Monday, October 26, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Oct. 26th ~ Too Many Tunes ~

With the release of Carrie Underwoods , " Storyteller " and the announcement of Adele's upcoming release , there was simply no way this weeks #NewMusicMonday was gonna remain at the usual 3 songs . I also wanted to bring Kip Moore's , "Wild Ones" back into the mix . I meant it when I said I wanna share all 16 tracks . I love the album THAT much !! But first , let us begin this #NewMusicMonday with a up and coming new country artist you need to know named , Cam .

Cam - " Burning House "
With an EP release " Burning Houses " is the first track starting to get some attention . I do my best to support all the curly haired country singing sisters out there . Kimberly Perry , love her . Kimberly Schlampan from Little Big Town , can't get enough of her . So , when I saw Cam in a line up of song writers I thought I need to hear this chicks tunes . LOL ! " Burning Houses " does not disappoint . The video above was directed by Trey Fanjoy which also got my attention . Fanjoy is known for working with such established artists like Kenny Chesney , Taylor Swift , Big and Rich , and the list just goes on and on . She is a visionary in the purest meaning of the word and her work here is an amazing example of it . I feel like the dramatics of the fire combine with sweet softness of Cam's voice are just a perfect ying and yang . Give it a look , give it a listen and decide for yourself , but whatever you do make a mental note of the name Cam . You will be hearing more from her in the future .
Second on #NewMusicMonday I am bringing back Kip Moore's , " Wild Ones " album . After leaving him off the last few weeks lists (due to themes) I thought it was a good time to bring him back . This week I am sharing my FAVORITE track off the 16 song deluxe album titled , " Magic " . I may have called every tune my favorite , but this one is for reals my FAVORITE !! I think this tune is soooooo different and creative , beginning to end . I don't know that it will make it to single status , but if it does I have high hopes for the video . I think it is a real opportunity to do something unexpected and different visually . However , with so many great songs on this album I imagine choosing which ones will be singles is going to be an impossible task . I don't envy Mr. Moore for having to make those calls . I really do have my fingers crossed on this one though . I love it so much !!! I'm not a fairy tale girl when you get to my core . So , this little story spoke to me a bit . For me to believe in or ever be capable of real true selfless love , it's gonna take some #Magic . LOL !! (Pun intended) .

Kip Moore - " Magic " fr " Wild Ones "
Carrie Underwood - " Renegade Runaway "
fr " Storyteller "
Carrie Underwood officially released , " Storyteller " this last Friday and of course it is already charting high . I believe everyone always expects nothing but quality from this particular American Idol . With her first single , " Smoke Break " still hitting number one on video and radio charts I don't even know when the second official video could be released . Each artist is so different with their crafting of their work . Some will release 3 videos at one time and others will do a slow , track by track release leading up to the complete album . So , who knows ??!!! Anyway , I am sharing             " Renegade Runaway " with you this #NewMusicMonday . I just love it . Carrie does a few new things vocally on this one that I dig and even envy . As far as the lyrics I feel like I'm a bit of a moving target when it comes to romance and the idea of love . So I think just a little bit of me relates to the girl in this song . Give it a listen and tell us if you think it should be a single .
Let's all just be honest with ourselves.....OF COURSE ADELE IS ON THIS WEEKS #NewMusicMonday . OF COURSE !!!! After a 4 year wait she has finally announced that her next studio album , " 25 " will be released in November . She is quoted as saying that she feared she had lost " it " when asked about the time it has taken for a new album . I'm not gonna lie , it makes me feel better to know someone as beautiful and talented as Adele gets insecure too . She is JUST LIKE US !!!! Anyway, along with the announcement of the album was the release of the first track ,            " Hello " . Yes , when seeing the title my mind first went to Lionel Richie too . You're not alone . LOL !!! Adele is GORGEOUS !!!! It isn't fair that someone be this vocally talented and have that porcelain skin . It's not . But I will make my peace with God over that on another day . Feast your eyes and ears on the beauty that is Adele .

Adele - " Hello " fr " 25 "
Don't forget y'all , you have the power when it comes to radio rotation . Call in , tweet , facebook , instagram , and/or e-mail your requests . Save your local radio numbers in your phone and call when you are sitting in traffic , waiting in line at the grocery , or are in a waiting room . Basically whenever there is a lull . LOL !!! Also , when a station plays your request be sure to thank them on social media . That also helps boost an artists play time on air . I for one am tired of being in the car for 30 minutes and hearing the same song at least twice . There is so much good music out there !!!! WE gotta get it shared and requested !!!
What are your Halloween plans ? Got a playlist burned ? Please feel free to share with us in the comment section !!!! Happy Listening !! 

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