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~ Glam Bag Tips and Tricks ~ Kiss and Tell ~ Holiday Glam ~ 4th of July ~

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L'Oreal Infallible Paint in Navy Spy
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We are midweek and most of you are half way to a long weekend. With the fourth of July just a few days away I thought it might be fun to do some holiday looks. I'm gonna do my best to give a bit of variety so that whether you are a risk taker or more of a low key lip kinda gal, you will see something for you.

Side Note: I have begun doing quick tutorials on my insta story and my goal is to always repost them here when I can for future reference. However, my phone is currently possessed by the devil and it is always a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to working/saving as it should. I seem to also be having issues with the transfer from socials to saving on my comp. I have several vids that I hope to add to this post, eventually. All that to say, head over to Instagram and follow me for day -to - day glam tips and tricks in my Insta Story, @stacietennessee.

O.K. Let's get started with some reds. I love a red lip when done properly. Not all reds are created equal nor are they for every skin tone, hair color, etc. I can't wear a orange red b/c it makes me look like I ate a popsicle and never wiped my face, lol. I do love black and or pink reds. I have the same rule w bright lipstick as I do with brightly colored eye liner. Test it out at home and get comfortable with it. Figure what works for you and once you feel comfortable with it start wearing it out and about.

I am going to start with one of my newest faves, Revlon HD in Rhubarb. This new line from Revlon is legit one of my favorites. I have three different colors from it and have yet to be disappointed. The red I am sporting in the picture was purchased at Walgreens. It was on sale for $4.96 and I had a coupon for $2.00 off making it a under $3 purchase. I think that when things are on sale, clearance, or one has a coupon it makes it easier to justify trying a new color or product. This color has some shine to it and is not a matte at all. Not high gloss, just a bit of shine.

~ Revlon HD in Rhubarb ~

Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Color
in Chunky Cherry
Above is a more low key, just a hint of color product. Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm in Chunky Cherry. These are more so like a tinted chap stick than a lip stick. Fat crayon shaped, fits in a pocket easy, comes w a lid, and goes on smooth and with just a hint of red. Not everyone wants a bold lip and that is perfectly fine! You do you, babes!! Clinique is a bit more pricey than a drug store brand, but their reputation precedes them in quality. So, in the long run it always ends up being worth it. I always arrange my ordering/purchases around a "Bonus". Bonus days are when you get a gift with purchase that usually includes about five or six sample items and a cosmetics bag. 
Revlon Colorist in Bronze Shimmer
For my au natural girls, I recommend a nude lip with a bold eye for your special holiday activities. Pictured above is a Bronze Shimmer by Revlon. I like to layer it over a nude lip stick or wear it on it's own. It has been a faithful go-to color that seems to go with any look.
Lastly for this holiday themed Kiss and Tell post are a few bolder looks for those so patriotic they have to show it from head to toe.....or to their lips, lol! Starting with Loreal's Infallible Lip Paint in Navy Spy. In the picture below I added some shimmer pigments by Hard Candy with a clear gloss as the adhesive. Currently on my Insta Story is a quick how to in the mixing/customizing of lip colors. I also add red shimmer pigments by Hard Candy to one of my red lip looks as seen below. I think it is just enough glitter and shimmer to go with a weekend full of fire works.
Loreal Infaillable Lip Paint
in Navy Spy w Shimmer
Pigment by Hard Candy
Maybelline Color Jolt in Red-dy
or Not w "Lock and Key" Red Shimmer
Pigments by Hard Candy
My base for this red shimmer is Maybelline's great line of lip paints. It smells great, covers well, and falls into that $4-$6 range of lip colors. I like this product for several reasons. One of which is it's size. Fits well into your pocket or small bag. I also like that the applicator is apart of the tube you squeeze the color from. One less thing to be lost or broken. Covers well, goes on smooth, and again falls into that $4-$6 drug store brand price range.
 Happy Fourth of July, Beauty Queens!!! Hope you have a sparkly weekend.

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