Monday, June 12, 2017

~ Glam Bag ~ Tips and Tricks ~ Bright Eyeliner or a Smokey Eye ~


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Dear Beauty Queens ~

Using Color Eye Liner Doesn't Immediately Turn You Into Ke$ha. I Mean, Unless You Use it to Draw a Star Over One of Your Eyes All Jem and the Holograms/Ke$ha Style.....Which Now That I Think About It I May Not be 100% Against. Trust Me, it's Worth a Try! I Kinda Love It & Will be Adding the Multi-Color Liner Into My Make~Up Looks Rotation. Pictured is @elfcosmetics #ShimmerPencilLiner in Black & Green.


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#GlamBag/Allergy Season Tip/Trick ~

Don't Save the Smokey Eye for Dinner Out, Rock it All Day. W Allergies Raging & Summer Heat Around the Corner I Think it is Better/Less Stressful to Start w a Smokey/Smudgey Look. When Your Eyes Won't Stop Watering & the Temps are High it is Almost Impossible to Keep a Sharp Clean Line, Making the Smokey a Perfect Go To. Also, Summer is a Great Time to Test Your Smokey Love w Colors. Smokey Doesn't Just Have to be Black or Brown. My Faves are a Range of Purple or Teal. In This Pic I Am Wearing #Black, #Silver & #BabyPink w #Highlighter. I Also Love Adding a Hint/Pop of Color to a Black or Brown Smokey Eye. Happy #Glam-ing.

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