Monday, October 5, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Oct. 5th ~ Happy Fall Y'all ~

Live @ The Fillmore Silver Springs
Kip Moore & the Slow Hearts - "Running for You"
fr Wild Ones
It's that time again where I share wicked sweet tunes with you and you run off to download them ASAP , ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ !!!! In honor of this song hitting the air waves m'first post belongs to ‪#‎KipMoore‬ and the second release off his newest album ‪#‎WildOnes‬ titled , "Running For You" . I am not a love song lover , but this one goes above and beyond lyrically . It speaks of letting go , loving from afar and knowing that's sometimes what true love is . It could be heard from varied perspectives not just that of romance . Give it a listen and get on the phone , twitter , email , carrier pigeon , smoke signals , etc . and start requesting it at your local radio !!!!! I know I say this a lot , but trust me on this one . It's the real deal . No official video , but I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Moore comes up with for this one . For now this performance vid will suffice . There is also a audio clip from the album on youtube !

"I'm gonna miss you , but baby there's no way that I can go with you ."

BONUS: To see Kip and the Slow Hearts live check out for the upcoming dates of the Wild Ones tour . Tour starts THIS THURSDAY and will be in Knoxville, TN on November 5th at the Tennessee Theatre . I am 100% sure it is a show you will wanna see .

Second for ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is ‪#‎CassadeePope‬ and her brand spakin' new track , "Invincible" . I have been belting lines from this all weekend . I am sure my neighbors appreciate it . Cassadee is one of the many Team Blake winners from The Voice . Since her win she has been touring her first album and writing new tunes . This one for all the fighters , girls made to feel less than , and those getting proof that there's life on the other side of the darkness that brings us down , here is your new anthem . My fave line currently is "Nothings gonna make me break or shatter . No ones gonna tell me I don't matter ." I do not know if this will be a stand a lone single or if it is apart of a to be released album , but either way I think this one is gonna echo with Pope's fans . So , take a listen and find some strength in this powerful "phoenix from the ashes" anthem . I can see your glowing lighter held in air from here .
Cassadee Pope - " Invincible"
Sam Hunt - "Break Up in a Small Town"
fr Montevallo
Last this ‪#‎NewMusicMonday‬ is once again ‪#‎SamHunt‬. Last week I mentioned my hope was that his track , "Ex to See" would be the next single . Well , no one no where ever listens to me . So , instead , "Break Up in A Small Town" is the newest release from Hunt's album , Montevallo . I like it just as well as "Ex to See" so I guess I'll be ok . Per Sam Hunt style it is a little bit talk , a little bit song and a lot a bit good writing . I think anyone who has lived and loved in small town life is gonna understand this tune , beginning to end . No official vid as of yet, but this lyric video will do for now . Happy Listening and Happy New Music Monday !!!!
Don't forget that ALL THREE of these #NewMusicMonday posts are new releases and need YOUR help to get them charting and on air . Call your local stations and request , ney , DEMAND they play these tunes !!!! The radio cycle has everything to do w you . So , take your power and get these tunes out there !!!

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