Monday, June 12, 2017

~ A Moment of Realness fr the Author of the Glam Bag Series ~

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Wanted to Share Some Real Life w You Today. This Wknd One of My Very Best Besties Came to Visit. It Was Their Bday, We Had a Project for Another Friend We Wanted to Work On, & it Was a Holiday Weekend So, They Had a Long Weekend Perfect for a Quick Trip. I Looked Forward to/Prepared for My Company All Week. My Mom Even Came to Help Me Get the House in Order. She is Kinda the Bomb Like That. Anyway,
My Bestie Got Here Safe & Sound & I Think We Were Belly Laughing Before We Even Got In the Door. It Was a Weekend of Laughter, Shopping, Chilling & Just Getting to Hang Out w Someone Who's Known Me for So Long I Don't Always Have to Finish a Sentence. We Shopped, We Ate, We Worked on Our Project, We Ate, We Caught Up w Pirates of the Caribbean, We Ate, We Visited Some of My Fam & Did I Mention We Ate?! LoL!! Maybe it is Just Me, but I Find Meals/Food More Enjoyable When Eating W Loved Ones. After the Movie We Went to Take Pics in a Photo Booth. Well, We All Know I
1. Hate Having My Picture Taken.
2. Its b/c I Have Control Issues When it Comes to Lighting, Angles & Edits. I Blame Instagram, Moldiv & All My School Pictures fr 1st Grade On.
Needless to Say as the Pics Printed I Made Effort to Not Look at Them Too Long as I Knew I'd Only be Defeated by My Appearance. Knowing This About Myself I Made Specific Mental Effort to Not Allow My Insecurities/Disappointment Concerning My Image to Keep Us fr Laughing in the Booth, Making Goofy Faces, Sending a Copy to Our Friend or Putting My Copy on the Fridge. I Share All This to Say That Even the Most Confident of Folks Have Their Soft Spots.

Its O.K. To Want to Be the Best Version of You Possible, but it is Not O.K. To Allow Your Not Being There Yet Keep You fr Current Life. Its a Struggle, but I am Proud of Myself for Not Ripping Up the Pic or Hiding it Away Somewhere. I'm Glad We Sent a Copy to Another Friend. I'm Grateful That Years fr Now There Will Be Yet Another Memory in My BFF Memory Folder. It isn't Always Easy to Love Yourself, but it is Always Important to at Least Try. You are Loved. You are Enough.

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