Wednesday, August 30, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ August 29th, 2017 ~ Nothing Wasted ~

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"Stewardship" @wikipedia - Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning & management of resources. The concepts of stewardship can be applied to the environment,
nature, economics, health, property, information, theology, etc.

I am a Believer of Nothing is for Waste. God is Not a Wasteful God. He is Purposeful, Intentional, & See's Further Ahead Than We Ever Will Be Able To. ...That Said, If I Believe That All Things are By Him & For Him Then I Need to Be a "Steward" of Everything He Puts in My Path. Relationships, Social Media, Finances, Home, Pet, Car, Pain, Illness, Travel, Fun, Inconvenience, Insomnia, Frustration, Loneliness, EVERYTHING.

In Order to Keep Anything fr Being Wasted We Must Make Effort to Consider its Possibilities for Something Beyond Ourselves. I Struggle w Stewarding Several of Those Listed. I Often Find Myself Saying to God, "this is such a total waste". In Saying That to Him I Am Saying He's Gotten it Wrong. Harsh Truth.

I Challenge/Encourage You to Do Some Looking Around Mentally & Physically and Ask the Lord What He Might Have Already Put in Front of You, What Has He Entrusted You W? Entrusted You w So That You Might Be a Steward of it For His Glory

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