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~ New Music Monday ~ August 28th, 2017 ~ I Can't Keep Up ~

O.K., how is it not even noon on New Music Monday and I already feel miles behind where I should be??!! New videos, new songs, new performances, awards show criticism, I mean there is so much to share, cuss and discuss!!!! I hardly know where to start, but I think I am going to go with Aubrie Sellers. Aubrie Sellers is one of my most favorite, new artists hitting the country music scene. In my opinion she has yet to get the attention she deserves, but "New City Blues", Sellers most recent album, is legit one of my favorites from the last several years. I think I LOVE each and every song. With that said, Aubrie released a duo of videos from "New City Blues", addressing her thoughts on feminism, gossip mags, thinking for yourself, and just general bad ass-ery, which Sellers is with her music industry heritage, movie star looks and her own "Garage Country" sound.

The first in the duo is, "Magazines". A nod to the idea that today's woman doesn't think for herself, but allows the covers of magazines decide what she thinks and how she feels about herself and the world around her. Sellers is a vocal female activist who took part in the Women's March in DC earlier this year. She is also an avid and proud book worm, often sharing what she is currently reading with fans and followers via her socials. I think that "Magazine" is clever both in the lyrics as well as the visual chosen to accompany it.

Aubrie Sellers - "Magazine"
fr "New City Blues"
1 of 2
Aubrie Sellers - "Paper Doll"
fr "New City Blues"
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"Paper Doll", is the second single and video in the duo released last week. It continues with the thought of conformity, not thinking for ones self, etc. Also, visually out of the box for country music video's, but I think that's what makes it worth watching. I like that Aubrie decided to release these tunes as a duo. It's a bit different and visually they kind of hit the mark for the lyrics with out getting too abstract or too on the nose. I really want to start hearing Aubrie Sellers on the radio, on nomination announcements, as award show perfomer, etc. I think that she deserves to be in these places and represents an important voice for females in general, but also for females in country music. Call your local radio and start requesting "Magazine" and "Paper Dolls"!!

While we are on the topic of girl power and chicks who rock, let's add in Margo Price and her latest single/video, "Weakness". Margo is another country artist that I feel should be getting more attention than she is. She has spent the Summer on the road with Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton, performing at a few festivals, as well as doing some headlining shows. I think she is an artist that despite radio or industry backing is going to go far based on the respect and opportunities given to her by fellow artists. Margo is a in your face kind of writer/singer, but with a sweet Loretta Lynn tone. She is telling you off, but you thank her for it after. Below is "Weakness", give it a watch and start requesting more Margo with your local radio.


Margo Price - "Weakness"
fr "Midwest Farmers Daughter"

Kip Moore - "Bittersweet Company"
As promised when the release date of "SLOWHEART" was made, here is your weekly dose of Kip Moore and another pre-release tune/video from "SLOWHEART". "Bittersweet Company", per Moore, was cut for the record differently that what they chose to use for the video. So, we kind of get to versions of the tune for the price of one, LoL!! In "Bittersweet Company", Kip thinks back on a relationship and wonders out loud how it got to where it was. While fans have been obsessing over each pre-release equally, it does seem there is a bit more chatter for "Bittersweet Company". Another video directed by P.J. Brown and Life in Rewind, the visual matches the lyrical, perfectly. As we get closer to that September 8th release date I get more and more anticipant of what Moore will release next as a pre-release and what will actually be sent to radio. I. Can. Not. Wait. The Slowhearts are in the UK playing a series of dates for their Europe fans. I confess, after last years videos of Kip playing acoustic in the streets after the shows, I am having a serious case of FOMO. I mean, you just never know what these fella's will do extra for their fans. Especially those across the pond. I love reading social posts from over seas fans about how awesome the shows are, running into the guys in a pub, etc. "More Girls Like You", the first single from "SLOWHEART" is currently available at radio for requesting and is at CMT as well as GAC in video form for voting on the top 20 countdowns. So, head over now to vote, request, pre-order, stream, etc.
Rascal Flatts - "Yours if You Want it"
fr "Back to Us"
Mkay, never mind that the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristy Swanson and Chris Farley's nearly identical, look a like brother, Kevin are the male and female lead in this tune, but it has earned the Flatts their 17th number one song. That's kind of a big deal!! The Flatts decided to release this tune as one of the singles from "Back to Us", after one of it's co-writers, Andrew Dorff, unexpectedly passed away. The guys promised to do their best to get that number one in Dorff's honor, and so they have. Can Rascal Flatts really sing anything wrong?! I'm not sure they can. Their vocals have become iconic as has their instrumental style. I think you can hear the first few seconds of a intro and know that it is a Flatts song. All of that being a good thing. So many artsits strive their entire career to be sonically recognizable to fans and never get there. Lastly, I share this video because of this.....
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Rascal Flatts - "Yours if You Want It" Video
Y'alllllllll, call me a super geek if you must, but my name is NEVER spelled correctly ANYWHERE!!! So, to see it show up in this video as apart of the story line, spelled the way I spell it, I full on geeked. Can't even help it. Don't even care if you judge. If you have an out of the ordinary name or spelling of a name then you totally understand what I am talking about. NOTHING that is made with names on it has my name with the spelling, S T A C I E, it is ALWAYS Stacy or Stacey. Do you have any idea how aggravating that is growing up??!!! Barbie released a "Stacie" Barbie and spelled it the way I do, but, BUT, she is blonde....I am not. I still got her for Christmas that year though and she is displayed proudly in the guest room in her box and original packaging, LoL!!! Like I said, GEEK!! Don't even care.

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I will be posting a MTV,VMA, Taylor Swift specific NMM this week as well, so, stay tuned!!! It simply needed it's own post.


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