Wednesday, June 28, 2017

~ Raised on Mary Kay ~

I have shared two reasons via my Insta Story so far as to why I began the Glam Bag Series. In no particular order.....

1. I want to be a resource for those who might not have a resource. I grew up a only child so, I didn't have a big sister to go to with questions, tips, tricks, etc. My mother, grandmother and aunts were/are all beautiful and super fem with their hair and make-up forever on point. However, when you are 15 you aren't all that willing to listen to what the previous generations have to say about style and trends. Hence the need for a older sister type person. Also, not everyone is comfortable walking up to a make-up counter in a store and asking questions or getting one of those half face make overs. You know the ones I'm talking about?! Lol!!

2. The second reason I have chosen to begin the Glam Bag Series is because of my "flaws". I sometimes think that without them I may fail to exists. I do not have perfect skin. I do not have tons of money or limitless resources. I haven't gone to cosmetology school (yet) and I'm not sponsored (yet) by any one brand. I am just like you. I am trying to figure how to highlight the things I love about myself instead of feeling like I have to cover up the things I hate. Because I am not paid by one specific company my reviews are simply for your benefit, well, and mine, lol!! Since I haven't gone to cosmetology school (yet), I am not trained in a way that isn't like every other girl cruising Youtube looking for a tutorial. I am starting in the same place as many of you when doing my make-up for the day. I haven't been professionally peeled, primped, plucked and what not. The routines, products, tips, tricks, etc. that I share, I try. I let you know what does or doesn't work and why. I also want to share discounts and how to stock your glam bag with out breaking the bank.

3. All that said, who am I and what do I know?! Things you should know about me, as mentioned above I was raised around a group of glamorous females. Even the ones that spent the day in the garden had their nails painted and lip stick on come family get together time. One would have to make an extra effort to not allow some of that to seep in to who they are.
4. Speaking of these glamorous women, most of them were using that Mary Kay and a few of them were selling it. One of my cousins made it to pink Cadillac status. Do you know how envious I was of that car???!!!! A PINK CAR!!!!! I can't!! This cousin had a room in her house devoted to her Mary Kay business. Shelves with rows and rows of organized products and samples. Boxes of discontinued/sample size items that she would let us have something from now and then. Anytime that our family had a get together at this cousins house my very first stop was that room. I would make my younger cousin Erin go with me to stare at all the glam. With several relatives selling and even more using Mary Kay, I was often gifted products by the company for my Birthday, Christmas and even at Graduation. I loved those gifts every time. I still love a gift of cosmetics products, Lol!! Some things just don't change.
5. I'm a fashion magazine hoarder. I have had subscriptions to fashion magazines since I was in high school and my Mamaw got me a subscription to Seventeen. As I have grown up, my magazines have too. I now keep up with Elle, Glamour and InStyle the most. I currently have about five or six years worth of magazines in my guest bedroom. I can't bring myself to recycle them. I keep thinking they'll be something I at some point display somewhere, somehow. Does reading magazines make you a professional cosmetologist?  No. But it sure does help out. Helps with creative inspiration, product reviews, etc. I enjoy seeing how different eye's see products and trends. I currently have a Elle subscription and look forward to it arriving in my mail box every month. It is glamorous kine or brain candy if ever anything thing was.
6. While I am not the kind who HAS to wear make-up to go run errands, etc. I do enjoy wearing make-up. As I mentioned earlier, I think that putting on our make up should be a fun thing. We should feel as though we are highlighting the things we love about ourselves instead of covering the things we don't. I want you to see my posts and think if it worked for her or if she can do that, than so can I. I want to show you something you perhaps haven't heard before that will help stretch your buck and your products. I wanna help safe guard you from products that are all hype. I basically want to be your lab rat. Perhaps lab bunny is more on point w my personality, lol!
7. Lastly, this is just a part of who I am. I think that even if I had not grown up with such beautiful examples and influences around me, I 100% believe I would be as girly as I am. I like pink. I love glitter. Animal print when used in proper amount is adorable. I paint my nails, I wear red lip stick, I use purple eye liner and highlighter is my new favorite product. Putting on make-up is a way for me to be creative as much as writing this blog is. It is self care because it is a few moments where I can focus on myself and not feel like everything is out of  my control. It is all just who I am.

While this is not everything, it is a good dose of me and my why. I hope that it has encouraged you, given you some insight, and inspired you to take some time when doing your glam to enjoy it. To look at it as something you like doing, self care and not something you have to do to feel good about yourself. When you take a minute to love yourself, you are showing other people how to love you and themselves. Treat yourself like trash and others, eventually will to. Even taking five or ten minutes, with the door shut, you sitting in front of a mirror putting on some mascara and gloss is caring for yourself and you shouldn't feel guilty, vain, wasteful, etc. for doing it.
I hope you each have a beautiful rest of the week and get some time to relax and glam over this holiday weekend!! You are loved! Like what you like. Rock what you got. Boldly be uniquely you.

~ Glam Bag Tips and Tricks ~ Kiss and Tell ~ Holiday Glam ~ 4th of July ~

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L'Oreal Infallible Paint in Navy Spy
Edit by Moldiv

We are midweek and most of you are half way to a long weekend. With the fourth of July just a few days away I thought it might be fun to do some holiday looks. I'm gonna do my best to give a bit of variety so that whether you are a risk taker or more of a low key lip kinda gal, you will see something for you.

Side Note: I have begun doing quick tutorials on my insta story and my goal is to always repost them here when I can for future reference. However, my phone is currently possessed by the devil and it is always a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to working/saving as it should. I seem to also be having issues with the transfer from socials to saving on my comp. I have several vids that I hope to add to this post, eventually. All that to say, head over to Instagram and follow me for day -to - day glam tips and tricks in my Insta Story, @stacietennessee.

O.K. Let's get started with some reds. I love a red lip when done properly. Not all reds are created equal nor are they for every skin tone, hair color, etc. I can't wear a orange red b/c it makes me look like I ate a popsicle and never wiped my face, lol. I do love black and or pink reds. I have the same rule w bright lipstick as I do with brightly colored eye liner. Test it out at home and get comfortable with it. Figure what works for you and once you feel comfortable with it start wearing it out and about.

I am going to start with one of my newest faves, Revlon HD in Rhubarb. This new line from Revlon is legit one of my favorites. I have three different colors from it and have yet to be disappointed. The red I am sporting in the picture was purchased at Walgreens. It was on sale for $4.96 and I had a coupon for $2.00 off making it a under $3 purchase. I think that when things are on sale, clearance, or one has a coupon it makes it easier to justify trying a new color or product. This color has some shine to it and is not a matte at all. Not high gloss, just a bit of shine.

~ Revlon HD in Rhubarb ~

Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Color
in Chunky Cherry
Above is a more low key, just a hint of color product. Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm in Chunky Cherry. These are more so like a tinted chap stick than a lip stick. Fat crayon shaped, fits in a pocket easy, comes w a lid, and goes on smooth and with just a hint of red. Not everyone wants a bold lip and that is perfectly fine! You do you, babes!! Clinique is a bit more pricey than a drug store brand, but their reputation precedes them in quality. So, in the long run it always ends up being worth it. I always arrange my ordering/purchases around a "Bonus". Bonus days are when you get a gift with purchase that usually includes about five or six sample items and a cosmetics bag. 
Revlon Colorist in Bronze Shimmer
For my au natural girls, I recommend a nude lip with a bold eye for your special holiday activities. Pictured above is a Bronze Shimmer by Revlon. I like to layer it over a nude lip stick or wear it on it's own. It has been a faithful go-to color that seems to go with any look.
Lastly for this holiday themed Kiss and Tell post are a few bolder looks for those so patriotic they have to show it from head to toe.....or to their lips, lol! Starting with Loreal's Infallible Lip Paint in Navy Spy. In the picture below I added some shimmer pigments by Hard Candy with a clear gloss as the adhesive. Currently on my Insta Story is a quick how to in the mixing/customizing of lip colors. I also add red shimmer pigments by Hard Candy to one of my red lip looks as seen below. I think it is just enough glitter and shimmer to go with a weekend full of fire works.
Loreal Infaillable Lip Paint
in Navy Spy w Shimmer
Pigment by Hard Candy
Maybelline Color Jolt in Red-dy
or Not w "Lock and Key" Red Shimmer
Pigments by Hard Candy
My base for this red shimmer is Maybelline's great line of lip paints. It smells great, covers well, and falls into that $4-$6 range of lip colors. I like this product for several reasons. One of which is it's size. Fits well into your pocket or small bag. I also like that the applicator is apart of the tube you squeeze the color from. One less thing to be lost or broken. Covers well, goes on smooth, and again falls into that $4-$6 drug store brand price range.
 Happy Fourth of July, Beauty Queens!!! Hope you have a sparkly weekend.

~ Relationship Status = Getting Serious ~

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ June 26th, 2017 ~ Video Killed the Radio Star ~

Y'all there are so many new videos this summer that I hardly know where to begin. I kinda love them all and think they are creative, sexy, funny, and just perfect depictions of the artists sense of humor. Sometimes a song gets lost in the visuals of a video and sometimes a video is what gets the actual sound and lyrics of a song some attention. It's odd and I don't know that there is a formula to it all. But then again I am not a video director, artist or radio D.J.

I wanna begin with a video I shared two weeks ago. Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris, "Craving You". I am slowly becoming a Thomas Rhett fan. Partly because I think his relationship with his wife is down right adorable and partly because I am giving some of his tunes a second chance. With "Craving You" it is the video and the MM feature that have me being a fan. I love when artists allow their funny to show. I mean, yes, carrying a tune, being able to write, play, perform a song, duh!! But when they also share that part of their personality that shows us what they think is funny, it tends to win me almost every time. Maren is a total BA in this vid and of course Rhetts wife Lauren plays a part which is sweet as tea. Give it a watch and let us know what you think.


While we are discussing Maren lets take a look at her latest solo vid, "I Could Use a Love Song". This is one of my favorite tracks off of "Hero". Well, I may say that about them all if I am being honest, but for reals this one hit me from the first listen. I am glad to see it as the third single from the album, but I am tripping over the fact I haven't heard it as much as I expected on radio. Well, radio doesn't make a ton of sense to me anyway so maybe it is exactly as I expected. This is pre-short hair so she almost seems like a different person, lol!! Give it a watch and head to CMT and GAC countdowns to vote.

Next is Brothers Osborne and "It Ain't My Fault", their third single off of "Pawn Shop".  Brothers Oz have not been afraid to approach "controversial" topics by way of their music vids. In "Stay a Little Longer", they showed a same sex couple, idk if that's been done in country music video before?! If it has I currently can't recall it. In "21 Summer", they suggest prostitution. That one has been covered by other artists in a variety of ways. The first to come to my mind is Reba's, "Fancy". The lyrics to her tune lead you to believe she spent some times as a high price companion. And now, in "It Ain't  My Fault", which begins, very fittingly, in a pawn shop, takes on some political winks and nods. The thieves in this vid are wearing masks of some politico's you may recognize. Depending on the artist this kind of think might bug me, but being a fan of Brothers Osborne and after following them on socials, I really see not only their stand politically, but just their sense of humor. Today the duo posted a hilarious pic of their dad dressed in a variety of costume-esq pieces. The caption hinting to the idea that this should explain everything we know about them, lol!!! It did.


I have shared one of Maggie Rose's tunes in a past #NMM post. Girl has her a voice, a look, and just a artistic style that seems to be all her own. I think that is one of the many reasons I am a fan. This is the first video and single off of Rose's, "Dreams>Dollars" EP that was just released about a month or so ago. "Body on Fire" does not menses no words. From the first lyric to the last it is very clear what is being communicated and what's being communicated is ON FIRE!! No pun intended, but I really love it when it works out like that. I'm not a crazy fan of love songs, but I am a fan of this one. Maggie is doing the rounds of CMA fest performances, the Opry, etc. I think that Maggie is on the way upward and we will be hearing much more of her in the coming months/year. Give it a watch, a listen and then go download "Dreams>Dollars" like, right now. I have it on my Spotify and am legit listening to it daily.

Lady Antebellum has kicked off their newest album, "Heart Break" with the upbeat come on line of a tune, "You Look Good". Co-written by hit maker Hillary Lindsey who has written for Faith Hill, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Luke Bryan, T. Swift and many more. With this tune she teamed with new kid on the block, Ryan Hurd who's current single, "Love in a Bar", is being added to radio this month. And in the production of the much buzzed about Busbee and it was going to be hard for this song to not hit. Lady A removed any doubt that may have been in anyone's minds with their performance of the tune at the CMA awards. They included a college marching band as their brass and bgvs. Twas a good thing that they were the closing performance cause they sho' did shut it doooowwwwwnnnn!!!! For those that wonder, that is a good thing, LoL!! I look forward to the next singles off of "Heart Break". I am personally in love with, "Someone Else's Heart" which the trio co-wrote with Shane McNally.  


Mkay, I am winding this weeks post down with a artist that is new to me, but has already musically won my affections. Jillian Jacqueline doesn't currently have a full length album out. She has a EP from 2016 and two singles in 2017 that are most recent. I added her to my Spotify after hearing a small share of the song by another artist. Small rabbit trail, you guys!!!! If you aren't following artists, writers, directors, etc. on socials, what the heck is wrong with you???!!! Some of my most favorite artists and songs have come from someone "in the industry's" recommendation. They are hearing, writing, recording and seeing performances of songs that are never gonna hit a radio air wave because of politics and the pop culture of current country radio. I think Jillian is one of those artists that is slipping through the cracks. I am SOOOO grateful to the "industry" folk who posted the other single from Jacqueline, "Bleachers". It lead me to her tunes on Spotify and I have since been listening to "Hate Me" on repeat. It is so wonderfully perfect that if I could would send all of you a download of it. However, I don't have those kinds of Benjamin's, so, you'll have to just watch/listen to this video and go get it yourself. I repeat, if you never have listened to me before and plan to never listen to me again, let this be the one thing you hear!!!! Download Jillian Jacqueline, "Hate Me", ASAP!!!!!!

O.K. it is time to say goodbye to this weeks New Music Monday and I'm doing so with the small tease that Kip Moore and P.J. Brown have created for one of Kips upcoming vids. Last week Moore announced that his third studio album, "Slow Hearts" will be released September 8th, 2017. I was so amped to read that, that my heart literally jumped and then fell into to my tummy out of excitement, LoL!! Yes, I love Moore's music, THAT, much. Kip and his long time bff and videographer are each very talented guys, but one of the things they do tease. I'm unsure anyone makes a teaser vid better than Brown. Now, some of the teaser vids from, "Wild One's" never had a complete version shared and I think I am not the only one who wishes they had. I say that to say, if this vid doesn't have a complete version I am gonna flip right out!!! I'll go full Dr. Phil if I have to. I don't want too, but I'm just saying......POST THE ENTIRE DANG VIDEO PJ!!!! I know, I know, it isn't all in your control and no, I would not really go that far....probably.

Since "Slow Hearts" will drop in m'birthday month I have already decided it will be my bday gift from me to me. I'm so thoughtful, lol!!!
Alright Music Addix, I hope you have a beautiful week, get some time to check out these tunes/vids and to do some downloading! Catch ya next week!

~ Coming Soon to the Glam Bag Series ~

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Friday, June 23, 2017

~ Glam Bag Tips and Tricks ~ Kiss and Tell ~ Application and Longevity ~ Part 2 ~


Hey Glam Gals!! A little follow up on the Kiss and Tell Application and Longevity post. Another tip to helping your lip color last, is layering. Adding a gloss to the top of your lip stick or starting with a lip stain prior to applying lipstick helps a lot with this. I don't use lip stains as a first layer because they always make me look like a child in her mothers make up. I do however use them as a second layer.


Not everyone is going to be comfortable with bright or bold colors, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for a less that glam lip look. All of the tips shared in Part 1 and Part 2 can be applied when using more natural colors as well. I LOVE a nude lip!! I think it is the perfect go-to when rocking a fiercely smoky eye. If you do want to transition from a light gloss to a bold color I would suggest wearing it at home a while before taking it out and about. Simply because the more comfortable you are with it the less you will notice or care if anyone else is.

Alright Beauty Queens, I hope you find all of this helpful in one way or another. Stay tuned for other tutorials and follow me on socials, @StacieTennessee, for updates, etc.

~ Glam Bag Tips and Tricks ~ Kiss and Tell ~ Application and Longevity ~ Part 1 ~

Happy weekend beauty queens!! One of my weekend goals is getting the blog updated for you. Starting with the Glam Bag Series. This post will contain my first Instatutorial. It is a quick how to, why I use what I use, lip glam. With that said, please forgive my skattered-ness and lip smacking. Now that I know I do it, I am going to make an active effort to stop, lol!! It bugs me too!!!

First things first, lips are the last part of my glam routine. Prior to any lip specific product, I apply a teensy bit of foundation to my lips. I just use whatever is left on my applicator from applying my foundation. It helps with any kind of lip color whether it be gloss, matte, stick, shine, or whatev's to hold on to your lips. This along with the lip lock I'll share in the next paragraph help to make your liner and lip color have a bit of longevity.

Second, I use e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Lock. It can be found online and in store. I happen to come across mine at the Dollar Tree. I had never used a similar product before and was curious. I am glad I spent that buck cause it for sure helps to keep my lip line even and bolder colors where they belong. I don't have a steady hand so, lip lining takes me a minute. Using Lip Lock really does help with that process for me. It also creates a bit of a barrier between your lip color and skin.

Third I apply my lip liner. In the video I am using Jordana Cosmetics Easy Line in Rose. I have not seen Jordana in as many shops as one might expect considering its quality and price point. I get mine at Walgreens. The liner comes in around $2.00 and lasts for quite awhile. It is smooth and has a solid packaging so you feel like you can really get the color onto your lips with out breaking the point. In a later post I will share how to pick your liners in collaboration with your lip color. When lining your lips you don't want a thin, fragile line. You want the liner to be something your lip color clings to and wears at a similar speed as your lip color. So, as you apply the liner bring it in a bit from the corners of your lip line towards the center of your lip as seen in the vid. 

Lastly, apply lip color. It is very much like coloring a picture. Goals include but are not limited to staying inside the line, applying a color that compliments the rest of your cosmetic color choices for your look. Doesn't have to be matchy, matchy. In fact, not matchy, matchy is probably best in most normal day to day situations.

I hope that you have found this Glam Bag Instatutorial helpful. I'll say this a ton of times before I finish this series, but it is my opinion that cosmetics should be fun. Getting ready for the day should be something we look forward to. It is a few minutes for ourselves and should be considered self care as much as a pedi or facial. I think that having the mind set that cosmetics are to highlight the things you love about yourself instead of them being about covering up what you hate, has really helped me to change my feelings towards "having" to get ready for something. If that makes any sense to ya?!

Happy Glam-ing Beauty Queens!!!

~ Glory!! ~

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~ Glam Bag Problems ~ When Your Eyeliner Runs Out ~

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Glam Bag Problems 
When the Eyeliner You Lined One Eye W Runs
Out Before You Get the Second Eye Lined.
Luckily I am a cosmetics hoarder and of course have a back up
liner in a similar color. It only reinforces that hoarding
cosmetics is a good thing.

~ Glam Bag Problems ~ Never Enough elf Cosmetics Eye Gels ~

One of my favorite new producs are the hydrogel under eye masks by elf cosmetics. I think I have already mentioned them before, but they are so good that I need to mention them again. Three sets of two, to a pack, for $8.00. Currently only available online, but totally worth it! Most of the time elf has a free shipping deal depending on how much you spend, etc. They are also a ebates partner so, win! win!
These gels make the skin surrounding your eyes feel like silk. I usually use them when I am doing a facial. Makes it feel extra pamper-ery and spa like. I don't know if it is because of my health, age, or just how God made me, but my eyes easily show how I am feeling no matter how I might try to disguise it with my tone. These have been a heaven sent as far as helping me to not feel as though I look as bad as I feel sometimes. You might not get that unless you are a fellow chronic illness sufferer, but it is in fact a thing.
Anyway, check them out online and treat yo' self with a box! This product is Discount Diva Approved and Stacie Recommended! 

No automatic alt text available.

Wow! Thanks Y'all for the #InstaLove. Either We Are All in Agreement Over the Need of an Endless Supply of @elfcosmetics #EyeGels Or You Just Really Enjoy Watching Me Break Down Over MY Need for an Endless Supply of #elf Eye Gels....Either Way. Thanks Gang! Also, Thanks to @elfcosmetics for the Like, but if Someone Could Answer My Question About Why in the World There are ONLY Three Sets in a Box, That Be Super. Nighty Night #BeautyQueens!!

~ The Machines are Rising ~

No automatic alt text available.

My Monday was a Monday Before Sunday was Even Over. So, the Entire Day Had Been Discomebobbled. In the Eleventh Hour of the Day I Realize I HAVE to Mail Copies of Something THE NEXT DAY. So, I Begin Making My Copies w My Home Printer When Half Way Through it Randomly Prints This Tic Tac Toe Sheet.

You Guys....the Machines are Rising......and They Wanna Play Tic Tac Toe.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

~ Glam Bag Reviews ~ June 2017 ~ elf Hydrating Bubble Mask Facial & Eye Gels ~

So, this is from one of my Insta Stories in May. I am trying out the elf brands Hydrating Bubble Mask, Glow Moisturizer and Hydrating Eye Gels. I had already tried the eye gels and I am officially in love with them. Like, birthday, Christmas, all and any gift giving holiday's this is on my list. They are magic!! I have used a variety of under eye products and this is by far my favorite. My under eye feels like silk because of these guys!! Sometimes I put them in the fridge long enough to get cool. Adds a extra relaxing and pampering feel to them. They come in a box of 3 sets for $8.00. Currently still only available online and not in store.  But let me tell you........WORTH SHIPPING FEE!!!!!!!!

Also, I am in love with the elf lip scrub. It runs about $3.00 and can be found in store as well as online. It is in the shape and container of a normal tube of lipstick. You apply it as you would lipstick from a tube. You then rub your lips together for a few seconds, if needed wipe off any remaining granules, and apply chap stick. Keeps your pout perfectly kissable. 

So, back to the bubble mask. It is definitely an experience as you can feel and hear it bubbling. It's like pop rocks for your skin. I have combination to oily skin a majority of the time. For me this mask was too much for my skin. I will try it again in the Winter when I have more dry skin issues, but for the rest of the year this is not going to be my go to mask. I still LOVE the elf cosmetics brand and am going to continue other products of theirs. This one simply didn't work for me. I would recommend it to anyone with extremely dry skin. Same goes with the glow moisturizer.

Happy Pampering Loves!!!

~ Glam Bag Must Have ~ June 2017 ~ Roller Ball Perfume ~

 Tease Eau de Parfum Rollerball
Victoria Secret

Summer Glam Bag Must Have, #RollerBallPerfumes!!!! Good Size, Inexpensive, Great for Your Purse, Gym Bag, Desk Drawer & Travel!! Also, Bonus, Very Difficult to Accidentally Over Aroma w a Roller Ball!!! Mine is fr @victoriassecret & was Only $6.00. in Store. Its in Solid Packaging So I Don't Have to Fret Over it Breaking or Spilling in My Bag! Happy Shopping Beauty Queens!!!

~ When Beauty Begins ~

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Monday, June 12, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ June 12th, 2017 ~ CMT Awards 2017 ~

Oh. My. Stars. It has been so long since we have discussed music together!!! So much to cuss and discuss, but we will start with the CMT Awards and CMA Fest both occurring last week in Nash. Let's begin with CMT Awards, if you follow me on socials you already have an idea of what I liked and what I didn't.

Miranda Lambert - "Pink Sunglasses"
fr "The Weight of These Wings"
As I already mentioned in a past post, a lot of the twitter-sphere was not pleased with Queen Ran's song choice for the awards show. My thing is this, music isn't all about emotional cutting. Ok?! Sometimes, music is just for fun-sies. I know, confusing for many, but true none the less. Girl was performing once again at an awards show her ex was also performing at. Her last two awards show performances have been rather heavy as she performed "Vice" and "Tin Man". Twas 'bout time for something fun and the CMT awards are just the place for that. It was fun. It was sassy. It was appropriate for the event. All that said, All Hail Queen Ran and her pink sunglasses, which she had handed out to the audience for her performance. It was fun to see Jada Pinket Smith mouthing along to the lyrics while rocking a pair of pink sunglasses.
Next, performance wise, I'd like to highlight Keith and Carrie's slow down of their current hit, "The Fighter". Unexpected, but perhaps the third or fourth time the duo has performed this one on live t.v. So, I can totally see why they would want to change it up a bit. And all in all, I vote the change up worked. It was slower, more of a romantic vibe in comparison to the usual upbeat 90's esq vibe the original cut has. Fighter was written for Nicole, Urbans wife and so the slow down is kinda suiting as she was in the audience cheering him on. It was a night of fun, rockin', dance tunes and "The Fighter" was a nice addition in the form of a instrumental slow dance. Keith and Carrie both won awards for "The Fighter", but also for their individual offerings. Carrie took home best female video for "Church Bells" and Keith took best men's vid for "Blue Ain't Your Color". These, I think are both upsets to folks that have been sweeping other awards like Miranda, Thomas Rhett, FGL, etc. All together I support these wins.

Charles Kelly, Jason Aldean and Darius Rucker
Allman Tribute - Show Open
Truly, one of the performance highlights of the night was the Allman Tribute that opened the show. I seriously think this may be the very best I have heard Aldean perform on a awards show. This trio hit all the notes proper and it was just a stellar performance all around. LOVED IT!!!! Often a tribute at the beginning of a show for an artist lost can be a vibe downer, but this didn't do that. It was beautiful and totally a good call for the opening. It gave respect to the artist lost and gave the show, which is a fun, fan voted environment, permission to continue on in high spirits.

Thomas Rhett did not win any trophies', but he arrived with one on his arm. Lauren Akins is one of the pretties pregnant people ever. It simply isn't fair!!! She looked gorge!!!! I think while he did not win an award he still went home with a prize. Cheesy as it may sound and I have loved watching their intro into parenthood with beautiful Willa Grey. I can only imagine things are going to get more entertaining once baby #2 arrives. Rhett performed his current single, "Craving You" which features Maren Morris on BGVs. Morris was absent from the show and shared via social media she was at a separate venue supporting her main man, Ryan Hurd. While I am disappointed she wasn't there to perform with Rhett I totally think it is cool that she would pass on that opportunity to show side stage support to her man while he rocked a venue. That's just sweet.

Thomas Rett - "Craving You"

I'm kinda in a place where Maren can do no wrong and while I wasn't a huge Rett fan in the beginning I am starting to come around. The official video for "Craving You" is one of the many reasons why. I love, LOVE, when an artist takes a risk with something like this. It is a vid that toss's a small curve ball near the end, but I think it was so well done and is so fun. Maren, to no one's surprise, is a total BA and Rett is adorably believable as a bumbling undercover 5-0. I LOVE this video!!!!! It cracks me up, entertains me, and delivers the song. Two thumbs up from this video watchin' couch potato.

I thought that Lauren Alaina's win for break out artist vid was well deserved. Alaina you recall was runner up on the season of American Idol that Scotty McCreary won. Alaina has been pounding the pavement as an opening artist, she has released several singles, but her most current effort, "The Road Less Traveled" has brought her, her first movie role, #1 single, and CMT award. To say she is currently in the fast lane is a understatement. I really think this chick is gonna be steaming toward Maren Morris status by this time next year. While she isn't a "new" artist per say, she is "new" in the since that she has been working on making a name and is just now starting to get the deserved accolades. I follow Lauren on socials and she cracks me up. She is a loud, go getter who seems to be afraid of very little. I think I relate and that is part of what makes me a fan. She seems to be nothing other than real with her fans making it no surprise to see her win a fan voted award. My hope is that the board voted awards will take note for next year.

Laruen Alaina - "Road Less Traveled"

I was surprised to see FGL take home the duo award as Brothers Oz have been sweeping that category at other shows. But that just goes to show the difference in board voted award shows and fan voted award shows. It should also help to explain why people like Bros. Oz, Chris Stapleton, Cam, etc. are getting nominations, but not air play. It's baffling to me as a music lover, but I also understand how some fans who only listen to what the radio offers would think that is all there is. FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!! Also, one of the many reasons I write this blog. I have friends/fam/followers who love music, but are the kind to only listen in the car. They wanna know what is up, who is who, and all that, but they just don't know how or where to keep up with it all. Enter, New Music Monday.

Kip Moore - "More Girls Like You"
Current Single

Also this week in Nash was CMA Fest, formerly known as Fan Fair. It is a week full of performances big and small where fans get a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite artists. Autographs, first listens, pictures, live shows, fan club parties, and more go on during CMA Fest. Downtown Nash is a zoo and the fans are the zoo keepers, lol!!! Artists are so active on their socials during this week that I don't know that there wasn't one day where my insta stories were empty. Most of them took a good chunk of time to catch up on. Which I loved of course as I was suffering from a legit case of FOMO. I think I have seen a post from nearly every artist I follow on socials about the energy they get from this event, but also the energy they lose from this event. It is a all pistons firing kind of week with a lot of interaction. Fan interaction, interviews, life streams, socials interaction, I mean just thinking of all the talking they've had to do exhausts me. Throw in the heat, crowd, and constant schedule I would think they are all hiding under their covers today if their schedules allow it.

Sam Hunt was set to headline the Taste of Country Concert as apart of the closing to the week, but due to pushing himself vocally all week he was forced to cancel. I love Sam, but I was amped to hear this for the audience, because that moved Kip Moore and the Slow Hearts into the Headlining spot. Which, I feel should have been theirs to begin with. All signs point to Kip rocking the stage, per usual, and socials have been flooded with fan postings of the guys performance. I am truly jelly of that audience. Jelly for many reasons, but this surprise headliner may be my number one reason.

We have so much to discuss since our time apart, but this will be all for today's offering. Coming soon will be posts on Sam Hunt Fans, Miley Cyrus returning to the Country format, Summer Tours, Lady A, Kip Moore, and Stapleton all releasing new tunes. Also, video's from Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne, and Maggie Rose. So, stay tuned!!!!!

~ New Music Monday ~ CMT Awards Insta Story ~ All Hail Queen Ran ~

StacieTennessee InstaStory
@twitter Folks Have Been Hating on #QueenRans Song Choice, #PinkSunglasses @ the @cmt #Awards. Sister Wrote Over 70 Songs for #TheWeightOfTheseWings & Somehow Narrowed it Down to the 24 Double Dose Which Includes #PinkSunglasses.

Listen, Not All Music or Souls are Waiting to be Ripped Out via the Heart & Emotions. Some Tunes are Just for Fun Cause Life, This May be News to Some, is Suppose to Include Some Fun. Shocking, I Know. Anyway, While @mirandalambert Has Not Discussed the Writing of This Album or Her Divorce She Has Shared That #TheWeightOfTheseWings are Basically Her Diary fr That Part of Her Life. Were I Going Through Something So Painfully Personal, Publicly, I Would Hide Behind Some Pink Sunglasses Too!!! And Not to Call Out All the Haters, but You Probably Would Too!

Oh Look at That, I Did Call Out the Haters. Huh, Well Check in Monday to #TheFaithJournals for the Return of #NewMusicMonday & My Review of the #CMTAwards, Summer Releases, Etc. Happy FriYay Fellow #MusicAddix!!!

~ Glam Bag Review ~ June 2017 ~ Maybelline Mini Palette in Graffitti ~

My Bad for the Upside Down Palette. My Brain Just Doesn't Even Compute Sometimes. Anyway, Happy Day #BeautyQueens!! New Mini Palettes for the Summer from @maybelline. Pictured I Am Wearing #GraffitiPop w #MetalicInkLiquidEyeLiner in #CosmicPurple. The Eyeliner is #Waterproof Which is Actually Not as Common as it Should be for Liquid Liners.

There are About 4 or 5 Palettes in This Summer Collection & About 4 or 5 Coordinating Liquid Liners. They Aren't Available in All Places, but Launched First at @ultabeauty & Now Can Also Be Found @walmart. Both Come in Just Over $7.00 each Which is a Reasonable Price in Comparison to Other #DrugStore-esq Brands & Palettes. The Mini Palettes Each have Six Shades & are Coordinated for a #SmokeyEye, Mix & Match or Wear as Individuals.

Head Over to @walmart @ultabeauty or @maybelline to Check Out the New Shadows & Amp Up Your Summer Glam w Something Unexpected!!

~ InstaBlog ~ Dwell in the Possibility ~ June 11th, 2017 ~

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Sometimes the Weight/Wait of a Moment Can Rob Us of the Joy That Comes w Being Anticipant, Hopeful, Expectant, or Even Dreamy. God is Not Finished w Any of Us Yet. You're Still Alive....He's Still Writing Your Story.

As We Rest on This Sabbath & Regroup/Replenish/Revive Our Minds, Hearts, Body, & Missions, Let Us Not Let Go of the Beauty of Possibility. Life Can Change on a Dime. The Same God That Moves the Ocean Tides, Moves In & Around Us. That is Powerful!!! Today, Sabbath. Tomorrow, Start a Week FULL of Possibility. You Are Loved. You are Prayed For.

~ A Look at Migraines from the Inside Out ~

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

It's Been a #Ruff Few Days. I Had All These Plans for Productivity & I've Just Felt So Ill it All Had to be Put to the Side. Just Kinda a Quick #WhatItsLike, to Help You Understand. This Pic is Blurry Intentionally. I've Had Migraines My Entire Life.

Any of My Closest Know How it Can Rule My World, but Others Don't Fully Grasp the Difference in a Migraine & "Just a Headache". It Is Far from a Simple Annoyance or Little Pain That Can be Ignored. When A Migraine Begins, For Me, Everything Else HAS to Stop. My Ability to Speak Correctly, Use My Hands, Hear & See Properly are All Immediately Affected. Add in A Strong Need to Hurl, Dizziness, Lack of Depth Perception, Oh Yea & The Kind of Pain That You Would Gladly Welcome Some Other Form of Pain Just to Have a Moments Relief. I Think Only Those w a Chronic Illness Will Fully Get That Last One.

At the Moment I am Post Headache, Meaning This is What My Vision is Kinda Like Right Now & Will Probably Be Until Tomorrow. This is NOT a Poor Pitiful Me Post. This is a Encouragement for Mercy. Those of You That are NEVER Sick, Do You Have Any Idea How I Envy You???!!!! I Know it is Hard to Relate if You've Never Really Been a #SickKid, but My Prayer, Encouragement, #MotivationMonday & Challenge for the Week is That Those Who Struggle to Understand Chronic Illness Would Ask Someone You Love Who is Suffering to Try & Explain it in a Way You Might Understand. Perhaps They Can Show You a Pic That Represents What They See or Feel. Whatever Avenue Used, Communication & A Desire to Show Mercy & Understand is Key. Its a Key to Wellness, Pain Management, Healing, & Mercy.

~ Glam Bag ~ Tips and Tricks ~ Bright Eyeliner or a Smokey Eye ~


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Dear Beauty Queens ~

Using Color Eye Liner Doesn't Immediately Turn You Into Ke$ha. I Mean, Unless You Use it to Draw a Star Over One of Your Eyes All Jem and the Holograms/Ke$ha Style.....Which Now That I Think About It I May Not be 100% Against. Trust Me, it's Worth a Try! I Kinda Love It & Will be Adding the Multi-Color Liner Into My Make~Up Looks Rotation. Pictured is @elfcosmetics #ShimmerPencilLiner in Black & Green.


Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

#GlamBag/Allergy Season Tip/Trick ~

Don't Save the Smokey Eye for Dinner Out, Rock it All Day. W Allergies Raging & Summer Heat Around the Corner I Think it is Better/Less Stressful to Start w a Smokey/Smudgey Look. When Your Eyes Won't Stop Watering & the Temps are High it is Almost Impossible to Keep a Sharp Clean Line, Making the Smokey a Perfect Go To. Also, Summer is a Great Time to Test Your Smokey Love w Colors. Smokey Doesn't Just Have to be Black or Brown. My Faves are a Range of Purple or Teal. In This Pic I Am Wearing #Black, #Silver & #BabyPink w #Highlighter. I Also Love Adding a Hint/Pop of Color to a Black or Brown Smokey Eye. Happy #Glam-ing.

~ A Moment of Realness fr the Author of the Glam Bag Series ~

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Wanted to Share Some Real Life w You Today. This Wknd One of My Very Best Besties Came to Visit. It Was Their Bday, We Had a Project for Another Friend We Wanted to Work On, & it Was a Holiday Weekend So, They Had a Long Weekend Perfect for a Quick Trip. I Looked Forward to/Prepared for My Company All Week. My Mom Even Came to Help Me Get the House in Order. She is Kinda the Bomb Like That. Anyway,
My Bestie Got Here Safe & Sound & I Think We Were Belly Laughing Before We Even Got In the Door. It Was a Weekend of Laughter, Shopping, Chilling & Just Getting to Hang Out w Someone Who's Known Me for So Long I Don't Always Have to Finish a Sentence. We Shopped, We Ate, We Worked on Our Project, We Ate, We Caught Up w Pirates of the Caribbean, We Ate, We Visited Some of My Fam & Did I Mention We Ate?! LoL!! Maybe it is Just Me, but I Find Meals/Food More Enjoyable When Eating W Loved Ones. After the Movie We Went to Take Pics in a Photo Booth. Well, We All Know I
1. Hate Having My Picture Taken.
2. Its b/c I Have Control Issues When it Comes to Lighting, Angles & Edits. I Blame Instagram, Moldiv & All My School Pictures fr 1st Grade On.
Needless to Say as the Pics Printed I Made Effort to Not Look at Them Too Long as I Knew I'd Only be Defeated by My Appearance. Knowing This About Myself I Made Specific Mental Effort to Not Allow My Insecurities/Disappointment Concerning My Image to Keep Us fr Laughing in the Booth, Making Goofy Faces, Sending a Copy to Our Friend or Putting My Copy on the Fridge. I Share All This to Say That Even the Most Confident of Folks Have Their Soft Spots.

Its O.K. To Want to Be the Best Version of You Possible, but it is Not O.K. To Allow Your Not Being There Yet Keep You fr Current Life. Its a Struggle, but I am Proud of Myself for Not Ripping Up the Pic or Hiding it Away Somewhere. I'm Glad We Sent a Copy to Another Friend. I'm Grateful That Years fr Now There Will Be Yet Another Memory in My BFF Memory Folder. It isn't Always Easy to Love Yourself, but it is Always Important to at Least Try. You are Loved. You are Enough.