzz created by it being dropped at the VMA's. The VMA's she did not attend, but also won an award at. Girl knows what she is doing and I personally can't wait to see/hear what else is to come down the drain pipe!! I am sure this is not the last "Repuation" post for New Music Monday. Stay Tuned!!

Give "Look What You Made Me Do" a watch, listen, stream, and download. Share the easter eggs you found in the video by way of the comment section below!!

Taylor Swift - "Look What You Made Me Do"
fr "Reputation"
Lyric Video

~ Insta Blog ~ August 29th, 2017 ~ Nothing Wasted ~

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"Stewardship" @wikipedia - Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning & management of resources. The concepts of stewardship can be applied to the environment,
nature, economics, health, property, information, theology, etc.

I am a Believer of Nothing is for Waste. God is Not a Wasteful God. He is Purposeful, Intentional, & See's Further Ahead Than We Ever Will Be Able To. ...That Said, If I Believe That All Things are By Him & For Him Then I Need to Be a "Steward" of Everything He Puts in My Path. Relationships, Social Media, Finances, Home, Pet, Car, Pain, Illness, Travel, Fun, Inconvenience, Insomnia, Frustration, Loneliness, EVERYTHING.

In Order to Keep Anything fr Being Wasted We Must Make Effort to Consider its Possibilities for Something Beyond Ourselves. I Struggle w Stewarding Several of Those Listed. I Often Find Myself Saying to God, "this is such a total waste". In Saying That to Him I Am Saying He's Gotten it Wrong. Harsh Truth.

I Challenge/Encourage You to Do Some Looking Around Mentally & Physically and Ask the Lord What He Might Have Already Put in Front of You, What Has He Entrusted You W? Entrusted You w So That You Might Be a Steward of it For His Glory

Monday, August 28, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ August 28th, 2017 ~ I Can't Keep Up ~

O.K., how is it not even noon on New Music Monday and I already feel miles behind where I should be??!! New videos, new songs, new performances, awards show criticism, I mean there is so much to share, cuss and discuss!!!! I hardly know where to start, but I think I am going to go with Aubrie Sellers. Aubrie Sellers is one of my most favorite, new artists hitting the country music scene. In my opinion she has yet to get the attention she deserves, but "New City Blues", Sellers most recent album, is legit one of my favorites from the last several years. I think I LOVE each and every song. With that said, Aubrie released a duo of videos from "New City Blues", addressing her thoughts on feminism, gossip mags, thinking for yourself, and just general bad ass-ery, which Sellers is with her music industry heritage, movie star looks and her own "Garage Country" sound.

The first in the duo is, "Magazines". A nod to the idea that today's woman doesn't think for herself, but allows the covers of magazines decide what she thinks and how she feels about herself and the world around her. Sellers is a vocal female activist who took part in the Women's March in DC earlier this year. She is also an avid and proud book worm, often sharing what she is currently reading with fans and followers via her socials. I think that "Magazine" is clever both in the lyrics as well as the visual chosen to accompany it.

Aubrie Sellers - "Magazine"
fr "New City Blues"
1 of 2
Aubrie Sellers - "Paper Doll"
fr "New City Blues"
2 of 2
"Paper Doll", is the second single and video in the duo released last week. It continues with the thought of conformity, not thinking for ones self, etc. Also, visually out of the box for country music video's, but I think that's what makes it worth watching. I like that Aubrie decided to release these tunes as a duo. It's a bit different and visually they kind of hit the mark for the lyrics with out getting too abstract or too on the nose. I really want to start hearing Aubrie Sellers on the radio, on nomination announcements, as award show perfomer, etc. I think that she deserves to be in these places and represents an important voice for females in general, but also for females in country music. Call your local radio and start requesting "Magazine" and "Paper Dolls"!!

While we are on the topic of girl power and chicks who rock, let's add in Margo Price and her latest single/video, "Weakness". Margo is another country artist that I feel should be getting more attention than she is. She has spent the Summer on the road with Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton, performing at a few festivals, as well as doing some headlining shows. I think she is an artist that despite radio or industry backing is going to go far based on the respect and opportunities given to her by fellow artists. Margo is a in your face kind of writer/singer, but with a sweet Loretta Lynn tone. She is telling you off, but you thank her for it after. Below is "Weakness", give it a watch and start requesting more Margo with your local radio.


Margo Price - "Weakness"
fr "Midwest Farmers Daughter"

Kip Moore - "Bittersweet Company"
As promised when the release date of "SLOWHEART" was made, here is your weekly dose of Kip Moore and another pre-release tune/video from "SLOWHEART". "Bittersweet Company", per Moore, was cut for the record differently that what they chose to use for the video. So, we kind of get to versions of the tune for the price of one, LoL!! In "Bittersweet Company", Kip thinks back on a relationship and wonders out loud how it got to where it was. While fans have been obsessing over each pre-release equally, it does seem there is a bit more chatter for "Bittersweet Company". Another video directed by P.J. Brown and Life in Rewind, the visual matches the lyrical, perfectly. As we get closer to that September 8th release date I get more and more anticipant of what Moore will release next as a pre-release and what will actually be sent to radio. I. Can. Not. Wait. The Slowhearts are in the UK playing a series of dates for their Europe fans. I confess, after last years videos of Kip playing acoustic in the streets after the shows, I am having a serious case of FOMO. I mean, you just never know what these fella's will do extra for their fans. Especially those across the pond. I love reading social posts from over seas fans about how awesome the shows are, running into the guys in a pub, etc. "More Girls Like You", the first single from "SLOWHEART" is currently available at radio for requesting and is at CMT as well as GAC in video form for voting on the top 20 countdowns. So, head over now to vote, request, pre-order, stream, etc.
Rascal Flatts - "Yours if You Want it"
fr "Back to Us"
Mkay, never mind that the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristy Swanson and Chris Farley's nearly identical, look a like brother, Kevin are the male and female lead in this tune, but it has earned the Flatts their 17th number one song. That's kind of a big deal!! The Flatts decided to release this tune as one of the singles from "Back to Us", after one of it's co-writers, Andrew Dorff, unexpectedly passed away. The guys promised to do their best to get that number one in Dorff's honor, and so they have. Can Rascal Flatts really sing anything wrong?! I'm not sure they can. Their vocals have become iconic as has their instrumental style. I think you can hear the first few seconds of a intro and know that it is a Flatts song. All of that being a good thing. So many artsits strive their entire career to be sonically recognizable to fans and never get there. Lastly, I share this video because of this.....
No automatic alt text available.
Rascal Flatts - "Yours if You Want It" Video
Y'alllllllll, call me a super geek if you must, but my name is NEVER spelled correctly ANYWHERE!!! So, to see it show up in this video as apart of the story line, spelled the way I spell it, I full on geeked. Can't even help it. Don't even care if you judge. If you have an out of the ordinary name or spelling of a name then you totally understand what I am talking about. NOTHING that is made with names on it has my name with the spelling, S T A C I E, it is ALWAYS Stacy or Stacey. Do you have any idea how aggravating that is growing up??!!! Barbie released a "Stacie" Barbie and spelled it the way I do, but, BUT, she is blonde....I am not. I still got her for Christmas that year though and she is displayed proudly in the guest room in her box and original packaging, LoL!!! Like I said, GEEK!! Don't even care.

I hope that you have enjoyed this weeks #NMM and the video's included. Feel free to share the link on your socials!! You can also follow me @StacieTennessee on Instagram and Twitter for updates, InstaStories, etc.
I will be posting a MTV,VMA, Taylor Swift specific NMM this week as well, so, stay tuned!!! It simply needed it's own post.


~ What Would Dolly Do?! ~

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Brings jobs and millions of dollars to a dying city making it a tourist attraction folks fr eeerrryyyyywhere come to visit. Raised enough money for her home town after a fire devastated the community to help families get back on their feet for SIX MONTHS. Creates a program that sends books, for free, every month, to ANY child living in TN until they are FIVE!!!! But sure, has a racist agenda. Uh-hu. Ok.

I truly believe Dolly is one of the most inclusive entertainer, entrepreneurs, citizen of TN, EVER, Anywhere. She is someone who presents kindness to every reporter, every fan, every artist that stops to speak or ask her advice. I can NOT even handle this ridiculousness!!!!

Removing all reminders of history, painful, right, wrong, etc. does NOT erase it. It also does a disservice to anyone and everyone that chose to represent their country in one way or another, making it the free, beautiful country it actually is by going through these un imaginable chapters of our past. Sadly, and even contradictory to my point perhaps, that freedom even entitles this kind of ridiculousness.

I visited the Holocaust museum once and was so broken hearted over the facts of this historic event I have not been able to go back to it again. That sadness and anger it caused me does not mean it should be erased as a piece of history. It happened. As did the wars of the states. It shouldn't have, but it did and I think all are the wiser, in one way or another, b/c of growing up learning about it in history classes. How do we learn what needs to be said and done now, in order to not repeat our regretful pasts, if we do not study our nations past, observe it in different cities, in different outlets with different people??!!! I may be rambling. My fuse is lit.

Don't get me started on the cancelling of the viewing of #GoneWithTheWind this weekend!!! CLARK GABLE WAS MIXED RACE!!! The actress to play "Mammy", was the first African American female to be nominated for an Oscar. Which she was nominated for her role AS MAMMY!!! I need to get off this soap box right quick!!!

Anyway, lets not neglect to pray for our business and community leaders, political and otherwise. I gotta go calm down. Love you all!! Even the ones coming for Dolly.......I don't really like you right now, but I love ya as a fellow American and human.....cause that's what Jesus would do......and probably Dolly.......

~ Coming Soon ~ Glam Bag World Domination ~

~ Glam Bag ~ Tips and Tricks ~ August 24th, 2017 ~ Under Eye Care ~

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I Know, I Know, "Stacie, Stop Posting All These Hot Selfies".
Sorry Y'all. Some Folks Can't Even Help It.
For Reals #BeautyQueens, #GlamBag Tip & Trick = When Using the Round Eye
Pads, if You are Multi Tasking While Wearing Them or Simply Do Not Like
Covering Your Entire Eye, Cut One Pad in Half and Use a Half Under Each
Eye. This Also, Obviously, Makes The Pack Last Longer. I Keep Mine in the
Fridge So They are Extra Cooling When I Use Them. 

~ Insta Blog ~ August 24th, 2017 ~ "He Made Ya Perfect Babe!" ~

Image may contain: one or more people

O.K. So I Cropped the Heads b/c it Isn't Necessarily About Who Posted This So Much as it is About What They Have Posted Here. Famous, More Money Than....well...Probably Anyone & You Left the House w/o Your Pants or Your Top??!! My Initial Thought is w All Those Benjamins You'd Think a Gal Could Afford a Few Items of Clothing.

This, is Not Fashion, Technically Its Actually a Lack There Of. Here's the Thing, Who are You Surrounding Yourself w/, How Much Attention Do You Need, What is Lacking in Your Life That You'd Leave the House Sans Pants/Top??!! I'm Not a Prude. I Am a Believer in Modesty, but Am Not a Cover Every Inch of Flesh Kind of Female. I Love Fashion, Design, Red Carpets, Couture, Even Abstract Fashion as Art (think Gaga). This, is None of Those Things. It Makes Me Sad. I Think Most See This & Think Vanity, Cocky, but What I See is Insecurity, a Need for Public Attention/Approval, a Lack of Self Worth on the Inside.

Not to Go All SNL Church Lady, but Until We Find Our Identity in Christ We Will Forever Be Looking to the World for Attention/Approval/Affection. Not Even the Affection of Family/Loved Ones Will Suffice if We Don't First Start w Him.

Maybe I'm Just Tired or Maybe I'm Getting Elderly, Whatever it is, For Whatever Reason, I Couldn't Just Continuing Scrolling. I Had to Speak.

You are Loved!! You are Perfect & It Doesn't Require Half Dressing to Note the Perfection. Praying for Anyone That Reads This Tonight, That You Would Find Security, Confidence & Affection fr the Creator. To Quote Gaga, "He Made Ya Perfect, Babe" !

~ "I'll Celebrate as Long as You Want to Celebrate Me" ~

I have a friend who's birthday motto is, "I'll celebrate as long as you want to celebrate me". This hasn't always been my mind set and sometimes I still struggle. But I put in actual mental, emotional and physical efforts to push down that attack from the enemy on my vanity of age and instead praise the Lord for these years under my belt. There have been several life events that very easily could have kept my count low, but praise be to Him that He has had other plans for me. Sometimes it is a daily struggle and sometimes it is a annual struggle to not be bogged down by the worlds expectations of someone my age vs the Lords and my expectations of someone my age. So, in an effort to combat the enemy on this front I have adopted my friends birthday philosophy of, "I'll celebrate as long as you want to celebrate me". Stores, restaurants, and other businesses one regularly visits tend to have not just normal customer rewards, but specific rewards for customers birthdays. They will email or mail you a coupon, gift card, or whatever to be redeemed in honor of your birthday. I have come to LOVE and look forward to these emails. I always forget about them so each year when they pop up in my email or mail box I am surprised!! Y'all know how I love a discount, coupon and freebie so why would my birthday be any different?! LoL!!!
 Image may contain: text and food
Not Gonna Crowd M'Socials Feed w All the Bday Fun Freebies, but If You
Wanna Know More & How You Can Snag Some Swag for Your Bday, Head to
the Search Bar Above & Type "Birthday" or "Freebie" into the Blogs Search Bar for a List of Past Posts on the Topics.
Any Questions Feel Free in the Comments or DM.
Anyone Needs Me I'll Be Celebrating for the Next Few Weeks

~ National Dog Day ~

Image may contain: dog

Happy #NationalDogDay fr #JackDavis & His Mom!!
 He Hopes Everyone Gets Extra Naps to Celebrate. 

~ Insta Blog ~ August 27th, 2017 ~ Pursue God First. Pursue Me Second. ~

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~ New Music Monday ~ August 21st, 2017 ~ Songs to Stream ~

When you are working from home there isn't a tech guy to call when things go wonky. So, I apologize that this post is late, but The Faith Journals had some technical difficulties. My motto this week will be, "better late than never", when it comes to New Music Monday. Let's get started...

With The Cadillac Three dropping "Legacy", THIS FRIDAY, I really wanted to highlight a few of my favorite TC3 songs. All of these are available for streaming on Spotify, can be downloaded or pre-ordered from iTunes, amazon music, and

The Cadillac Three - "Legacy"
fr "Legacy"

Gonna go ahead and start with the title track to this upcoming release, "Legacy". I find "Legacy" to be a beautiful start for this album. The band it's self had several big life milestones since the release of "Bury Me in My Boots". A baby, a marriage, served as opener on several major tours, headline some tours, and crank out this next album. That's a lot of life and I think that "Legacy" is a wonderful mile marker for all of that. The instant gratification video only backs up my feelings on it.

Next is "White Lightening", from "Bury Me in My Boots", as it is the track that got my attention and turned me on to TC3. I think it is the one song that basically EEERRRYYYBODY knows from the trio. I really expected their follow up tunes to click with listeners as "White Lightening" did, but radio and radio listeners are fickle by nature. The guys haven't had another tune hit radio "big", but that hasn't stopped the growth of their fan base or the production of tunes and tours. This is a band I would LOVE to start seeing as performers on awards shows, walking the red carpet and being nominated in Best "New" categories. Jaren, lead vocals for the trio has had a lot of success as a writer for other artists, Jake Own, Frankie Ballard, Kip Moore, etc. but it continues to astonish me that folks are giving the writing that TC3 has done more attention. Give "White Lightening" a listen and share your thoughts in the comment section. This vid is from a performance at Abbey Road Studios in the UK.

The Cadillac Three - "White Lightening"
fr "Bury Me in My Boots"
TC3 - "Runnin' Red Lights"
fr "Bury Me in My Boots"
I'm not a huge fan of love songs, but "Runnin' Red Lights" kinda gets me every time. The thought of driving through the night, rain, or whatever to get back to the one you love hits me. It's the idea of care and affection for someone that would inspire that kind of effort. Maybe it's just me, but it is a love song I actually love.
Lastly from The Cadillac Three for this weeks #NMM is "Demolition Man" from the upcoming, "Legacy". I LOVE this Nintendo vibe of a video. Such a throw back that throws me back in all the right ways. The guys could be easily pigeon holed, but I think that it is creative visual choices like this that will keep that from happening. I think that "Legacy", is going to produce a lot of good for this trio and their supporters and I kind of just can't wait to watch it all happen. The fella's hit the road this fall for a tour so head over to their site for dates and ticket info. Also, don't forget that "Legacy" releases THIS FRIDAY, August 25th!!!! So, pre-order, start streaming the pre-released singles now, or make plans to hit the store and pick up a hard copy this Friday!! I really do not think it will disappoint you in any way.

The Cadillac Three - "Demolition Man"
fr "Legacy"

Kip Moore - "Blonde"
I have to throw in a little Kip Moore to this weeks New Music Monday as well. "SLOWHEART" releases September 8th and Kip is out doing promo stuff getting everyone amped for the release. One of those things happening has been a early release of tunes from the album for those that have pre-ordered via itunes as well as a corresponding video. "Blonde", was last weeks pre-release and video and it takes a harsh look at those pursuing fame. Moore has always been very vocal about how unsocial he finds social media to be. "Blonde" is a bit of a nod to that in that it seems everyone is trying to get their fifteen via socials. Willing to sell whatever part of them needs to be sold in order to go viral. None of which is Kip approved ways of gaining attention. While I tend to agree with some of Moore's points on social media, I also disagree with him on others. None of it worth discussing,  but "Blonde" is def something I can support, agree or disagree. Another great video directed by P.J. Brown of Life in Rewind productions and long time friend of Kip. "SLOWHEART" releases on September 8th and is currently available for pre-order on Kips site, itunes, and amazon music. You can also stream the pre-release tunes via Spotify, now!!

I hope you have a beautiful week filled with great tunes!!! Catch you next week!! Hopefully we will all get to spend the weekend spinning "Legacy" on repeat and watching a fourth Kip pre-release video!!!

You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter @StacieTennessee for updates, sale alerts, etc. 

~ Find the Strength to Let Go of How You Thought It Would Be. ~

~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~ August 22nd, 2017 ~ You are Beautiful No Matter What They Say ~

Image may contain: text

Happy Tuesday #BeautyQueens!! I'm Not 100% Why We Do, but it Would Seem We Put More Stock into the Words of Strangers Than Those Who Know & Love Us on the Daily. We Remember When That Random Said Our Hair Was "Like SO Pretty", or in the Drive Thru That One Time When the Worker Stopped What They Were Doing to Compliment Us. Never Mind the 100 Times Your Bestie Complimented Your Fashion Choices or Your Mom Said You're Beautiful. Why Don't Those Stick??!!

Likes, Comments, Retweets, Somehow it's All Gained Far More Value Than it Should. With All That Said, No Matter the Relationship or Lack Of, it is as Important to Speak Complimenting, Kind, Uplifting Truths Into Folks Lives as it is Any Other Kind. I'm Full On Aware Life is Hard. Fully! Aware! I Don't Need Your Harsh Words to Teach Me That. What I Do Need is Your Love & Some Words of Affirmation Now & Then to Remind Me That Not ALL of the World is Hard!! Am'I Right Brothers & Sisters??!!

Speak Beauty into Someones Life Today. There is No Telling What the Lord Will Use Those Words of Kindness to Counteract. And Just Incase No One's Told Ya Today, You are Loved, You Are Perfect in Your Unique Ways as You Were Designed by an Intelligent & Intentional God, You. Are. Beauty.

~ Eclipse 2017 ~

So, was anyone else pre-traumatized by the eclipse?! There was so much hype. They' said it'll melt my retinas, make Jack Davis think he is a cat and folks will just stop driving if thats what they're doing when it happens. Possible temp drop, could maybe even see the stars....ya know...before it melts your eye balls and your pets eye balls. There was a solid chance hat JD and I would have celebrated the eclipse by hiding under the bed.

Image may contain: sky

Didn't Have a Super Cool Camera or Glasses, but Read About Turning Your Phone Camera to Selfie and Watching That Way. So, Not as Epic as Some. Cooler Than Others. None the Less Kinda Epic & Wild to Be Reminded in This Way That Our Creator is an Intelligent Designer. Nothing is By Accident. Among His Many Titles/Names, God is Also a Scientist.

Image may contain: dog
They Said Animals Might Act Odd During the Eclipse......Business as Usual Around Here.
They say it will happen again in 2024 so, I feel I'll be better prepared if I am still around when it comes back around. How did you experience the Eclipse? Did you get the NASA glasses? 

~ Glam Bag ~ Total Eclipse of the Eyeliner ~ August 21st, 2017 ~

Image may contain: 3 people, closeup

~ Eclipse Worthy Eyes ~
I Can Think of No Better Time for a Black & Silver Smokey Eye Than an Eclipse. And Duh, The Shadow Has Sparkles. Also, Blue and Silver Eye Liner, Hello!!
Shadows IDK ~ SilverLiner/SettingSpray @hardcandylife
Foundation/Blush/Powder @clinique Lips/Highlighter @elfcosmetics CoverUp/ColorCorrect @wetnwildbeauty
BlueLiner/Mascara @lorealmakeup

~ Ebates, the Only Way to Shop Online ~

No automatic alt text available.

I Love #BigFatCheck Day!!! Thanks @ebatesshopping !!!! ~ If You Don't Start All Your Online Shopping via #ebates What are You Waiting On?!
Look to the Right of This Post for a Link That Will Get You a Bonus for Creating an Account.
 No CCs Required!!
 ~ Its Basically Getting Paid to Shop Places You Already Shop!!! No Brainer. ~

~ Insta Blog ~ August 19th, 2018 ~ Hate and Self Loathing ~

There's A LOT of Talk & Visuals Going on Right Now Centered on the Word "Hate". First Things First, How Do You Feel About You? It is A Regular Occurrence That One Will Act Out Hate Not Only b/c They "Hate" The Recipient, but b/c They Hate Themselves. Too Many Reasons to Expound on Here, but You've Seen it. The Person Who Makes Bad Grades Hates on Someone Who Makes Good Grades. A Female Looking A...nother Female Up & Down w "that" Look of Sour, Judgement & Envy All Over Their Face, I Think All Females Know the Look I'm Talking About Here. All Our Actions & Reactions Start fr the Inside & Navigate Their Way Out. The Word Tells Us to Be Less by Way of Servanthood not Self Depreciation or Loathing. To Be Less Here is to Be More for the Kingdom. If You Don't Learn to Love Yourself First How are You to Ever Love Anyone Else?! I Share All This b/c I Struggle w it Too!!! The Phrase, "i hate myself" Falls Far to Easily fr My Lips. To Hate Myself is to Say to God " You Got it Wrong. You Messed Up. This Has No Purpose. I Don't Agree w You or Your Teachings". God Loves You & Wants You to Not Only Believe it w Your Mind, but Believe it w Your Heart & as a Result, Your Actions/Reactions. None of Us are W/O Flaws, but His Love Has Made Us Perfect in His Sight. Let His Love Flow Through You Today, Starting w Yourself & Overflowing to Others.

~ Glam Bag ~ Quick Look ~ elf Cosmetics Glitter Primer ~

~ Dr. Pepper isn't Even a Real Word ~

Image may contain: text

"Is Your Order Correct on the Screen?"
No, I Ordered Dr. Pepper NOT Coke. Dr. Pepper.
"You'd Like to Add a Coke?"
"Combo w a Coke and Fries. Is Your Order Correct on the Screen?"
No Ma'am it is Not. I'd Like a Dr. Pepper as My Beverage.
"Thank You Pull to The First Window"
Gets to Window... "Was Yours the Order w Coke?"
I No Longer Believe Dr. Pepper is Even a Real Word.

Monday, August 14, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ August 14th, 2017 ~ NEW NEW NEW ~

Danielle Bradbery - "Human Diary"
fr "I Don't Believe We've Met"

Starting this weeks New Music Monday off with a new tune from Danielle Bradbery. A winner of the voice, a past opening act for Thomas Rhett, and cover songs queen Bradbery is finally ready to release her first full length album. She has been sharing bits and pieces of the journey on her socials and I must admit it is all very interesting and makes so much sense. I know that post "Heart of Dixie", I wondered where she went and why she wasn't cranking out single after single like her reality show cohorts. Well, she answers that lingering question and many others on "I Don't Believe We've Met", which releases December 1st. The first two tracks are "Sway" and "Human Diary", the second being today's share. It is SSOOOOOOO painful!!!! But in all the right ways, if that makes sense to ya. Discusses the loss of love beyond the comfort of a snuggle buddy, etc. Give it a listen, a download and mark your calendars for the release of "I Don't Believe We've Met", which is also avail for pre-order. Check Danielle's socials for more details.

This weekend Kip Moore released the second video for his upcoming album, "SLOWHEART". "The Bull", is the first and only song that Moore has recorded that he didn't have a hand in writing. Luke Dick one of Moore's co-writers for the upcoming album shared the tune on the off chance he would consider it. Turned out, he did and found it worthy of a spot on the album. I must say, I am in love with this tune, personally. Who doesn't know what it is to be knocked down and have to get back up. While, if having been asked before hand if I would have chosen my hard times I obviously wouldn't have. With that said, I wouldn't change them. I know they have made me who I am and I think that is a bit of the vibe with "The Bull". Moore was quoted as saying he likes how it kind of takes you through the journey of losing yourself and after some falls, some encouragement, finding yourself again and being better for it. One of my fave lines may be " It'll sure feel good to laugh when I look back and flip the bull the bird", I mean..... 100 Xs YES!!!!!! "SLOWHEART" releases September 8th and is currently available for pre-order both on Kip's web page and iTunes. When pre-ordering fr iTunes you will get two tracks immediately, "More Girls Like You" and "The Bull", plus a third that will be shared this Friday. If you pre-order from Kips site there are other bonus', check there for more details. Along with the release of "The Bull", Moore announced his upcoming Fall tour the "Plead the Fifth Tour" with opening acts Drake White and Jordan Davis. I legit can NOT wait for this album. I know I might say that often, but this is for realsies you guys!!! I have a lot to say when it comes to the music that Moore and the Slowhearts have been making of the years, but I think it deserves a post all it's own so, for now, this is will have to do. Sometimes music hits your ears, mind and heart exactly when you need it most and that is what happened for me when coming across the "Up All Night" record. Give "The Bull" a watch, listen and download ASAP!! It is also avail on Spotify!!

Kip Moore - "The Bull"

Lindsay Ell - "Waiting on You"
fr "The Project"
Lindsay Ell, member of the Raging Idiots, GF to radio personality Bobby Bones, Canadian gone country, and solo artist waiting in the wings to hit big. She has been touring with Brad Paisley this Summer, finishing her album "The Project", which was produced by Kristian Bush (Sugarland), promoting, and basically doing the dang thing. I'd swear, but I reserve swears for when I am irate and Lindsay Ell does not make me irate. If anything she challenges me. Girl is on the grind. There are few artists, I feel, that share the complete look of what it is like being on the road 3 1/2 weeks out of a month with a day off to empty your suitcase only to refill it, fit in caring for your health, getting work done, making appearances, etc., but Ell is very open with her fans. Several weeks ago her doctors put her on strict vocal rest after loosing her voice during a performance. That did not slow her interactions with fans! She wrote them messages and used avenues like Insta Story to keep everyone up to date on how she was doing, what she was doing, and when they could expect to hear her solid, somewhat lower toned voice, again. I like Lindsay. I think she is representing the grind and doing it in a way that makes you hopeful that she is gonna catch the brass ring. "The Project", Ell's first full album is available now and her latest single/video, "Waiting on You" is out and about for requesting, voting on, etc. Give her a watch, a listen and a download!!!

Lastly this #NMM is The Cadillac Three and "Demolition Man", from their upcoming album, "Legacy". "Legacy" drops August 25th....NEXT WEEK!!!! And the trio has shared another creative video for the record. "Demolition Man" takes me back to High School and playing Super Nintendo when I couldn't sleep at night, LOL!! I think it is a creative second video for this album and it only makes me more excited about what else is to come once "Legacy" is officially released. TC3 have been on tour this Summer as well as hitting some festivals. "Legacy" is available for pre-order and I am sure that a Fall tour is going to be announced if it hasn't already. Personally, I wish they were opening for Kip again, along with Drake White. I think that would just be a stellar line up. The party would never stop!!!!

The Cadillac Three - "Demolition Man"
fr "Legacy"
Have a beautiful week music lovers!! And don't forget to request these tunes with your local radio and to vote for them on video countdown pages like GACTV and CMT!!! 

~ New Music Monday ~ August 11th, 2017 ~ Kip Moore #SLOWHEART ~

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~ Spotify ~

Go. Now. Don't Ask Questions. Just. Go! Download, Add to Streaming Play Lists, Pre-Order Digital, Order Individual or in Merch Bundles @ . Skip a Meal, a Starbucks or Two & FIT THIS INTO YOUR BUDGET!!!! Friends! Fam! Followers! Fellow #MusicAddix !! I've Yet to Lead You Astray Musically So, Take #NewMusicMondays Advice & Get This Album. If Not in Pre-Order (which I recommend b/c of bonus') Then for Sure Upon Release, Which is SEPTEMBER 8th!! Seeing as my Bday is in Sept & Y'all Know How I Roll Come Bday Time, I'm Considering #SLOWHEART A Early Birthday Gift fr Kip. Sure. Am. Now, Go Go Get!! ~ #KipMoore #SLOWHEART #ComingSoon #Sept8th #SLOWHEARTSept8 #MoreGirlsLikeYou #TheBull #LifeInRewind #PJForTheVideoWinAgain #PreOrder #HeyMrDj #SpinSpinSpin #PlayThatFunkyMusic #LocalRadio

~ Quick Fix ~ Summer To-Dos ~ Glam Bag Decor ~ Part 2 ~

Image may contain: makeup

A Little More #Glam Decor for Your #GlamBag Fix. Along w the Make-Up Bags I Shared a Few Weeks Ago, I Have Also Received, Collected, Bought Other Glam Items That I Planned to Use as Decor. While I'm not Sure Yet Where I'll Put These I Really Like How They Turned Out.

Top Left are Glam Tweezers (not plain ol' silver, but bedazzled, etc) ~ Top Right is a Necklace a Friend from High Scho...ol Brought Back for Me Fr a Mission Trip to Brazil. ~ Bottom Left is a Get Well Card My HS Bff Sent. ~ Bottom Right is a Mirror Compact One of My Dear Virginia Friends Gave Me for Christmas Several Years Back.

I LOVE That These Things Don't Have to Stay Hidden Away in a Drawer or Box & Can Be Used Instead Not Just as Pretty Things to Look at, but Sweet Reminders of the Beautiful Friends the Lord Has Sent Me Throughout My Journey. I Have a Few Other Ideas for Other #GlamDecor, but You'll Just Have to Stay Tuned for Those!

Frames are from Dollar Tree. Glitter background is scrapbook paper I purchased from Target clearance last year for thirty eight cents, lol!!! I knew it wouldn't be a waste.

~ Insta Blog ~ August 13th, 2017 ~ Motivation Monday ~

No automatic alt text available.

Happy Sabbath #BeautyQueens! Thought I Would Share #MotivationMonday on Sunday p.m. To Encourage You as You Gear Up for Monday. Lots of Folks are Back to School, Some Coming Off of Vaca's, Some Didn't Take Time Off This Summer & It is Simply Back to the Grind. All That Said, it Seems Summer is Slowly Coming to an End. I Hope Your Summer Season, Whatever it Consisted Of, Allowed You Some Time of Renewal, Reprieve, Revaluation, & Revamping for This Next Season. Remember, #HeisForYou & #HeGoesBeforeYou Whatever Your Monday May Hold. Shine Bright Beauty Queens!! You are Loved!  #MotoMonday #BackToSchool #YouAreLoved #HeIsForYou #HeIsWithYou #HisTiming> #HisPlanning> #HisPurpose>

~ Glam Bag ~ Wet-N-Wild Cosmetics ~

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Thanks @wetnwildbeauty !
 I'm Looking Fwd to Sharing My Affection for Your Products w M'Fam,
Friends & Followers. I've Been Watching #BeautyCon Coverage & Am on the
Edge of My Make Up Chair Excited About Getting My Hands on a
Few Products fr the New #MidnightMermaid Collection
Thats Coming Out Soon!!! Edge. Of. M'Seat!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ Change Me ~

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My Current Prayer.

Lord, If I Cannot Have the Strength, Resources, Options to Change (fill in the blank), Then Father, Change Me. Change How I See Things. Change How I "Feel" About Things. Allow Me the Strength & Wisdom to Change How I React to Certain Things. Change My Mind, Change My Heart & I Believe These Changes Will Inevitably Change My Actions & Reactions.

Change, it Happens With or With Out You. Whether You're Paying Attention or Not. Whether You Acknowledge it or Not. Father, Change......Me. 

Praise Him for All He Has Done. Praise Him for All He Has Yet to Do. ~

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

~ Coming Soon ~ Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Review ~

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I am a #DomesticGoddess....That Gets By w a Little Help fr Her Friends!!!
~ Coming Soon to #TheFaithJournals ~ @hellofresh Review & Comparison to @blueapron ! ~
 Stay Tuned!

~ Glam Bag ~ August 9th, 2017 ~ e.l.f. Beauty Squad ~

@StacieTennessee Instagram and Twitter

@elfcosmetics Thanks So Much for the Fun Present!!
I Love Being Apart of the #ElfBeautySquad & Sharing Your Products w My Friends/Fam/Followers. 

This #VelvetSmoothMatte Lip Color is Gonna Be A Fave!!!

No automatic alt text available.

The Color Pictured is #Brick & is a #LimitedEdition Color for #BeautySquad Members Exclusively. So, if You are Interested in Getting Free Surprise Products in the Mail, Discount Codes for Online Orders, Etc. Head Over to & Sign Up to Become a Squad Member!! Its Easy. Its Free. Its Fabulous!!

Side Note: elf is a ebates partner.
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Keep in mind holiday shopping is around the corner and the
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ebates could be really handy in the New Year!!

~ Insta Blog ~ Social Media 101 ~ Fakers Gonna Fake ~

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@StacieTennessee Instagram and Twitter

Seeing as it is Back to School Time & I've Gotten Yet Another Troll Account Sending Me DMs, I Thought it a Good Time for a Quick Course in Social Media 101. Repeat After Me......

"Report (to social media outlet ie Twitter FB Insta), Block, Move Along w Your Day".
No, @kipmooremusic Did Not DM You.
No, #PrinceHarry....Did Not DM You to Show You The Royal Jewels.
No, @samhuntmusic Does Not Have a "private" Account to Speak w His Fans Through w/o Monitoring by His Team.
No. "But?" No.
"He Called Me Beautiful", While I'm Sure You are, No.
"He..." No he didn't.

Class, You Will Be Tested on These Skills for as Long as You Have Social Media & Follow/Post About Public Figures. Just How it Is. Be Smart. One More Time, as a Group,

"Report, Block, Move Along With Your Day"

Class Dismissed.

Monday, August 7, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ August 7th, 2017 ~ August Already??!! ~

Happy August Music Lovers!! How is it already AUGUST???!!!! HOW????!!!!! In my town kids and teachers return to school this week. The Summer time "Yankee's" (its a term of affection 'round these parts) are starting to slow their visits and this weekend you could get from one end of town to the other with out getting stuck in traffic. So, it would seem that Summer is winding down. That doesn't mean that Summer activities such as festivals, tours and new music are slowing down. Oh No!! This month we have The Cadillac Three dropping their second full length studio album, "Legacy". Last Friday, Brett Eldridge dropped his latest, self titled, album and released a new single. September will bring new albums from Thomas Rhett and Kip Moore. All albums are available for pre-order on each artists site. And as you all have been warned, every New Music Monday post leading up to the release of Kip's latest album, "SLOWHEART", will have a little Kip in it. So, let us start this week there...

Kip Moore has begun the teasing of his fans with varied sound bites, video clips, and concert performances of the tunes that will be on his next album, "SLOWHEART". With each audio visual glimpse I have a new favorite that I can't wait to hear the completed version of. I already feel a certain attachment to "The Bull", but one that keeps replaying in my head uncontrollably is "Plead the Fifth", which I think the clip below may be a teaser for. Today Kip and Life in Rewind both shared the clip with the tease caption that, "something's coming Friday". So, all of us Slow Hearts sit on the edge of our seats awaiting Friday with our phones in hand awaiting those weekly texts. Suspiciously and I am sure intentionally, Moore nor Brown shared the sound that goes with the clip, leaving us all guessing. I suppose we will find out Friday!!! SLOWHEART is available for pre-order now at Kip's web page!

~ Kip Moore Social Media Post August 7th, 2017 ~

Kip Moore - "Plead the Fifth"
Thanks to a Canadian fan I was able to find this little clip of a show performance of "Plead the Fifth". I couldn't find a name to give credit so, if this is yours drop me a DM and let me know who to thank properly. I hope this concert clip only sparks your fire even further for the release of "SLOWHEART"!! I know it has mine!
Along with all the other new music dropping this month one of my new favorites, Jillian Jacqueline released a new single, "God Bless this Mess". Below you will find the lyric video. I do not know where she has been hiding or why it took me so long to find her, but so far I am loving every track I get my hands on from this artist. I think that you should consider her one to watch. IDK I would put her in the country genre category, but genre's are so intermixed these days I'm unsure it even matters anymore. Give Jillian a listen and go add her tunes to your Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Jillian Jacqueline - "God Bless This Mess"

Brett Eldredge - "The Long Way"
I can't recall if we have ever shared a Brett Eldredge tune on New Music Monday, but I think that with his album drop this weekend, now is a good place to start. Above you will find "The Long Way", the newest single off of Eldredge's latest, self titled album. I have not listened to the entire album yet, but to quote Blake Shelton's Twitter, "You only name the album after yourself if you know it's damn good!!". Eldredge is a bit of a country music Sinatra with his blue eyes, sharp suits, and charming ways. I think his music is something that stands away from the crowd in the sense that he isn't singing about being in the mud, driving a truck, a girl in jean shorts, or wearing a cow boy hat and boots, etc. Well, not on his most recent albums at least, lol!!! Give "The Long Way" a listen and then purchase Brett's newest album, available now everywhere.
Speaking of Blake Shelton, he just recently scored his 24th Number One with, "Every Time I Hear That Song", from "Now Hear This". Shelton seems to be juggling a lot when it comes to entertainment. Still a coach on NBC's The Voice, still forever in the gossip mags for who he is dating, doing some light touring, festival stops, single and video drops I'm unsure when he sleeps. I like Blake. I like some of his past music a lot. I like his sarcastic way of speaking his opinions. I like that he has in the past written for other artists, Hello Toby Keith's, "Lets Talk About Me". But, right now, while I realize that in the grander picture he very much is considered a face of the country music genre, I feel like he has become another cog in the machine of the music/entertainment industry. DJ's get the music, see the name, and play it automatically with out consideration. There are artists that get to a certain peak in their career, it would seem, where this happens and it really annoys me. It is kinda like music industry tenure. They no longer have to fear losing their job or looking for another one ever again. They have enough green backs banked that they can say yes and no to whatever they choose. They can phone in a performance or even an album with out putting a breath of personal experience and creativity into it. I suppose "that's just the way it goes", but I don't care for it!!! Like I said, I like Blake!! I just hope that in all that he is doing to be the country music version of Dean Martin with all his multitasking, I hope that he has not given up writing for himself or caring about what kind of project he is putting out there.

Blake Shelton - "Every Time I Hear That Song"
fr "Now Hear This"
And I'm not against artists using other writers to convey their thoughts, but I mean, for the entire album??!!! IDK. Maybe that is just me. Well, I hope that you have a beautiful end to your Summer and beginning of Back to School season!! New Music Monday will be back next week with more tunes, recommendations, etc. 

~ Glam Bag Copy Cat ~ MAC Cosmetics ~

This may be completely ridiculous, but I get super amped to see a cosmetics company post a look similar to mine, AFTER I have posted mine to Glam Bag. Does that sound so social media lame?! I can't even help it!! It just reaffirms something for me, when it comes to the things I am doing, creating, writing, sharing, etc. Helps me to feel like I am on the right track somehow. With being so back and forth with my physical abilities, due to my health, there are a lot of things I just simply do not have the energy, resources, ability, etc. to do and live as I have in the past. While I have plans to regain my health and strength I know that is all going to take a lot of time and a lot of God. In the mean time, I have clung to my creative outlets these last few years. Writing, music, cosmetics, painting, drawing, ministry, etc. Basically anything that I can do in my pajama's from the bed is on my list of weekly to-do's. I have plans to expound on my health journey in a future post, but for now that is all I feel like I can share. I am still sorting it all out for myself, day by day.

Anyway, back to the Glam, now, I am not saying that these companies saw my look and did something similar. No way!! I am sure they are far far far ahead of my mind in the creative department. But, as I said before I like the affirmation it gives to see them post a similar look after I have posted mine. Lets me know I am not completely crazy and if I am, that I am not alone, LoL!!!

That said, here are a few from this last week.

Dear MAC Cosmetics, I love you. I adore you. I kinda want to be you when I grow up. I desperately need one of your new personality palettes, like, ASAP!!! Hook this #Cosmetics Junky up!!! Clearly, we already think a like so, I don't see how it could go wrong.
Image may contain: 1 person, text
~ @StacieTennessee Instagram & MAC Cosmetics Insta ~
@maccosmetics You Jackin' M'Style, Again. It's Cool!
I Got My Eye on One of Your New #PersonalityPalettes
So, I May Be Borrowing Some Inspiration
From You in the Near Future as Well.
When You & @maccosmetics Are On The Same Page. 
 Pictured = #Maybelline #CoverGirl #Elf
~ @StacieTennessee Instagram & MAC Cosmetics Insta ~
Happy Glam-ing Beauty Queens!!! Remember, you do you baby doll!!!! Ya never know who you might be inspiring, encouraging, challenging and flat out getting through the day.