Monday, October 12, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Oct. 12th ~ OG Style ~

Uhm , I can think of NOTHING more OG than
Willie and Merle playing cards , each with a stack of
green backs at their side . I mean......
When I started thinking on this weeks #NewMusicMonday I knew I wanted to include some Haggard since he is playing the Tennessee Theater this week . Well , that along with this pic from The Hags facebook , because yes , even The Hag has facebook , got me spiraled into a original gangster of country music kind of mindset . So , this #NewMusicMonday starts with Merle Haggards , " Think I'll Just Sit Here and Drink ". To check out his facebook you can click here .

Austin City Limits Performance
One of the things I LOVE about older tunes is the story telling , not just of the song sang , but of the artist . Merle Haggard saw Johnny Cash perform while serving time in San Quentin prison . It was after that show Haggard decided to make a go of it once released . I mean.....I can't handle the awesomeness of that thought . To catch Merle's show go to the Tennessee Theater website for details !!!! It started as a dreary cold day where I am , could be a good day to just sit there and drink . Lol!!
For ticket info head to 
Second on ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is ‪#‎DonHenley‬ & ‪#‎Dolly‬ with "When I Stop Dreaming", from his newest album "Cass County". This will be the only " New Music " on this weeks #NewMusicMonday . However , the folks singing it qualify it for OG status . There are several notable duets on this album (including one w Haggard) and great solo tracks as well , but at the moment I am enchanted by this tune w Dolly . I think Henley can sing with just about anyone and make it magical , but there is a belt on this tune from Dolly that is extra magical . Takes me to a Tennessee mountain music kind of place . Henley says in promo's that Cass County is the album he has been waiting and wanting to make . After hearing just a few songs I don't understand why he wasn't allowed to make it sooner . #MusicalPolitcs #ICANT!!! Nothing but good on this record ! Take a listen for yourself w this track , "When I Stop Dreaming" .

Don Henley & Dolly Parton - "When I Stop Dreaming"
Fr: Cass County
The Judds - "Grandpa ( Tell Me 'Bout the Good ol' Days )"
fr : Rockin' with the Rhythm
So , last on ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is one more throw back . My Papaws 88th bday was Friday and I have been listening to this song for over a week thinking about him and how much he has meant to me . I am praying for 88 more years for/with him . There aren't enough men like him in this world . I am not just being a biased grandchild when I say that .
As much as I love progress , musical or otherwise ,  it is a double edged sword . With every step forward we tend to loose a piece of the past thats gotten us to where we are . So , I invite you into my musical time machine to take a trip back and maybe return with a little something from back when .
Happy #NewMusicMonday OG Style !!!

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