Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Seeing as it is Back to School Time & I've Gotten Yet Another Troll Account Sending Me DMs, I Thought it a Good Time for a Quick Course in Social Media 101. Repeat After Me......

"Report (to social media outlet ie Twitter FB Insta), Block, Move Along w Your Day".
No, @kipmooremusic Did Not DM You.
No, #PrinceHarry....Did Not DM You to Show You The Royal Jewels.
No, @samhuntmusic Does Not Have a "private" Account to Speak w His Fans Through w/o Monitoring by His Team.
No. "But?" No.
"He Called Me Beautiful", While I'm Sure You are, No.
"He..." No he didn't.

Class, You Will Be Tested on These Skills for as Long as You Have Social Media & Follow/Post About Public Figures. Just How it Is. Be Smart. One More Time, as a Group,

"Report, Block, Move Along With Your Day"

Class Dismissed.

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