Friday, June 23, 2017

~ Glam Bag Tips and Tricks ~ Kiss and Tell ~ Application and Longevity ~ Part 1 ~

Happy weekend beauty queens!! One of my weekend goals is getting the blog updated for you. Starting with the Glam Bag Series. This post will contain my first Instatutorial. It is a quick how to, why I use what I use, lip glam. With that said, please forgive my skattered-ness and lip smacking. Now that I know I do it, I am going to make an active effort to stop, lol!! It bugs me too!!!

First things first, lips are the last part of my glam routine. Prior to any lip specific product, I apply a teensy bit of foundation to my lips. I just use whatever is left on my applicator from applying my foundation. It helps with any kind of lip color whether it be gloss, matte, stick, shine, or whatev's to hold on to your lips. This along with the lip lock I'll share in the next paragraph help to make your liner and lip color have a bit of longevity.

Second, I use e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Lock. It can be found online and in store. I happen to come across mine at the Dollar Tree. I had never used a similar product before and was curious. I am glad I spent that buck cause it for sure helps to keep my lip line even and bolder colors where they belong. I don't have a steady hand so, lip lining takes me a minute. Using Lip Lock really does help with that process for me. It also creates a bit of a barrier between your lip color and skin.

Third I apply my lip liner. In the video I am using Jordana Cosmetics Easy Line in Rose. I have not seen Jordana in as many shops as one might expect considering its quality and price point. I get mine at Walgreens. The liner comes in around $2.00 and lasts for quite awhile. It is smooth and has a solid packaging so you feel like you can really get the color onto your lips with out breaking the point. In a later post I will share how to pick your liners in collaboration with your lip color. When lining your lips you don't want a thin, fragile line. You want the liner to be something your lip color clings to and wears at a similar speed as your lip color. So, as you apply the liner bring it in a bit from the corners of your lip line towards the center of your lip as seen in the vid. 

Lastly, apply lip color. It is very much like coloring a picture. Goals include but are not limited to staying inside the line, applying a color that compliments the rest of your cosmetic color choices for your look. Doesn't have to be matchy, matchy. In fact, not matchy, matchy is probably best in most normal day to day situations.

I hope that you have found this Glam Bag Instatutorial helpful. I'll say this a ton of times before I finish this series, but it is my opinion that cosmetics should be fun. Getting ready for the day should be something we look forward to. It is a few minutes for ourselves and should be considered self care as much as a pedi or facial. I think that having the mind set that cosmetics are to highlight the things you love about yourself instead of them being about covering up what you hate, has really helped me to change my feelings towards "having" to get ready for something. If that makes any sense to ya?!

Happy Glam-ing Beauty Queens!!!

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