Monday, October 26, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Oct. 26th ~ Too Many Tunes ~

With the release of Carrie Underwoods , " Storyteller " and the announcement of Adele's upcoming release , there was simply no way this weeks #NewMusicMonday was gonna remain at the usual 3 songs . I also wanted to bring Kip Moore's , "Wild Ones" back into the mix . I meant it when I said I wanna share all 16 tracks . I love the album THAT much !! But first , let us begin this #NewMusicMonday with a up and coming new country artist you need to know named , Cam .

Cam - " Burning House "
With an EP release " Burning Houses " is the first track starting to get some attention . I do my best to support all the curly haired country singing sisters out there . Kimberly Perry , love her . Kimberly Schlampan from Little Big Town , can't get enough of her . So , when I saw Cam in a line up of song writers I thought I need to hear this chicks tunes . LOL ! " Burning Houses " does not disappoint . The video above was directed by Trey Fanjoy which also got my attention . Fanjoy is known for working with such established artists like Kenny Chesney , Taylor Swift , Big and Rich , and the list just goes on and on . She is a visionary in the purest meaning of the word and her work here is an amazing example of it . I feel like the dramatics of the fire combine with sweet softness of Cam's voice are just a perfect ying and yang . Give it a look , give it a listen and decide for yourself , but whatever you do make a mental note of the name Cam . You will be hearing more from her in the future .
Second on #NewMusicMonday I am bringing back Kip Moore's , " Wild Ones " album . After leaving him off the last few weeks lists (due to themes) I thought it was a good time to bring him back . This week I am sharing my FAVORITE track off the 16 song deluxe album titled , " Magic " . I may have called every tune my favorite , but this one is for reals my FAVORITE !! I think this tune is soooooo different and creative , beginning to end . I don't know that it will make it to single status , but if it does I have high hopes for the video . I think it is a real opportunity to do something unexpected and different visually . However , with so many great songs on this album I imagine choosing which ones will be singles is going to be an impossible task . I don't envy Mr. Moore for having to make those calls . I really do have my fingers crossed on this one though . I love it so much !!! I'm not a fairy tale girl when you get to my core . So , this little story spoke to me a bit . For me to believe in or ever be capable of real true selfless love , it's gonna take some #Magic . LOL !! (Pun intended) .

Kip Moore - " Magic " fr " Wild Ones "
Carrie Underwood - " Renegade Runaway "
fr " Storyteller "
Carrie Underwood officially released , " Storyteller " this last Friday and of course it is already charting high . I believe everyone always expects nothing but quality from this particular American Idol . With her first single , " Smoke Break " still hitting number one on video and radio charts I don't even know when the second official video could be released . Each artist is so different with their crafting of their work . Some will release 3 videos at one time and others will do a slow , track by track release leading up to the complete album . So , who knows ??!!! Anyway , I am sharing             " Renegade Runaway " with you this #NewMusicMonday . I just love it . Carrie does a few new things vocally on this one that I dig and even envy . As far as the lyrics I feel like I'm a bit of a moving target when it comes to romance and the idea of love . So I think just a little bit of me relates to the girl in this song . Give it a listen and tell us if you think it should be a single .
Let's all just be honest with ourselves.....OF COURSE ADELE IS ON THIS WEEKS #NewMusicMonday . OF COURSE !!!! After a 4 year wait she has finally announced that her next studio album , " 25 " will be released in November . She is quoted as saying that she feared she had lost " it " when asked about the time it has taken for a new album . I'm not gonna lie , it makes me feel better to know someone as beautiful and talented as Adele gets insecure too . She is JUST LIKE US !!!! Anyway, along with the announcement of the album was the release of the first track ,            " Hello " . Yes , when seeing the title my mind first went to Lionel Richie too . You're not alone . LOL !!! Adele is GORGEOUS !!!! It isn't fair that someone be this vocally talented and have that porcelain skin . It's not . But I will make my peace with God over that on another day . Feast your eyes and ears on the beauty that is Adele .

Adele - " Hello " fr " 25 "
Don't forget y'all , you have the power when it comes to radio rotation . Call in , tweet , facebook , instagram , and/or e-mail your requests . Save your local radio numbers in your phone and call when you are sitting in traffic , waiting in line at the grocery , or are in a waiting room . Basically whenever there is a lull . LOL !!! Also , when a station plays your request be sure to thank them on social media . That also helps boost an artists play time on air . I for one am tired of being in the car for 30 minutes and hearing the same song at least twice . There is so much good music out there !!!! WE gotta get it shared and requested !!!
What are your Halloween plans ? Got a playlist burned ? Please feel free to share with us in the comment section !!!! Happy Listening !! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Oct. 19th ~ But For Real.....~ these right this instant !! I just finished texting with a friend about my possible addiction to music . I mean , y'all , it's go to rehab bad . I have always loved music . But I think the older and more knowledgeable about the varied areas I get , my passion only grows .  I grew up with my mom giving piano lessons to my cousins in our home . Both of my grandparents , all of my ya-ya's , uncles and cousins just about, sing or play . I took piano for a while , sang in choirs , and even worked with varied touring artists in different capacities . It has been a long while since I have been able to identify a true passion of mine . It's been a struggle to feel nothing about everything . But with every #NewMusicMonday I am reminded of how much music is apart of my DNA . I truly hope that through these posts I am sharing new songs and artists with fellow music lovers . This week there are two possibly new to you artists on the #NewMusicMonday list . I loved this music so much I have listened to it AAAAAALLLLLLLL weekend and even broke out a few bucks from the bday money fund to purchase them . I mean , it's bday money . Some of it is suppose to be for something fun and not just bill paying . Right ?! I thought so too . Here are this weeks #NewMusicMonday tunes/artists..........
The Shires - " Only Midnight "
fr " Brave " - Deluxe Album
Uhm , The Shires are the best thing from across the pond since..........( insert your favorite thing from the UK here ) . I came across The Shires when another artist I follow posted a pic after a writing session with them . Yes , that is one of the many ways folks hear about new music and artists . So , social media isn't completely useless . LOL !! I believe they are currently technically considered apart of the country music genre . However , I am unsure they fully belong there . I am not all about genre's . I feel that as most music progresses we are going to find it difficult to separate one genre from another . Anywho , this tune from the duo has been played about 50 my house . I LOVE IT!!! I . LOVE . IT . LOVE IT !!! I'm not a " love song " person per say , but this one just has me . It has me so , that I downloaded the entire album . So far , so great !!! The Shires also do a cover on this record of " Islands in the Streams " (originally recorded by Kenny Rogers and Dolly ) that is well worth a download . It's remincent and new all at the same time .  I want to start hearing this duo on my local radio so , it is on my to-do to call in and start making some requests . If you wanna find out more about The Shires or to hear some samples click on this link .
Next on #NewMusicMonday is an artist called Elle King . I heard this track once by random in the car and immediately needed to YouTube it so I could hear it again.....and again and again . Girl friend has some sass and you know how I respect sass when used properly . This jam just has be dancing all over the place and singing into my hair brush . See also my " I'm not a love song " person statement from above , this song is the opposite of a love song . It's more of a " thanks . see ya later . on to the next . " kind of song.....and I kinda like that . I love the idea of it being the guy that can't seem to let go . Time they taste their own medicine kind of a vibe . Elle is so new to me that I barely could tell you anything beyond she is a platinum blond w some serious sass factor and is currently touring with Vance Joy . Someone else I need to share with you if you haven't already heard of him . I haven't heard any of her other tunes yet , but plan to do so . Anyway , give it a listen girls !! And maybe you fella's should hear it too . You know , as a warning . Some of us just aren't the attachment type . To read up on Elle for yourself click on this .
Elle King - "Ex's & Oh's"
Selena Gomez - " Same ol' Love "
fr - " Revival "
Last this #NewMusicMonday is a grown up graduate from Mickey Mouse Club and former Belieber . O.K . So , we are all watching from the outside , but can I just say I am so happy for Ms . Gomez to be done with Beiber ??!!! I know , who even cares ??!!! Apparently , I do . Anyone see the clip of a backstage run in where Selena see's Justin , kisses him on the cheek and Taylor Swift , Gomez's bff keeps walking whilst rolling her eyes ??!! Well , I am Taylor Swift on this topic . If you haven't seen that clip you should YouTube it . It's basically the only mean face I've seen Swift ever make . Back to topic , Selena Gomez has released two tracks off her newest album , " Revival " . I have liked both of them , but for very different reasons . The tune I am sharing with you is called , " Same ol' Love " , and has a fun arrangement that makes all the " I'm over it " type lyrics less eye rolly . I feel like you might need to know me to fully understand that statement . Hopefully you don't and totally get what I'm trying to say . LOL !!!
All the tunes mentioned in this #NewMusicMonday post can be found on #iTunes . I am sure they can be found a few other places , but that was my downloading source .
What have you been listening to as the seasons change ? I always feel like Fall is a Mumford and Sons listening kind of season . But that's just me . Please feel free to share your play list suggestions with us in the comment section !!! Follow me on #Insta for blog post updates , etc . Don't forget that as a listener you have the power to get the tunes you love airplay . I have recently saved the local stations numbers in my phone for song requesting purposes . The power of the song cycle is in your hands !!!Happy Listening and downloading!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

~ Insta Blog ~ Misfit Black Sheep ~

" I'm a black sheep , looking for other misfits to keep me company ." j . iron word

What a gift it is not to fit in . I love that statement ! Life isn't always about finding who you are as much as it is about finding who you are not . If that makes sense to ya . I'm not concerned with having tons of friends . I am concerned with having the right kind of friends for who I am . As you head into this weekend I would challenge you to look around . Are the folks you're giving your time to lifting you up or dragging ya down ?!! I pray lifting you up . I'd rather be alone , potentially lonely and true to who God has made me than with the wrong group and still feel all alone . It isn't quantity, it's quality . Look around . Happy Weekend Y'all !!!

~ Insta Blog ~ Insecurity Spill Over ~

I have been thinking quiet a bit about insecurities the last few days . How much control they can have over even the most confident of us . Everyone has them . I don't know it is possible to not have any . But , I think my truest issue with insecurities is not just the control it can have over you , your person alone . I take issue with when our insecurities spill over onto others . I have been a victim of the insecurity spill over and I am sure I have been guilty of spilling over . That should never happen !!!! Never allow YOUR insecurity to make someone else insecure . Fighting ones own insecurities with the truth of Gods grace is difficult all on its own . The weight of yours along with mine is almost unbearable . Let grace make us secure . This is a topic I would love to expound further on , but I don't feel like I have all my thoughts in a way that they can be expressed yet . Till then , let's remind one another how fearfully and wonderfully we are made . Accepting ones self is a feeling/truth that is hard to attain and even harder to retain . Hand out a complement or two and see how it not only makes the one complemented feel good , but you too . 
Apologize for the quality of pic .
This is from my #insta .

You are loved gorgeous !!! Settle for nothing or no one less than God's best for you .

~ Insta Blog ~ " Let the Leaves Fall "

I apologize for the quality . It is from my #Instagram . #regram
Something about this wording hit me hard . There is so much to be learned from the changing of the seasons . My thoughts tonight are something like , how do we truly let go and trust Him to restore what we lose in the letting go ??!! It's hard . I suppose that is why the leaves do not all fall at once . Letting go is a process . Trusting that when things on the surface look dead , there is a deeper something happening . Believing that all that is lost will be restored . It's all a process . It all takes time . 🍷 Here is to the letting go and accepting the process . There is a reason for the seasons . Take what life is giving you , one season at a time . You are loved .

Monday, October 12, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Oct. 12th ~ OG Style ~

Uhm , I can think of NOTHING more OG than
Willie and Merle playing cards , each with a stack of
green backs at their side . I mean......
When I started thinking on this weeks #NewMusicMonday I knew I wanted to include some Haggard since he is playing the Tennessee Theater this week . Well , that along with this pic from The Hags facebook , because yes , even The Hag has facebook , got me spiraled into a original gangster of country music kind of mindset . So , this #NewMusicMonday starts with Merle Haggards , " Think I'll Just Sit Here and Drink ". To check out his facebook you can click here .

Austin City Limits Performance
One of the things I LOVE about older tunes is the story telling , not just of the song sang , but of the artist . Merle Haggard saw Johnny Cash perform while serving time in San Quentin prison . It was after that show Haggard decided to make a go of it once released . I mean.....I can't handle the awesomeness of that thought . To catch Merle's show go to the Tennessee Theater website for details !!!! It started as a dreary cold day where I am , could be a good day to just sit there and drink . Lol!!
For ticket info head to 
Second on ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is ‪#‎DonHenley‬ & ‪#‎Dolly‬ with "When I Stop Dreaming", from his newest album "Cass County". This will be the only " New Music " on this weeks #NewMusicMonday . However , the folks singing it qualify it for OG status . There are several notable duets on this album (including one w Haggard) and great solo tracks as well , but at the moment I am enchanted by this tune w Dolly . I think Henley can sing with just about anyone and make it magical , but there is a belt on this tune from Dolly that is extra magical . Takes me to a Tennessee mountain music kind of place . Henley says in promo's that Cass County is the album he has been waiting and wanting to make . After hearing just a few songs I don't understand why he wasn't allowed to make it sooner . #MusicalPolitcs #ICANT!!! Nothing but good on this record ! Take a listen for yourself w this track , "When I Stop Dreaming" .

Don Henley & Dolly Parton - "When I Stop Dreaming"
Fr: Cass County
The Judds - "Grandpa ( Tell Me 'Bout the Good ol' Days )"
fr : Rockin' with the Rhythm
So , last on ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is one more throw back . My Papaws 88th bday was Friday and I have been listening to this song for over a week thinking about him and how much he has meant to me . I am praying for 88 more years for/with him . There aren't enough men like him in this world . I am not just being a biased grandchild when I say that .
As much as I love progress , musical or otherwise ,  it is a double edged sword . With every step forward we tend to loose a piece of the past thats gotten us to where we are . So , I invite you into my musical time machine to take a trip back and maybe return with a little something from back when .
Happy #NewMusicMonday OG Style !!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

~ Butterfly Flutterby ~ My Snow White-ness is Inherited ~

October 2015
Several days ago I posted the above pic to my Instagram . I saw this beautiful butterfly sitting on my grandparents car port . As I bent down to take a pic , ooh and aww over it Jack Davis came through like a bull in a china shop . He surely stepped right on this delicate thing with out even noticing . After going in and chatting with my grandparents for awhile , I told them about the butterfly outside . As I went to leave we checked and the butterfly was still in the same spot in the same position lightly fluttering its wings . Mamaw being the curious George she is , picked it up by the wing to inspect . I thought if this poor thing isn't dead I am sure it wants to be .
My Snow White tendencies are apparently inherited . The days following this little interaction all Mamaw seemed to be concerned about was the butterfly on the porch . She continued to check on it through out the day and she even asked if I knew what butterflies eat . Mamaw is forever concerned with everyone being fed properly , or over properly . I told her what I thought and she went back to tending to the insect . Today when checking in with Mamaw & Papaw she was very happy to say that she had brought the butterfly into the house for her and papaw to discuss what they could do to help it . Which I of course was tickled by , however after their discussion and inspection she decided just to take it back out side with a cap of water for it to drink from if it wanted . Much to her bliss after taking the butterfly back out side it took off from her hand and back into the woods . It hadn't seemed to be able to hover more than 5 or 6 inches after Jacks trampling so , this was a real surprise . She said she came back into the house praising the Lord !!! It made her feel so much better that it was able to get back to it's normal comings and goings .
All this to say , how many people do you know that would be this concerned and grateful over something like a butterfly ??!! A INSECT !!!!! My question is , how do I become the kind of person that is THIS concerned over ALL of God's creatures ?! Family is family and much like Vegas , what happens there , stays there . But , I must say at 82 and just shy of 88 my grandparents are still teaching me every day what it is to love like Christ . They don't get out and about very often and really can't , but they do what they can with their small neck of the woods . Literally .
On this #MotivationMonday I would hope this silly little tale would encourage and challenge you wherever you are , to do whatever you can , for whomever needs . Talk about a actual visual of Matthew 25:40 ! LOL !!
Matthew 25:40 King James Version (KJV) " And the King shall answer and say unto them , Verily I say unto you , In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren , ye have done it unto Me . "

~ New Music Monday ~ Oct. 5th ~ Happy Fall Y'all ~

Live @ The Fillmore Silver Springs
Kip Moore & the Slow Hearts - "Running for You"
fr Wild Ones
It's that time again where I share wicked sweet tunes with you and you run off to download them ASAP , ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ !!!! In honor of this song hitting the air waves m'first post belongs to ‪#‎KipMoore‬ and the second release off his newest album ‪#‎WildOnes‬ titled , "Running For You" . I am not a love song lover , but this one goes above and beyond lyrically . It speaks of letting go , loving from afar and knowing that's sometimes what true love is . It could be heard from varied perspectives not just that of romance . Give it a listen and get on the phone , twitter , email , carrier pigeon , smoke signals , etc . and start requesting it at your local radio !!!!! I know I say this a lot , but trust me on this one . It's the real deal . No official video , but I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Moore comes up with for this one . For now this performance vid will suffice . There is also a audio clip from the album on youtube !

"I'm gonna miss you , but baby there's no way that I can go with you ."

BONUS: To see Kip and the Slow Hearts live check out for the upcoming dates of the Wild Ones tour . Tour starts THIS THURSDAY and will be in Knoxville, TN on November 5th at the Tennessee Theatre . I am 100% sure it is a show you will wanna see .

Second for ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is ‪#‎CassadeePope‬ and her brand spakin' new track , "Invincible" . I have been belting lines from this all weekend . I am sure my neighbors appreciate it . Cassadee is one of the many Team Blake winners from The Voice . Since her win she has been touring her first album and writing new tunes . This one for all the fighters , girls made to feel less than , and those getting proof that there's life on the other side of the darkness that brings us down , here is your new anthem . My fave line currently is "Nothings gonna make me break or shatter . No ones gonna tell me I don't matter ." I do not know if this will be a stand a lone single or if it is apart of a to be released album , but either way I think this one is gonna echo with Pope's fans . So , take a listen and find some strength in this powerful "phoenix from the ashes" anthem . I can see your glowing lighter held in air from here .
Cassadee Pope - " Invincible"
Sam Hunt - "Break Up in a Small Town"
fr Montevallo
Last this ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is once again ‪#‎SamHunt‬. Last week I mentioned my hope was that his track , "Ex to See" would be the next single . Well , no one no where ever listens to me . So , instead , "Break Up in A Small Town" is the newest release from Hunt's album , Montevallo . I like it just as well as "Ex to See" so I guess I'll be ok . Per Sam Hunt style it is a little bit talk , a little bit song and a lot a bit good writing . I think anyone who has lived and loved in small town life is gonna understand this tune , beginning to end . No official vid as of yet, but this lyric video will do for now . Happy Listening and Happy New Music Monday !!!!
Don't forget that ALL THREE of these #NewMusicMonday posts are new releases and need YOUR help to get them charting and on air . Call your local stations and request , ney , DEMAND they play these tunes !!!! The radio cycle has everything to do w you . So , take your power and get these tunes out there !!!