Monday, June 12, 2017

~ A Look at Migraines from the Inside Out ~

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It's Been a #Ruff Few Days. I Had All These Plans for Productivity & I've Just Felt So Ill it All Had to be Put to the Side. Just Kinda a Quick #WhatItsLike, to Help You Understand. This Pic is Blurry Intentionally. I've Had Migraines My Entire Life.

Any of My Closest Know How it Can Rule My World, but Others Don't Fully Grasp the Difference in a Migraine & "Just a Headache". It Is Far from a Simple Annoyance or Little Pain That Can be Ignored. When A Migraine Begins, For Me, Everything Else HAS to Stop. My Ability to Speak Correctly, Use My Hands, Hear & See Properly are All Immediately Affected. Add in A Strong Need to Hurl, Dizziness, Lack of Depth Perception, Oh Yea & The Kind of Pain That You Would Gladly Welcome Some Other Form of Pain Just to Have a Moments Relief. I Think Only Those w a Chronic Illness Will Fully Get That Last One.

At the Moment I am Post Headache, Meaning This is What My Vision is Kinda Like Right Now & Will Probably Be Until Tomorrow. This is NOT a Poor Pitiful Me Post. This is a Encouragement for Mercy. Those of You That are NEVER Sick, Do You Have Any Idea How I Envy You???!!!! I Know it is Hard to Relate if You've Never Really Been a #SickKid, but My Prayer, Encouragement, #MotivationMonday & Challenge for the Week is That Those Who Struggle to Understand Chronic Illness Would Ask Someone You Love Who is Suffering to Try & Explain it in a Way You Might Understand. Perhaps They Can Show You a Pic That Represents What They See or Feel. Whatever Avenue Used, Communication & A Desire to Show Mercy & Understand is Key. Its a Key to Wellness, Pain Management, Healing, & Mercy.

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