Monday, August 28, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ August 24th, 2017 ~ "He Made Ya Perfect Babe!" ~

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O.K. So I Cropped the Heads b/c it Isn't Necessarily About Who Posted This So Much as it is About What They Have Posted Here. Famous, More Money Than....well...Probably Anyone & You Left the House w/o Your Pants or Your Top??!! My Initial Thought is w All Those Benjamins You'd Think a Gal Could Afford a Few Items of Clothing.

This, is Not Fashion, Technically Its Actually a Lack There Of. Here's the Thing, Who are You Surrounding Yourself w/, How Much Attention Do You Need, What is Lacking in Your Life That You'd Leave the House Sans Pants/Top??!! I'm Not a Prude. I Am a Believer in Modesty, but Am Not a Cover Every Inch of Flesh Kind of Female. I Love Fashion, Design, Red Carpets, Couture, Even Abstract Fashion as Art (think Gaga). This, is None of Those Things. It Makes Me Sad. I Think Most See This & Think Vanity, Cocky, but What I See is Insecurity, a Need for Public Attention/Approval, a Lack of Self Worth on the Inside.

Not to Go All SNL Church Lady, but Until We Find Our Identity in Christ We Will Forever Be Looking to the World for Attention/Approval/Affection. Not Even the Affection of Family/Loved Ones Will Suffice if We Don't First Start w Him.

Maybe I'm Just Tired or Maybe I'm Getting Elderly, Whatever it is, For Whatever Reason, I Couldn't Just Continuing Scrolling. I Had to Speak.

You are Loved!! You are Perfect & It Doesn't Require Half Dressing to Note the Perfection. Praying for Anyone That Reads This Tonight, That You Would Find Security, Confidence & Affection fr the Creator. To Quote Gaga, "He Made Ya Perfect, Babe" !

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