Wednesday, August 23, 2017

~ Eclipse 2017 ~

So, was anyone else pre-traumatized by the eclipse?! There was so much hype. They' said it'll melt my retinas, make Jack Davis think he is a cat and folks will just stop driving if thats what they're doing when it happens. Possible temp drop, could maybe even see the stars....ya know...before it melts your eye balls and your pets eye balls. There was a solid chance hat JD and I would have celebrated the eclipse by hiding under the bed.

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Didn't Have a Super Cool Camera or Glasses, but Read About Turning Your Phone Camera to Selfie and Watching That Way. So, Not as Epic as Some. Cooler Than Others. None the Less Kinda Epic & Wild to Be Reminded in This Way That Our Creator is an Intelligent Designer. Nothing is By Accident. Among His Many Titles/Names, God is Also a Scientist.

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They Said Animals Might Act Odd During the Eclipse......Business as Usual Around Here.
They say it will happen again in 2024 so, I feel I'll be better prepared if I am still around when it comes back around. How did you experience the Eclipse? Did you get the NASA glasses? 

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